Blackatron’s Update

Blackatron’s Update

Hello everyone! Been a minute. I know, I’m awful. Pretty sure my last post was a promise about all these ideas I had articles I wanted to put out but… you know quarantine. I feel like, for some people, quarantine gives you more time to be creative and work on things like this but not for me. I had work and school from home and it just kinda bummed me out. What am I doing all day? What is home really? A jail cell.

I know that this time would’ve been great for us. If we stayed on our blog posts and podcast, people who are stuck at home would have more content but our hearts just weren’t in it. For me, the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter stuff were hitting me super hard and I don’t know just too much on my mind to even use the escape I normally would, anime.


I’m finally getting back into anime. Starting super small really. I watched some shows I never watched before like Hunter x Hunter and rewatching shows I really loved like JoJo and Haikyuu. My overall mood has gotten so much better in the last few months. I don’t want to make any promises but this anime season looks very promising and I might have to write about some of it. I have no real plans. I don’t know what tomorrow looks like but I just wanted to update anyone who cares. Really love this community and I hate that I turned my back on it.

I also wanted to thank Mindy. She has been killing it on here. She is the only reason the ship hasn’t sunk and I’m always very thankful that she jumped on board. Show her all the love she deserves! She also offline has reached out to me when my mental health was really taking a dive. She is a wonderful person and I would say the momma bear of BAYOG.


I also wanted to say that I love my podcast co-host. We don’t talk as much but I still love y’all and I know that when we all get together again, it will feel like we spent no time apart.

Thanks again for supporting BAYOG. Thank you for always being understanding when we fall off a cliff. I want to do more and I’m going to try my best to find a pace of writing that’s manageable for me and get back into reading the other great blogger’s posts in this community. Y’all are great! Stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your damn hands.

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