What I Read the Week of Oct 3rd

What I Read the Week of Oct 3rd

Hi hi hi!! It is our third week together and I’m so happy I have been pushing through it! I have been a little distracted again from the new fall season of anime (IRUMA’S BACK BABY!!!) but I did get some really really cool things in the mail to talk about!

If you want to see what I read last week, you can click here


Now that I think about it, I didn’t read a single thing I have borrowed on the app this week. Damn, I think I only have a few days left on some copies so I will have to speed read those in the next coming days… oof


I started volume 2 of Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) this week! Ahh Senshi… I love you. I didn’t finish the entire volume but I’ll probably pick it back up this coming week since I really want to read more. 

I am interested to see how the subplot with Laios “little buddy” will resolve. I really like Dungeon Meshi!! I am excited to see how it will look animated when its production finishes.


Ok so I narrowed down my webtoons to read and here is my new weekly list: No Outtakes, Marry My Husband, Opposite of Always, Seven Years Later, Night Owls & Summer Skies, Act Like You Love Me!, Take Me, I’m Yours, Maybe Meant to Be, +99 Reinforced Wooden Stick, Long After the Ending, Devil Number 4, The Kiss Bet, Lore Olympus, Loser Coin, Mistake, and Rewriting Our Love Story. I know it looks like I didn’t cut it down but I really did! I cut out like ten other series!! It’s not so bad when it’s spread out through the week… right?! Right?!?! 

Shonen Jump


And a pushed back Sunday release too! I was in the middle of doing my noontime stretches when I realized I never read my chapters this morning. To my surprise there wasn’t anything there, it seems like they will post tomorrow, which means I will have double to talk about next week @__@


I only ended up reading the chapter of Oshi no Ko this week. Phew… things are not looking too great right now. I was worried that Akane was going feral too because of the “stars” in her eyes, but thinking about it now, I think she was just in her Ai character study mode. Mannn I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s chapter!!

I also received some awesome things in the mail. First my copy of Look Back by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It was the first one-shot he created prior to part one of Chainsaw Man ending. It is something that hits home as I often ruminate on old memories and how I could have done things differently. If you have not read Look Back or his other one-shot, Goodbye Eri, I highly recommend them! Tatsuki feels worldly as how I mentioned Oda feels previously. His panels flow as though it were a movie. That cinematic structuring of his work makes it easy to follow and makes each panel hold its own weight. Nothing is done without meaning. I am so stoked to see what comes of the next generation of manga artists who study and mentor under Fujimoto. I was a really big fan of Ayashimon that was created by Yuji Kaku, one of Fujimoto’s assistants. I wish Ayashimon had been able to continue. It was like the best chapter ever and then it ended on a sputtering fizzle that was really unsatisfying. I hope in the future Ayashimon’s real finale can be told.

I ALSO received the manga version of the Revolutionary Girl Utena (Utena) movie, Adolescence of Utena. I have recently been binging episodes of the podcast Absolute Destiny. Its two hosts, Autumn and Chesney, are going through each episode of Utena in order but the catch is that Autumn has been a long time fan of the series while Chesney has never seen the series before. It’s fun and really interesting to see a newcomer to Utena piece together and solve the mysteries of the series.

I first watched any Utena by watching the movie on Comcast OnDemand in the 00’s, then watching the series in two episode bits as that’s how Comcast released them. It’s funny to me to realize how much of the plot flew over my head as a child, and I love to hear the “tinfoil hat conspiracies” Chesney comes up with. If you are interested in Utena, I would recommend re/watching the series and listening to the corresponding podcast episode right after.

This week has been busy with medical appointments so it was another light week, but I hope to read a little more this following week!! Hopefully! Maybe! Fingers crossed.

Please take care of yourself! I’ll see you next week (hold me to it!!!) 🙂 ❀

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