What I Read the Week of Sept 26th

What I Read the Week of Sept 26th

Alright everyone we are back with week two of talking about everything I read during the week!! If you want to read last week’s post, you can click here

I admittedly didn’t read as much this week because I was too busy grinding in Yugioh Master Duel/recovering my body. The newer Marincess link monsters are coming up in the next selection pack, so I wanted to get as many gems as possible for pulling packs to get the cards I want. But I still made time to read some good stuff!!!


I have multiple books on hold on Libby actually… The aforementioned titles in last weeks post as well as volume one of Cooking with Wild Game by EDA, volume three of Our Not-So-Lonely-Planet Travel Guide by Mone Sorai, and volume one of Vanquished by Ben Smith. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to all of these titles, but I’ll prioritize SHWD and Travel Guide since I’m already invested in those series.

I’m in the middle of reading Travel Guide but I have been picking at it each day instead of reading it all in one go. It’s not that I’m interested in it, I just don’t have the brain power to read through it as it’s quite heavy in both visuals and dialogue. I really like this volume though, it’s a sincere romance manga made with care.


I started Delicious in Dungeon (aka Dungeon Meshi) on the recommendation of a few friends. It’s really good! The line work is smooth and clean which makes it really easy to read, while the overall style of the art is more simplistic, accentuated with minimal toning. I also think it’s very cool that once I dish is complete, the panel showing it off includes a listing of the ingredients used, their measurements, and even how many it serves.

I think Marcielle is my favorite character so far, closely followed by Senshi. I loved the interactions between Chilchuck and Senshi where they trade off their expertise in the dungeon. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies so it comes as no surprise to me that I’m enjoying the series so far. I look forward to seeing what they cook in the next volume!


God I really read too many Webtoons. I have been especially enjoying Maybe Meant to Be and Night Owls & Summer Skies. I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by how many I’ve got so I think I might start unsubscribing to a few I haven’t gotten to read yet.

Shonen Jump

Wow I really love when Chainsaw Man goes from zero to one hundred in a millisecond. I’m so curious as to how this new development will pan out. Also the exchange between Yoru and Asa on the stairwell was funny as hell. Can’t wait for next Tatsuki Tuesday.

I have been feeling indifferent towards My Hero Academia these days. I especially was not a fan of the cover for this chapter either. The manga panels are detailed but I can’t really make out what I’m seeing in more than half of them. I hope it ends on a good note but I’m also counting down the days towards its ending.

I’m very excited to see Akane’s zenza training in Akane-banashi. I really love the way Takamasa Moue designs the characters. They all feel very different and fresh and I love seeing that especially in such a character driven series. Did you know Hideaki Anno also recommends Akane-banashi?? We both have great taste  B)


I don’t think I even read anything on this app this week! I’m like, mega behind on ‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess too. I have been in quite a lot of extra pain this week, so between watching the week’s anime and playing Master Duel I basically slept from being exhausted. God!! I am not your strongest soldier!!! Stop giving me your toughest battles!!!

Oshi no Ko sure was intense this week lmao. I am very nervous about how this new revelation will affect Aqua in the next few chapters. I feel like I’m on the edge of my seat each weekend I read it. Ruby’s arc right now is crazy too. I am nervous that her eye “stars” are going to fill in soon or that Aqua is going to also gain a second “star” or BOTH.

This was a much lighter week than last. I wanted to get back to reading One Piece this week too, but I was just exhausted. Being in pain is so tiresome forreal.

Please take care of yourself! I’ll see you next week (hold me to it!!!) 🙂 ❀

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