PITON – HAIKYU!! S4E22 || Review

PITON – HAIKYU!! S4E22 || Review

Hello, everyone. I’d like to thank you for joining me in what might be one of more aggressive/passionate writings. Welcome to my fucking HYPE POST!
First things first, I absolutely, wholeheartedly, deep down in the very depths of my core and soul…LOVE Haikyu!! In some of my posts from the past, I have talked about my love for sports anime but this is more than that. If you have talked to the anyone similar to myself, apart of the fandom, then you have an idea that this show is so much more. This fucking series will always lift me up and this particular episode has all the depth I’ve come to expect from the series.

Obviously this post contains omega spoilers so please stop scrolling and come back when you are caught up 🙂

To bring some fans up to speed, it’s the final game in the set for Karasuno vs Inarizaki and they’re at the final stretch of the match. Both teams have won a game, so the team that loses goes home and the winner moves on to the next round in the tournament. I cannot stress enough the amount of anxiety the non-readers are having at this moment in time. I’ve been there, I was one of them until this past summer.

I believe that for a lot of fans, this moment has been building since the start of season 4 but if you look at it a little deeper it has been climbing towards this moment since the day the series began. It fucking shows so much, when the music stops, the quote starts rolling, the ambiance builds and everything melds together so perfectly you just wanna cry so bad but you need to keep watching. You can’t do that with tears in your eyes! Good thing there’s a pause button, right? Wrong, you don’t wanna pause and ruin the feeling that has built up inside your face and crawled up all over your skin and has given you goosebumps!



The intensity alone that built up to this single receive from the “instincts only/super-athletic-but-doesn’t-think player”. This is the moment where all respect has to be given to Hinata. Even if you thought it was a fluke, even if you thought he wouldn’t be on par with his teammates because he’s a freshman with little-to-no experience. The exponential growth he has achieved and the hunger that he has shown throughout the series, we are continually impressed by this character time and time again. To me, that is what makes the series.

Chapter 281, Page 18-19

I talked about the depth of this episode earlier and the way everything just comes together so smoothly. There’s nothing boring about this series like you’re a disgrace if you look away and don’t respect the passion that was poured into an episode, NO CAP. The layers that this show has to offer always relates to volleyball in some way but ultimately, it can relate to anything in your life. I cannot count the amount of beautiful quotes you get from this series like it’s actual poetry built in. And the one that brings us back on our feet during this crucial moment in the set can be seen below.

Chapter 281, Page 20-21
S4E22 and Chapter 281 are both titled piton, that thing in the rock.

Of course, reading this at the time with no audio queues or music, it still felt profound. But seeing it all come together, my mans Yanaka Hiroshi really delivered with these lines, it was nothing less than magical. The moment that follows feels so special that I bet a lot of us cried.

Hinata himself cannot believe what he just did

I’m actually getting goosebumps just from writing this post, it’s insane. In the end, I feel like they did a great job of replaying the rally from Hinata’s POV. I love it when they use the player’s POV and you get some first person action.

Unfortunately, the rally continues with Inarizaki getting the point in the end with a stroke of luck. But the game’s not over yet! The greatest thing that happens next is Karasuno takes a well deserved timeout and Hinata is just super excited about that receive he got earlier. The whole team just lightens up because of Hinata. That statement has become a fact ever since he joined the team. It has been mentioned that the Hi- in Hinata, means the Sun, so if you just use your brain a little you can see what I’m getting at. Any series can create depth but it’s the execution that really drives it home.

Haikyu!! started as a fill in for me, because I had nothing else I wanted to watch. Now I stand proudly as a fan that continually bugs my group of friends to watch it, if they haven’t. I earnestly want everyone to enjoy and experience this series because it’s so freaking amazing in every way possible. We all experience things differently and maybe you won’t like it as much as the rest of us. But I’d call you a liar if you got through the whole series and took nothing away from it. As cliche as it is to say, Haikyu!! is a crazy ass roller coaster ride. It’s an opportunity to experience something special and connect with others.

I’d like to thank you all once again for sticking with me for this post. I don’t think I’ve specifically written a piece about Haikyu!! before. If you liked what I had to say please give it a like, give us a follow here on the blog, follow me on twitter if you like so we can scream about Haikyu!! together and don’t forget to share with your friends!
Let’s relive that moment again, courtesy of Crunchyroll Collections:

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