Funimation is Now Crunchyroll

Funimation is Now Crunchyroll

As of today March 1st, 2022, Funimation will move all of its media onto Crunchyroll, as announced on social media

This has been a long time coming since Sony announced it’s acquisition of Crunchyroll was finalized back in 2021. Up until now, viewers subscribing to both anime streaming sites were curious to know when(if) they could stop paying for both services and pay one subscription. On top of that, which site’s player and cataloguing system would be used. It’s well known by Crunchyroll subscribers that their organization of their catalogue is less than optimal. Unlike Funimation’s streamlined player that categorized both sub and dub versions of an anime together, with the ability to toggle between languages for dub and captions integrated into the player itself.

There’s also the fact that Crunchyroll apps seems to have a varying degree of consistency between consoles opposed to Funimations. If you search google for the phrases “funimation playstation/xbox app” vs “crunchyroll playstation/xbox app” you will see that there are much more immediate results saying that their apps are not working on the Crunchyroll searches as opposed to the Funimation ones.

Although Crunchyroll is technologically worse, no one is doing it like Crunchyroll on the community level. Spearheaded by a dream team of talent, the 2010’s saw Crunchyroll’s status bloom through it’s accessible personalities, convention presence, and introduction of an avatar, Crunchyroll-hime. If Funimation had absorbed Crunchyroll I do not think the brand’s presence would have carried over. Also how would they address Hime? Would she have been purpled or would she have received a Funimation co-host avatar to interact with? Or would Hime be mashed up ala this StellaChuu rendition? Even before today it seemed more likely for Crunchyroll be the one standing at the end because of all the work they’ve taken to spread their brand.

What does this mean now? Well already in Funimation’s FAQs there are links regarding the merger. The biggest question, “Do I cancel my Funimation subscription?” is addressed immediately as yes. Previous Funimation subscribers and *first time Crunchyroll subscribers* are offered a free 60 day trial of Crunchyroll Premium. They also take the time to mention that they are currently working on moving Funimation users watch history, queues, and existing Funimation digital copies to Crunchyroll. How they will know what accounts to transfer to (same emails? links through email confirmation?) is to be seen.

There are so many “what will’s” in the air at this time that it is difficult to theorize what is to become. I for one am thankful that subscribers have an answer now on whether they will get to stop paying two different subscriptions. I am looking forward to seeing how Crunchyroll works in Funimation’s strengths to their brand. I hope not too many Funimation or Crunchyroll employees are let go from redundancy. I look forward to seeing how this years Crunchyroll Expo looks and I REALLY hope they put My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission on streaming.

What do you think about the merger and what are your hopes for Crunchyroll’s future? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure you’re following BAYOG on all our socials and be sure to enter Minty’s Under the Oak Tree giveaway. She’s giving our FOUR copies of the novel so make sure to read her blog post to find out how to enter.

I hope you stay well, even if it is hard.

see you later!

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