MANHWA | Look At What Manta Sent Me! Disobey the Duke If You Dare Vol. 1 Print Sneak Peek~

MANHWA | Look At What Manta Sent Me! Disobey the Duke If You Dare Vol. 1 Print Sneak Peek~

Hello friends!~ It’s Minty again! So if y’all didn’t hear, Manta Comics will be releasing their first print series for sale! They released the news on [The Beat]. The first series they’re releasing in print is Disobey the Duke If You Dare. It’ll be available through Amazon on April 18, 2023. I know a lot of people are curious about this print. Well, I gotchu! I was fortunate to get an advanced copy sent to me from Manta! So I figured I’d help give y’all a sneak peak~

Before we get into it, let’s do a refresher about what Manta Comics (만타코믹스) is for any of you new friends~ Manta is a South Korean webcomic platform under RIDI, and it is subscription-based. Originally it was only a mobile app, but they have taken the suggestions to release a web version as well. They launched around late 2019 (November/December, if I remember correctly). The subscription was originally $3.99 per month, but they just raised it by a dollar a few months ago. Still, it’s an absolute steal because that subscription allows unlimited, full access to their entire catalog. Their catalog is mostly South Korean manhwa. Most of the series are the ones under RIDI. They also have the [original novel version] of one of their main series, [Finding Camellia]. Chinese manhua and Japanese manga as well. They also have a variety of series and genres like fantasy, romance, mystery, thriller, drama, comedy, slice of life, BL, GL, etc. You’ll see a couple of series that are available from other webcomic platforms. So Manta is a great option if you want to save your coins. However, do know that their catalog only has R-15/PG-13 content. So all mature/smut series are the edited and censored versions. So, sorry. No lightsabers… Again, they’re mainly app based. So a big part of this was due to the restrictions from app stores. I can tell you that they are aware that readers want the full, unedited mature versions. I’ve been told multiple times that they have been discussing it, but it requires a lot of discussion and other things. So it may or may not happen. If it does, it’ll probably just take some time is all. So I’d say that might be the only downside for some people, but I still think Manta is a great deal for that price. If you’re new, curious, and want to try Manta out…let me know! I’ve got a 30-day free trial voucher and I’m happy to give it away~

Anyway… I had been a part of Manta Friends Semester 1. Manta Friends is basically a select group of Manta users who are huge fans of webcomics and join discussions with the Manta Team. We basically discuss different ideas, things that users want, suggestions, improvements, marketing ideas, etc. In exchange for our time and participation, they do send us gift cards as well as some exclusive merch. I believe that we’ll also be invited to any events Manta has as well. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. So I signed up for Manta Friends Semester 2 as well. Because of that, the Manta team reached out to me a few weeks ago and said that they would be sending a surprise gift to the Manta Friends members who are joining semester 2 as well~

We were also asked if we could post our surprise on social media as well. Of course, I was totally down for it cuz I love promoting Manta~ Hence this post…lol However, we were asked to make sure to make our postings after March 17th 1AM. I know me and the other girls (we’re friends an in a group chat💜) were super curious and excited to find out what we would be getting. So we were just eagerly waiting to get our packages. One of the girls even joked that it would be amazing if it would be a print version of Under the Oak Tree (it’s her favorite series)~ March 17th came around, but none of us got our packages yet. However, I am always checking out news on everything I like. So I immediately caught the news from [The Beat]. Again, they had an interview piece with Manta that announced the upcoming release for the print version of Disobey the Duke If You Dare. So I immediately was like, “!!! Could it be??! I bet you that’s what it issss!!!”

Welp, UPS finally pulled up on March 18th. I was at work, so I ran out of the kitchen to the front door so fast. My stepdad and mom were like, “WTF did you order this time??” lolol Anyway, I ripped open that box so fast. I was right!~ As expected, our surprise gift was an advanced copy of the print for Disobey the Duke If You Dare! Although I somewhat kind of expected it, I was still really surprised!

Disobey the Duke If You Dare
공작님의 말씀을 거역하면

You must never see the duke’s face.

After her second husband’s death, Lily is forced into a third marriage by her father. Her new husband is rumored to be a monstrous warmonger, but to Lily’s surprise, the Duke turns out to be a kind man and husband. There’s just one catch… she must never see his face.

Synopsis from [Manta]

Disobey the Duke If You Dare (공작님의 말씀을 거역하면) is one of Manta’s popular romance-fantasy series. It is the manhwa adaptation of the novel of the same name. The original novel was actual R19. However, the manhwa adaptation is R15 (PG13+). The premise of the series itself kind of reminds me a bit of Cupid and Psyche (aka Eros and Psyche). The prologue was originally released back in January 2022, and the first episode debuted in English that February. If you can’t wait for the print, you can certainly dive into the series on [Manta], either on their app or their website.

First off, the book is so freaking pretty! By the way, I’m so sorry for potato quality pictures. My camera was just not working well for me, but I tried my best… So included in my box was actually a note from the Manta Team and the book, which was shrink-wrapped. After getting that shrink wrap off, I also realized that there was a 30-day trial voucher (new users only) from Manta that was included inside. I don’t need mine though, so I do plan on giving it away. Let me know if you want it~


The cover is so pretty. I absolutely love the little details. One of my favorite things about this cover is that the cover design has some reflective parts to it. It’s kind of hard to see in the picture or on camera though. But I think you can kinda tell when you look at how it looks from the first and second photos. The art and everything are just so stunning though!~


The back and the spine are pretty too~ So what I can tell you is that this manhwa is rated 13+. It also looks like it’ll be retailing for $20 USD.

And I know people are going to ask this. Yes, the entire thing is in color. It’s great quality, and it’s just absolutely beautiful. Like, I still can’t believe I’m physically holding this series in my hands.

The back flap.

I also do want to let you know that the print is paperback. Also, while it may look like it at first, it doesn’t have a sleeve on it. It’s just that the cover and back has like a flap that’s folded in (if that makes sense). That back flap has information on Manta, including the app and social media information. Which is great cuz I think that was also one of the things we’ve discussed before. Aside from that, the back flap also seems to highlight 3 of Manta’s series: Disobey the Duke If You Dare, Under the Oak Tree, and The Tainted Half. So I wonder if it’s possible that Under the Oak Tree and The Tainted Half might be next up for print releases… I’m not saying it is cuz I don’t work for Manta and don’t have that kind of information. I’m just another fan who is just wondering if it’s possible.


Just got my package from @mantacomics !~✨ I got this as a gift for being a part of Manta Friends Season 1 & Season 2~ Thank you so so sooo much to the Manta Team for sending me an advanced copy of the print for Disobey the Duke If You Dare!~ 💜 Be sure to get your copy when it drops on April 18th!! Don’t forget to check out the Manta app and website for more amazing webcomics!~ #mantacomics #mantafriends #manhwa #webtoon #webcomic #disobeythedukeifyoudare #rofan #romancefantasy

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Yes, I also did a video on TikTok to briefly show this book… Look, I’m semi-comfortable writing on the blog…but I’m absolutely awkward, terrified, and self-conscious when it comes to recording myself on something. Especially if it’s on camera. But I wanted to share the book with y’all because I know a lot of people are curious about it~ Plus, I wanted to do my part in helping spread the news that there is a print coming out~ So yeah, I tried filming this like…15 times…?? lol Y’all probably won’t really see me post on TikTok though. I just use TikTok to watch things haha. I’m too scared to make TikTok content…TikTok is too scary for me…

I’m actually kind of surprised that the first print series Manta is releasing is this one. I don’t hate it though! It’s just that I know [Under the Oak Tree] and Finding Camellia are probably their biggest titles. Disobey the Duke If You Dare is also a popular series, but I think the other two are probably the ones people think of first when it comes to Manta. So I kind of expected them to do one of those first. Or even release the print for the BL series Semantic Error since that is also one of their popular series. The English print of Semantic Error does exist. However, it was never publicly released for sale. They only had a limited number of prints that they gave away at a convention and a Semantic Error event that they held. They also gave some copies to people Manta Friends members. Which is why I have a copy. Still, this is some really exciting news! Because the fact that they’re releasing prints is a huge step, especially since Manta has only been around late 2019/early 2020. Also, I want to just say that Manta does listen! Like, if y’all follow me or the blog, you know that I’ve been fortunate to have had discussions with the Manta Team since around the time they launched. I’ve also been a part of Manta Friends since around August? They do look at what people say, and they do try to implement improvements from that too. I can literally vouch for that. I was one of the first bloggers to [write a post about Manta]. They quickly reached out for more information and [suggestions and quickly implemented that]. And I can also say that they also take suggestions from meetings with their readers and Manta friends. The suggestions about releasing print versions were one of the things that always came up. And now we got one! Things just take time to work out y’all. But I promise you that Manta is listening and they know what their audience wants. Just be patient~ But yeah, great job to Manta and the Manta Team for listening and trying their best to make those suggestions happen.

My BTS gif tax

That’s pretty much it. I know it’s not much, but I figured it’d be fun to give you all a sneak peak of the upcoming print~Again, thank you so, so, sooooo much to the Manta Team for sending me this! I’m so grateful and I absolutely love it!~ Don’t forget that it does go on sale April 18th! It’ll be available on Amazon. I’m not sure if it’ll be on any other platforms or bookstores though. But I’m sure Manta will probably drop more information with some official announcements when it’s closer to the release date~ But that’s all I got for you guys about the print for Disobey the Duke If You Dare. It’s really pretty and I’m so excited for you guys to get a copy!~ I’m honestly really happy and excited for Manta too. Again, I feel like I’ve kinda been with them along their journey since they first launched. It’s been super interesting to see their growth, to see the behind-the-scenes stuff, and to see how they implement things. While Manta is new, I love them because they’re really passionate and also very genuine when it comes to creating a better service for their readers. Anyway, that’s all from me today~ Take care, stay safe, and have a lovely day friends!~

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