Games|Phasmophobia — Find the Spoops and Cry [Spoop Fest]

Games|Phasmophobia — Find the Spoops and Cry [Spoop Fest]

Hello my dear BAYOG Fam! Today is one of my final 2 posts for BAYOG Spoop Fest 2020. Again, I’m sorry I was lacking a bit for this year. I swear I had a ton of things planned, but it was just bad timing and circumstances this year. To be honest, I was starting to feel a bit of burn out from overdoing alot of things. I still wanted to do Spoop Fest though. So I tried what I could. Anyway, today’s final Spoop Fest post is on a horror game everyone has been really into. It’s been a favorite for BAYOG lately, particularly boss man Mr. Kenny ( @blackandyellowog ) himself. I’m talkin’ about the early access horror game Phasmophobia~

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Before I get into it… I think Kenny wanted to do this one. I’m sure he would’ve loved to, but I know he’s been super busy. All the bros have been busy with different things. Life is a bitch y’all. Since I have more flexibility and time, I thought I’d do it. To be honest, I suck at gaming. I do enjoy playing video games. However, I’m just not good at it. Plus I always [break games]. If anything, I fall in the casual gamer category that likes to play chill and easy games. Video games are just not my area of expertise. That’s why you don’t see game posts from me very often. Hence why this gaming blog has been flooded with my area of expertise: fangirling manga/webtoons, movies/dramas, music, and novels. I usually leave the video games to the bros. I’m going to do my best with this one though. I just wanted to throw a disclaimer that I don’t know shit lol

Phasmophobia is an online 4 player co-op horror with VR support. Paranormal activity is on the rise and it is up to your team to investigate and end the nightmare.

[Kinetic Games]
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BAYOG and Friends rollin’ in to find spoops

First off, y’all know I like spoopy things. I especially love stuff with some lore and different types of supernatural stuff. Actually, I’m also a big fan of the Supernatural series. So this really reminded me of Supernatural. Like I said before, I’m not much of a gamer. I like games, but I don’t play often. However, Kenny was telling me about the game. He told me to get it because he thought it was a very me kind of game. He was right. Although, it was more spoopy than I expected. I’m usually pretty brave with horror movies or even going through the haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights. Bruh, I’m a scared little shit with this game LOL More on that in a bit though.

So yeah, this is an indie game by UK developers, Kinetic Games. It’s actually an early access game! You can play on PC or VR! Basically you and your team go into a haunted location and gotta find out what spoopy entity is spoopin’ the location. To do so, you need to bring some equipment and poke around to get some activity from the ghost… I’m just gonna refer to ghosts as spoops now, just cuz I can. There are 12 kinds of spoops: Spirit, Wraith, Phantom, Poltergeist, Banshee, Jinn, Mare, Revenant, Shade, Demon, Yurei, and Oni. They each have their own description and characteristics. Characteristics being their level of aggression, how quickly they attack, how quick they are to reveal themselves, who they’ll attack, how fast they are, their weaknesses, how quickly they affect your sanity, etc. Every game is different too. You choose the location you want to investigate. There are different difficulties. However, the spoop and several other factors will always be different.

Phasmophobia is pretty immersive and interactive. For an indie game, they do a fantastic job of creating a spoopy environment and atmosphere. It’s definitely got the ambiance that makes you really nervous. It doesn’t help that said spoop can suddenly cut the power and leave you in the dark. It can be pretty dark and hard to see. Although that again helps with it’s spoopy ambiance and to build up your anxiety.

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What makes it pretty fun and interesting is that it uses the audio and your mic to really immerse you into the game. You literally use your mic to talk to the spoop to ask it questions, and to rile it up to get some activity. So it’s a nifty way to make the game truly interactive. Not only that, this game uses proximity audio. Sounds can sound near or far. Including game chat audio with your teammates. Although our crew doesn’t use in game audio chat like we should. We just use Discord for our convenience and to talk to the rest of our crew that watches the streams (as they laugh at us). As for the extra spoopy part regarding the proximity audio, you can hear the damn ghost suddenly whispering or breathing right in your damn ear.

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Funny story about the first time I played Phasmophobia… That same night, I had been working on that [Ju-On: Origins] post. So I had also been watching videos and gathering materials for the part where I was discussing the original Ju-On movies. So I had Kayako’s creepy ass death rattle still kind of stuck in my ears…but I thought whatever. Welp, I played Phasmophobia for the first time after deciding to take a break on working on the post. Played with Kenny, Phouthone, and Justin. We were in a dark and farmhouse. Standing in the creepy and dark bathroom, since we realized that was the main room the spoop was haunting.

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Now, I usually don’t get scared so easily. However, this game is so good with the creepy ambiance and giving you hella anxiety. So I was getting a bit nervous. Suddenly, I hear a creepy ass lullaby being sung right in my freakin’ ear. Sounded like sing-song-y death.

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So I’m getting nervous and starting to panic a bit like WHAT? Because I did not know about this part at the time. Y’all I came into this game blind, okay?? Then I started hearing what sounded like Kayako’s death rattle croaking. I froze and was panicking like, “WTF IS GOING ON?!!! NO, NO, NO, NOOOPE!”

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And then the spoop appeared all creepy in my freakin’ face while Kayako death rattling. Yeah, fuck that. That scared the shit out of me. I actually went to bed right after that. Yeah, I dreamt that I was stuck in a ghost hunting loop that night…

So yeah, despite me getting terrified and wanting to cry, it’s a really good game. Also, it’s perfectly spoopy. However, imagine playing it in VR. Even more spoopy! Phasmophobia is actually really good for an indie game. Especially for it’s price point too. It is an early access game and currently up on Steam for about $14 USD. You can find it [HERE]. The types of maps are still pretty limited, but the game is always interesting since each time is always a different spoops, difficulty, and other factors. Of course, the game still has some little bugs and things (see Jess’ dead glitchy body below). I’ve noticed photos that were taken appear as just black squares in the journal. Sometimes, it doesn’t pick up certain things. However, it is an early access game. So some minor issues are to be expected. Even then, it’s still pretty amazing. Honestly, alot of early access games I’ve played always felt kind of empty because it was still so limited, and/or I would just quickly get bored of it. It definitely wasn’t the case this time. While it’s not my favorite game and it gives me hella anxiety, I’ve really been enjoying being able to hang out and play with friends.

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Also, for Halloween, BAYOG and Friends played some Phasmophobia together. Loha streamed it on his Twitch channel!~ It was Jess’ first time playing. So her and Loha were noobie spoop hunters. I played more than they have, so I have more experience than they do. However, I was mostly carried by Kenny, Phouthone, and Justin. And again, I suck at playing games. In other words, I’m not that much help. LOL So you can watch us be clueless ghost hunting noobs, freak out, and cry [HERE] if you’d like~ I’ll be doing another gif story on our experience playing Phasmophobia. That’ll be our official end to Spoop Fest 2020~

Bonus: Jess died and her body glitched through the wall

Dat dead booty in the upper right tho

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Anyway, that’s it for this post. I’ll have that gif story of BAYOG x Friends’ Halloween night post up probably tomorrow or the day after. Have y’all played Phasmophobia? What did you think? What’s your favorite or least favorite part about the game? Do you usually like horror games? If so, which has been your favorite so far? Let me know! As usual…take care, stay safe, and have a wonderful day fam!~

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