Kandagawa Jet Girls – Why am I watching This?

Kandagawa Jet Girls – Why am I watching This?

It’s a sports anime, why am I watching this? I don’t even like water or going to the beach. I went into this blind but I’m still watching 4 episodes later, so yes, this definitely passes my three-episode test. But why though?


Oh… I guess that’s why.


Wait… What?


And this “safety feature” to purge suits too is definitely a good reason to watch. Also, the fact that one team, specifically the American team, uses a bazooka as their weapon of choice is absolutely amazing.



its so big.png

We’re still talking about the bazooka, right?


This show is literally all sexual innuendo and yuri. I think I’m all for riding this wave. This show is obviously not for everyone, but it’s good at the specific sense of humor it’s aiming for. Give it a watch if you like what you saw here. You can catch this on HiDive/Vrv every Tuesday. The broadcast version is censored, somewhat unnecessarily I might add, but each week has that episode uncensored as well if you’re a grown adult and see no shame in the human body.


For real though, the censorship is a little unnecessary and makes it look a lot worse than it actually is.

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  1. the humor really isn’t all that great and the stuff you say is keeping you watching is very bare bones and average compared to others who do this a lot better.

    1. I don’t normally watch completed shows from previous seasons, especially if I have a lot to watch in the current season. This for me is a guilty pleasure and a break from all the other more serious shows this season.

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