Webtoon|Positively Yours

Webtoon|Positively Yours

Hello BAYOG Fam! Happy Friday! Today I bring you a webtoon post! I know, it’s shocking that I’ve had so many posts ready for y’all this week. Especially considering how I said I wouldn’t be able to post as much since I’m on semi-hiatus. Your girl is hella stressed though…ha…ha I’ll try to keep it simple today… I always say that…but…LOL Anyway, y’all know I’ve been reading alot of manga/webtoons and [webnovels] lately. Most of them have been in the historical/fantasy romance genres. However, I do have some contemporary series that I’ve been reading! One of them is “Positively Yours”!

아기가 생겼어요, or “Positively Yours” is originally a novel by 이청(E Chong/Lee Chong). The webtoon/manhwa began publication in 2020, and the story and art for that is by 강기(Kang Ki). I believe it’s currently being published under Naver. The official English version is currently published under [Tapas]. It’s a drama-romance-comedy kind of story. You can find some more info over at [MangaUpdates].

Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Josei, Slice of Life
Synopsis (Tapas):

To Hee-won’s dismay, the BFF she crushed on and her other BFF are now dating! Seriously bummed, Hee-won decides to go wild just one time, and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one night affair has now turned into more — she’s pregnant! Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo-joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers! Except… their bodies have been very intimately acquainted. What’s this mother-to-be to do?

You know, I didn’t think I’d really be into this based on the title or synopsis. However, I needed to kill time, and the art looked pretty. Surprisingly, I ended up enjoying the series alot more than I anticipated. “Minty…How many times have you said that?” Like I said, I’ve been reading alot of these historical and fantasy series. So it was nice to actually have something in a contemporary setting, and to read something kind of realistic/possible? I love romance series, but I found it refreshing that I found something that was a bit more mature to read since it’s josei and not shoujo. I love romance, but sometimes those series are so saccharine and too extra for my liking. However, this was just right for me. Also I could honestly see this as being adapted into a K-Drama. Also, the art is really nice. Like Hee Won is gorgeous, and Doo Joon a bishieeee (with absss).

The premise is rather simple. Like I said, I think one of the pulls is how it’s something you can see happening in real life. Well, other than the fact that Hee Won lucked out on Doo Joon being a hella young, handsome, successful, and rich dude who immediately jumps to take responsibility. I’m pretty sure the immediate chances of meeting all of those is pretty rare. Anyway, the premise may be relatively simple, but there are some things that keep it from being boring. One of them is Hee Won’s issues with her family. Typically in these stories, we see the woman pushing for demand of the man’s responsibility. Usually, the man seems to question the woman and is skeptical about taking responsibility, sometimes even refusing to do so. However, it’s kind of flipped in Positively You.

We see Hee Won actually trying hard to hide her pregnancy from Doo Joon. She even lies to him and says that he isn’t the father. Doo Joon is certain that he’s the father, since it was Hee Won’s first time. I was actually surprised he immediately jumped to claim responsibility, and went as far as to suggest that they get married. Meanwhile, Hee Won kept refusing him before finally coming to a compromise to think of it. Again, it seems like an unusual situation.

However, we learn that Hee Won has her reasons. Her idea of love, marriage, and family is kind of skewed. This is due to her own personal family circumstances. The girl has a really messy family. Her parents divorced, not amicably. Hee Won didn’t feel like her mother really loved or cared for her. She didn’t really receive any affection. I think she feels that even more so with her father. He pours in affection for his new partners, but never really showered his daughter with affection. He went on to remarry another woman who was carrying his child. Hee Won thought if she cooperated and wished for her father’s happiness, perhaps he would spend more time with her. She didn’t even really see or hear from him, other than when he needed someone to reaffirm what he already wanted to do. Even then, he’s remarrying another time. On top of that, her mom still seems very bitter and gets upset at Hee Won even talking about her half-sibling as family. So Hee Won’s family was definitely not stable. She wasn’t close to her family, and her idea of family is vastly different from Doo Joon’s. Therefore, she doesn’t believe in forcing a marriage or family without love. Although she’s scared, she wants to take responsibility for her child. She wants to give her child the affection she never had. However, she doesn’t want it to experience what she did. I think Hee Won herself just doesn’t know how to receive affection either.

Sis, he’s sweet and responsible.

Meanwhile, you have Doo Joon who is close to his family. He’s close to his family members. He has a more positive view on family. The man was surprising in that he immediately thought of marrying Hee Won, without any hesitation! Dude already planned on getting a big house with a yard for their kid. The two are very different. Hee Won has a hard time showing affection and trust. Meanwhile, Doo Joon is very open about giving his all and affection. They clash because they’re so different. However, it’s clear that despite their meeting having begun from a one night stand, there is an attraction. Especially from Doo Joon’s side. He’s not really sure of it himself. The man was never really particularly interested in dating or marriage. Rather, he was focused on work. However, he knows he’s attracted to Hee Won. Doo Joon is determined to take responsibility and to create a warm and happy family with her. Although, they didn’t start from love, he believes that they can slowly love each other. He recognizes that they’re doing everything out of order. They slept together, he proposed, and then he suggested they start dating. However, it’s clear that he’s sincere. Although they do clash and have many misunderstandings, I do love seeing how Doo Joon will change Hee Won’s perception of love and family. It may seem a bit slow for others, but I like the pacing. They can be a bit frustrating at times. Especially because you do want to scream, “HEE WON! JUST ACCEPT DOO JOON ALREADY!!” However, I also totally understand her apprehensiveness. Still, I do really like both Hee Won and Doo Joon. They have some really sweet moments together. Like I really do ship it, and I’m rooting for their happiness. I’m really looking forward to seeing Doo Joon slowly melt away Hee Won’s coldness.

Sis, he a keeper.

He can seem a bit pushy and very one-sided in Hee Won’s eyes. However, I think Doo Joon is actually a really responsible guy who’s really nice and sweet in his own way. Like the man is always concerned whether Hee Won is overexerting herself, if she needs some water, rest, and if she’s properly taking care of herself. Like he’s ready to do it all. He honestly has been putting in alot of effort, and I really appreciate that in a male lead. Y’all, I would’ve been sold. Literally ideal hubby material right there.

The only thing other thing I really have to say at this point is my frustration with Hee Won’s supposed besties. Hee Won has been besties with her guy friend, Min Wook, since they were kids. He views her as his sister. Hee Won’s female bestie, Mi Ran, later came into the picture when they were older (I don’t remember if it was high school or college). I just found them to be kind of inconsiderate of Hee Won? I feel like Mi Ran would’ve had a bit of an inkling of Hee Won’s feelings. However, it’s possible that she was completely unaware. After all, Hee Won purposely hid her feelings because she didn’t want to disrupt the trio’s friendship. Still, I totally understand Hee Won and would feel kind of betrayed too. Although, it’s not really anyone’s fault since Hee Won never voiced her feelings. Still, I feel like the Mi Ran was really inconsiderate of Hee Won. She’s the one who recommended Hee Won to go to the bar where she met Doo Joon. She saw that Hee Won was kind of down. Honestly, I would’ve felt hella down and frustrated too. Especially since Mi Ran kept coming over and spilling ALL the tea about her relationship…including the intimate details.

I understand that in the end Min Wook and Mi Ran’s relationship is their personal business, and Hee Won doesn’t have a say in it. However, the thing that pissed me off the most was Mi Ran always acting shady/salty towards Hee Won because of jealousy. Like I said, she would’ve had an inkling right? Maybe not, but she still feels jealousy. She legit gets very upset when Min Wook gets concerned over Hee Won. Even though it’s for legitimate reasons: her unexpected pregnancy and the appearance of a strange man (Doo Joon). Like Mi Ran knows that the two had been close since they were kids. Mi Ran knows about Hee Won’s family circumstances. She knows that Min Wook is even more aware of Hee Won’s circumstances, and that he sees Hee Won as a sister. So in that sense it’s understandable for him to be concerned. Heck, even if they weren’t childhood friends…it’s normal for any friend to be concerned about another friend in that situation. Can we also talk about how Mi Ran is the one who informed and brought Min Wook in about the whole situation? Yet, she’s getting hella salty and upset. Like, I just feel like Mi Ran is kind of an awful friend in that sense. Girl, your friend is panicking from a pregnancy that was the result from a one night stand and is meeting with a complete stranger that you know nothing about. He looks nice, but could still possibly be a bad guy. So why are you upset when Min Wook wants to go check if everything is ok? This is literally on the day they find out about the pregnancy. They know nothing about Doo Joon. They just met him. It’s completely normal to be concerned. Also, it’s like Mi Ran…before you started dating Min Wook, y’all were friends for a long time. So girl…what the actual fuck?

Literally on the day they found out about the pregnancy and met Doo Joon for the first time…

I understand that it’s normal/natural to feel a bit uneasy and concerned. However, Hee Won never acted in a way that showed she was trying to get Min Wook. In fact, she seemed supportive of them…even if she was hurting inside. She never got between them. She wasn’t clinging onto Min Wook or anything. Min Wook also clearly stated that he didn’t see Hee Won that way. Not to mention the fact that they had all been friends for a long time before Min Wook and Mi Ran started dating. So she should know their personalities and have more trust in them. I don’t know. I saw alot of comments where people were bashing Hee Won and feeling sorry for Mi Ran. Maybe I’m the crazy one. However, I guess I’m kind of triggered because I understand Hee Won’s side. I’ve been in a situation where I secretly liked a guy friend, but didn’t want to pursue anything. I fully supported him and another friend getting together. Like I was literally the only one who full-heartedly supported them, even when people were bashing him and against them being together. I had known him for nearly 10 years before they met through me. However, she somehow felt insecure and told him she didn’t like him talking to me. In the end, I was the one who got cut off because she felt insecure. I just feel like, it’s wrong to be like that to someone who’s done no wrong just because you feel insecure. Also, real talk. If you’re that insecure and senselessly mistrust those around you, you’re going to end up ruining your relationships yourself.

On a side note, I think another thing I liked about it was that it kind of reminded me of some old school K-Dramas? Just in the simplicity of the plot. Although it’s not exactly the same, the series made me think of a 2005 K-Drama called A Wonderful Life. It starred S.E.S.’ Kim Eugene, Kim Jae Won, Lee Ji Hoon, and Han Eun Jung. It also starred a baby Jung Da Bin, who recently starred in Netflix’ Extracurricular. The premises are very different. However, it’s similar in that 2 adults unexpectedly have a one night stand after being heartbroken about someone they loved. It resulted in the female lead getting pregnant. Although, the male lead was more forced by his family to take responsibility. Thus, the couple don’t really get along, but try to form a family. Still, the series just kind of reminded me of the classic K-Dramas from the beginning of the Hallyu Wave. So it kind of gave me a sense of nostalgia I suppose.

Got7 Jackson GIF - Got7 Jackson Oooo GIFs

“Minty…didn’t you say it’d be short?” Okay…my bad… It’s physically impossible for me, okay? Anyway, Positively You has a simple premise, but is actually really enjoyable. I love the realistic kind of take. I think Doo Joon is a sweet heart and such a refreshing male lead. Seriously, ideal hubby material. The blossoming romance is kind of slow, however I’m enjoying it. I think it’s actually really sweet. Yet, it’s not overly sweet. It’s just right for me really. My only downside is that I feel like the chapters are so short LOL Every Friday when a new chapter comes out, I’m like, “WAIT. I FINISHED THE CHAPTER ALREADY?!!” I definitely recommend it if you like K-Dramas. I honestly kind of hope it gets turned into a K-Drama. A girl can dream though. Have y’all read Positively You? What were your thoughts?


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  1. I feel like I could relate to this as my own idea of marriage and relationships are definitely skewed (to put it nicely lmao), plus the art looks really nice. I’ll add this to my reading list and will probably pick it up on a random whim one night. Thanks for sharing. 😀

    1. I totally feel you. I’m kind of in the same too from seeing people in all sorts of relationships. But yeah, the art is really nice. It also has some silly/funny moments too. I hope you’re able to check it out~ 😁

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