We Never Learn | Season 1 Review | What to Expect Season 2 | Somehow Spoiler Free

We Never Learn | Season 1 Review | What to Expect Season 2 | Somehow Spoiler Free

If you read my first impressions for We Never Learn a few months ago, you would know my expectations weren’t very high for this series. This is mostly because of the studios behind it and their track records(or lack of). After completing season 1, I would like to admit that I was wrong. Although, I believe it was fair to make my initial concerns be known. Silver and Arvo Animation have no noteworthy entries on MAL and this is their third project. So, thought I would share my thoughts on the overall season and let you know what to expect next season in Fall 2019.

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I believe this anime was a great adaption. It did everything it needed to do and noone really had expectations of it in the first place. Since this is a school life anime there’s no crazy high expectation on dumping a large amount of animation budget on any scenes. Just take what made the manga great and give it to your new audience. Let them feel what I felt when I first read it. Make me laugh as hard or more than when I first read. They did just that. Overall great comedic timing and they always added to the infamous Fumino reactions that were great meme material.

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One of my initial concerns about this series was it would be compared to Nisekoi. This series is nothing like Nisekoi, in my opinion. I would say the only real similarities are its vibrant colors and it’s a harem. It does fight to break out of Nisekoi’s shadow quite early by showing how different these characters are from it. Also, there’s a damn teacher in the mix. Like NANI?!

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Since I’ve been reading for a while, I had an idea of how the season was going to play out with the number of episodes they slated for season 1 to air. Because of that, I have an idea of what the main theme of next season will be. Though, I’m not entirely sure if they will just push through the story. Before you get worried about fillers, the reason why I say this is the anime did skip some chapters worth of content. I’m guessing this choice was made to end season 1 in a good spot. We shall see.

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If the series does continue through the story progression, The main theme for season 2 will be about Nariyuki’s goals. As you have seen throughout season 1, Nariyuki watched all his classmates grow and work towards their dreams. unfortunately, Nariyuki is lacking in this department. It’s not very apparent at this moment but his only goal really is to take care of his family with a high paying job. As honorable as that is, we all know that the true path to his happiness is finding what he loves and learning how to travel down that path. This is mainly speculation but this is the future of Nariyuki’s tale and it’s an interesting one.

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Normally this would be when I ask y’all to check out the manga if you really enjoyed the first season but since season 2 is around the corner, just wait it out. I really like what they’ve done so far and found myself enjoying moments almost as much as the first time I read the series. If you didn’t feel like waiting, Check out Shonen Jump! New chapters same day as Japan. No, I’m not sponsored… yet.

I would love to know your thoughts about We Never Learn! I know that it’s not for everybody. I think Harems alone scare people off but there are some great things to take out of this story and its characters.

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