Music Monday | eill — スキ (SUKI)

Music Monday | eill — スキ (SUKI)

Hihi BAYOG Fam~ I’m back with another Music Monday post. This time, we’re going back to our original format of highlighting a specific song and artist~ Today’s song is スキ (SUKI) by eill~ It’s also a Japanese track~ You know I love my Korean and Thai music, but I do enjoy my Japanese tracks too~ I love eill too~ I think she’s a bit underrated. I also just wanted to share another track from our [Lovely & Sweet Vibes Playlist] that I made for BAYOG. I’ll make this post real quick and simple though~ So let’s go~

I discovered eill from her collab on m-flo’s [tell me tell me] with Sik-K and Taichi Mukai. I loved that track so much by the way. She’s categorized under J-Pop, but I’d consider her vocals to fall under R&B too. I love her vocals. Again, oftentimes, female Japanese vocalists often have this more soft, sweet, and higher pitched vocals. I like that eill’s vocals have some more gruffness and soul to it? I don’t knmow how to describe it other than that I love how it feels like it has some weight to it. And again, I think it’s perfect for R&B too. Apparently, she made her debut in December 2017, collabing with K-Hip Hop artists Rheehab and Ocean. I honestly had the hardest time trying to find it, but finally found it on SoundCloud. Apparently it’s called [721]. Y’all know the beloved Japanese city pop track [Plastic Love] by Mariya Takeuchi. Well, eill has a [cover] from her [Pallete] album as well. Friday Night Plans’ [cover] is probably my favorite, but I do love eill’s version too. eill has some contributions to anime too. She sang the theme song [ここで息をして] for 東京卍リベンジャーズ/Tokyo Revengers. She also contributed to the 夏へのトンネル、さよならの出口/The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes anime movie with [フィナーレ。(Finale.)] for the theme song, and [プレロマンス (pre-romance)] for the insert song. eill also wrote EXID’s second JP single [Bad Girl For You] with DJ ☆Taku Takahashi of m-flo. I really love her tracks though. I’ve talked about it before, but I don’t listen to Japanese music as often as I used to. When I do, it’s more like a selection of artists or occasional random finds. eill was definitely one of those occasional random finds that I ended up loving. Now she’s one of the few Japanese artists I try to keep tabs on for releases. Some of my favorites include [ONE LAST TIME], [踊らせないで], [SPOTLIGHT], [いけないbaby (ikenai baby)], [花のように], [shoujo], [MAKUAKE], [future wave], and [片っぽ]. ONE LAST TIME is probably one of the first songs I heard from her aside from her collab on m-flo’s track. I think I instantly fell for it cuz I just love the deep house vibes haha. She’s a K-Pop and K-R&B fan too and has covered [Twice’s Feel Special], [Red Velvet’s Bad Boy], [DPR Live’s Martini Blue], and my favorite… [Dean’s D (half moon)]. Oh! She was also featured on Pink Sweat$’s Japanese version/release of [17].

Artist: eill
Single: スキ (SUKI)
Genre: J-Pop
Language: Japanese
Origin: Japan
Release: July 27, 2022

スキ (SUKI) is a single that was released back on July 27, 2022. It’s super sweet track. It’s a pop track, but it’s kinda on the soft, sweet, and chill side. The lyrics of the song itself basically portray having feelings for someone. It accurately describes the joy, pain, and frustration that come with liking someone. It’s like painful to wait for someone and because you’re falling for them. But at the same time, you’re receiving alot of happiness from these feelings. And finally, there’s that frustration of wanting to tell your feelings, hoping that they feel the same way, and finally come around to you too. I liked that the song portrayed all of those aspects and wasn’t just about the happy fluffiness of loving someone. But overall, I think it’s really sweet and cute~ I just loved everything about the track from the sound, vibes, eill’s vocals, and the lyrics~

You can find スキ (SUKI) on Spotify, here:

The song technically doesn’t have a music video. However, it does have an official lyric video…but it basically is a music video…lol It just basically shows this girl spending a day with a guy while smiling and laughing a lot. They’re basically enjoying the time they’re spending together.

This feeling called ‘love’
This pain called ‘love’
How much have I cried because of it?
To hurt this much thinking about someone
The longer I don’t get to meet you
The more I fall for you

Hey, be it one day or one hour
It would be nice if I could meet you
Today, tomorrow, the day after, or even if the world is enveloped in rain
Hey, I like your smile
The way you laugh about simple things
Really brings joy to many others

I like everything about you
The way you’re kind to everyone
Even the moments when you show your bad side, everything
Hey, you seem down today
What should I do when you act like you’re fine
Oh baby

This feeling called ‘love’
How beautiful it is
It’s really vibrant isn’t it?
To hurt this much waiting for someone
No matter what I do, I’m falling for you

Even if I don’t tell you I love you
I’ve always believed I’d convey these feelings to you someday
Hey, you’re such an idiot Hurry up and come to me
Please, please hold me baby
Because I love you

It’s definitely a trick of time
It’s surely a prank by someone
That pulled us together
It really feels like fate, right?
If it’s possible, from now on,
I want to hold you in my gentle embrace forever

This feeling called ‘love’
This heart-wrenching thing called ‘love’
How much happiness has it given me?
If you’ve realized (my feelings)
Gently come closer to me
And tell me you love me
And hold me baby

eill — スキ (SUKI) | Translation by [KY @ YouTube]

Here’s my BTS gif tax~

Yup. That’s it for this Music Monday post. Super simple, right? I know I haven’t really done specific song-focused Music Monday posts. Again, I originally meant to do these kinds of posts for February to highlight some of my favorite love songs. But…yeah…I got no time lolol But I figured I could squeeze one post in~ Plus, it’s been a while since I covered a Japanese track~ Anyway, let me know what you think of the track. Have y’all heard of eill before, and what are some of your favorite tracks?~ Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord~

That aside, I’m technically back from hiatus and trying to be more frequent and consistent with posting. But I make no promises. I kind of have to work things out slowly because I kinda swamped myself with things… I’m doing 1 (maybe 2) things with Manta. I’m also just getting back into subbing dramas on Viki, and apparently, I’ll be a solo TE (translation editor) now. It’s a BL drama called [I Promised You the Moon]. I’m also getting ready for a trip at the end of March/beginning of April. So there’s that too. I’mma do my best though! I promise I’ve slowly been working on posts. It’s just that they’re gonna take some time haha. Anyway, take care and stay safe friends!~ I hope you have a sweet and lovely start to your week~

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