Anime Foods IRL| Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Anime Foods IRL| Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

Happy Sunday my BAYOG Fam lovelies~ It’s been a while since I did an Anime Foods IRL post. I’m planning on going back to the motherland for a while next month. I’m pretty excited, so I started looking at pictures from my last trip. Again, I’m a Hella Basic Asian Chick. I take pictures of everything, including my food. The main reason I do that is because I don’t really go anywhere very often. So I like documenting my adventures. I like being able to look back at everything, and basically relive my adventures and experiences. My memory is pretty good at that. I can look at a picture or an item, and even remember the smallest details about that moment. It sparks little moments of joy for me. The second reason is just because I’m a fatty/foodie and I love to cook. I look at my pictures for ideas, and to help me remember different things about that experience.

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Anyway, I stumbled upon pictures from when I finally got to try those fluffy Japanese pancakes~ Pancakes pop up in animes and dramas a few times. We’re used to your basic pancakes, or hotcakes. Those are like simple and tasty comfort food. However, there’s another type of pancake: the fluffy souffle pancakes. These are super popular these days. You’ll often see them on the menu for dessert cafes in Asia. They’re a bit hit with younger ladies too. These pancakes are definitely seen more as a dessert than a meal.

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Again, what makes them special is that they’re thicker (seriously hella thick), and much lighter and fluffier than your typical pancake. As the name implies, it’s very souffle like. What makes the fluffy pancakes special is that, it’s in fact, made similar to a souffle. For all you non-cooking peeps, that means you separate the egg whites from the yolks. The yolks, flour, milk, and butter are mixed in a bowl.

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The egg whites are beaten in a separate bowl to incorporate air into it. You can use a whisk or a mixer. I’ll tell you that a whisk requires more energy, effort, and a time. It’s so much easier with a mixer. The end result is that the air causes the egg whites to fluff up, become white, and increase in size. It’s like when you make whipped cream. This is what helps make the souffle pancakes special. The now fluffy egg whites are gradually added to that first bowl. It’s -GENTLY- folded into the mixture until it’s completely incorporated. It’s important to be gentle so you don’t lose the air. Again, it’s what will make that souffle pancake fluffy and airy. These pancakes are also cooked at a lower temperature than your typical pancake or hotcake. So it does time a bit more time.

They had a bubble tea pancake too!

However, the finally result is a light, fluffy, and jiggly pancake. It’s super delicious. Although it’s also dangerous. I can see myself eating way too many…

I always wanted to try these pancakes. Fortunately I was able to try some at the Pancake Cafe in Central Ladprao. It’s a huge shopping mall by my house in Bangkok. The Pancake Cafe was located on the floor below Bonchon, and it was right next to the Coco Ichibanya curry restaurant. It was right in front of the escalator.

I took Derpmander with me.

Not gonna lie. Everything looked so good. There were alot of options. So my sis, aunt, and I decided on getting 2. I freakin’ love Nutella. So I of course got the Nutella Chocolate pancake.

It was absolutely delicious. It did not disappoint. The pancake was light and fluffy, but it also had a rich decadence from the nutella. It went so well with the ice cream too!

I told you. Those pancakes are THIIIIICK.

My aunt and sister decided to go with the Ichigo Heaven pancake. It’s a classic strawberry and pancake combination. It had two really thick pancakes, fresh whipped cream, ice cream, half a strawberry, and a strawberry sauce.


Guys, I typically don’t like strawberry. However, this pancake was soooo freakin’ good. The whipped cream was nice and light. The strawberry sauce was sweet, but had a nice tartness to it. It was pretty different from the Nutella one. I loved it though. Do I plan on going again? Hell yeah. You guys can bet that I’ll try different ones, and I’ll be sure to take pictures for you guys. Have you guys tried the fluffy Japanese pancakes before? What did you think? What’s your favorite kind? Do you prefer traditional pancakes, or the fluffy ones?

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