BAYOG Playlist| Summertime Vibes: The Throwbacks — DJ Play that Music Louder, お願い~

BAYOG Playlist| Summertime Vibes: The Throwbacks — DJ Play that Music Louder, お願い~

Why hello my BAYOG lovelies!~ Since it’s summer now, I figured I would make a summer playlist. However…that proved to be much longer than my usual playlists. So I while I work on that, I figured I’d at least share some of the throwback tracks~

Here’s my full Summer Playlist. Stay tuned for the main post in a few days~ The playlist is basically a mix of all sorts of genres and sounds. I basically just put it on the list if it made me feel or think of summer. I just thought of it as a soundtrack for summer fun, shenanigans, love, heartbreak, etc.

The following tracks are pretty old…but they’re timeless classics for me. Especially the m-flo tracks~ Happy Wayback Wednesday!~

DJ play that music louder, お願い!~

m-flo loves melody. &Ryohei | “miss you”

大塚 愛 Otsuka Ai| SMILY|2005

Otsuka Ai was one of my favorite J-Pop artists back in the day. She was that kind of odd, but bright, bubbly, and happy J-Pop Princess. Her songs just sounded so cute and happy. I remember being like “WTF” when I first saw this music video. However, I also remember thinking that it looked like they had alot of fun.

大塚 愛 Otsuka Ai | PEACH|2007

This is another fun song from Otsuka Ai. I actually liked this since it was one of the theme songs from the 2007 Hana Kimi drama. That drama was one of my favorite J-Dramas. I felt like it fit the drama well, and it’s just a fun and perfect song for summer fun too~

ORANGE RANGE| イケナイ太陽|2007

I love Orange Range~ This Okinawan rock band always made great songs. They’re also very well known for “*~アスタリスク~/Asterisk” from the Bleach anime. Ikenai Taiyou, or “The Bad Sun”, was the other theme song for the Hana Kimi drama. I remember absolutely loving this song. I used to constantly have it on repeat.

m-flo loves melody. & Ryohei|miss you|2003

One of my other favorite groups was m-flo! The original line up consisted of rapper Verbal, DJ Taku Takahashi, and vocalist LISA. However, LISA left the group to pursue her solo projects. Although LISA has officially rejoined m-flo as of 2017. Verbal was also a part of the Teriyaki Boyz. They were known for their contributions to the Tokyo Drift sound track, including “Tokyo Drift”. One of my absolute favorite m-flo tracks is “miss you”. I should note that m-flo doesn’t use the word “featuring”. Instead they use “loves”. Anyway, this track has melody. and Ryohei. melody. had a sweet and soothing voice. It’s a shame that she retired from her singing career around 2008-2009? Random fact: melody. is married to Miyavi~ Anyway, I love this chill, fun, and smooth track. It’ll always be a timeless classic for me. The track is chill, but has a nice groove to it. melody. and Ryohei Yamamoto’s vocals help make it really smooth too~

m-flo loves Emyli & YOSHIKA| Loop In My Heart|2005

Here’s another fun and smooth track from m-flo. This one features YOSHIKI and Emyli. It’s a sweet track that’ll have you grooving along to it.

m-flo loves BoA|the Love Bug|2004

This fun and sweet track from m-flo features BoA. She’s one of the most legendary names in K-Pop. She’s also well known for her contribution to the Inuyasha soundtrack with the song “Every Heart”. BoA was basically the first solo K-Pop artist to break into the Japanese market. She was like 18 when this track came out? She was a cute and innocent looking baby heheh~

m-flo loves Crystal Kay|REEEWIND!|2003

Yes. I love m-flo. Their songs are perfect for the summer, okay?~ This track features another Crystal Kay, another well known J-Pop & R&B Queen. It’s another smooth and chill track. It’s got a bit of funk and R&B to it~

m-flo loves Koda Kumi|Simple & Lovely|2007

This m-flo track features Koda Kumi, yet another well known J-Pop Queen~ It’s a smooth track with some R&B to it~

m-flo loves LISA|Tripod Baby|2005

Okay, last m-flo track for this list. Like I said before, LISA had left m-flo. However, she had a bit of a cameo as a feature in this track. It’s another fun and smooth track that has that m-flo groove to it~

HOME MADE 家族 Home Made Kazoku| Thank You!!|2005

Y’all should recognize this as one of the ending theme songs for the Bleach anime~ Just such a smooth and chill track. It just has that perfect chill summer vibe~

MINMI ミンミ| 四季ノ唄 |2004

I had to include this track. Although it’s not on my Spotify playlist because Spotify doesn’t have it… This track is famous for being the ending theme song for Samurai Champloo. This smooth, jazzy and hip-hop track was by the late DJ Nujabes. It featured the soulful vocals of Minmi. It’s a bittersweet track though.

Nujabes|Beat Laments the World|2003

I loved MINMI’s vocals, but here’s the original beat from DJ Nujabes~

What are some of your favorite Summer throwback songs?~

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