What Minty Is Currently Reading: Webnovels Edition

What Minty Is Currently Reading: Webnovels Edition

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HI BAYOG, FAM! Anyways, we keepin’ it simple-ish today y’all. If y’all have been following my posts, y’all would know that I’ve been doing aloooooot of reading since the beginning of quarantine. I shit you not when I say that I’ve read over 500+ manga/manhwa/manhua/webtoon titles. Literally all I do is [read]. I don’t even play games that much anymore. I only log on to Animal Crossing New Horizons to give stuff to friends. Sometimes I’ll fish for like 20 minutes. I’ll also play Sims 4 for a bit every now and then. Other than that, I don’t do much except read and sleep.

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When you find out a webtoon is a oneshot promo only

Anyways, I read so much and so quickly that I get caught up pretty fast. So I also started picking up webnovels. Like I said before, it’s shocking because I usually don’t really like reading novels. I honestly prefer having visuals. However, I got really curious from the promo webtoons. So here I am, reading a bunch of webnovels along with the other stuff. I [previously] listed how badly I wanted actual webtoon adaptations of some of these webnovel promos.

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I figured that for today’s post, I’d be talking about the webnovels that I’ve actually been reading and enjoying. Most of the webtoons I’ve been reading are based on webnovels. However, I’m not reading every single original webnovel. I’m just reading the ones I found to be pretty interesting. If you’re looking to read these…all I can say is that you can find them on NovelUpdates or WordExcerpt. Most of these are only being fan-translated at the moment. Although, from my understanding, WordExcerpt has deals with the publishers to translate? I do wish that Kakao, Naver, and these other publishers officially published these series in English. Like Naver…can we also get an app with English versions like what you did with your Line Webtoons? However, please do remember to support the author and publishers by purchasing the raws and/or official translations if they ever make some.

STOP!!! Before you get into these webnovels, I do have a few words of caution. Some of these novels have very sensitive scenes and themes. Like with my previous post, I will do my best to post any content/trigger warnings. However, I might miss something because I may not have come across those in the novels just yet. Also, I’ve read so many series and do get confused. So I might miss one… I’m sorry. However, I’ll still try my best to label those warnings for you.


집 잘못 찾아오셨어요, 악역님| Author: Margot

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Harem, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Pretty Mild? — There be some sexual tension, but it’s pretty PG.
Rage/Frustration Level: None really? — Unless you include frustration over some sexual tension, and frustration over how dense some characters can be? Although, I’m personally not bothered.

As if being reincarnated in the slums wasn’t bad enough, I became the test subject of a cruel experiment in a crime-plagued city.

One day, a man destroyed the research facility I was in, and upon recognizing him, I discovered I was in the world of a hopeless reverse harem novel.

After I escaped from the research facility, I was living a normal life–until I moved in right next to the female lead’s house. I realized I’d become an extra from the novel, as well as the female lead’s neighbor!

If everything goes according to plan, the female lead would save the villain, who fainted after being fatally injured, and would become the subject of his fanatical obsession.

But why is the sub male lead villain here, unconscious in front of my house?

Lakius Avalon was the king of the dark world, as well as the fearsome man I’d met at the research facility.

I looked around quickly, then shoved his body with my foot.
“You’ve come to the wrong house, villain.”

Synopsis from [MangaUpdates]

I’ve, surprisingly, been enjoy this one. This was one of the ones I picked up and honestly didn’t think I’d be that into. It was towards the bottom of my priority list. I actually just started it to kill time in between the other webnovels that I really liked. I like how it’s like an easy read? The way it’s written is pretty casual/simple? It’s been a really fun and hilarious read. Honestly, I think this would be perfect for a webtoon adaptation. This one is fun in that the female protagonist basically doesn’t have or really feel emotions. Due to some circumstances, she’s basically hella stoic and seemingly cold. She’s a pretty smart and strong bad ass. However, she also doesn’t really seem to really understand that all the male leads are interested in her. It’s fun reading her intentionally and unintentionally brush off their advances. Then you’ve got this very cold, bloody, and seemingly heartless male lead. He’s hella cold, but all uwu and desperate for the female lead. There are definitely some moments with some strong sexual tension and you’re just like “Oh myyyyy~”. However, so far it’s more comedy, and not a spicy webnovel at all. Y’all can find the spicy ones further down this list. Anyways, it’s one of those fun stories where the protagonist is supposed to be an insignificant extra character. Yet, she manages to unintentionally become the female lead and gaining the attention of all the male leads…and even the original female lead.


언니가 남자주인공을 주웠다|Author: Moon Sihyun

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Child Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Mild? — The sexual tension be strong with this one, but it’s still pretty PG so far. Maybe PG-13 max where I am at the moment.
Rage/Frustration Level: None really? — Other than the frustration of those tension moments. All the sexual tension from a seemingly clueless Nox should be illegal.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Yes

The female protagonist finds out she’s been reincarnated in a fantasy novel as a character named Amy. In the original novel, Amy and her sister, Diana, were seemingly minor side characters. The only importance they had was that Amy’s sister had found and saved a small child in the forest. The child unfortunately had lost his memory, thus the Diana took him in and cared for him. Unbeknownst to them, the child was actually the male lead, a full grown man, who was suffering under a curse that turned him into a child at during the day. Diana is the first to show love and care to the male lead, thus becoming his first love. However, her fate is to die so that the male lead progresses in the novel’s plot.

To avoid the her sister’s original tragic fate, Amy takes it upon herself to take over the death flag and try to change the story. She successfully takes over the flag once she names the boy Nox. During the day, Nox is like a cute little puppy that’s attached to Amy. At night, she meets a grown and sociopathic Nox who’s more like a hungry wolf. It seems what Amy ended up with was a love flag.

Yeah, yeah. I know. I suck at writing plot summaries. However, this is one of my favorite webnovels that I’ve been reading. This is another one that’s written in a way that’s pretty easy to read. It’s pretty light-hearted, casual, and funny. The way Amy speaks in the webnovel is pretty casual and relatable. The parts with mini-Nox is so freakin’ adorable. Although there are times where there’s some strong sexual tension between Amy and grown-up Nox. It’s at PG or PG-13 levels though. It’s mostly Nox saying stuff like him saying he wants to hold Amy, as well as saying/doing things that can come off like, “AHEM. EXCUSE ME????” However, it seems like Nox doesn’t really realize how those things sound like. It seems like he doesn’t say or do those things with that kind of intent…or does he? LOL It’s one of those novels where the male lead is kind of a cold sociopath due to a tragic backstory. In this case Nox was abused and unloved since his childhood. Dude doesn’t feel pain, nor does he really show emotions. So he’s kind of socially awkward. However, we see him warm up to Amy. You’ll like it if you like leads who are kind of like cute and possessive, though not in scary and insane yandere way (not yet anyway?). YO. This is one where I hella wanted the webtoon. Y’all know I bitched about it in my last post? Guess what? THEY DID IT. THEY STARTED AN ACTUAL WEBTOON SERIALIZATION! It’s flippin’ beautiful. Like the promo webtoon was gorgeous. The webtoon serialization is just as pretty too!~ I’m so happy, y’all. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


감방에서 남자주인공을 만났습니다|Author: Moon Sihyun

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Harem, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Pretty Spicy? — The sexual tension be hella strong with this one. It’s very descriptive with some things. It might get spicier later since the novel the protagonist is in is supposed to be 18+? However, it’s currently only at PG-13 ish where I’m at.
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? Other than the rage for the abuse poor Ricdorian has to endure. Maybe frustration from the sexual tension? Cuz the sexual tension in this one is probably one of the more intense ones LOL Especially when you go from seemingly innocent Ricdorian to beast Ricdorian? Then you got dangerously beastly grown-up Ricdorian. Oh and I guess the only other frustration is that as smart as Iana is, very obvious stuff doesn’t click.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Promo Only

One day, I opened my eyes and found myself in… prison?!
That’s right. Out of all the characters I could’ve reincarnated into, I woke up inside a 19+ rated romance novel as the villain’s younger sister. To make things even worse, I was locked up inside the infamous Kambrakam Prison for my brother’s crimes.

Deep within the very same prison lies Henrich Doran von Hel, who’s rumored to be suffering from a curse that turns him into a beast. In the original novel, he’s supposed to meet the female lead and spend an erotic night with her here in prison… but of course, the plot’s gone awry thanks to my existence. What kind of future lies in store for me now that I’ve gotten myself tangled up between the novel’s greatest villain and its male lead?!

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

I originally got suckered into this because of the promo webtoon. I just blindly read the webtoon because the art was pretty. Then, I got curious. Also, wow… I only just realized this series is by the same author as My Sister Picked Up The Male Lead. No wonder I liked it. I thought the writing style and feel were pretty similar. Although, this one is definitely spicier than MSPUTML. Again, the style is pretty casual and easy to read. The protagonist’s thoughts and speech are relatable. Like, that’s shit I would say LOL Also, bishies. So at first I didn’t think this was actually gonna be a spicy story, even if the protagonist is in the world of a 18+ novel? Ricdorian was like a hella naiive, hella pure, and innocent puppy. When he’s in “beast” mode, his personality is literally like a puppy. Dude literally barks and growls. So yeah, literal puppy. So it was cute and funny. However, it does start to get a little spicy later there’s like a 3rd Ricdorian personality? Grown-up Ricdorian who’s got some logic and can speak. However, his personality is very beastly in that there’s hella sexual tension. Like, sir. Wuht? Iana be like, “OH MY. NO. NOOO. STAHP THAT SHIT.” Cuz she bein’ swept up in all that when she really doesn’t want to be involved. Still, it’s got it’s cute and pretty funny moments. I suppose I’m still only in the beginning of the webnovel though. So at this point it’s just barely spicy enough to be considered PG-13. Not even? That 3rd Ricdorian personality really starting to cement the PG-13 status though. Although, it will most likely get much spicier later on I suppose.


아빠, 나 이 결혼 안할래요!|Author: Hong Hee Su

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Reincarnation, Comedy
Spicy Level: Mild — Haven’t really had anything yet. If anything, it’d be pretty PG?
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? — Other than frustration over how dense the female lead can be at times? Like, GIRL. Also the frustration over CONSTANT misunderstandings. The whole thing is about misunderstandings. Y’ALL NEED COMMUNICATION.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Promo Only

I reincarnated as the villainess in a novel I had read, Jubellian Eloy Floyen. I was doomed to die, but no! With the memories of my previous life, I will avoid my death flag!

“I will not marry a man who has no honor, no family, no property, and no power!”

As I declared my will to live a glorious and glamorous life, my Dad decided to make the crown prince my fiancé?! Is he Mad?! I’ll just treat the engagement contract as a last measure.

“Why are you avoiding your engagement with the Crown Prince?”

“Because it scares me! He kills people who don’t obey him right away!”

A few days later the Crown Prince sent me a letter. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Oh no… did I already do something worth dying for?

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

This is one of my lighter reading webnovels. It’s definitely not as heavy as alot of the other ones I’m reading. It’s more comedy and romance. The whole thing is centered around alot of misunderstandings and assumptions that could have been cleared if people just communicate. Which, yeah, can be a bit frustrating. Particularly on the female protagonist’s part. She’s just always assuming things, and she can seem hella dense lol Although, a part of that is her charm and what makes it fun. Like this girl thinks her dad absolutely hates her. However, the truth is he absolutely treasures her. He’s just not good at showing affection and he just wants to protect her. Plus the man seems to have a strong and scary aura along with resting bitch face, I guess. It’s actually pretty sweet to see that this seemingly tough looking dude is actually an awkward, but doting father. It’s also funny to everyone misunderstand Jubellian. Like she believes her dad hates her, and she wants to avoid the death flag. So she truly wants to just avoid her dad. However, people keep misunderstanding her as a sad and lonely daughter who just longs for her dad’s affection. Again, more misunderstandings ensue. I’m in between feeling frustrated by Jubellian’s stupid assumptions/misunderstandings, but also highly amused by said misunderstandings. It’s also been fun seeing the interactions between the protagonist and male lead too. Although he can be extreme and intense, it’s sweet that he’s doing what he can to protect her and is trying to prevent her from getting hurt. He’s hella tsundere. So this your kind of story if you like that kind of male lead.


악당 대공님의 귀하디귀한 여동생|Author: Eclair

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy
Spicy Level: Mild/None?— I haven’t gotten any of that at all so far.
Rage/Frustration Level: Nothing really? — Other than the rage I feel for these people abusing and neglecting little kids.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Promo Only

She was reborn in the war novel as the sister of the villain who had never shed blood nor tears.
The person acting as my ‘brother’ was a villain who, after losing the war, would be sealed away by the male lead.
So all I have to do now is pretend to be his sister until he later disappears.
Or so I thought…
‘What’s that in your hand? Don’t tell me that’s the male lead’s head?’
My brother won the war.

“What’s with that suitcase?”
Dietrich’s fingers tighten on the luggage that I had packed as soon as he left for war.
“I asked you what this is.”
“It-It’s a travel suitcase, brother.”
“You want to travel? Alone?”

Dietrich’s dark eyes sparked with violence.
Having recently returned from war victorious, he sure smelled like a bloodthirsty killer.

“And leave me behind?”

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

This is another one that seemed like a pretty casual and easy read. Again, the way the female protagonist thinks is very casual and relatable. It’s a reincarnation story where the protagonist is reborn as a baby in a novel, but retains memories of her past life. It’s honestly really cute and funny so far. It’s one of those stories where the male lead has a tragic childhood backstory. Basically he’s neglected, abused, and is forced to constantly kill at a young age in order to survive. He’s never received love or warmth. So he’s rather cold. However, he starts to warm up to his baby “sister” who’s been showing him love and care…despite being a small and fragile thing. It’s just honestly been pretty enjoyable so far. Other than the fact that Dietrich’s gotta be all Hunger Games in his crazy big ass family, it’s a pretty cute and funny webnovel so far. I’m looking forward to when they’re grown up. To be honest, I when I saw the promo webtoon, I wasn’t that into the art. It was cute, but I wasn’t quite pulled into it. However, the webnovel’s official cover art was hella pretty. So I was like, “Fuck it. I’ll read it.” No regrets. I’m glad I started it.

The Kind Older Sister Is No More

착한 언니는 없다|Author: Yoon Yo Eum

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence, Gaslighting, Cheating, Manipulation]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Shoujo, Drama, Historical
Spicy Level: Mild? — No sexual tension or anything at the moment. Although, I heard it does get a little spicy later.

Rage/Frustration Level: FUCK YEAH. SLAP ALL THE BITCHES — YO. FUCK RIEL AND HER BITCH ASS FAMILY. BORIS TOO. Seriously, I hate Riel and her parents. The parents are complete assholes. Riel is a manipulative white lotus bitch. Would totally bitch slap and kick them.

Webtoon Adaptation Available: Promo Only

“You’re the older sister — just let it go. Can’t you even do that for her?”

Irene has always been living in the shadow of her ill and frail sister, Riel. She believed that she could and had to do everything for her family… until Riel stole everything from her.
After realizing that there is no place for her in her home, and that she was never loved by her family, Irene decides to do her utmost to become independent, and in doing so, crosses paths with Noel Kristen, a man who has been subjected to a much similar fate…

“We may be able to save each other.”

Synopsis from [MangaUpdate]

This is one of my favorites, even if it can be rage inducing. So I started this one because of the promo webtoon for sure. The webtoon had an interesting art style. Although, it did lack alot of context, I was still curious. So I did start it when I saw it on WordExcerpt. First of all, fuck Riel and the parents. I feel so incredibly bad for Irene. Like even if Riel is incredibly sickly, they basically ignored Irene. She wasn’t given any love or consideration. Yet she was expected to give her all and live her live solely for her sister. Like she’s considered on the older side for a young lady. She was never allowed to go out and socialize. Riel is a fucking white lotus bitch, literally seeing Irene as her slave. She uses her illness to wrap everyone around her finger, and she sabotages any relationships or good things Irene has going for her. The “weak” and “innocent” little sister stole her older sister’s fiancee. Yet everyone is telling Irene to let it go, and brushes off any of Riel’s guilt/fault. Like WTF. They’re constantly gaslighting Irene. They’ve manipulated Irene her whole life. Like that’s heartbreaking. Especially when all she wanted was to be acknowledged and receive a little bit of love. So I’m waiting for that revenge. However, one of the main reasons I love this series is the male lead. If we’re going to be honest, I’m not a fan of most male leads in webnovels. They’re not my type. They tend to be very pushy, possessive, sometimes controlling, and are basically assholes at first. I love Noel though. I love that he’s truly kind and understanding. He’s fair. I love that he’s smart enough to make the correct judgement. He investigates and discusses first. He’s loyal and trusts Irene. I love that he always supports her. Like he got me all, “AWWWW”. He’s an ideal male lead for me. He goes on best boy list with Heinley. I just want to see Irene and Noel happy! Seriously though, often times the male leads in webnovels start off as a tsundere who starts off as an ass type. They’re also usually very possessive and jealous, but refuse to communicate. So that’s why Noel is so refreshing for me.


흑막 대공님의 집착은 싫어요|Author: Bultandat

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Historical, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Pretty Mild — There really hasn’t been anything spicy. Not yet, that I know of, anyways.
Rage/Frustration Level: None Yet? — I don’t have anything to rage or feel frustrated about yet.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Promo Only

I reincarnated as the wife of the cursed archduke in my own twisted novel.

As the author, I have a responsibility to fix this novel.

I have lifted the curse, which is the main problem of this story.

I thought my job was done. But when I was trying to go back, the archduke asked me, “Did you really think I wouldn’t know that you’re planning on returning to your fiance?”

‘My fiance?’

What I’m gonna do? He completely misunderstood the situation!

All I want is for him to please let me go home!

Synopsis from [NovelUpdates]

I remember the art for the promo webtoon looking pretty. So yeah, I jumped in because of that. While not as light-hearted as like You Got the Wrong House, Villain… this isn’t super heavy and serious. So it’s still kind of a casual read? I’m still in the beginning-ish part. This one is an interesting one because the protagonist is the author of the novel she was reincarnated in. Again, you got the typical male lead who is kind of cold and very tsundere. Of course, he starts to slowly warm up to the protagonist. Dude is just very thrown off by her. It’s also another case of there are assumptions and misunderstandings. However, it’s still pretty fun to read so far.


폭군에게는 악녀가 어울린다|Author: Yoo Yi RanA

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Reincarnation, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural
Spicy Level: Mild — There be some sexual tension. Especially because the Emperor fell hella hard for the protagonist and he always wants to get busy. However, it’s not like they go into super detail like alot of the other webnovels. (Yay for my soul).
Rage/Frustration Level: None yet? — I don’t have anything to rage over yet. It’s already satisfying to see the Emperor not even give a glance to anyone else. That and the comedy basically cancels out any rage/frustration I would feel.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Yes

“Save me…”

Why should I marry the Emperor?

One morning, Cecil become the bride of Estian, the tyrant.

Her heart sank when she saw him.

“What a handsome man you are?”

I appoint you as my husband. So long as it’s been long enough to live well and survive, she must be a more evil villain than a tyrant!

“But can I do it well?…”

“You have a talent for this.”

…A talent to be a villainous lady?

Synopsis from [MangaUpdates]

This is a really fun one. This was also another one I was going to complain about wanting a full webtoon serialization. It literally happened as I was in the middle of writing that post at the time LOL This is a super fun one that’s just hilarious. It’s pretty light-hearted with ALOT of comedy. Princess Cicile is an illegitimate child. She grew up and lived in a villa tucked in the corner in the Navitan Kingdom. She was basically neglected though. All she could do was await the day she’d be sold off in an arranged marriage. She suddenly meets her father and siblings for the first time as they tell her she’ll be sent off to marry Emperor Estian. Estian was known as a scary and bloody tyrant. Cicile feels so wronged and would rather die. She figured that since she’s going to die anyway, she would try to get revenge. She figured that if she’s going to die, she wouldn’t do it quietly. She’d kick up a fuss so that Estian would want to take care of her family after he killed her. Thus the quiet and mild-mannered Princess Cecile threw up a fuss. She made up a crazy list of demands, and demanded that the Emperor come carry her from the carriage himself. She thought she pissed him off. She was surprised to find that Emperor Estian was extremely handsome and complied to her every demand. He finds her interesting. He realizes her true personality and that all she wanted to do was survive. So he tells her that in order to survive she must seem even more evil than him, the villainous Emperor Estian. So he has her put up an act of being the beauitful, stuck up, and demanding empress who has the villainous Emperor wrapped around her finger. It’s just super funny, because Cecile is honestly a sweetheart. Estian is hella amused and enjoying every bit of this. It’s also sweet to see that he is completely taken in by her. He doesn’t even see the other women who are after him, nor does he even give them a second of his day. I love it LOL


재혼 황후|Author: Chirun

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence, Gaslighting, Cheating, Manipulation]
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, Historical
Spicy Level: Some? — Honestly, I don’t really know. I got to what’s basically the equivalent of 70-80 chapters before translations were asked to be stopped by the publishers. There wasn’t anything spicy at that point. Honestly, it was more fluff from Heinley being soft blushy boi. However, I hear that it does get a little spicy later on in the novel.
Rage/Frustration Level: FUCK YEAH. SLAP ALL THE BITCHES — You already know how much I [raged] over this. My brain hurts because of Sovieshit and Trashta’s stupidty and antics. I swear my blood pressure skyrockets from the rage I feel.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Yes

Navier spent all of her life to be the perfect empress. She’s calm, intelligent, elegant, and beautiful. Although she and Emperor Sovieshu were more like colleagues, not lovers. It was a political marriage. Still, they grew up together, were on good terms, and worked well together. She worked hard to fulfill her duties. She was truly, the perfect empress. However, things changed when Emperor Sovieshu found a runaway slave. Empress Navier found herself abandoned by the Emperor for this slave. Even worse, he promised to give his lover the Empress’ position. He pushed Empress Navier to divorce him. She agreed. However, they didn’t expect her to ask for the permission to remarry. The biggest shock was that they didn’t expect her to remarry in that instant, and to King Heinley of the neighboring country.

Y’all already know how I feel about this series since I had a whole post about it. I love it because Heinley is freakin’ best boy. Like, ughhhhh. Grand Duke Kaffman was sweet too. I love how Navier is a hella intelligent, strong, and capable woman. She really was too good for Sovieshit. Sovieshit and Trashta are both garbage and can burn in hell. This was basically the second webnovel I ever read. Holy shit was I surprised. I mean Sovieshit and Trashta are garbage, and the injustice to Navier!! UGH. However, I love Navier and obviously love Heinley. I never thought I’d be into webnovels or historical setting stories. This was the beginning of a very long journey for me LOL The only sad thing is that WordExcerpt did have to stop translations after the author/publishers asked them to. We can only hope that they do official translations soon. My ass was impatient though, so I MTL-ed some chapters. However, I mostly just read through 60+ pages of spoilers on the NovelUpdates forum LOLOL

The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass

악녀는 모래시계를 되돌린다|Author: SanSobee

[Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Violence, Gaslighting, Manipulation, Dudes creepily checking out a minor]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Josei, Isekai, Reincarnation, Revenge, Villainess, Historical
Spicy Level: Not really — There wasn’t really anything spicy. Although kind of like creepy/awkward in description of people creeping/checking out Aria when she’s technically a minor. However, the point was to show she’s hella mature and beautiful looking. Also, even she’s disgusted by such lecherous looks. So it’s to show you how shitty certain characters are.
Rage/Frustration Level: YEAH. FUCK THOSE SELFISH THE BITCHES — YO. FUCK MIELLE. That little manipulative ass white lotus BITCH. Fuck the nanny and that other pretentious bitch too. Although this isn’t as rage inducing as Remarried Empress or The Kind Older Sister Is No More.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Yes

With the marriage of her prostitute mother to the Count, Aria’s status in society skyrocketed immediately. After leading a life of luxury, Aria unfairly meets death because of her sister Mielle’s schemes. And right before she dies, she sees an hourglass fall as if it were a fantasy. And just like that, she was miraculously brought back to the past.

“I want to become a very elegant person, just like my sister, Mielle.”

In order to face the villainess, she must become an even more wicked villainess. This was the new path Aria chose to take revenge on Mielle who murdered both her and her mother.

Synopsis from [NovelUpdates]

I think this was the third webnovel I ever read? I started it because of the cover art for the webnovel. That was the time I was looking for something to kill time with while awaiting my manga/webtoon updates. This was probably my first villainess series too? The start of many…lol This one interested me because you start off with Aria, who was in fact a villainess, walking to her execution. Now that she’s about to die, she realizes the errors of her ways. She honestly feels regrets, and wants to apologize to Mielle, the step-sister that she had harassed. She realized that she was just jealous. Mielle was the daughter of a count, and was seemingly bright, beautiful, kind, and innocent. Mielle seemed like a saintess. She had a family that doted on her, and everyone loved and praised her. She was the opposite of Aria, who was beautiful, but was the fatherless child of a prostitute that married into the count. Before she’s to be executed, she wants to apologize to Mielle. Instead, she finds out that the saintess was a devil in disguise. Mielle acted like a pitiful victim who pitied her step-sister. However, she whispered her confession to Aria. She’s the one who manipulated everything to turn Aria into a villainess and make Mielle seem like the poor innocent victim. Aria is executed, but finds that she’s been given a second chance. She finds herself back to when she was younger. She realizes that she has an hourglass and a special ability that allows her to briefly turn back time. With this ability, her grown mentality intact, and her knowledge of the events to come, Aria decides that she’s going to change her fate and get her revenge. Aria is really smart. She does improve herself and build herself up. However, I quite like that she’s still a villainess in her methods. Of course, it’s for a way of survival. This webnovel was interesting in that it’s more of a villainess vs a truly evil villainess hiding behind an innocent facade. To be honest, Aria wouldn’t have ended up acting like a villainess had Mielle not been bent on making her life miserable. Aria honestly just wanted a family, to be loved, and to be happy. So yeah, I was enjoying the journey of Aria getting revenge. Like I hate Mielle. She’s so incredibly self-centered, entitled, full of herself, yet she’s also incredibly naive and dumb. I can’t say I felt any pity for her.

Inso’s Law/The Law of Webnovels

인소의 법칙|Author: Yu Han Ryeo

Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Isekai, Comedy, Harem, Slice of Life
Spicy Level: No? — I think I’m somewhere between first quarter or half of the webnovel. It’s not really spicy. It’s just more of your typical rom-com?
Rage/Frustration Level: No? — I didn’t really rage or feel frustrated. I guess the only frustration is Dani not realizing SHE is the female lead? Although, I don’t blame her. If I were in her situation, I’d be in denial the whole time too.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: Yes

Ham Dani, a normal student whose hobbies were to read novels.

One day she woke up and find out that the girl next-door is as beautiful as a web novel protagonist.

And in school, there was the introduction of ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’.

The world changed into a web novel just over night, and Ham Dani’s role is heroine’s childhood friend 1!

“I just want to live normally, but why is everyone doing this to me!”

Due to a strong fate ‘The Four Heavenly Kings’ and the heroine entwines Dani’s everyday life.

And the results are?

Synopsis from [NovelUpdates]

This is the very first webnovel I read! I found the webtoon first. However, I was super curious and wanted to know what happened next. So I dove into the webnovel. Honestly, it’s an easy, casual, and fun read. It feels no different from reading a webtoon for me. It’s got those same elements as the webtoons I was reading. Also, BISHIES. It’s got plenty of comedy, and can be pretty light-hearted. Of course there are also more serious moments, and I honestly can relate to Dani. Like, girl…I’d be in disbelief too. This girl is your average girl, and finds herself surrounded by an incredibly beautiful and kind girl who screams female lead. She’s also surround by several bishies. I’d live everyday in disbelief too. I do understand her insecurity and concerns though. The fun thing about this though is that it does poke fun at tropes found in webnovels and of course webtoons/manga/manhwa. It’s some fourth wall comedy. I likes. Of course another part of it is that Dani thinks she’s just an insignificant side character, and she feels like she doesn’t even belong to the group. She can’t seem to realize that SHE is the female lead. So it’s been fun reading how she can be both observant, yet dense. Also, to read the struggles of the male leads. Honestly though, the male leads got me soft. I’m jelly. Cheonyoung my type tho. Eunhyung is also my type. Hehe~ I love Jooin too, even if he can be a bit scary behind that cute and innocent face of his. Jiho isn’t exactly my type, but I admit he can be sweet when he isn’t such a tsundere. I think the other reason why I liked this was because in a way, it kind of reminded me of [Extra-Ordinary You] as well. Dani needs to learn Haru’s lesson from Extra-Ordinary You. You may think you’re an insignificant extra, but you’re extra-ordinary to someone. There’s someone who will always think of you as their main lead.

Yoongi Min GIF - Yoongi Min Cute GIFs
I didn’t knowwwww


These are just straight up rated 19+ smut novels. Now, there’s nothing wrong with like smut or 19+ stuff. However, that’s not usually my kind of thing. I’m usually about fluff. I don’t read tags. I didn’t read the synopsis. I just clicked and dove in because of recommendations, and because I see bishies on the cover. I’m still a relatively pure and naive maiden at heart y’all. I can do some mature series… However, imagine my shock when I got smacked with 5-6 back to back chapters of detailed smut. There are cute moments though. It does make me a bit uncomfortable, but I’m too far in to back out now. However, yes. I needed to cleanse my soul a bit LOL So yeah…they SPICY… You probably shouldn’t be reading these where someone can read over your shoulder.

edit: ailee | Tumblr
groups: ailee | Tumblr


약탈혼|Author: Forgive

[Content/Trigger Warning: Mental Abuse, Violence, Gaslighting, Sexual Assault, Manipulation]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Mature, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Smut, Ecchi
Spicy Level: VERRRY Spicy/NSFW — It’s verrry spicy. Like “OH MYYYY” Thai Hot spicy level spicy. Like you probably need Cheezus spicy.
Rage/Frustration Level: YEAAAHH— Yeah…there’s alot of WTF and fucked up stuff. There’s a gross dude who should honestly just get castrated, buuuuut…that’s not up to me.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: No

Princess Leah wrote a suicide note ahead of her wedding.

It was because she was certain that she would die after the wedding night; a miserable end of a princess who devoted her life to the country and to the royal family.

But before giving up her life, Leah planned her last revenge to the family, one that would surely leave them in ruins even after she became a cold corpse.

She would bring them shame by being a non-virgin bride.

“Why did you throw away your first experience? Don’t you just want to run away?”

“I… I want to die.” Leah impulsively confided to the man she slept with for one night.

Synopsis by [NovelUpdates]

Y’all, again…I didn’t know this was smut. I did not see the 19 rating in the corner. I don’t think that part showed up on the cover where I was reading it! I don’t really look at the tags either… Should the title have been a huge red flag? Probably. LOL Look, all I saw was a pretty bishie, okay?? After a while, I started to realize, “OH MY. I think this is on the more mature side…” I was not expecting like 6 whole back to back chapters of very detailed smut??? I was very aware of my ears and face turning extremely red when I read that…lol I’m not comfortable with so much smut, but I’m too far and invested into the story to back out now LOL I’m like pissed for Leah and need to see her happy. Ishkan falls under the Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handome category. He’s seen as a brute, and like a wild animal. He can be kind of rough and clearly likes to annoy Leah. However, it’s clear that he truly cares about her. Dude really loves and her and is always looking out for her. It’s really sweet and endearing. Leah…I pity her. She’s beautiful and smart. She works so hard because she genuinely cares about her kingdom. However, she’s being used as a pawn and is totally manipulated. Despite everything, she’s incredibly dedicated to the people. She’s a fragile, and extremely thin thing. They literally only let her eat a few apple slices at one point. Her “brother” is an ass and is a creep. You don’t act like a controlling and cruel asshole if you love someone. Ishkan and his people are seen as barbarians, but they way they treat her and treasure her is a huuuuge difference from the “civilized” people around her. Oh also, fuck the old creepy bastard they were trying to marry Leah off to.


상수리나무 아래|Author: Kim Soo Ji

[Content/Trigger Warning: Mental abuse, Violence, Gaslighting]
Genre/Theme: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Smut, Ecchi
Spicy Level: VERRRY Spicy/NSFW — It’s verrry spicy. Like “OH MYYYY” Thai Hot spicy level spicy. Like you probably need Cheezus spicy.
Rage/Frustration Level: Mild? — Still in the beginning-ish of this one. It’s only mildly frustrating because of misunderstandings. A big part of it is the female protagonist’s very timid and naive personality. Although, it’s also understandable…considering how she was basically neglected and abused.
Webtoon Adaptation Available: No Yes (As of August 2020)

The daughter of a duke, the stuttering Maximilian, married a knight of lowly status at her father’s coercion.

After their first night, her husband departed for an expedition without another word.

He comes back three years later, this time as a famous knight in the whole continent.

How would Maximilian face him on his return?

Synopsis from [NovelUpdates]

Again, in my defense, I did not know this was smut. Again, I didn’t see the 19 sticker in the corner. Again, I didn’t know anything because I don’t really read tags. I just see covers. I saw “romance” and I saw everyone was recommending it. They said it was alot of fluff and it was hella cute. They literally said it was full of cute fluff. Bruh, I’m pretty sure this is the one I said I was smacked with like back to back 5 chapters of smut. I don’t really care for smut. However, I am here for fluff and cute moments. I like this big difference between the two leads. It’s kind of similar to the other one. You got a rough kind of male lead. Like Ishkan in the other webnovel, people think Riftan as kind of uncultured and beneath them. However, he’s a hero who has fought triumphantly, and he has the respect of his men and people. Then you’ve got the female lead, Max. She was basically neglected. No one cared for her or loved her. She has extremely low confidence, she wasn’t educated, and she has a stuttering problem. She doesn’t think she can be loved. It doesn’t help that she didn’t have a great first impression or memory of when she married Riftan. It was literally one day before he went to go fight. Home girl met her husband only for one day, and didn’t see him for 3 years. There are alot of misunderstandings. However, Riftan really does love Max. It’s nice to see her gain confidence and be loved.

Duck Face GIF - Duckface Jimin Bts GIFs

You know what? I did not realize that I was reading that many webnovels at the same time. I don’t know why, but in my head I thought it was just like 3-5 series… This isn’t even ALL of the webnovels I’ve been reading! Just the ones that I’ve really liked and/or regularly been following! Like, HOLY SHIT. My bad. I thought this was gonna be a short and quick post…I was wrong… My bad, fam. Also, it’s funny how I started these because I felt like they were so different to stuff I was usually reading. I’m now realizing many of them are pretty similar. 9/10 the male lead is a tsundere, and probably comes off as an ass at first… So many evil family members, similar circumstances, white lotus bitches, etc.

Funny Moment GIF - Funny Moment Jungkook GIFs
For the bishies and fluff!

Anyway, I’ll continue enjoying these webnovels. I’ll also continue praying that there will be actual webtoon serializations of these. Because honestly, some of these would be perfect webtoons. MORE BISHIESSS!! [BONUS: Check out a story of MFW I read webnovels]. Have you read any of these? What kind of webnovels do you like? Also, do you prefer webnovels or the webtoon adaptations? Let me know in the comments, Discord, or hit me up on Twitter~ Take care and stay safe, y’all! Wishing you happiness and a wonderful day~ See you next time~

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