Webtoon|Operation: True Love — Giiiirrrrlll…Just Dump His Ass and Your “Bestie” too…

Webtoon|Operation: True Love — Giiiirrrrlll…Just Dump His Ass and Your “Bestie” too…

HI BAYOG FAM! We doing a webtoon post today! I know many of us bonded over our common frustration and hatred towards Sovieshit and Trashta in [Remarried Empress]. I also remember someone searching our blog for other series that also piss you off like Remarried Empress. Well fam, I got one for ya. Today we’re talking about 작전명 순정 or Operation: True Love from Naver Webtoon. It’s now officially available in English on [LINE Webtoon]. It’s written by kkokkalee and the art is by Dledumb. It’s a modern romance drama series with high school students though. But, if y’all looking for hella frustration and for some trashy characters that make you go, “BRUH. WTF???”… you in the right place~

Also, a forewarning: this post gonna have hella spoilers. Cuz I gotta rant, but “You know I have no chinguuuuuu!!!~” Anyway…let’s go, go, go~

작전명 순정

Alternatively known as: 작전명 순정, Operation: Pure Love,
Genre:  Drama, Romance, Shoujo, School Life, Supernatural (?)
Spicy?: No?
Content/Trigger Warning: Cheating
Read It: [Korean], [English (Official)]

It’s hard dating someone who won’t give you the time of day. Su-ae Shim knows that better than anyone, having dated her indifferent boyfriend, Minu Kang, for years. She sometimes wishes she could be more like her charismatic stepsister, Ra-im, who seems to have it all. But life takes a turn for the weird when Su-ae discovers Jellypop, a sentient flip phone, in her locker. Jellypop has a lot to say about her love life, especially as Su-ae drifts further away from Minu and finds herself running into Minu’s friend, Eunhyeok. Add to the mix a growing suspicion that Minu and Ra-im might be more than friends, and Su-ae might need a miracle to navigate the ups and downs of high school romance!

Operation: True Love synopsis: [LINE Webtoon]
Look at his face though!

So this series was just recently released officially in English, like the other day. Although, the Korean chapters are way ahead. The English chapters are up to chapter 8 at the moment (last 3 or available via fast pass). The Korean chapters are up to chapter 19 so far (at the time of me writing this). So yeah, warning… I’mma be spoiling some shit. Again, it’s a series with hella frustrating moments so you know I’m gonna rant. Anyway, I thought the art for this was interesting. Especially for Eun Hyeok. Eun Hyeok is hot (Bishie check? YESSS~). Despite how frustrating and infuriating this series can be, I got suckered in cuz of Eunhyeok. So that’s why I started it when it was originally released. It was also really interesting for me cuz honestly, I’ve mostly been reading historical romance fantasy series (as y’all know). That’s basically 99% of my reading list now. I’ve barely read any modern setting series. Also…as I got older, I haven’t had much interest in high school/teen setting kinda series. But Eunhyeok! Also, I needed something to read in between my main reads (despite me having like 500 things to catch up on). Also, the series seems to be very similar to an older Japanese manga called 偽コイ同盟/Nisekoi Doumei. Minus the phone thing. Although I think I’d prefer this to the Japanese manga, which also is hella frustrating in it’s own rights. I will say that I find this one hurts more and is more frustrating. The level of betrayal here is deeper because Ra Im is not only Su Ae’s bestie, but also her “sister” (Due to Ra Im’s family circumstances, Su Ae’s family took her in). We gonna get to that. But anyway, this series is just hella frustrations, heartbreak drama, and bullshit. I wouldn’t even say it’s a super amazing series or anything. Yet, I can’t stop reading it. It’s like not being able to look away from a wreck. But yeah, y’all know I freaking hate trashy characters, hypocritical characters, and I hate cheaters. AKA the types of characters I will always shit on until my dying day. And I promise you this got it. Su Ae’s boyfriend wasn’t just indifferent, he was a huge jerk. It was to a point where it’s like “Why the fuck are you even dating her then??” The whole thing with him and Ra Im is also absolute shit. But that’s just the (hella big) cherry on top to his trashy personality and actions. Su Ae is sweet, but she’s a frustrating character. She’s kind, but she’s the type I hate in that she just let’s him walk all over her. She knows she’s upset with him constantly doing that kind of shit to her, or not doing anything for her at all. It’s also frustrating in that she’s treated so badly, but is still with him. Also frustrating in that she’s so quick to forgive him just cuz he does bare minimum or so incredibly trivial like giving her her favorite strawberry milk. It’s like, GIIIIIRRRRRRL. NAAAUUUUUR. FUCK THAT DUDE. DROP HIM. SIS, DUMP HIS ASSSSS!!! Don’t ever let someone treat you like that. But she’s too freakin’ kind, which is good but also stupid and annoying. But we’ll get into that in a bit.

Y’all know I always hate snake-like characters that know no loyalty

WARNING: Some Spoilers Ahead
This series had hella frustrating and infuriating moments…so yah…. Also, hella cursey words ahead~

First off. Minwoo/Minu (I’mma go with Minwoo cuz I’m so used to it being romanized that way) is a fucking asshole and trash boyfriend. I have to explain something…Minwoo is seen as one of those good-looking, outgoing, and popular guys. Su Ae is a kind girl, but she’s basically seen as a normie and definitely not one of the cool kids. Like they don’t even seem to be in the same kinda cliques or anything. People think it’s an anomaly that they’re even dating. Most people think it’s a joke and Minwoo is just dating her for shits and giggles. Honestly, it doesn’t even seem like a far-off theory. Look, motae solo/모태 솔로 here and even I can tell you that Minwoo is like the fucking worst boyfriend ever. They’ve apparently been together for years. But dude is basically constantly ignoring her. She doesn’t seem to exist in his priorities at all. They’ll be eating lunch, and he’ll just get up and leave even though she hasn’t finished yet. And again, doesn’t even acknowledge her. He’s constantly blowing her off to go hang out with friends instead, despite making prior promises with her. Chapter 19 showed he did act like a proper boyfriend at one point in their relationship, but the important thing is how he’s been treating her in the present. He honestly just doesn’t act like a boyfriend at all. Not even at a bare minimum.

Not only that, he’s way too friendly with other girls. Like dude will be petting another girl’s head and saying, “You’re cute.” He’s also always letting other girls be touchy-feely, literally linking arms and pressing up against him. Even in front of Su Ae. Bruh, that’s a no-no. Look, I believe you can have friends of the opposite sex. However, there still needs to be boundaries and respect for your partner. Especially considering how everyone is always looking down on Su Ae and talking shit about her and their relationship. I would think a proper boyfriend can at least show her respect and not make her insecure. Also, to not even say shit when people are shit-talking your girlfriend is fucked up. It’s literally like, “Bruhhhhh. Are you even actually dating or nah??” Cuz he sure as hell doesn’t act like it. It’s not even indifference. There are times he says and does things that are clearly hurtful. It’s not until he’s really mistreated her to the point of her being super upset that he even acts somewhat like a boyfriend. He’ll buy her her favorite strawberry milk and leave it on her desk as an apology. But honestly, that wouldn’t fly with me. A carton of my favorite milk wouldn’t make up for constantly humiliating me or trampling on my sincere feelings. Once might be a mistake, but it’s no longer a mistake when you don’t learn from it and you’re constantly doing it over and over again. Sadly, Su Ae is way too in love, devoted, and soft-hearted to Minwoo that she always ends up quickly forgiving him. Meanwhile, Minwoo really takes his girlfriend for granted. I think most people would want their significant other to be devoted, loyal, and truly in love with you. If it’s too much where you think it’s too heavy, then communicate. If you don’t like her anymore (if you ever sincerely did so), then communicated and end the damn relationship. It’s fucked up to string her along if you’re only going to constantly treat her like shit. Having zero sincerity and effort in a relationship is a really shitty thing to do. Also, you can’t just choose to be a proper boyfriend whenever it feels convenient to you.

His attitude is just really fucked up. Not only is he treating his girl poorly, not giving a damn about creating misunderstandings and insecurity, but he just doesn’t have her back. Man is also a hypocrite. So there’s a chapter where they’re playing dodgeball during P.E. Unfortunately Su Ae and Eunhyeok are on the opposite team against Minwoo. It’d be all fine and dandy, but dude is being too touchy-feely with his female partner. Again, this girl is also hanging on his arm. Not only that… Minwoo is going hard throwing the ball directly at Su Ae…you know, his girlfriend??? I sometimes play rough with people I’m close to, but there’s a difference of playing around and then being a dude who’s throwing at full force at his tiny girlfriend. Fortunately, Eunhyeok caught the ball before it hit Su Ae. But she’s very visibly hurt and upset. Again, she’s his girlfriend, but he’s treating her like shit and went for an all-kill throw at her without hesitation. Meanwhile, dude is treating his female partner very well and laughing and having fun over it. Su Ae, being upset, then decides to retaliate by throwing as hard as she can at Minwoo. Unfortunately, she ends up accidentally hitting the other girl instead. Su Ae was surprised and was about to say sorry. However, Minwoo throws a scene with all these people watching, and publicly admonishes her, telling her she needs to say sorry. He was looking at her like she was trash, and then unilaterally shitted on her and made it seem like she was an awful person in front of all those people. As if he didn’t just try to do that to her?? It’s the hypocrisy for me. Also, he really didn’t need to do her like that in front of everyone.

Also the fact that he threw a ball hella hard at her with no hesitation, not even thinking about how she could get hurt. He had absolutely no concern about whether she was hurt or not. But here he is going hard on defending his PE partner and checking on if she’s ok. I’m sure y’all can understand how much it must hurt when someone who should have your back, doesn’t. It’s even more painful when they’re the one constantly throwing daggers at you. Eunhyeok manages to diffuse it by kinda cooly and casually, almost jokingly, reminding them that there’s no need for all the attitude and tense atmosphere since everyone has been doing it. Because, after all, they’re playing fucking dodgeball! So the atmosphere lightens up and everyone goes on their way. Except for Su Ae. She’s obviously super upset and goes off to cry on her own. Of course her shit boyfriend doesn’t notice shit. He’s too busy laughing with his friends, including his partner. Of course, Eunhyeok notices though. But that doesn’t mean anything. Again, it’s shit like you don’t seem to cherish or prioritize your own girlfriend. You’re literally hurting her and don’t give a shit. Minwoo for sure comes off as immature. But that doesn’t excuse being a shit person. Especially to someone you’ve been in a relationship with for a while. So yeah, Minwoo shit even before the thing with Ra In. Honestly, the whole incident was super frustrating and upsetting. I could really feel the pain. Cuz again, it was super fucked up. But of course, we got more fucked up shit coming up.


We’re getting to the huge-ass cherry on top. Minwoo then did his half-assed shit apology with another carton of strawberry milk and a smile. If it were me…boyyyyyy, I would slap that smile off yo’ face… Anyway, then he texted Su Ae that he’d treat her to the movies after school. Girl forgot about being upset and got all excited. That is until he later told her (as in physically speaking to her) that Ra In would join them too. Dude literally thought there was no problem with that. Again, who the fuck invites a third wheel to a date??? Especially a date that’s supposed to make up for you being an ass??? Like I get hanging out with close friends, even when there’s a couple within said group. I’ve hung out with my besties and their significant others, and even my sis and her boyfriend. But I don’t crash dates. Especially when I know they haven’t been able to meet up. I actually try not to intrude even when invited because I respect that they need personal time together. I only join if it’s just a hangout and not a date, and that everyone expressed that they wanted to hang out together. Cuz that’s honestly common sense and courtesy. And again, WHO THE FUCK INVITES A THIRD WHEEL ON A DATE THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE A MAKE UP FOR YOU BEING SHITTY??? Even a motae solo can recognize this as hella common sense. So after school, Su Ae heads to meet up with Minwoo in the classroom. However, she finds a surprised Eunhyeok outside of the room. He quickly covers her eyes, but she saw it. Minwoo was kissing Ra In. This ain’t like a matter of misunderstandings from a weird angle like in the Japanese manga. It was very clear that Minwoo was kissing Ra In. A crying Su Ae then quickly hid out of view with Eunhyeok. This is where the dagger is stabbed deeper into her heart. She overhears Minwoo asking Ra In, “You really want Su Ae to come?” and then say “I hope not, we can go just the two of us.” Dude literally be like, “It’s better if she doesn’t come.” That’s incredibly fucked up. Yeah….both of them can go fuck themselves. I legitimately don’t understand why the hell Minwoo is even dating Su Ae when he’s being an asswipe and doing this shit.

Which brings me to Ra In. Ra In is that stereotypical perfect, popular, and smart pretty girl that everyone envies. She’s seen as a nice and sweet girl that everyone loves and has a crush on. She’s supposed to be Su Ae’s bestie. Su Ae considered them to be close, like real sisters. Ra In is actually basically Su Ae’s adopted sister, due to issues with her family. Basically, she was raised by her single-mother who passed away in an accident. Because she’s close to Su Ae (and I assume their parents were close too), Su Ae’s family took her in. Which again, makes this betrayal even more painful. She not only got stabbed in the back by the boyfriend she loved so much, but also the girl she considered her bestie and like an actual sister. This is also already on top of Su Ae’s insecurities because she’s seen as the complete opposite of Ra In. Still, she really did love and care for Ra In. Apparently even protecting her from bullies when they were younger. To make the betrayal feel even more painful, Minwoo and Ra In seem to be acting like nothing happened. Su Ae hid and secretly cried at a playground. When she got home, she found food and a note from Ra In. The note seemed to be full of concern for Su Ae and about how much Ra In loves Su Ae. Like… giiiirl, fuck that. The thing that cuts deep is that Su Ae had a lot of trust and love in Ra In. She always confided to her about everything and her feelings for Minwoo. It’s like, giiirl….you knew. So why the fuck did you do that?? Then you just go about your day and act all normal??? It’s weird cuz, based on the latest chapters, it seems like Ra In does have concern for Su Ae. But if she really was concerned and truly cared for Su Ae, she wouldn’t have done that. Just no. No no. I would still kick Ra In. I don’t think there’d be any reason I would let it slide. Even if it were some weird backass reason like, “I thought he didn’t treat you right and did it to make you break up with him”, I still would be like, “Nah. That’s fucked up.” Ain’t no reason to hurt someone that deep with betrayal and leave them with trauma like that. It don’t matter if you had good intentions. The trust is gone. I honestly would never be able to go back to truly trusting and seeing that person the same way as before.

If a boy thinks a carton of milk gonna solve the problem, he’s wrong. Cuz I’mma be throwing that shit in his face.

Now let me get to Su Ae. Again, Su Ae would be more like my least favorite types of female leads. Don’t get me wrong, I love kind and true to themselves types of female leads. I love nice characters. I personally find her to be somewhat annoying with her rose tinted glasses, but I admire her steadfast loyalty and devotion. However, I can’t stand that she lets Minwoo treat her like a doormat. Like she’s fully aware of how badly he treats her. Yet she’s definitely completely blinded by love. Like it’s nice that she ignores what everyone says about her. Good for you for not letting the hate really get to you. But, it’s not good to disregard yourself by letting your significant other disregard you. Again, she’s fully aware of how bad his behavior and disregard towards her are. She is clearly hurt and has some concerns. Yet, she let’s it go so many times, and she’s so quick to easily forgive him. Over what? A measly carton of milk. There’s really no sincerity or real effort in it. Like, “Wooow….you finally realized you went too far and fucked up only cuz she now genuinely seems mad?” Like you’re only acting like you’re sorry cuz now she’s ignoring him. So he’s using the milk as a way to erase everything? But like bruh…you keep doing that shit. Look, I am not a relationship expert. But that clearly seems insincere. Again, milk don’t mean shit when you’re constantly doing the same mistakes over and over again. There’s clearly no reflection, genuine remorse, or heart. And with some of the shit he’s done to her, it’s like putting the tiniest little bandaid on a stab wound. Love is great and all. But I’m pretty sure a relationship requires both parties to put in effort and sincerity. Respect is also mandatory. It’s just a toxic AF relationship if he can’t seem to respect you or show that he genuinely cares about you and your feelings. She definitely should’ve been conveying and communicating the issues and her feelings to Minwoo, but at the same time…that probably would’ve been useless considering how he would always blow her off anyway.

The girl is also too fucking nice, although a big part of it is her own fears and insecurity. Like after seeing her boyfriend and “bestie” kiss and say the shit they did, she was still going to meet up with them and go to the movies with them. Although she ended up not doing it and went to cry alone instead. But like giiiirrrrlllll… nah. I would’ve thrown a fit. It kind of got leaked at school too. But she was quick to try to cover it as a misunderstanding. Girl, I don’t care if people thought I was pathetic. Sure, it would feel kind of embarrassing, but you bet I’d be petty as hell. You are a victim. 👏 You were the one that was wronged. 👏 So you shouldn’t feel ashamed. 👏The ones who did wrong should feel ashamed.👏 If people can’t see that, fuck them cuz they’d be dumb as shit. 凸(°ㅂ°╬)凸 Honestly, I feel like Su Ae is just foolishly kind and stupidly considerate. Yes, I said stupidly considerate. Su Ae just won’t confront or expose Minwoo or Ra In. Sure, it can be seen as her being mature. But truthfully, we know she’s mostly just avoiding confrontation and reality. Look, I am hellaaaaaaaa introverted and hate confrontation. But I’m also petty AF and hold grudges, so even I wouldn’t let this slide. (Where my other fellow petty bisses at??) Anyway, she seems particularly concerned about exposing Ra In. Because she incredibly upset, but still feels bad for Ra In due to Ra In’s personal circumstances?? Like again, Ra In was basically taken in by Su Ae’s family. She’s a part of her family now. Despite how deeply hurt, upset, and betrayed she feels, she doesn’t want to hurt Ra In cuz of her personal circumstances?? She also is afraid of messing up her family dynamics. She’s worried about what Ra In would do if her family kicked Ra In out. Look, I feel like her consideration towards Ra In is stupid. I know I’m just someone who is petty AF. But I’m just saying that Ra In clearly didn’t have any consideration or respect for Su Ae. (╬ Ò﹏Ó) So I don’t know why the fuck she’s trying so hard to do so for Ra In. I mean great that she wants to be nice and all, but it’s just frustrating as hell. It was also frustrating to see her hesitate to confront or break up with Minwoo. I will say though, it’s interesting to see how her character will develop and mature from all this. Because we see she’s definitely finally learning to be upset when she should be, and to think over being in such a shitty relationship. It’s a bit sad she’s lost some of her happy innocence and trust in people, but I am looking forward to how she’ll change and the changes to her relationships with all the people involved. Although, she still frustrating as hell for still giving Minwoo so many chances. I mean, I guess it’s cuz feelings are hard to cut off. Even with betrayal. Especially when it’s been something you invested in for so long. Probably that whole “Love makes you blind” bullshit. Still, I’mma straight up say that I just think Su Ae is way too damn foolish. Although, I would assume the last chapter (19) is more so cuz she’s doing it for revenge. But still…ugh… Personally, I wouldn’t want to ever be involved with him ever again. Even for petty revenge. Too much hassle and stress. I’d rather get petty revenge by showing that I’m thriving and don’t need his ass. Despite everything, I do hope Su Ae manages to find a true love that matches the energy, effort, and care she puts out.

Me whenever I see Eun Hyeok~

Lastly, we have Eun Hyeok. Look, this series is frustrating as hell with the situation and character types. My heart, and mostly my blood pressure, can’t handle so much stupid angsty drama and frustration. Honestly, I’d usually drop such a frustrating series. But I’m a sucker for 2D bishies with pretty faces and personalities. So I’m sticking around for Eun Hyeok. Plus, the dude is my type of ML~ huhuhuuu~

Now this isn’t made clear in the series synopsis, but it is made clear in like the prologue or chapter 1 of the series… Su Ae says something to the effect of, “I never thought I’d cheat on my boyfriend with his best friend, Eun Hyeok.” I’m just like, “…” Y’all know I’m just not about the whole cheating thing. But, Minwoo did cheat first… Although I’m a bit confused about this. Spoiler: she does eventually dump Minwoo’s ass. The dude is shocked and thinks it’s sudden as hell. Though let’s be honest, it’s really not a fucking surprise asshat… Even with the Ra In kiss thing aside. I legitimately do not know how their relationship went on for that long. But yeah, I don’t really understand the whole “cheating on my boyfriend with his best friend” thing at this point. Like later there are some rumors about Eun Hyeok and Su Ae, but it’s not true. It’s just everyone’s assumptions. Also, considering it’s really after the break up, it’s not cheating? Like if it were real, at least they had the decency for it to be AFTER the Su Ae x Minwoo relationship and not during the relationship. But yeah, nothing that really gives off the vibes from that scene in the prologue or chapter 1. So I guess we’ll see.

Of course, there’s some drama. Again, Su Ae hasn’t been cheating with Eun Hyeok at all. Although they now have this weird “friendship” (more like acquaintanceship??) due to the circumstances of him constantly seeing Minwoo’s treatment of Su Ae, and obviously the Ra In kiss incident. Eun Hyeok is in the same friend circle as Minwoo. Apparently, they’re like best friends. He actually wasn’t close to Su Ae before at all. They didn’t even really talk or interact with each other. However, Su Ae noticed that Eun Hyeok always seemed to be watching and giving her a look whenever Minwoo treated her badly. We as readers see that he’s always noticing the mistreatment and seems to notice Su Ae’s actual hurt feelings. However, he honestly doesn’t do or say anything at first. He seems to be like that reserved dude that doesn’t really want to get involved with this, especially other people’s private matters. Yet at the same time, he does kind of coincidentally or discreetly get himself involved and help Su Ae out from time to time. One time a dude tried to steal Su Ae’s milk. Eun Hyeok kinda casually played his way in and got Su Ae’s milk back. Then of course, we have the dodgeball incident during PE too. Either way, it’s usually made to seem like it was by chance and not like they had any particular friendship or anything. He somehow does end up getting himself involved after the Minwoo and Ra In kissing incident though. See, I like that this man has common sense. He knew how fucked up it was and was upset about it. Initially, he thought Su Ae dumped Minwoo’s ass off the bat and was going off on Minwoo. But then backed off when Su Ae tried to play it off as a misunderstanding due to the attention they were getting. Minwoo seems like he really doesn’t want to involve himself and acts like it’s bothersome. Still, he always comes in and helps out. It was awkward, and he managed to make a reason for Su Ae to get out of the classroom with him. People are seeing that Minwoo and Eun Hyeok are kinda being weird and awkward around each other. Like there was a fight. They’re also noticing Eun Hyeok and Su Ae seem to be interacting and hanging out with each other a lot.

It seems that Eun Hyeok feels for Su Ae and her situation. At least he seems to feel some genuine concern and sympathy. Possibly cuz he can relate it to something personal. We don’t really know what yet though. But I appreciate that he recognizes how trashy his friend was. I truly appreciate that didn’t just let it slide or make excuses cuz he knows what Minwoo did was wrong and fucked up. Eventually, my dude was like, “Fuck it!” He decides to be openly friendly with Su Ae. People were already gossiping, but he really added fuel to the flames by publically asking a very puzzled Su Ae to go to the movies with him after her breakup. So now people think that they’re dating or he’s gone crazy and become interested in Su Ae. So that adds to drama for Eun Hyeok and Minwoo’s relationship. Minwoo is kinda pissed like “WTF are you to Su Ae??” But honestly, do you even have a right bruh? Again, it’s the hypocrisy for me. I’m definitely on Team Eun Hyeok though. He seems like a very cool, quiet, and a reserved dude who tries not to be involved with things. But, he’s actually a pretty nice guy. There doesn’t seem to be romantic feelings yet, but we can definitely see genuine concern and sympathy. I loved him stepping in to kinda help out Su Ae and ease the tension during PE. Initially, he also tried to quickly cover Su Ae’s eyes from seeing that fucked up kiss incident. And he helped her hide, and though he seemed slightly reluctant, he did show concern and stayed with her for a bit. I’m a sucker for hidden and subtle heroes in the background types of male leads… I also love, love, love him pulling Minwoo off of Su Ae and calling him out the very next day. I just love that he clearly has common sense and moral integrity…at least better than Minwoo for sure. At least Eun Hyeok shows his concern and is able to be aware and considerate of the other person’s feelings. We hadn’t seen chemistry with Minwoo since we’ve seen him be an ass and a shitty boyfriend like 99.9% of the time. However, there does seem to be some chemistry (be it friendship somewhat building up to possible romantic chemistry) with Eun Hyeok. At the very least, she seems to be more comfortable around him and is able to show her vulnerability. He’s most definitely been there for her more than her ex-boyfriend has. At least their relationship, be it romantic or just friendship at the moment, seems like a two-way street. Whereas Su Ae’s relationship with Minwoo seemed very one way. Also, I just appreciate characters that can pick up on subtle things. Although, I’m really curious as to why he seems to always look at Su Ae. It clearly wasn’t because of feelings or anything at first, and I’m just curious about his interest that’s led him to be involved with Su Ae. Perhaps curiosity of why she just took the mistreatment? Or perhaps it overlaps and reminds him of a past incident or something? I don’t know. Hopefully, we’ll get some more clues soon. Either way, I’m Team Eun Hyeok. So far I think he’s the best out of the male characters we’ve seen so far. But I do want to throw in one thing… just how close is Minwoo and Eun Hyeok really? Cuz we’re told they’re besties, but I don’t really get that vibe. I just get the vibe of some friends who casually hang out together all the time. Cuz there’d be the debate of, “Dude, you’d rather throw away your friendship for a girl??” Yet at the same time, I still appreciate that he can see Minwoo is being trash. Personally, I don’t think I’d wanna continue being friends with someone who I find out is actually trash. But ya know, that adds to this whole drama if you think about it.

There’s also another dude. If I remember correctly, his name is Baek Hyun (I am too tired and lazy to go back and check)? Does he pass the physical bishie vibes check? Yes. But…we don’t know much about him yet. Also, he lowkey seems kinda sus. All we know is he’s hot, all the girls be thirsting for him, and he’s popular. Oh, and he seems to have a connection or something to Ra In. At the very least, they’ve hung out. So I’m kinda waiting on more info before I make a proper judgment on him.

One thing I’m not really feeling on this series though is the whole phone aspect. Honestly, this love drama is already a lot. The phone thing seemed kinda randomly forced AF? Although I do admit there’s a sense of suspense since the damn phone keeps appearing no matter how many times Su Ae tries to get rid of it. Whoever is texting Su Ae also seems to know a lot. But at the same time there’s this random, kinda unnecessary IMO, aspect of the phone being kinda supernatural in showing some kinda love gauge or whatever. It supposedly shows you how much love someone will receive in their lifetime. Su Ae’s is apparently at 0. Honestly, I didn’t think it was really necessary to the plot. At this point, that aspect doesn’t even seem relevant. Like I actually kept forgetting about it. Even when I did remember the phone, I kept thinking it’s a phone that keeps mysteriously popping up no matter how many times she tries to dispose of it. But I totally forgot about it being able to read the love numbers or whatever. Although I guess the suspense of who the fuck keeps giving this phone back and messaging her isn’t a totally bad aspect. I’ll admit that part does add some suspense apart from the love drama. Still kinda random, but that part makes more sense to the story than some sort of supernatural ability to see someone’s love numbers? The only thing I really would be interested in with the phone is to just find out who the fuck is behind this phone and why. But I guess we’ll see whether they build it up to make it seem relevant or another forced random thing in the background.

“I’m your boyfriend.”
이 개새끼… This mofo though… Brazen and shameless trash…

Honestly, is this the best series? Personally, I’mma give that a “No”. The main aspects are pretty basic when it comes to romance drama series. Still, it’s not a bad series either. The drama definitely pulls you in. Especially if you’re like me and just get dragged in from being so frustrated and pissed that you’re just now invested to see karma. Don’t lie. I know some of y’all masochists and can’t help but also get pulled into frustrating angst and drama. I just really, really wanna see Minwoo and Ra In suffer. Also… ISTFG if this is gonna be some bullshit excuse of everything just being a bunch of misunderstandings and him just trying to get Su Ae’s attention… That would be utter bullshit. Cuz her world basically revolves around him as it is. So IDK how much more attention he’d want, especially when he already disregards her with the current amount of attention. But yeah, it’ll be a similar aspect of how we all drawn to hating Sovieshit for sure. Definitely the main driving force that’s kept me following this series when I’m free. Again, it’s not one of my main reads. It’s one of my in-between-to-kill-time reads.

My face throughout all the drama and bullshit

Like, honestly… my dude…why are you the way you are, and why you surprised? If you in a relationship, be loyal and put in the effort and respect needed. If you can’t do that, end it, or don’t be surprised when you get your ass dropped. If you’re constantly mistreating someone, they’re gonna leave and choose someone who can provide the MUTUAL effort, care, respect, and attention that’s needed in a relationship. Once again, you can’t just choose to call yourself a boyfriend and act like one whenever it’s convenient for you. That’s some brazen and shameless bullshit. Don’t give me that Surprised Pikachu bullshit. As for Su Ae, as BTS said… “Love yourself”. The most important person to you should be yourself. Ain’t no reason you gotta put yourself through all that. That dude is not worth it. Toxic friends and “family” who aren’t loyal, who can’t respect you, and who can’t reciprocate what you put in the relationship are also not worth it. Giiirrrl, throw them in the trash. Distance yourself. Love yourself, and know you don’t deserve all that bullshit. Aside from that, I thought the art was pretty nice. The art makes me wanna put it in B+ or A tier. But the story itself makes me put it in B tier (max) for now. I would definitely say the mystical phone aspect is kinda too much, feels irrelevant, and feels forced. There’s a lot of questions and things, and I think the story itself could’ve been smoother. But I guess we’ll see as we get more and more pieces of the puzzle.

I said what I said…

Anyway, have y’all read this series? What do YOU think so far? If you have the time, and mental strength for bullshit, read it and let me know what you think? Come trash on Minwoo with me LMAO. Again, I’d say it’s a B tier series, max. But definitely up your alley if you’re looking for something frustrating and to be pissed about. So yeah, if you’re up for bullshit angst and drama, and you just wanna hate some people…give it a try. Also, let me know what manhwa/webtoon series y’all have been reading! Anyway, sorry for the messy rant post. It’s been a while since I did a proper post. So I’m trying to get back into things again. I just had to rant though haha~ Also, health issues aside…still tired and busy AF… But I’mma do my best! Anyway, y’all take care! Stay hydrated, stay safe, and have a wonderful day!~

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