About Us

About Us

We are a group of friends who love watching anime and playing video games. We go by the name of Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers since the majority of us are Black and Asian descent. We do have one white guy (but no one needs to know that). We love sharing our interest on various topics from anima, gaming, manga, manhwa/webtoons, movies, dramas, music, novels, etc. We love interacting with like-minded individuals, so please feel free to talk to us anywhere! You can leave comments on our posts or if you have nice things to say to us, you can reach us at our social media below! Please follow, like and share our content if you’ve enjoyed it. We really appreciate all the support <3

Kenny: @Blackatron_

Nick: @rokutsu

Marc: @cmdrcluckcluck

Mindy/Minty: @piecesofminty

Loha: @MrSok

Lauren/Elle: @Cattasticks

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please use our contact page or message us on Facebook and Twitter. TYVM~!

Come chat and hang out with us on the BAYOG Discord server too!

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