Manga | Hot and Wet — My Stone-Faced Coworker is Wild In Bed — Sweet & Wholesome Smut??~[Smut, so NSFW y’all]

Manga | Hot and Wet — My Stone-Faced Coworker is Wild In Bed — Sweet & Wholesome Smut??~[Smut, so NSFW y’all]

Happy Spicy But Sweet Sunday…?? I just wanna say that I really couldn’t put the title of the series into the post title until right before scheduling the post. Cuz I’m immature AF and couldn’t take it seriously LOLOL Anyways, this is a NSFW series recommendation/review. Screenshots and things are tame and safe for the most part…but the content is still NSFW. So read this not at work and stuff lolol

Anyways, HI MY BAYOG LOVELIES! Yah… as you see from the title, we’re covering a Japanese smut manga series today LOLOL. HAPPY SMUT SUNDAY?! It’s called Hot and Wet — My Stone-Faced Coworker is Wild In Bed Yeah…I couldn’t help but go “Pfffft” typing that out cuz I always find such titles to be hella cringe and awkward (and unnecessary) lol. Same for me making the URL for this post too LOLOL But yeah, a smut series! What a surprise, I know. Smut series aren’t usually my thing. Especially when it comes to Japanese smut series. However, I found this one to actually be really wholesome and cute. I actually don’t hate it! Rather, I actually like it, and again, smut usually isn’t usually my thing! So if you want sweet, fluffy, pretty wholesome, but also spicy…then I think this series might be for you! I know the title and cover would make one seem skeptical, but I swear that it’s such a surprisingly sweet and wholesome series!

Hot and Wet -My Stone-Faced Coworker Is Wild in Bed-
Ecchi na XX Nuretemasu Cool na Douryou ha Do Hentai deshita

Yeh, I had to put my own censored edit just in case since it is kinda NSFW. Ya’ likey?~

Genre/Theme: Josei, Romance, Smut, Office Romance, Modern Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural
Type/Origin: Manga/Japanese
Vibes: Sweet & Spicy~
Spicy Level: Pretty Spicy — I mean… It is R18+ smut y’all, so yah it’s gonna be spicy…but it’s also a sweet spicy~
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really?  FL can see ML’s concerns and pretty much honest and tries to clear it up instantly. ML doesn’t pointlessly fault FL on things. So no rage and frustration. It’s actually pretty refreshing for JP smut.
Author: Aomori
Publisher: futurecomics
Official English: [Renta]

I’m not a fan of the official synopsis, so I’ll tweak it and put my own little synopsis first…

Anzu Igarashi is an office worker known for the petite and seemingly cute image that everyone has of her. Despite her image, Anzu actually has a pretty strong libido and has been told by her ex that she seems to come on too strong and is kind of a turn-off. Thus her insecurity. Anzu has another problem though. She’s able to read people’s thoughts. Her current issue is how she’s been able to see Toma Izumi’s thoughts. Toma is the stone-faced tech guy at work. He’s handsome, but has a stone-faced appearance and indifferent personality. He seems more like a machine than human. So imagine Anzu’s surprise when she’s able to see what he really thinks about her. Despite his stone-faced appearance and seemingly indifferent personality, he harbors a pretty passionate crush on Anzu. Anzu is able to see his cute thoughts about her, but she’s also able to see his constant sexual fantasies about her as well. Anzu finds herself distracted and kinda turned-on. But most importantly, she’s able to see that Toma isn’t as he appears. Rather, he’s actually pretty kind, sweet, and caring. Anzu is starting to get to know Toma better and heat starts to build up between them

My half-assed synopsis…

His body’s so warm, it’s making her wet…
Most people call petite office worker Anzu Igarashi cute instead of pretty, and it makes her insecure?but that’s the least of her problems: Anzu has a superpower that ruins her love life! And now, she’s found out Toma Izumi, the office techie who seems more machine than man, is in love with her! Despite his stone-faced exterior, Toma harbors a secret passion for her, and it’s really distracting! She could melt at the thought of him kissing her, his long fingers making her most sensitive spot soaking wet…! This is a steamy love story between two people who are drastically different than they appear!

Official Synopsis from [Renta]

Just A Rant About Some JP Smut Series

Before I get into my thoughts on the series itself, I gotta talk about my views/experience with smut series, particularly Japanese smut series. I know it’ll seem like a mini-rant, but I promise that it’s relevant to why this manga series caught my interest! But you’re also more than welcome to skip this part if you want and just get into the review~ Also, I just wanna point out these points are more specifically on josei series that are supposedly more female gaze romance series.

Trigger Warning: This rant discusses the problematic behavior in Japanese smut series such as: misogyny, assault/r*pe, non-consent, and questionable/dubious consent.

Again, if y’all are familiar with my posts or Discord convos, you know that I prefer fluff and am not really into smut and R18 content. I may fan spazz about bishies and abs, but I was just never into or comfortable with raunchy stuff. Like I’m not really your gal for dirty jokes and topics cuz I get hella flustered and uncomfortable. There’s also nothing wrong with it, I just personally don’t really care or have any particular interest in smut/sex. I do appreciate that it’s something that displays intimacy and relationship development though; Be it in real life and in stories. Due to hella boredom from the pandemic, I started getting into the habit of randomly reading everything, even if it’s not my usual cup of tea. It was a great way for me to try something new and how I discover gems, as well as kill time in between my main reads. So I did get out of my comfort zone and learned to enjoy reading more mature series that do have smut at times. I love cute and fluffy series, but sometimes I also want something a bit more mature, complex, and maybe more realistic with the story, relationship, and character portrayals over rose-tinted-glasses type of series. Honestly, I’m just more focused on and there for the characters and story content (impressive art too if it’s applicable)… So I’ll often just kinda quickly skim over the smut parts and focus more on the actual story. I just don’t particularly care for reading like 3+ whole pages of nothing but “AHHHHHH~~~♡ “, “MMM!!!~ ♡”, “THRUSSSST”, “SQUELCH~ ♡”, etc. 🤷‍♀️Unless said smut scenes have content/dialogue that are actually kinda sweet or have a big part of story/character development. Or I’ll maybe slow down to admire and appreciate the artist’s drawing style and how they’re doing the shading and whatnot. Cuz once upon a time, I loved art and drawing, and was briefly an art major. I just personally prefer heart-fluttering type of fluff and I’m more invested in drama, as well as character and emotional development. I’m also just not a fan of smut series that are more focused on sex at every moment but have really weak characters and stories. Like there wasn’t anything to build a mood or anything. It just feels like ridiculous and illogical sexual encounters forcibly thrown in there. I do find some smut series to be enjoyable, but those are the ones that seem to have some actual investment in characters, story building, and using intimate moments for a purpose. Sadly, a lot of smut series tend to be “turn brain off, horny on” kind of series because they lack logic and are really just driven by smut (sometimes good, but often times bad). I get it though. Some of them literally are just porn, and even get adapted into hentai anime… So strong stories aren’t really their main focus. So, while I can read them, I very rarely actually enjoy the content. I’m just reading for the sake of reading and killing time.

Still, some smut series can be kind of hard for me to read or find any enjoyment in the story and characters at all due to…let’s say… questionable content and behavior, as well as lack of logic. I find this particularly true with Japanese smut series where there seems to be a lot of non or dubious consent. I’ve only found maybe only a handful of JP smut series where I actually liked and enjoyed the story, and didn’t feel disgusted…like [Changes of Heart/ホンノウスイッチ]. Other than that, I honestly feel like a lot of JP smut series can be kinda…how do I put this…trashy at times? But I’ll keep reading it because I like the art, want to try to make sense of it, hope it’ll have development and improve, or I’m stuck cuz it’s like watching a trainwreck. I’m just like “WTF???” but I also can’t turn my eyes away cuz I’m like “WTF?????” Also due to my personality of seeing things through til the end too. Like I’ve already spent my time with it, might as well see how it ends.

Still, there’s sometimes straight-up, legit assault…and I’m not talking about some situation from random side characters meant to be a plot device for the main leads. It’s the male lead committing said assault and harassment. There’s also very strong misogynistic behavior and shit at times too. Y’all know I hate that kind of shit. I hate that it’s often taken very lightly, normalized, glossed over, and/or made to be seen as unproblematic. Especially when it’s in a “normal” type of slice of life, “modern romance” series. Like I personally find that these often really, really, reaaaaaaaallllly cross the line… Like the female lead will just be straight up assaulted, but immediately like “I’m in love with this dude, even though he just technically raped and assaulted me.” And dude is endgame ML. Oh, also there never seems to be acknowledgment or remorse regarding it either. It’s just dead ass, “We’re gonna ignore that all that was technically assault.” Also, the weird logic and double standards! Like FL basically being or about to be assaulted by some random or side character, with them rightfully saying it’s disgusting bullshit. But it seems totally fine if the ML does the same thing (like it’s a scenario where there still is no consent btw). I’m not about this ML buff where it’s like, “If he’s the ML and he’s hot, then it’s okay and excusable.” Like bruh, no. Assault is assault. Please don’t romanticize that shit. Or letting a rapist/abuser off like it’s nothing, with zero consequences, and letting them continue to be good friends with the victim immediately after the assault… as if it didn’t just happen.

Also, I just have an issue with constantly perpetuating the bullshit of “She doesn’t really mean no/stop. ‘No’ really means ‘Yes'”. Sometimes it just feels coerced even if the female lead ends up going along with it, because it’s when the male lead was already halfway done doing it. Ain’t no warning or permission, just BAM already in the middle of it. I’m not even talking about series and scenarios that are ‘sposed to be like roleplay or kink-targeted series, or even the actual crazy psychological types of series. It’s not one of the series where you know it’s supposed to be messed up. They’re legit assault scenarios in “regular” modern, slice of life types of romance. Look, “No” means “No”. Assault and non-consent is just not okay, not romantic, and not sexy. Like…WTF and ewwww to all that. So I’ll be honest, I often get really disgusted by alot of those Japanese smut series… I could care less if there’s sex or not in a series as long as it’s a healthy and non-problematic portrayal. I also have no issues with portrayals of kinks and things…but again, as long as it’s portrayed properly and in a healthy, non-toxic, and non-problematic portrayal. There have been times when things are inaccurately portrayed with the label of an S&M or other kink, but it’s more like straight-up abuse and assault due to lack of consent and things going way too far. Remember, even kinks and roleplay require consent! Honestly, even if I don’t have a particular interest about sex and smut, I’m,still all for power to portraying and normalizing sex, and various kinds of sex at that!

“That’s No-No”

Again, my issues are the problematic behaviors mentioned above. I get it, they’re just fictional stories. However, it just doesn’t sit right with me to have questionable behavior and characters be romanticized, and in turn, kind of normalized. Especially in series that have realistic settings (aka non-fantasy modern settings). Hence, “turn brain off” cuz you gotta throw out logic and morals at times for such series. Still, there are times it’s beyond me being able to turn off my brain. No matter how much I turn off my brain, I still think there should be some standards that we as human beings need to have. Especially when it comes to the main characters. Like bad guys doing bad shit makes sense. But main characters should be held to higher standards and be better examples. Especially in a series that’s supposed to be freakin’ romance, especially the slice of life type of romance. Also, such actions sometimes seem to contradict how the character is supposed to be a caring partner. Like he’s supposedly caring, yet he prioritizes his impulses and wants over what the FL wants or needs. Especially in the series where FL has some kind of trauma or whatever. Look, the truth is that if things are portrayed as “okay” often enough, it can become normalized, people become desensitized, and people can and will start to believe it. Especially when it comes down to treatment and attitudes towards others since people learn by example and what they see. Also, I’ve mentioned it before in my [manhua rant post], but there still needs to be some strands of logic and standards to make a story and the characters seem somewhat believable to a degree. It doesn’t have to be completely realistic, but when there’s no logic or standards, it’s hard to believe the characters and story, much less be immersed in it. I just also find it really bizarre cuz these are josei smut series and supposed to be female gaze type of series, but have quite alot of male gaze type of stuff going on. So it’s just kinda like, “??? Sis, why we okaying assault and harassment??” Sorry, it’s kinda long and rambly, but I’ve experienced uncomfortable situations, and I know people who have been in situations where they did end up being assaulted. So that’s why I get a bit uncomfortable and triggered. I just don’t want people to think toxic relationships and treatment are ok and romantic. Especially when it’s like “I got out of a toxic relationship with a toxic partner” only to be in a new relationship where there’s still some toxic shit going on, but somehow seen as favorable this time around cuz the guy is hot. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk about that… Let’s get into the series…

Now to the Actual Series Review…

Warning: Some spoilers ahead

So yeah, if you skipped my long ass rant… TDLR; for the most part, I usually am not a huge lover of smut series. Especially Japanese smut series because they often portray, normalize, and romanticize behavior and characters that I find to be pretty toxic and problematic. Like, I’m just not about normalizing assault, perpetuating the idea that “‘No’ really means ‘Yes'”, and romanticizing rapists as male leads. That’s just a MAJOR no-no for me. Again, main characters don’t need to be perfect, but I feel that they should be held to higher standards. Especially when it’s supposed to be a ROMANCE series; Misogyny and no consent ain’t sexy. No heart-fluttery moments for that bullshit. Cuz if they can’t display such standards, then what makes them any different from trash side/rando characters or even the bad characters? Like just cuz they’re the main character and hot doesn’t make their problematic and toxic behavior and actions okay. Also, I get that they’re fictional stories. Still, even if it’s a fictional story, there needs to be some basis or strands of logic and standards. Otherwise, it’s hard to believe or feel immersed in the characters and story because of how ridiculous and bizarre it is. Especially when they’re supposedly female gaze josei romance series.

I did not expect to find a smut series I had no issues with

So I was incredibly so surprised by this series. Honestly, I didn’t have any expectations. Like my expectations for JP josei romance smut series are pretty low now, especially because I tend to find the stories and characters to be in C tier for me. So I honestly thought it would probably end up being like your typical JP smut series where you’d have to turn your brain off. It was just a matter of the degree I’d have to turn my brain off. It was totally unexpected though!

The stupidly sweet gap moe though🥺

Yes, it’s smut, but it was surprisingly very sweet and wholesome. Legit probably one of the sweetest and most wholesome smut series I’ve ever encountered. I actually didn’t feel disgusted or offended. First off, I think it’s great that it’s about a FL who has a strong libido. I especially like that it’s a cute and petite woman who has a strong libido too. Because women with strong libidos are often portrayed and stereotyped as these sultry foxes/vixens. Nice, small, cute, and sweet kinda girls can want and love sex too. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Like normalize and empower women’s sex drives and needs without making them feel ashamed about it. Especially considering how conservative and prude Asian cultures are about it. Sexual desires and needs are totally normal things. Again, I can be a bit prude at times, but even I understand that. Although, I will say WTF to her ex that said she came on too strong and was a turn-off only because he realized she was wearing sexy underwear for their first time. Like, wuht? I thought that would be a totally normal thing? Like people usually want to look their best and to impress and please their partners, no?? Also, it wasn’t even anything hella crazy. He said it was intense, but it just looked like normal lingerie to me? It’s a hella short thing in a corner of a little panel, but that’s probably the only thing that really made me go “???” I’ll admit, she is a very typical and basic kind of FL in being the cute, kind, and sweet type of FL. Still, I do like her and find her adorable. I do like that’s she’s not a total dumb, smooth-brained FL. I can’t stand really dumb a FL. She does have some moments where it’s kinda going there, but it’s tolerable for me. Like so many JP smut series, at one point she sees another woman at ML’s apartment and assumes it’s his girlfriend. Kinda spoiler: it’s a misunderstanding cuz it’s his sister. Yes, that typical trope. Not much of a spoiler cuz it happens all the damn time. Anyway, I remember people being all, “She’s dumb cuz she can read minds, so she should’ve known.” But in her defense, she can read active thoughts. She’s not gonna know unless they’re thinking “we’re siblings” right then and there. Most realistically, all she’d know is the sister thinking, “Oh. There’s a girl. I wonder who she is?” Anyway, I personally like her. Cuz I still I do find her charming and cute. I appreciate that she comes off as genuinely sweet and caring. Also, her reactions to ALL of Toma’s thoughts and fantasies are really funny too.

Also, I especially loved that the male lead isn’t a romanticized toxic and problematic red flag. I honestly found it so incredibly refreshing, and it’s probably why this JP smut series stands out so much to me. There’s nothing wrong with someone who wants to be proactive. However, I don’t like pushy male characters who only think of themselves and will immediately do whatever to satisfy what they want, whenever and wherever, without consideration for the other party. At times, it’s low-key rapey as there’s no consent, or consent only given when he’s already in the middle of it. Toma isn’t pushy. He’s seemingly more like a machine cuz of his serious and unsociable personality, as well as his stony and indifferent expression. However, he’s actually incredibly kind, sweet, and considerate. He never does anything to disrespect Anzu. Rather, he’s super respectful and considerate. Like he was concerned about her going home and wanted to send her home to make sure she got back safely. But he didn’t want her to feel like he was being a suspicious creep. Or when he tried to keep his distance because he was afraid that she’d be uncomfortable being stuck in a small space next to a man. I love all that shit.

Getchu someone that gets that happy and pumped up to spend time with you~

Despite how he looks, he’s observant and recognizes what a sweet and hardworking person she is. I love seeing those thoughts and concerns he has about her. I love that he just gushes about her and refers to her as his angel. He’s happy to just even talk to her for a bit or see her. They’re pretty like wholesome and seemingly pure thoughts too. It’s adorable how he’s constantly gushing over her and excited and happy about every little thing that she does. Admittedly, his affectionate thoughts can seem very extreme, but I personally find them so adorable and sweet. Yet at the same time, Toma is a normal dude and does have thoughts and fantasies about his crush Anzu. Nothing wrong with feeling attracted and aroused by someone, especially someone you’re interested in. That’s a totally normal thing. I just really appreciate that he separates reality and fantasy. As in he doesn’t do or force those things on her. He keeps things in his head. Man is about consent too. Also, I love the consideration and how he actually kept his rationale when Anzu was drunk. Though there is one thing I slightly am like “Umm…sir…”, but I do appreciate that he was aware of her state and not to take advantage of her. It’s refreshing considering most ML in smut novels see FL is drunk and not in a clear state of mind, but they go along with it anyway. Heck, there are series where the ML will just suddenly do the FL while she’s asleep/passed out anyway… So I do appreciate this very much.

But it’s honestly fucking hilarious to me, and confuses the heck out of me. I’ll be like “Awww…Toma’s thoughts are so cute and sweet!!!” Like they’re super pure and cute kinda thoughts. Then, without skipping a beat, it’s instantly switched to him suddenly going into hella horny thought mode LOLOL It’s like, “Well shit…that went from super sweet to spicy/horny very quickly.” There are times I’m confused about whether to be “That’s so sweet!” or “Well, damnnnn~” It flips too fast! LOL I literally have the same surprised/confused reaction as Anzu LOLOL It’s that character gap. I mean, the series is described as two characters that have character gaps, but I’d say it’s more like Toma that has a character gap and not so much Anzu. But it’s just all so adorable and hilarious. They’re also just so sweet together~ I truly ship it and wish for their happy ending~

Bless this pure soul.
I appreciate a ML who appreciates his girl and has such a sincere heart.
These the be heart-fluttering moments that got me all likeドキドキ~

As for the smut. Yes, there be smut for you. Yes, it spicy so far. No screenshots for y’all on that though since I felt like I should just limit it to more SFW screenshots so the post wouldn’t be awkwardly too NSFW. But I assure you that there is spicy smut here. However, there are only 5 chappies so far; It is an on-going series. So you might need to wait a bit for more sweet and even more spicy smut action. Despite my general lack of interest in the actual smut parts of these kinds of series, I thought it was good. Well for me, again, I found it to be good also in terms of being consensual and non-toxic. But I do love that you can still feel the sweetness in the spicy moments. I’m also glad that Anzu has someone who doesn’t judge her, doesn’t find it a turn-off, and appreciates her for how she is. Ultimately that’s what it should be about: finding a partner that can truly love, accept, and support you, as well as wanting to make you happy. So by all means, it gets checks in my book.

Storywise, it’s pretty simple right now. Again, there are only 5 chapters so far. However, I’m looking forward to seeing the story and characters develop, as well as Anzu and Toma’s relationship. I’m definitely also looking forward to seeing more exploration into Anzu’s insecurity and how she grows to overcome it with Toma as well. I find both characters likable, but of course, it’s Toma that’s certainly sold me on the series. I appreciate that there’s no questionable and unnecessary bullshit. I love that we have a respectful, caring, and sincere ML who is consistent to that throughout the whole series so far. Smut manga series also tend to have the same tropes over and over again. So it’s all just incredibly refreshing how this series is different in the characters, story, and approach to certain cliched situations. I love how it shows that you don’t need to all that crazy toxic and problematic bullshit for a smut series to be enjoyable. I love that it opts to instead portray very sincere feelings and intentions, and the actions and thoughts to back it up. It promotes such a healthy relationship, and I’m all about that. So yea, this is definitely a Minty approved series. I’d have to say this is probably one of my most favorite wholesome smut series so far~

Recommendations: Similiar, but not smut

These are not smut. However, they have somewhat similar settings and scenarios. They’re both office-romance series as well. They also both have a main character that has an ability that allows them to see how others feel or think. So these for you if you don’t want spice, and you just want something cute and simple that’s also safe to read freely at any time.

Kuuki ga “Yomeru” Shinnyushain to Buaiso na Senpai no Hanashi
“The New-Hire Who Could ‘Read’ Emotions and the Unsociable Senpai” (Unofficial)

Genre/Theme: Josei, Romance, Office Romance, Modern Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
Not yet officially available in English : [JP – Pixiv] ; [MangaUpdate for more info in English]
This one pretty similar in that FL has the ability to literally read a person’s thoughts/mood. In this situation, the ML seems like a inexpressive, tough, scary, and cold guy. But his thoughts show that he’s actually very warm and kind hearted.

Kijima-san to Yamada-san
“Kijima-san and Yamada-san” (Unofficial)

Genre/Theme: Josei, Romance, Office Romance, Modern Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
Not yet officially available in English : [JP – Pixiv] ; [MangaUpdate for more info in English]

Kinda similiar, but also different because ML is the one who can hear people’s inner voices. FL has a very loud inner voice, so he’s always focused on her inner voice and thoughts~ It’s usually of her gushing about her love for him every day at work. Dude can’t help but end up being charmed by her bright an dwarm personality.

Anyway, that’s it y’all~ Again, smut isn’t usually my thing. I tend to just read for the sake of reading. Very rarely am I actually impressed enough to remember and actually like a series. This is one that I was completely surprised by, and absolutely love. While I have found some smut romance series that I liked, I found this one to be interesting in how refreshingly different it was. It’s also nice that it’s a more light-hearted series so far too. But yeah, let me know what y’all think! Also, let me know if you have any recommendations for me. Again, while smut isn’t usually my thing, I’ll still read it. And I love to be surprised with series that I do end up liking~ Like this one!~ I like my wholesome and sweet moments, but I find alot of like shoujo and other romance series to be a bit too naive and cringe for my taste now. So I do appreciate being able to find a more mature series that I can relate to more, and still feel such sweet and wholesome moments. I also do actually like some other smut romance series that aren’t completely fluffy either. I also enjoy the more serious mature series. Sometimes it’s due to the development and message of the characters, other times it’s the drama of the story itself~ So I’m open to anything~ But, if you’re looking for more sweet, wholesome, and/or fluffy smut series…I gotchu. Go check out my surprise bonus post: [HERE].

Also, I’m so sorry if I’m a bit incoherent or if I might come off the wrong way somewhere in this post. NGL, I’m absolutely exhausted. Been trying to get this post done for a week now, but I keep nodding off in the middle lol. So please forgive me… You know, a part of me slowing down with blogging is that I was really burnt out. I kinda felt like I was losing passion for blogging? I didn’t really know what to write about anymore, or feel in the mood to write. But, recently I started getting ideas and getting hyped about writing again. So I am legitimately working on things~ It’s just still gonna take me some time cuz adulting is hard lol Anyway, thanks for always supporting me and reading my rants and shit~ Take care loves, and I hope you have a lovely day!~

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  1. I went off this post immediately to look it up and well… it is exactly what you said. It is just as sweet and wholesome, as it is smutty and I love that. Toma and Anzu are my favorite power couple, especially since Anzu seems to have some body insecurity – being seem as childlike or smol animal like then an adult woman can’t have been good for her either.

    At only five chapters I need more~~ Especially after that cliff hanger!!

    1. I think you’re the first person to do so haha~ I know the name and the cover still has people be very skeptical about it haha. But if they’re able to look past that, I’m sure they’d like it too~ I just love that it’s smutty, yet still wholesome and sweet, and without the crazy bullshit and toxic kinda drama haha. I also just like that it’s still kind of a light-hearted smut series that can still explore different issues like Anzu’s insecurities~

      I know, right?~ I can’t wait for more chapters haha. I just hope that the quality stays consistent and they don’t give in to cheap typical tropes. Cuz I like how despite some cliches, they do go about things a bit differently. And ultimately, I think that’s another part of the series’ charm~

      1. Lol, the timing was just right and I am determined when I see something of interest. What’s funny is that the official Japanese cover is significantly less spicy. So the English publisher is certainly pushing an angle lol.

        Same here! I’m really hoping the quality stays the same. Some cheap tropes work (big boobed co-worker), but like I hope her ex has a bit more of a personality. And her middle school friend! Fingers crossed it still keeps it’s charm!

      2. Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed that with alot of the official English covers lolol

        I’m okay with some tropes, but I hate when characters aren’t consistent? Like them being smart and strong minded, only to be like super smooth brained like a couple chapters later. Or a perfectly sweet and respectful ML kinda getting rapey a few chapters later and/or blaming the FL for dumb things like unwanted advances from another male character… :I Like for this series, I get Toma getting a bit upset and jelly over the appearance of her ex. But I love that he doesn’t act like a possessive asshole or take it out on Anzu. I absolutely love that he would rather focus his effort and time with her in the present~

      3. It’s such an interesting choice lol. Although I realized that the English cover is the cover for the kindle Japan version so… who knows at this point.

        Oh!! I totally feel that. Nothing worst then setting up a character only to change it later just …. because? So far we’re good here, but I hope Toma remains the same but maybe a little bit better at communicating? That’s more character growth then character change.

      4. I’m not surprised haha. JP smut manga covers always gotta be kinda spicy ahaha

        Exactly! It’s always so bizarre that they change a perfectly good character for no real reason. I’m definitely up for character growth! Speaking of, did you read the newest chapter?~ My heart was just like ughhh~ I love them so much ahaha

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