What Minty Is Currently Reading: Warm and Fuzzy Manhwa Series

What Minty Is Currently Reading: Warm and Fuzzy Manhwa Series

Hello my luvs! It’s BAYOG’s resident manhwa/webtoon trash~ As y’all know, I read alot of manhwa/webtoons. I love talking about fun [manhwa] series I’ve come across. I figured it was due time to share some of my reading list again~ Last time, I shared some [villainess manhwa series] I was enjoying. Today, I’ll be sharing some manhwa series that make me feel all warm and fuzzy!~ Well…technically they make me hella rage, but then make feel warm and fuzzy. I honestly didn’t know how to describe this category of series. Because “series with characters who were abandoned/abused/unloved by their trashy and toxic family or loved ones get a second chance at love and happiness” or “”series with characters who were abandoned/abused/unloved by their trashy and toxic family get adopted and showered with love by another family that’s usually seen as cold or villainous” were just too long lolol Yeah, that’s the premise of these series though. Basically series with traumatized and abused characters get a second chance to cut off the toxic people in their life, and showered with love by unrelated people who seem evil, but are actually very kind and loving. It just leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Before I get further into this post, I do have to warn y’all. This post talks about series that include scenarios like physical and emotional abuse, as well as child abuse.

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Me raging over trashy and toxic characters

So typically these series has a main character(s) with these elements that leave you sad, heartbroken, and raging:

  • In most cases, the main character is someone who is either a side character (or originally the villainess) in a novel, or is someone who unfairly lost their life and woke up back in time (usually when they were much younger) for a second chance at re-doing their life. Either way, character is supposed to have a tragic end in the original timeline.
  • Main character is usually unloved, unwanted, neglected, and is extremely abused (physically and mentally) by their family and others around them (maids and staff). Even as young children, or they are a very young child.
  • They’re usually unjustly blamed for unreasonable shit…like their mom dying after childbirth. Sometimes used by trashy characters to vent out their frustration.
  • Usually lives an awful life in the original timeline. It usually includes continued abuse, treated like trash, used as a pawn/sacrifice at the convenience of their toxic family or lover. If they had a lover/fiancée, they were cheated on, emotionally (sometimes physically) abused, and/or just used as a means to achieve some greedy goal. Usually dies at the hands or due to the action of said trashy family and/or lover.
  • Main character never experienced or was treated with love, affection, or kindness their whole life in the original timeline. They were never treated as a human being, and only received trauma.
  • In some cases, the original treatment of the original family is due to misunderstandings.

But there it makes you appreciate the really warm and fuzzy moments that are super sweet and wholesome. Because despite their tragic and cruel experiences, they’re able to make changes that leads to a happier life.

  • Somehow gets adopted into another family. New family has a big reputation and is powerful.
  • New family is usually known to have a bad reputation and seen as cold, cursed, evil, violent, and/or cruel villains. They’re seen as bad guys, but still take in the main character and shows sympathy. The “bad guys” aren’t really bad guys at all when you compare them to the original family.
  • Despite the scary reputation and appearances, the new family is actually very kind and loving. They recognize the trauma the child has faced. They warmly welcome the main character into the family.
  • New family showers the main character with love and they do everything they can to provide a safe and happy environment. Basically they give the main character the chance to experience a real, warm, and loving family. Thus, they’re able to experience happiness.
  • Main character and new family members have a positive effect on each other. Usually the new family might have a tragic ending in the original timeline. Main character helps brighten up the household and changes all of their fates. While main character overwrites their trauma with happy experiences and becomes stronger and more confident.
  • Sweet and wholesome experiences and relationships~
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You all know I tend to rage at bullshit. I always, always rage at hella trashy, toxic, abusive, and evil characters. But it especially breaks my heart in those series where the main characters are kids who faced extreme abuse and hate from their own families. Like WTF are y’all doing to a freakin’ 5 year old?? Why are you grown ass adults taking it out on a small child?? Kids should be playing and having fun. They’re not slaves or punching bags. It’s heartbreaking to see a character being denied an enjoyable childhood, and to be denied affection and happy memories with a loving family. For these kinds of series, I’m fueled by rage and my hatred for such toxic and trashy characters. I’m also fueled by my need for karma. However, I’m also mainly fueled by the fluffy, happy, and wholesome moments between the main character and their new loved ones. The gap moe of characters who are deemed cold, evil, blood thirsty killers…but are actually super kind and loving (at least to the main character)~~~~ But like, you know toxic manhwa characters got you all twisted when you get excited for their downfall, and you think hella violent threats and acts by the main character’s new loving family is the sweetest thing. New loving family member could be like, “If anyone insults you, I’ll tear them apart. If they look at you the wrong way, I’ll gouge out their eyeballs. If they touch you, I’ll chop of their hands!” Sometimes they send a whole group to eliminate the people who harmed the main character. And I’ll just be like, “That is the sweetest thing! uwu What a kind and loving father! *cries*” But seriously, it’s just so satisfying and heartwarming to see someone who was so hurt and broken overcomes their traumas and finally be shown immense love and care. The warm and fuzzy moments make all the hate and rage worth it~ Anyway, let’s get to that list! Again, it’s not my complete list of what I’m reading. Just some of the titles I’ve been enjoying!

Also, I just want to say the plot summaries can sound boring, awkward, and/or hella cringe. However, I advise you to just dive into it. Most of the time, it’s so much more interesting that the cringey summary lets on!


The Monster Duchess and the Contract Princess
괴물 공작가의 계약 공녀

Alternatively known as: The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter (*Official English title)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Drama


The Speràdo family line possesses a secret: shadow magic. But it’s been 100 years since someone last wielded it. When Marquis Speràdo tries to sacrifice Leslie for her favored sister Ellie, little does he know that this awakens the power of darkness in her instead. To escape her family’s greed and abuse, Leslie’s out to make a deal with the Monstrous Duke: adopt her, and her powers will be at the duke’s disposal. Will Leslie escape her parents’ cruel grip, or succumb to their evil exploits?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter [Tapas]

Leslie’s original family, the Speràdo family, is trash. Every one of them. They can be yeeted into the volcano. Her new family, the Salvator family, is so sweet and loving. It starts off as a contract relationship. Yes, a small child went to this “monstrous” and notorious family to strike a deal with them. She asked them to adopt her and protect her. In exchange, she’ll use her powers for them. Despite it being a contract relationship, her new family is genuinely kind and caring. More than her blood family ever was.

What I liked:

  • Leslie is a sweetheart. Must protecc~
  • The Salvator family is seen as a monstrous family, in both their power and physical sizes. They come off scary and intimidating. However, they’re hella soft with Leslie.
  • The gap moe with alot of the characters~ For example: Leslie’s new dad is this HUUUUUUUGE and scary looking mercenary dude. He appears like a big, scary bear. However, he’s like a big old teddy bear. He’s always wanted a daughter and absolutely spazzes over and dotes on Leslie. Of course, he is a loving and protective father. So he’s ready to cut people down if they mess with her. Like, quite literally.
  • Leslie’s new family is hella wholesome. Even though it started off as a contract relationship and Leslie isn’t related to them by blood, they see no difference. Everyone in the household see’s her as their precious family member and lady. They recognize her traumas and suffering, and only want her to experience good things. So they actually protect her and shower her with love. I genuinely love seeing the interactions between Leslie and the Salvator family~
  • Leslie’s growth and confidence, and being completely supported by her family (the Salvator family). Leslie isn’t just loved and protected. Her new family helps her gain confidence and a goal. They love and support her unconditionally. They tell her that she can do anything she wants and doesn’t need to fear anything because she is a Salvator. She’s able to become a more confident and shining lady.
  • Bishiessss~ The male lead is a cutie~ Also, Leslie’s new big brothersssss~ By the way, those two are amazing big brothers~ Beth is my favorite~ hehe~
  • Pretty art~ The art has actually improved alot throughout the series too~

My Husband Hides His Beauty
남편이 미모를 숨김

Alternatively known as: My Secretly Hot Husband (*Official English title)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Transmigration


Another lifetime, another hard life—Letitia’s misery continues as her uncle sends her off to the “Monster Lord” to fulfill an old pledge. Imp attacks! The three witches! A hideous masked devil hunter husband! Terrifying is an understatement. But as she becomes the lady of Halstead, the rumors fall apart. Lord Erden is caring, he likes bunnies, and that *gasp* perfect face under the mask! How can he not know he’s HOT? Can she help protect the castle from devils and help Erden see his true self?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: My Secretly Hot Husband [Tapas]

This series is probably one of the most wholesome series I’ve ever read. It’s definitely one of the most wholesome ships. Look, I love K-novels and manhwa series. However, sometimes the male leads are pretty toxic or have some toxic behaviors. Erden is best boiiiii~ He’s honestly very sweet, kind, and considerate. The only thing he lacks is confidence. Random rant: I wished they went with spelling Letitia’s name ‘Leticia’ in the official version…

What I like:

  • Erden! Erden is best boiiii~ Again, he’s hella sweet, kind, and considerate. He’s probably the most wholesome male lead I’ve ever seen. On a whole other note: why is it that EVERY outfit on Erden looks skin tight on him. Every top on him is literally a skin tight top.
  • Bishieeee~ Erden isn’t just best boiiii~ He’s also a hella gorgeous bishiiiiieeee (if you couldn’t tell from the damn title). He’s beautiful inside and out!~
  • Letitia is such a likeable and competent female lead. Again, I love my manhwa/webtoons and K-novels. However, alot of times the female leads are frustrating and not very bright. Letitia is actually competent. She’s smart, witty, kind, and gorgeous. She’s a whole package, and I love her so much~
  • Wholesome ship. Again, this is the most wholesome ship I’ve ever read. Both are kind, caring, and respectful of each other. There’s actual, unconditional trust and loyalty. You can’t help but love them~ I stan!~ These the kind of leads and relationship I’m for!
  • Really sweet moments. Minor spoiler, but there’s a scene early in the series Letitia is first sent off to Halstead. Erden comes by and gives her some apple slices he cut into rabbit shapes. It was at that moment, I knew Erden won me over.
  • Everyone at Halstead is sweet. Again, they look sketchy, but are actually kind, caring, and devoted people.
  • The comedy~ It’s one of the more light-hearted series and is full of cute and silly comedy~
  • Art! The art is so prettyyyy~ Erden is gorgeous, but so is Letitia~
  • It’s a wholesome, cute, and fun series. The way Erden is always hyping Letita with, “WIFE!!!~~” I want me an Erden D: I also wish I was half as pretty and talented as Letitia~
Have you heard of our savior Erden? Join me and be blesseddddd~ E-men.

I Became the Hero’s Mom
남주의 엄마가 되어버렸다

Alternatively known as: I Married the Male Lead’s Dad (*Official English Title); I Became the Male Lead’s Mother; I Became the Male Lead’s Stepmother; I Became Hero’s Stepmother
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Transmigration, Isekai


In my real life, I was happy fawning over Abel Louvremont, the main character of my favorite book ‘Persona.’ But after a fateful car accident, I woke up in ‘Persona,’ but when Abel is still a precious child. Now, as Aisha Heathcliff, I can fangirl adorable Abel up close, squee!! I’ll do anything I can to make sure he is taken care of and gets what he needs! And, somehow, that means I’m engaged to… his dad?!

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: I Married the Male Lead’s Dad [Tapas]

Back in December I found a new series and basically went on a binge read til like 5am. It was so good. So sweet and wholesome. So many feels. I was stupidly crying under my blanket while reading lol

What I liked:

  • Idol stan culture in the series. Aisha is a stan. She was a big stan of Abel, the male lead of the novel she really liked. Her stan tendencies are hilarious, but I also relate lolol
  • Abel is a freakin’ precious cinnamon roll and must be protected~ I cried for him and I just wanted to give him a hug and protect him T~T
  • The comedy. Again, a bit part of it is that stan culture. The other part are the silly misunderstandings. I usually am not big on the misunderstandings trope because they tend to be hella extra, cheesey, or plain dumb. However, I wasn’t bothered by this one at all~ It’s both funny and cute to see Hades misunderstand Aisha caring about Abel, as her liking him.
  • Whole male lead. Though Hades misunderstands alot of things, he’s a sweet guy. You can see that he genuinely cares about Abel and Aisha. He’s a selfless guy who will do all that he can to protect those he cares about.
  • Aisha is sweet. You know, people already think it’s hard to accept someone who isn’t blood related as family. It’s particularly hard for kids. There are people who can’t easily accept other people’s kids. So it’s wholesome to see her love and care for Abel without a second thought. I love that she doesn’t hesitate at all to be a mom for him in both caring about him and protecting him.
  • It’s just hella wholesome and sweet. There is some drama and mystery going on, but the sweet and wholesome parts is what makes me love this series so much.
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The Archmage’s Daughter
대마법사의 딸

Alternatively known as: Daughter of the Archmage (*Official English Title); The Magician’s Daughter
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy


Mabel’s been mocked her whole life for her nonexistent magical ability, but when she finally meets her true father, it’s the all-powerful archmage, Raquiel! Forced by an imperial pact to let her go long ago, he can now welcome her into his home, with his half-wolf butler, three nymph sisters, a fox halfling, and a kind disciple to watch over her. But dark secrets from his past threaten to catch up with them. Will his magic be enough to protect her? Could she even come into a power all her own?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Daughter of the Archmage [Tapas]

I remember picking this up on a whim. To be honest, It wasn’t like I’m particularly fond of series with a main character that’s a child. I can read them and enjoy them, but they’re not particularly my favorite kind of series. I do tend to read more mature romance and drama series. However, this ended up being pretty sweet. First off, fuck Mabel’s uncle, his wife, and her cousin. They’re all trash. They can be yeeted into BAYOG’s volcano. Bless everyone at Raquiel’s home and Mabel’s true family though.

What I liked:

  • Mabel is a precious cinnamon roll! Mabel is a sweetheart. She also needs to be protected and deserves to be happy~
  • Raquiel is such a caring father. He seems emotionally cold, but he really dotes on Mabel. The man means it when he says he will give Mabel anything and everything. I think one thing I really love is that he doesn’t impose pressure or expectations on Mabel. He tells her to be free to do whatever she wants, and he’ll gladly support her. The man just genuinely wants nothing but for his daughter to be happy.
  • I love all the characters. They all have such fun personalities. It’s also super sweet to see how much they love Mabel. They genuinely love her, care about her, and only want her to be happy.
  • The art is cute. Y’all the familiars and the mini-dragon. My hearttttt~~~
  • The comedy is cute too~
  • Mabel’s growth. It’s wonderful to see Mabel grow as a person. To overcome the trauma caused by her trashy relatives, and to come out as a confident and happy young lady surrounded by people who love her. I also love seeing the effect she’s had on those around her too~
  • It’s just a cute, fluffy, and wholesome series~
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Royal Chef Young Lady
로열 셰프 영애님

Alternatively known as: Lady Chef Royale (*Official English title); Royal Chef Lady
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Transmigration


Sena’s been tossed into another world, as the despised daughter of a noble family. Her little restaurant was her refuge in her last life, so she’s got some tricks up her sleeve—cooking skills! As Senianna, she’ll put her brains and fine-tuned taste buds (Korean fried chicken, anyone?) to the test so she can take back the kitchen and gain this society’s esteemed title of Chef Royale. Will her cuisine reign supreme over the empire and bring her the sweet and salty balance of power and affection?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Lady Royale Chef [Tapas]

I remember seeing this pop up alot, and I didn’t really expect myself to read it. Just cuz the synopsis sounded ehhh. Although, I’m realizing the official synopsis for alot of manhwa and novels sound kind of cheesey and/or dumb. They usually don’t really how what makes the series pretty fun and interesting… or what it’s actually about. But… I’m too lazy to write one myself so yah… I just started it on a whim anyway cuz I liked the cover art and food. I’m a fatty/foodie and a cook. I’m a restaurant brat and veteran. So I figured it had to be for me. Yup. While it’s not my favorite series, it did end up being more interesting than I thought it would be.

What I liked:

  • Food. It’s about food and cooking. Again, I’m a fatty/foodie and cook. This series makes me hungry though… I really wanted some tteokbokki cuz of one of the chapters. Ended up buying rice cakes and making a cheat rabokki with fire noodles lol
  • It’s cute to see Sena win over her family.
  • Tsundere family members hehe~ They look intimidating and cold, but they end up really caring about Sena and doting on her. I especially love the interactions with the grumpy looking grandpa. It makes me miss my grandpas. Her brothers also end up being really sweet and caring. It’s actually really funny how overprotective and cute they can all be.
  • I didn’t really know how I felt about the art at first, but it did grow on me. It’s not the best art I’ve seen. It’s more on the cute side? I will say that Sena is really pretty though.
  • Also, did I mention food??
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Am I the Daughter?
내가 딸이에요?

Alternatively known as: Am I Your Daughter? (*Official English title)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Time Travel


Adopted by the abusive Count Zackary, Hailynn is imprisoned for over a decade but a tragedy sets her back in time and she’s now eight years old again! Eager to escape the horrors of her previous life, Hailynn runs away and crosses paths with a brave boy and the protective Duke Callisto. When a magical potion reveals she belongs to the powerful Callisto bloodline, the chaste Duke swears she can’t be his! What is the secret behind Hailynn’s birth? And will she ever find a family that’ll love her?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Am I Your Daughter? [Tapas]

So when I first saw the title, I was like “Ehhh”. But I was interested cuz of the art. It just looked really pretty. Again, it’s nice to see Hailynn get a chance to redo her life/childhood. The story was also pretty interesting so far because I honestly want to know what the secret behind her birth is~

What I liked:

  • First off, the art is hella gorgeous. The art style and coloring, everything is super detailed and pretty. It gives me whimsical fairy tale vibes~
  • Hailynn is adorable.
  • I love seeing everyone just instantly loving her.
  • I like this scenario that makes it different. The fact that the Duke looks like he’s most likely her dad, but the dude is chaste. So it’s a big mystery. Y’all got my curiosity.
  • Despite being so apprehensive and denying any affection, he clearly cares about her and wants to protect her.
  • Bishieee. Y’all, just look at the Duke~~~

Saving the Villain Abandoned By the Female Lead
여주에게 버려진 악당을 구하는 방법

Alternatively known as: Saving the Villain Abandoned By the Heroine (*Official English title); Methods to Save the Villain Who Was Abandoned by the Heroine
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Transmigration, Isekai


Sielle is an ordinary handmaid working for the Grand Duke Ferzei Yekarte.
The thing is… she knows he’s a villain of a story she read in her previous life on Earth.
With her prescience, she managed to foil an assassination attempt on her master, only to be framed for the crime!
Worse yet, when she drank the poisoned wine to prove her innocence, she turns into a little girl…
And now the Grand Duke wants to ship her off to a notorious family of assassins?
Will she manage to survive through all of this, even if she knows how it will all end?

Synopsis credit: [Pocket Comics (App)]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Saving the Villain Abandoned By the Heroine [Pocket Comics (App)]

I was interested in the novel, but couldn’t find it in English. So I was happy for the manhwa~ I just love these like unexpected types of families. It’s a funny series and got some cute moments~ Although, I do wish I could read the novel for better context cuz I feel like the manhwa is probably more watered down.

What I liked:

  • I liked the art~ I think it’s really cute~
  • The comedy. It’s just silly. There’s a point where the Duke Eustia is like, “This is my bird, Tweety.” Bird my ass… it’s like a fucking dragon or wyvern or something.
  • I just really like gap moe concepts? Like you have this scary family of cutthroat assassins. However, they’re hella soft for Sielle. Her new family be scary murderers, but they dote on her. Especially Duke Eustia. Although it is kind of funny cuz FL is a grown ass woman who shrunk into a kid, and everyone knows it. But they all keep treating her like an actual child.
  • I admit there might not seem like much is going on in the series so far. However, I’ve been enjoying it. I actually am interested in the story itself. Cuz like you have a female lead who’s basically crazy and trying to kill her fiancee? Like wuht.

The Youngest Princess
막내 황녀님

Alternatively known as: The Beloved Little Princess (*Official English title)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Transmigration


Princess Enisha’s birth marks the start of the Hyperion Empire’s prophetic reign. With her unfathomably cute face and a ceaseless supply of loyal servants, life is pretty great for the baby princess. There’s just the small issue of her two psychotic-killer brothers and a war-hungry father who she must stop from driving the empire into ruin. Enisha’s got a lot on her plate, between the constant flood of assassins trying to kill her and those pesky memories of her past life. But she’s in no rush to return to being the powerful high mage of a magical kingdom. After all, being Hyperion’s one great hope certainly has its royal perks. It’s not easy being the empire’s beloved princess, but these subjects will just have to do.

Synopsis credit: [Tappy Toon]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: The Beloved Little Princess [Tappy Toon]

What I liked:

  • I like the art~ It’s cuuute~
  • Again, gap moe concept. You got this bloodthirsty, war-hungry emperor and his two psychotic, murder loving sons. They’re seen as hella intimidating and everyone is hella scared of them. But again, they’re hella soft for Enisha. They totally dote on her, and it’s super sweet.
  • The comedy is cute and funny. I love how Enisha purposely averts her dad and brothers’ attention to her to help prevent them from trying to kill people.
  • Enisha is a smart FL. After all, she’s mentally a full grown woman, an archmage that’s been around for a looooong time.
  • Male lead is cute~ I can’t wait to see when he and Enisha are grown up~

Princess in the Dumpster
쓰레기장 속 황녀님

Alternatively known as: Princess in the Rough (*Official English title)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Time Travel


A girl with glowing, bejeweled eyes and a tiny dragon has been found in an abandoned palace… and there is no doubt she is the long-forgotten daughter of the Emperor. Growing up wild and free, she is unaware of how special she is, especially since her eyes see things others cannot. As the Emperor and his three other children take her in and try to get closer to her, will she learn to trust them? And will this new addition to their family bring fortune or ruin to the empire?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Princess in the Rough [Tapas]

I remember seeing the title and being like, “Wuht…??” I didn’t think I’d be into it. Surprisingly, it’s cute though.

What I liked:

  • The art is a bit different from what I’m used to, but it’s cute~
  • Estrella is cute. She’s seen as a “feral” child since she grew up in the wilderness. But she’s a good girl. I also love how she’s literally friends with all animals~
  • Sweet and welcoming family. So typically in stories like these, nobles (especially the imperial family) would not be keen on welcoming a child out of nowhere. They’d be like “ew a bastard child”, try to get rid of them, or be hella cold, harass, and abuse them. However, all the members of the royal family welcome Estrella and want to get close to her. They really like her and are super sweet to her. Even the Empress. Typically, the Empress would be the kind of character most against it since it’s a child from another woman. However, even the Empress is very kind, warm, and welcoming towards Estrella.

Please Throw Me Away
나를 버려주세요

Alternatively known as: Just Leave Me Be (*Official English title); Please Leave Me Behind
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Drama


Adele was a hapless orphan until a duke gave her a choice: live as a substitute for his dead daughter, or die on the streets. Despite playing this role to the best of her ability, an order for her assassination was given shortly after he married her off. Miraculously, she is sent back in time and decides to make up for the years wasted living a lie. As ancient ruins call to her, can she use her past knowledge and unexpected help from the Black Knight to defeat the dangers ahead and change fate?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Just Leave Me Be [Tapas]

This caught my eye because we have a female lead with green hair? But also, the story was interesting. In this case, the female lead was a child who was brought in to be a substitute of a dead little girl. She does everything she is supposed to do, despite the abuse. However, she ends up dying anyway. So back in time she goes to figure out who and why, as well as to try and change her fate.

What I liked:

  • Adele is a smart female lead. She’s helpless due to her situation and lack of power, but she’s smart.
  • Bishiiiiieeeesss~ Hexion and the second male lead (I can’t remember his name right now, but he’s a red headed bishieee).
  • Hexion is a great male lead! He’s super kind and gentle of Adele. He’s not toxic. He’s super sweet. He likes her for her, and uses his ability as the Grand Duke to help her as much as he can. I live for him humiliating her family time and time again. Dude also literally made and brought a big ass picnic basket full of food for their picnic date.
  • Interesting story. We’re talking about conspiracies and mysteries tied to some folklore in the story. It’s interesting to see if we’ll find out just what exactly is Adele, and why does she seem to have this special ability.
  • The art is prettyyyyy~


Alternatively known as: Lady Evony (*Official English title)
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Drama


Adele was a hapless orphan until a duke gave her a choice: live as a substitute for his dead daughter, or die on the Accused of being a witch and a murderer, Evony’s imprisoned. For years, she awaits the day of her execution, her back bearing scars from beatings inflicted by the guards who despise her. But one day, she is granted her freedom and placed into the guardianship of Grand Duke Schneider. Warmed by his doting staff and under his admiring tutelage, she regains her strength and becomes the wild card in an intricate game of power. With nothing to lose, will Evony orchestrate a new future for the empire?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Lady Evony [Tapas]

This is one of the more serious, mature kind of stories. I love my sweet and fluffy stuff, but sometimes it is nice to have a more complex story. I also like that it addresses several issues that can be relatable even in real life and modern times; Particularly when it comes to gender equality and feminism. On a side note: It’s weird the official English publication translates the title and female lead’s name as “Evony” when the original Korean covers of the manhwa and original novel literally put “Ebony” in English… But I mean, wtf do I know…

What I liked:

  • More serious, mature, and complex story. Sometimes it’s got some big brain moments.
  • Ebony is an incredibly smart, I mean truly smart, woman. She’s a strong female who is smart, talented, and beautiful.
  • The series addresses various issues from sexism, gender equality, class, etc.
  • Bishiiiieeee~ Grand Duke Schneider is a bishie. Not only that, he’s incredibly smart. He’s definitely a mastermind genius.
  • Supportive male lead. I like that Grand Duke Schneider is a progressive character. He doesn’t judge people based on their gender, class, or where they come from. He believes in Ebony’s innocence. He can see she’s got infinite potential. He does all that he can to help her bring out her potential and really blossom. He’s able to help her gain confidence.
  • Ebony’s growth. Ebony starts off as a very broken woman because of the trauma and abuse she’s been subjected to. As well as her wrongful conviction. However, she’s able to heal, grow, and have her potential blossom thanks to Grand Duke Schneider and the love and care from her new family. She’s able to be more confident and break down barriers and people’s expectations.
  • Interesting characters. The Grand Duke’s side consists of characters who are seen as outcasts, but you can see they’re all talented, loyal, and kind people. I love how they recognize what Ebony has been through, and they do all that they can to help her. They provide so much warmth, care, love, and support.
  • The art is gorgeous.

I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince
괴물 황태자의 아내가 되었습니다 

Alternatively known as: — 
Genre: Romance, Josei, Fantasy, Historical, Drama, Isekai


She transmigrated into the body of Ancia, the current wife of the monstrous crown prince, Blake, in an R-19 romance novel.

In the original story, Ancia committed suicide on the day of their marriage, leaving Blake with massive trauma. But this time, Ancia wouldn’t do such a thing.

Blake was the second male lead in the original novel. He was portrayed as a beast that possessed an exquisite facade. Yet, right now, he was behaving just like an innocent rabbit.

The only person who can remove the crown prince’s curse is the heroine, Diana. My role is to just keep this little boy from getting hurt and then step down in time, but…..

“Ancia, don’t leave me!”

This little rabbit keeps chasing me.

Synopsis credit: [NovelUpdates]

Based on a novel: Yes
Officially Available in English: Not Yet The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince [Pocket Comics (App)]

I. LOVE. THIS. SERIES. I’d been seeing people talk about this novel for ages. So I decided to start the novel since I heard the manhwa was coming out. I literally started it maybe 1-2 days before the manhwa was released. I love both the manhwa and novel. It’s sweet and wholesome. I actually ended up binge reading and got through over 100 chapters in about a week and a half. Remember, I’m not a big reader when it comes to novels. However, I really enjoyed this series alot~ I actually had to force myself to slow down so I wouldn’t catch up to the latest release. Although, I do want to warn you… despite how cute it can be, there is also some serious trash in this series too. Anyway, join me on Discord if y’all wanna discuss this one. I legit made a whole ass channel on the server to scream spoilers into the void lolol

What I liked:

  • The story is alot of fun~ I find it really interesting, especially due to the leading characters.
  • The ship is so freakin’ wholesome. Ancia and Blake are wholesome. Despite their world being a R-19 romance novel, Blake is an adorable little rabbit. It’s cute to see their interactions and feel the sincerity between the two. It was especially sweet as the novel progressed~ I really can’t wait for y’all to see it~
  • Female lead is strong and smart. I love that she does not fall for bullshit. She is not easily swayed. We got a competent female lead! YESSS~
  • Blake is best boiiii~ Truly, this is one of my most favorite parts. Blake is one of my favorite male leads now. He’s a cute little rabbit boy, but he’s sweet and full of love. Especially when it comes to Ancia. He’s kind, sweet, handsome, but also incredibly loyal. I hope we all have someone who is always loyal and unwavering like Blake~
  • Wholesome moments! It’s not just the wholesome ship moments! We also have really wholesome moments with Emperor Tenstheon, Blake’s dad. He seems cold and indifferent, but he actually really cares for Blake. I also love how he’s thankful to Ancia and accepts her as if she’s his own daughter. He’s seen as this powerful, cold, and intimidating emperor. However, he totally dotes on Ancia (and Blake too).
  • Bishiiiiieeeesss~ Okay, Blake is still a baby now, but we know he’s gonna grow up to be hella fine. In the meantime, we have Tenstheon as our main bishieeee eyecandy~ The man is hot, has abs, is righteous, and is incredibly kind and caring towards his kids.
  • The art is cute and pretty~
  • It’s really cute and romantic and got me clutching my heart~
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Me reading the novel and manhwa~

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Those are just a couple more series on my reading list that I wanted to share with y’all~ Y’all know I’ve been reading alot of series. Alot of them can be heavy and rage inducing with some hella toxic characters and scenarios. So it’s nice to have some cute, warm, fluffy, and wholesome moments. I mean, sure… some of these series still got some trash that make me rage. However, the wholesome and fluffy moments bring a smile to my face~ I really do love seeing these characters be loved by such a warm, and caring family. I like the continual theme that it’s not blood that makes a family, but the heart towards one another. Real talk, there are sometimes people who are related by blood that can’t/shouldn’t be called family. Meanwhile, there are people not related by blood who are ready to pour all of their love, blood, sweat, tears, and everything. This person may not be related to them by blood, but to them, they still consider them their own. Anyway, the characters are also so endearing. Plus…. bishies, y’all. We got some bishiesss~ AYYYY~ Anyway, have y’all read any of these series? What were your thoughts? Any favorites, or maybe you’ve got some recommendations?~ Also, should I continue doing posts on my current reading lists? Let know in the comments, my socials, or hit me up on Discord!~ Be sure to join us on Discord if you are interested in these series~ Lyla and I love having discussions about our current reads~ Also, I just noticed that it looks like most of these titles are being published in English by Tapas. So if y’all are interested… use my invite code: THIT6420~ You’ll get ink. I’ll get ink. We all win, and we’ll all be happy~ Anyway, that’s all for now my luvs~ Drink water. Make sure to eat. Be sure to take a break and relax!~ Know that you’re loved~ Take care, stay safe, and have a lovely day!~

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