Drama|Ju-On: Origins [Spoop Fest]

Drama|Ju-On: Origins [Spoop Fest]

HI BAYOG, FAM! I know, I promised you Spoop Fest posts! I’mma be straight with y’all… I don’t got alot of spoops this year for y’all. To be honest, I haven’t watched anything (save for like 1-2 things) since March. To be honest, I also just didn’t find that many quality spoops. So I apologize that Spoop Fest 2020 may be lacking a bit. Especially since I’ve been swamped with different things and haven’t been able to write proper posts like I’d like to. I’m still trying though! That doesn’t mean I don’t got spoops for you though! Although we’re lacking spoops this year, we do got some spoops! One of the more recent spoops I have for you is [Ju-On: Origins]! It’s an original Netflix web series/drama based on the original Ju-On, aka The Grudge, J-horror franchise.


Before we continue, I need to disclose some things. This includes trigger warnings. There are some very graphic and sensitive images, themes, and subjects. We have violence and murder. There is also abuse, including child abuse. There is also sexual assault. Also, some really graphic and disturbing images. If you’re okay with that and proceed to watch the series, I give you a head’s up and recommend that you don’t eat/snack while watching this one.

Ju-On Background

2002 JP Trailer

The 呪怨/Ju-On, aka The Grudge, series/franchise is a classic in Japanese and Asian horror. We’ve briefly covered the Ju-On franchise/history when I talked about the trailer for the [2020 Hollywood adaptation]. Let’s have a bit of a refresher though. Ju-On was created by Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu. It originally started with 2 short films that were released in 1998. These were Katasumi and 4444444444. In 2000, there were 2 straight to video movies, Ju-On: The Curse and Ju-On: The Curse 2. The theatrical film, Ju-On: The Grudge, was released in 2002. It’s sequel, Ju-On: The Grudge 2, was subsequently released in 2003. There were also 2 films released for the 10th anniversary: Ju-On: Black Ghost and Ju-On: White Ghost. There was also a reboot series in 2014-2015 with Ju-On: The Beginning of the End and Ju-On: The Final Curse. There was even a crossover where it was Kayako of Ju-On versus Sadako of The Ring.

Juon GIF - Juon Kayako Hw GIFs

So what is Ju-On actually about? Ju-On means curse, or is also known as a grudge. It’s caused by the deep resentment of an onryo, or vengeful spirit. In this case, the grudge is from a family that lived in a certain house in Tokyo.

Juon GIF - Juon Grudge Horror GIFs

Summarized version: Jealous and possessive husband believes his wife, Kayako, is cheating on him. He starts to question and believe that their son, Toshio, isn’t his. He loses it, brutally killing Kayako, killing the family cat, killing Toshio, and finally killing himself. Thus the grudge was born from his anger and resentment, as well as the grudge and resentment of Kayako and Toshio. Now anyone who enters the house is affected by the curse. They are then haunted by Kayako and Toshio, then killed by Kayako or anyone who lost their life from the grudge. Toshio himself doesn’t kill anyone, but he’s basically to spook and warn them.

Juon GIF - Juon Toshio Grudge GIFs

Anyway, the movies are basically anthologies told in anachronistic order. With everything being tied to having entered the cursed house and/or a connection with someone who has been affected by the curse.

2004 US Reboot

Anyway, the franchise is just iconic. It’s been over 20 years since the first short, and everyone still recognizes Kayako’s death rattle and Toshio. It was one of the most memorable Japanese horror movies that it even caught the attention of Hollywood. So Hollywood made a US adaptation in 2004, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was then followed by 2 sequels. And of course we have the 2020 adaptation also titled, The Grudge. It starred John Cho, and was apparently it was a sidequel…whatever the fuck that means.

2020 Reboot

Which brings us to Netflix’s Ju-On: Origins~

Ju-On: Origins

[TRIGGER WARNING: This series contains violence, abuse, sexual assault, gore]

Watch: [Netflix]
Episodes: 6 (Approximately 30 min each)
Release: July 3, 2020
Rating: TV-MA
Trigger/Content Warning: Violence, abuse, sexual assault, sex, drugs, toxic relationships

First of all, y’all know I love horror. Hence why BAYOG has Spoop Fest. Secondly, y’all know I grew up with Asian-Horror, including the OG Ju-On. So when I found out Netflix was making a serialization, I was like “OOOOOH~~” I knew I had to cover it for Spoop Fest. I literally called dibs… THREE months before Spoop Fest LMAO. So I’ve been waiting patiently to do this post heheh~

So the series seems to actually be separate from the original Ju-On/The Grudge stories. It’s got it’s own story and timeline. The curse still works the same way though. We’re still dealing with a cursed house. Again, we see several stories across several timelines. They’re again, told in anachronistic order. So we see how this curse affects various people from 1952-1997.

We see it affect people from teenagers, a paranormal researcher, a celebrity, a couple, a family with children, and so on. It was said that this series is based on true events. However, that’s a bit misleading. You’d think it would be the stories and characters are based on real people and events. However, what they meant was that there would be mention of real new stories and events in the background of the stories. I suppose it’s to make the story seem more real, as if it exists in our reality.

Despite it being seemingly separate from the original Ju-On story/timeline, it does seem to have some similar vibes and nods to the previous films. Honestly, I watched this series months ago so I can’t call out specifics. However, I do remember several parts reminding me of specific parts from the previous films. I think it did capture the feel of the original films. However, it still had this updated and polished look to it. If I remember correctly, the original films were shot very quickly and simply. So it did have a bit of an extra and higher quality look to it.

Reminds me of the CCTV scene in the original films. I was like, “That’s kinda creepy…”…but also low-key found it funny looking.

Now the important question is: Was it spoopy? In my personal opinion, not really. I didn’t find it spoopy. However, I found it more creepy and anxiety inducing. There’s alot of good suspense and atmosphere to it. However, it just wasn’t super scary to me, just more suspenseful. Although, I will say I found it to be disturbing AF. Honestly, some things had me drop my jaw and scream, “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???!!”

Kpop Stop GIF - Kpop Stop StopIt GIFs


First, let’s talk about something that everyone immediately talked about. This series is rated TV-MA for some very graphic and mature content. However, no one expected a sexual assault and rape. There was no trigger warning. So everyone was super upset about that. I was really uncomfortable since it was a longer and more drawn out scene than I expected. Also a bit more graphic than I expected. I was also thankful I was watching it by myself and not with my family. I can understand the concerns people have, especially if they’re victims or know victims of sexual assault. The victim actually ends up pregnant and runs away with her rapist. They’re in a toxic/abusive relationship. So there’s a lot to unpack there. There are also other things that may make people uncomfortable that you should be aware of before delving into the series. There is abuse, including child abuse, in this series. Also some sex and drug usage scenes. So if that’s not your thing…this is not a series for you.

Another thing is, this series can get pretty graphic and disturbing. There a particular scene of a pregnant lady being killed. Then her stomach is sliced open?!! And the fetus is pulled out?? WTF?? Also, we got a phone stubbed in dead pregnant lady’s belly too. It’s just totally gross, graphic, and WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???!! Seriously… WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK?

You also have creepy CGI fetus. Okay, I ain’t a fan of the CGI. But CGI fetus is still creepy as shit. Like I don’t want that near me. I don’t want it touching me. On a side note…this particular scene reminds me of an old Thai horror movie called [The Unborn Child]. That one is based a true incident where they found some 2000 dead fetuses at a Thai temple in 2010. I’m pretty sure there’s a pretty similar scene.

Ju-On origins has some jump scares and spoopy moments. However, rather than being spoop, I feel it’s just more creepy, anxiety inducing, and shocking with how graphic it can get. Still, it’s looks wonderfully done. I love how it doesn’t look or feel like a cheap production. It does feel and look like a good quality production… Well…sans the CGI effects, but that stuff is always meh for TV series. Plus, it wasn’t as bad as [Hwayugi]. Also I just want to say there was one part that was supposed to be scary, but I just found it random and hilarious AF. Basically, you have a dude run out to the middle of the street and just suddenly explode and disappear?? I was like “WTF? LOLOL” It just felt so freaking random. Story wise, it is a bit confusing. This does tend to happen with most anachronic series. However, I admit that even I couldn’t totally grasp the whole story still as I was still left kind of confused. Is it -THE- best series? Nah. But I thought it was decent. For me it was the nostalgia factor. Because I definitely had moments I was really reminded of the original films. I did enjoy the little nods or similar incidents.

Bts Bangtan Boys GIF - Bts BangtanBoys BangtanSonyeondan GIFs
Minty is le tired. Minty goes to bed nowz.

So although it’s not exactly super spoopy, it was still interesting to watch. It was suspenseful and had pretty a pretty good spoopy atmosphere about it. It was a nice throwback, since they don’t really make movies like the original Ju-On films anymore…or rather, they’re not as popular as they had been before. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still better than I expected. Anyway, have y’all watched Ju-On: Origins? What did you think? Have you watched any of the previous films? What’s your favorite J-Horror/Asian Horror film or series? Let me know in the comments, on my SNS like Twitter, or come chat with me in the BAYOG Discord server! Anyway, I’m dead tired… It’s like almost 4 AM, so I’mma finally head off to bed. As always… stay safe, take care, and have a wonderful day my dears~

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