Some of My Fave Ships From K-Novels & Manhwa

Some of My Fave Ships From K-Novels & Manhwa

Surprise BAYOG luvlies!~ I finally got around to finishing a K-novel and manhwa/webtoon related post! Since it’s the season of love, I figured I’d share some of my fave ships from K-novels and manhwa series (since most of the time, manhwa series are adaptations of novel series)! These are just a few of my fave ships though. Let me know if you recognize some of these series and couples!

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There are of course reasons why I love these ships and characters. Part of it is due to the chemistry, and part of it is the quality of the cute, fluffy, and romantic moments. Often times though, it mostly could be cuz I feel like they’re great examples of healthy relationships in romance series. Especially when we talk about romance fantasy series and series that take place in historical settings that can often time have…shall we say, “conflicting or different mindsets and standards” to modern ones? Fiction is fiction. I get it. I can understand some context and situations given the historical and fantasy settings. Still, I have concerns about people normalizing and just accepting some really questionable and toxic things. Some things are beyond “I need to turn off my brain” moments. Despite the mindsets and standards of said historical settings, I think more healthy and non-toxic characters and relationships should be a norm and not just seen as a rare romanticized ideal. After all, I think love and the want to cherish someone is natural no matter the cultural or time aspect. I enjoy these relationships because they promote healthy interactions and goals in a relationship. That’s not to say that these relationships or characters are perfect. They often time do have some character flaws, as well as drama and challenges to go through for their own character (and plot) development as well. Of course, there’s a discussion and point that these, given that they’re only fictional characters and relationships, can be seen as only idealized kinds of relationships. However, I want to also point out that the main points ultimately come down to things that should be expected and are definitely doable in a relationship. Of course, fiction is fiction and these are definitely on the extreme and ideal spectrum. Again, these relations aren’t and don’t need to be perfect. However, the basic aspects come down to things like sincerity and respect. As well as the effort one puts in, and the willingness to learn and grow. Again, things that are the basics (bare minimum expectations), should be expected, and totally doable.

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Before I get into it, I’ll acknowledge it. I know that I have a type LMAO. We all know I’m manhwa and K-novel trash. I read waaaay too many series. To the point that sometimes I don’t even remember the titles or character names. I even shocked the people at Manta once haha. Still, I always find myself gravitating towards the same kinds of characters and ships. My fave main leads are the sweet and doting kinds that are sincere and treat their partner with respect, and see them as their equal. I prefer the gentlemanly male leads, but also love a tsundere male lead that has great character development (the character development part is important though). I point this out because you’ll see these are mainly the reasons why I just gush about these characters. You’ll see me mention these same points over and over again. If y’all are on the BAYOG Discord server, y’all know I’ll just go on for paragraphs too haha. Join me in these convos haha~ Anyway, let’s get to it! Please note that they’re not in any particular order either~ I also want to note that, it’s been a while since I started some of these series. So my recollection of some of the details may be a bit vague or slightly off…

Also, some slight spoilers ahead…

My Secretly Hot Husband (*Official English title)
남편이 미모를 숨김

Alternatively known as: My Husband Hides His Beauty
Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, Transmigration
Spicy?: Mildy? Lots of eye candy and fan service moments lol
Content/Trigger Warning:


Another lifetime, another hard life—Letitia’s misery continues as her uncle sends her off to the “Monster Lord” to fulfill an old pledge. Imp attacks! The three witches! A hideous masked devil hunter husband! Terrifying is an understatement. But as she becomes the lady of Halstead, the rumors fall apart. Lord Erden is caring, he likes bunnies, and that *gasp* perfect face under the mask! How can he not know he’s HOT? Can she help protect the castle from devils and help Erden see his true self?

Synopsis credit: [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: My Secretly Hot Husband [Tapas]

Erden x Letitia

MY BABIESSSS~ This is one of my favorite wholesome and fluffy ships for sure! I love this series because of how comical, yet sweet and wholesome it can be. The thing I like about Erden and Letitia is their trust and respect for one another. They see and treat each other as equal partners. There’s just so much fluff and wholesome goodness in this series. I definitely recommend it. Letitia is shown to be really clever, incredibly intelligent, and talented. She comes up with really great ideas and schemes but has a really kind heart. She’s also brave and loyal. She’s always there for those she cares for, and she’s always ready to jump in. She’s basically one of my top girl crushes in manhwa. Erden is seen and treated as a monster by those outside of Halstead. He’s a fierce warrior and commander and gives his all to protect those that he cares about as well. Despite being labeled as a monster by outsiders, Erden has such a kind and beautiful heart. He’s a soft cinnamon roll, and I love him so much~ What I love is that you can tell and see that Erden and Letitia are equal partners. They discuss and plan things together. They truly work together. I love that Erden recognizes Letitia’s talents and perspectives, and he totally respects that. In fact, he’s in awe of her. He’s 100% supportive. Erden is honestly her biggest fan and always hyping her up. He always looks so incredibly proud of her and is all, “MY WIFE!!!~” We love a couple that works together so harmoniously, but also hype and support each other. I definitely recommend this one if you really love funny, but also fluffy, and wholesome ships.

New Suitor for the Abandoned Wife (*Official English Title)
버려진 아내에게 새 남편이 생겼습니다

Alternatively known as: The Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama
Content/Trigger Warning: Gaslighting, Abuse, Assault, Trauma

In the Catanish Empire, wives are bought and sold like property at auctions. Chloe, once married to an abusive husband, is bought by a mysterious man, who turns out to be one of the most powerful men in the empire. Marquess Ash Brinacle marries Chloe and is determined to give her the life she deserves and to mend her heart of her past. Chloe is overwhelmed at first by his kindness, something she’s never felt in her life for a long time. Can she overcome her scars and open up her heart to him?

Synopsis [Pocket Comics]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: New Suitor for the Abandoned Wife [Pocket Comics]

Ash x Chole — Abandoned Wife

Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this series when I first picked it up. I picked it up to kill time in between my main reads. However, I really did end up enjoying it so much more because of Ash and Chloe’s relationship, and the depiction of facing and overcoming one’s trauma. This one is a lovely ship considering that Chloe, the female lead, is a victim of extreme abuse and trauma. I love Ash’s relationship and treatment of Chloe. He’s very gentle, patient, and understanding. He knows she’s been through a lot of shit. I love that he doesn’t push her. He’s letting her take her time to heal as he showers her with unconditional love and support. Something that’s really important for any relationship. I honestly was super surprised at his portrayal of facing Chloe’s trauma WITH her. It’s a beautiful depiction of a healthy relationship. Especially when you consider the time and setting of most romance fantasy series like this. Oftentimes, especially in these historical settings, characters (the victims) get gaslighted all the time. People push them, and sometimes they don’t portray that aspect of the necessity of time and understanding to heal. Again, I love that Ash recognizes her trauma and is there alongside Chloe every step of the way. He gives nothing but support and reassurance, letting her know that she is a treasure, has worth, and her emotions are valid. I also love that he doesn’t push her. He lets her heal and grow at her own pace. BAYOG Manhwa Trash fam loves healthy relationships and non-toxic partners.

Also, a little spoiler-y…but there’s a scene I absolutely adore in this series. For a bit of context though, Chloe’s trash ex-husband was auctioning her off when Ash came in to win the bid and save her. That’s how Chloe becomes his wife. He made her his wife to protect her. Often times in these romance fantasy series in these kinds of situations/relationships, the relationship is just a title or contract of a sort (at first anyway). Because of the time/setting, and literally, the setup of this series is that people expect women to be submissive and be property. Women in this series’ setting can be sold and traded around. Disgusting, I know. However, that’s not what Ash thinks at all. Again, he treats her with total respect, sees her as his equal, and sees her truly as his partner. From the get-go. Even though he had to buy her at the auction to save her, he always viewed and treated her as a human being. Rather, he’s really disgusted by this whole thing and her ex-husband. Anyway…despite them already being married, I thought it was cute that he took her on a walk to the garden, got on his knee, and proposed to her. She was confused and all, “Aren’t we already legally married?” Ash answers with, “Legally yes, but I didn’t get to formally propose. You didn’t have a say in the matter either. And I’ve always wanted to propose at least once in my life. Because I had hoped that my special someone would choose me of their own accord.” UGH. My heart. It’s beautifully sweet and romantic. I especially love that he took her feelings and freedom of choice into consideration.

The Remarried Empress

Alternatively known as: Remarried Empress
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama
Spicy?: Mildy? More like eye candy/fan service every now and then.
Content/Trigger Warning: Gaslighting, Cheating

Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way — intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce… And I request an approval of my remarriage.” In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold?

Synopsis [LINE Webtoon]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: The Remarried Empress [LINE Webtoon]

Heinrey x Navier

Ah~ Good ol’ Remarried Empress. I think a lot of our BAYOG manhwa/webtoon fam discovered our blog cuz of my [Remarried Empress post]. It’s probably one of the most well known Korean fantasy romance novel and manhwa/webtoon series. Again, I went on a really long rant about that and just gushed about Heinrey and Navier. I love how Navier is a strong, intelligent, and incredibly capable woman. I will always trash on Sovieshit Sovieshu (and Trashta). I love Heinrey because he’s the opposite of Sovieshit. He clearly recognizes Navier’s talents and potential right from the bat. He gives her respect. Kinda spoilery, although it’s obvious from the prologue chapter and title that they marry, but Heinrey sees and treats Navier as a partner and his equal. Something Sovieshit really failed to do. Honestly, Heinrey even bows down to Navier. Heinrey sees Navier as someone to be respected and treasured. Heinrey asks and listens to Navier for her thoughts and opinions. Again, something Sovieshit royally failed to do. I also love that Heinrey is a loyal dude. He’s loyal to Navier, and never wavers. He doesn’t bat an eye at Trashta Rashta nor does he even remotely fall for any of her antics. Again, all things Sovieshit royally failed at. Not to mention, there’s a point I always bring out in such circumstances. A man in a high position, like an emperor or king, should be aware that his wife is both his life and political partner. Their relationship, whether there be romantic feelings or not (we can be realistic on this part of historical settings), play into how one’s country and power is viewed. Navier was seen as a capable and perfect empress who fulfilled her duties flawlessly. Meanwhile, Sovieshit was so easily blinded by Trashta. We’re literally talking about a woman who’s been in this man’s life and been working alongside him for YEARS. Then suddenly this random chick shows up outta nowhere, and this man literally lets everything crumble so easily. He literally didn’t even realize the treasure he had beside him until it was out of his hands. Dude also became so blinded that he sabotaged things that could have been beneficial for him and his people. Again, a huge part of it is a lack of communication (just thinking there’s no need to), and a huge part of it is the lack of respect.

Lee Minho Disgusting Shit GIF - Lee Minho Disgusting Shit Kdrama GIFs
Me every time Sovieshit or Trashta start their shit again

Heinrey… he kinda be sketch at first… But we know he instantly knew Navier’s worth, considered her feelings, is capable of feeling regret and remorse when he’s done something wrong, and he always respected her. He also does things with a sincere heart. He recognizes and respects the amount of influence she has and can have. Dude fully acknowledges and praises her worth and capabilities. He also listens to Navier and really considers her opinions when it comes to political things. Heinrey gets her feelings too, and knows how to actually comfort her. Again, respect as it’s a relationship that displays being a partner in both senses of a relationship and the political positions. When the dude who just came out of nowhere and just recently knows Navier does a better job than the dude who was her husband for like how many years?? Also, when that dude knows her better than her husband. Bruh, you know you failed. Again, it sounds basic when we put it simply, but we love someone who can respect and treasure their partner. And again, we love someone who is incredibly proud and supportive of their partner, their potential, and their success. Navier definitely got an upgrade haha~

Lady Evony

Alternatively known as: Ebony, Lady Ebony
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama
Content/Trigger Warning: Gaslighting, Abuse, Assault

Accused of being a witch and a murderer, Evony’s imprisoned. For years, she awaits the day of her execution, her back bearing scars from beatings inflicted by the guards who despise her. But one day, she is granted her freedom and placed into the guardianship of Grand Duke Schneider. Warmed by his doting staff and under his admiring tutelage, she regains her strength and becomes the wild card in an intricate game of power. With nothing to lose, will Evony orchestrate a new future for the empire?

Synopsis [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English:  Lady Evony [Tapas]

Dante x Evony/Ebony

This series does have it’s sweet and cute moments, but it’s definitely one of the more serious and political-related series. However, we love characters that go against the status quo, are unique, have immense character development, and fully show their potential and capabilities. Definitely recommend this if you like character development and slow burn kind of romances. Ebony/Lady Evony (Original Korean novel cover literally had Ebony, Tapas localized as Evony) is a series where the main focus is on Evony’s growth and healing after severe trauma, and basically being betrayed by the world and justice system. She grows to be a confident woman who shines and shows how intelligent she is while becoming this wild card in this game of power. The relationship between Dante and Evony is a bit like Ash and Chloe’s in New Suitor for the Abandoned Wife. Although, there are a lot more politics and things here. For this one, Dante sees Evony’s innocence and worth. He sees her potential and gives her the resources and guidance for her to bloom. All the while, also helping her heal from her trauma as well. Dante Schneider is an unconventional person compared to the other aristocrats and way of thinking in the empire. He doesn’t carry prejudice and values one’s skills and capability. It doesn’t matter that Evony is labeled as a criminal, or that she’s a woman. He sees how Evony is suffering from her past trauma. He’s helping her strengthen herself, find resolve, heal, and discover and hone her talents. What I love is that it’s clear that he yearns for her. He really loves her. However, he’s holding himself back because he’s fully aware that she’s not ready for it yet. I think it’s such a beautiful thing that he’s not forcing his feelings onto her and that he’s prioritizing her growth. I love that he encourages Evony to be confident, unconventional, and the best version of herself. Don’t we love partners that support each other and encourage us to grow and be the best versions we can be?

The Soulless Duchess
빈껍데기 공작부인

Alternatively known as: The Duchess Without A Soul, Duchess With an Empty Soul
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Historical, Drama, Regression
Content/Trigger Warning: Gaslighting, Abuse, Cheating

The naïve Yvona is ready to do anything for her amazing fiancé! Summon magical beasts and let him take the glory? Sure! Wreck her body for a powerful spell and die for him? Yes! Watch him secretly embrace her trusted cousin Tristan with passion and deride her openly? Oka— wait. What? Just then, Yvona dies… and wakes up a year in the past with a burdened heart. Armed with her knowledge, Yvona’s ready to fight for herself. And hmm, maybe form an alliance with the coldhearted Duke of Azentine…

Synopsis [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: The Soulless Duchess [Tapas]

Yvona x Claude

This one is one of your typical starts off with a contractual marriage kinda romance fantasy series. However, I like that Claude is always respectful and nice to Yvona from the beginning. Yaknow how most of these series usually go. Most of these contractual marriage series have tsundere type male leads, or male leads who were just straight-up cold and assholes from the beginning. Again, I like this one because Claude recognizes their relationship to be a contract, however, he still treats her as a partner and with respect. Again, a major difference from Yvona’s previous relationships with her trash ex-fiancee, her backstabbing cousin, and her father. So the spoilers for this one is that Yvona is an incredibly talented summoner. However, her fiancee has been having her hide in the shadows and pass off her talents as his own. Not to mention he’s been backstabbing her by secretly being in a relationship with her male cousin. They’ve been basically working together to use her, and even went as far as planning on using her to have their baby (WTF?? GTFOH). Despite them using her and owing everything they have to her, she’s basically so poorly treated. She’s been gaslighted and mentally and physically abused into thinking she’s has no real worth, and it should be an honor to sacrifice everything for her “lover”. Of course, she ends up regressing though and changing her fate by seeking out Claude. Cuz he was the only person who was kind and didn’t discriminate against her before her regression. Again, I love the complete difference in how he treats her. Claude also recognizes and acknowledges Yvona’s strengths and talents. Honestly, even though the relationship started off with no feelings at first, I just love that it’s such a wonderfully healthy and respectful relationship. Of course, even more so as their relationship continues to develop and feelings get thrown in. Much like Erden and Letitia from My Secretly Hot Husband, these two also see and treat each other as equal partners in their relationship. They also communicate and trust each other with their plans. I love that Claude trusts Yvona’s summoning skills and knows she can hold her own during the subjugation. He lets her do her own thing and is totally proud of her capabilities. Also, if I remember correctly, I love the respect of boundaries and communication. Of course, there’s some drama, like any romfan series. Each character has a bit of their past or some secrets that they’re hiding because they’re afraid of opening up about it, or are unsure of how to go about it. I love that they acknowledge that, but don’t push each other to spill out their secrets. Rather, despite wanting to know, they respect that their partner isn’t ready to discuss it yet, and that they’ll wait until they are ready to do so.

The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince  
괴물 황태자의 아내가 되었습니다

Alternatively known as: I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince
Genre: Romance, Josei, Fantasy, Historical, Drama, Isekai/Isegye, Transmigration
Content/Trigger Warning: Gaslighting, Abuse

Heroine has traveled back in time and entered the universe of “Lady and the Beast”, a 19th century soft porn trashy novel. She finds herself in the body of Anthea, child bride of the Monster Crown Prince. Blake, who has been cursed to die at the age of 18 due to the sins of his ancestor. In the novel, Anthea should have committed suicide after looking at the horrible cursed birth marks on Prince Blake’s body. But she tries to rewrite a part of the story by instilling confidence in Blake and showering him with unconditional love, just until he is ready to meet his “real” true love, Diana.

Synopsis [Pocket Comics]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince [Pocket Comics]

Blake x Anthea

I actually started the novel for this before the manhwa. Which reminds me, I still need to finish this… This one is super cute and fluffy. It’s another sweet and whole kind of relationship for sure. It starts off with them being cute as kids. Anthea embraces Blake, who holds trauma over his appearance and treatment due to everyone fearing his curse. Blake is a cinnamon roll. I adore him so much. Anthea gets him to open up, and shows him warmth, love, and kindness. At first, she views herself as an older sister taking care of a cute little brother. However, Blake is obviously smitten by Anthea. It’s honestly incredibly adorable too. He’s quite romantic for a little kid too. I think he said something like Anthea is like the roses in the garden, and even gives her roses (NGL, not 100% sure cuz it’s been a year since I read it). The sincerity and dedication towards one another are definitely one of the key points to this ship being adorable though. Blake is literally 100% committed to Anthea. No matter the situation or time that’s passed, he’s always been loyal to Anthea. He’s never cared for or batted an eye towards another woman. I love that he can recognize her even when her appearance is unfamiliar. He literally doesn’t judge on appearance. Blake values the sincerity and feelings of one’s heart. He loves Anthea for being Anthea. Likewise, Anthea is also dedicated to Blake and his heart. She’s sincere in wanting him to be happy as well. It’s one those cute series where you see how characters affect each other and grow together. But it’s also one of those types of romances that really have to fight against some crazy annoying shit. Warning, it can and will be a bit frustrating because of the external factors. We just want Blake and Anthea to be happy. But, I definitely recommend it because the moments between Blake and Anthea are so adorable. Also, Blake is one of my best boys just cuz of his undying loyalty and dedication to Anthea. NGL, I’m so behind on the manhwa. I was pretty far into the novel. Although I haven’t finished it yet cuz life be crazy. However, I do have to say I love the level of loyalty and dedication in this series. I loved sweet Blake and Anthea’s relationship was. Honestly I had originally picked it up to kill time, but got so invested in it that I got through 100 or so chapters within like 3 days, Which is shocking considering I normally am not keen on reading that much text. So you know it was good for my standards. It was frustrating and pissed me off at times for different things, but I loved it so much because of the main ship. So if you want something cute and fluffy like that, then I recommend this one~

A Common Story of a Lady’s New Life
흔한 환생녀의 사정

Alternatively known as: The Stereotypical Life of a Reincarnated Lady
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Historical, Comedy, Reincarnation
Content/Trigger Warning:

Valerie thought she’d be a genius mage in this world. But when her magic can’t get past basic and her teacher shares a prophecy of a tiger coming to attack(!!), she opts to enjoy an ordinary life. Everything’s fine until she’s engaged to none other than Duke Kylus Dwello. It’s just one thing after another—the mysterious Serena, the servants who ship the duke and Serena, a prince who doesn’t understand boundaries, and even the duke looming over her bed! Can she get back to her nice, quiet life?

Synopsis [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: A Common Story of a Lady’s New Life [Tapas]

Valerie x Kylus

I would say this was one of my favorite more light-hearted kind of romfan series. Defintely more comedy for this one, and a lot of misunderstandings (which lead to more comedy). First off, the art is interesting because it’s a bit different. The overall art has these…soft vibes? It also has cute moments, like the chibi scenes. I love the coloring too. At times it gave me like watercolor-esque vibes. But the ship! I love how Valerie is kind of like…paranoid? She realizes she’s been reincarnated into some kind of romance fantasy-esque world. She’s been fearful of a prophecy that she was told. So she’s basically trying really hard to avoid getting involved in anything that would put her in danger. Basically, avoid any and all possible situations that would trigger flags/events in a typical romfan. However, I also like that she has her own spunkiness. She’s a smart lady, and doesn’t take shit. She tries not to get involved or provoke shit, but she won’t take things laying down either. Of course, despite being pretty smart and insightful, she is prone to having misunderstandings at times. Again, we end up with comedy though. Now we have Duke Kylus Dwello, who had no particular interest in relationships. He of course is pretty interested in Valerie. He simping hard. He seems a bit stoic, hard to understand, and maybe dense when it comes to some things. However, he’s a puppy who is eager to make Valerie happy. Despite how he appears, he does some really cute things. I loved that he handmade earrings for her. I love that despite his inexperience, he’s trying his best to win Valerie over and please her. This man literally ready romance fantasy novels for ideas haha. He’s always surprising everyone around him with his unexpected behavior and treatment towards Valerie. Man just wants to make Valerie happy~ It’s cuuuute~

Beware the Villainess!
그 악녀를 조심하세요!

Alternatively known as: Beware of the Villainess!
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Isekai/Isegye, Reincarnation, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural, Drama, Villainess, Otome, Harem
Content/Trigger Warning: Cheating, Gaslighting, Stalking

Sit back and take in this romantic tale of an angelic heroine and her devoted suitors as they vie for the depths of her love… or not. This story’s about to go through some edits! After an accident, a modern-day college student awakens as the story’s villainess, Melissa Foddebrat. She’s far from anyone’s favorite, but she IS the daughter of the duke. Determined to live it up, this new Melissa is doing things her way — antiquated society, be damned! All idiots, prepare to step aside or perish!

Synopsis [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: Beware the Villainess! [Tapas]

Melissa x Nine

This is one of fun, more comedic, kind of romfan series. It’s also different from your typical romfan isegye (isekai) tropes. First off, Melissa doesn’t take shit from anyone. We have a strong female lead. Like physically strong. She’ll literally beat people’s asses. I love that she doesn’t take shit from anyone, and she’ll call out the toxic behavior of the original male leads too. I love that she’s a rough character, and not a dainty and weak lady that doesn’t take action. Melissa is very proactive. She shows that she doesn’t need a man, and she’s just as capable (if not better) than a man. Then we got Nine, our soft wolf-boy. The thing I love about this series and the ship, is that the typical roles are kind of reversed. Melissa has that strong role that most people think of for “masculine male leads”. She’s not the damsel in distress. She fights and can hold her own. Also, she does the saving. Nine is a pretty boy, and he can be strong at times. But he’s a softie and is always being helped by Melissa. However, I love his dedication to her. I love that he supports her and thinks she’s amazing. He’s amazed by Melissa’s traits, characteristics, and actions that people think are unattractive and unbefitting of a lady. He’s rather proud of her and thinks she’s cool. But yes, I love that this ship isn’t confined to typical roles, and again…we love ships where they’re supportive and proud of one another.

Positively Yours
아기가 생겼어요

Alternatively known as: I Have A Baby
Genre: Drama, Modern Romance, Comedy, Josei, Slice of Life
Spicy?: Just a bit at times~
Content/Trigger Warning:

To Hee-won’s dismay, the BFF she crushed on and her other BFF are now dating! Seriously bummed, Hee-won decides to go wild just one time, and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one night affair has now turned into more — she’s pregnant! Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo-joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers! Except… their bodies have been very intimately acquainted. What’s this mother-to-be to do?

Synopsis [Tapas]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: Positively Yours [Tapas]

Hee-won x Doo-joon

Ah~ I’ve [previously done a post] on this series before. This is my now rare modern romance series. I like this one as it doesn’t follow your typical romance/relationship progression. It actually is more like early 2000-2010s K-Drama plot. Basically, Heewon was heartbroken when she finds out the bestie she was crushing on is now dating their other bestie. OOF. Girl was in a loooong ass crush too spanning since their childhood or something. So she decides to not act like herself and go out and go wild. However, she ends up having a drunken one-night stand with a hot stranger. Girl was shocked with herself though and quickly dipped. However, she then finds out…she’s pregnant! As fate would have it, she ends up running into Doojoon, our male lead. Apparently, he was smitten with her and had been looking for her. He found out she’s pregnant and connects the dots that it must be his. What I love is that Doojoon is an incredibly responsible guy. Honestly, Doojoon is THE ideal man. Yeah, he’s hot, rich, has a great job, and has a good social status. But he’s also genuine to his feelings, and responsible. Kind of pushy at first because Heewon was very wary and on-guard. But he truly adores her and cares for her. I love that he didn’t even hesitate. Man suggested marriage right away. Like HE suggested all this, despite Heewon expecting and deciding at first that she’d carry all this on her own. There are trials though. Heewon doesn’t see marriage very favorably as her parents had a bad divorce. She wasn’t really shown any affection or care by her mother, or by her father who remarried and started another family. This girl only knew to rely on herself, and didn’t want her kid to end up like her. She has trauma and insecurities. But I love that Doojoon is there for her and tries to show her that it doesn’t have to be like that. Also, Doojoon is literally the perfect doting husband. Get you a partner who’s feelings will never wane, that always puts you first, is ready to do anything for you in an instant and truly will get you the best of everything. Man cooks for his wife, blow dries her hair for her, and makes her go on vacation because he knows it must be hard to raise a kid. Not to mention he does a great job of parenting with her. Even though he’s crazy busy with work, he always puts time for his family and helps take care of his kid.

How to Get My Husband On My Side
남편을 내 편으로 만드는 방법

Alternatively known as:
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama, Regression, Smut
Spicy?: Just a bit
Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse, Suicide/Self-Harm, Racism, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Incest (Not really though?)

In the novel, she became a villainess who died in the hands of her husband. To be precise, as a supporting actor, a villainess who dies after being used as a tool for a strategic marriage by his father and brother.

One day, my damn father crawled and asked my fifth groom. The problem is that the opponent is the husband who will kill me and the best paladin in the north who will destroy the family in the future. First, you have to find a way to live. In the novel, there are many difficulties, such as my husband’s cold disdain, the contempt and check of the northerners, and the contempt of the peasants before finding a way to save my sister-in-law to kill.

“I’m in love with you!”

So please save me!

Synops [NovelUpdates forum]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: — Not yet

Izek x Ruby

I love, love this novel and webtoon so much. It’s definitely one of my top favorites for both novels and manhwa. While the manhwa does cut out some things here and there, I personally thought it was a really good adaptation of the novel compared to other novels to manhwa adaptations. The art is also so stunning!~ I expect Tapas to probably pick it up for English publication in the next few months. I liked this series because it does have some bits of funny moments and cute fluff, but it also has a background of some serious shit going on in the story. Warning, there is some seriously heavy shit in this series. Rudbeckia, or Ruby, is our female lead. She was originally a Korean girl who was adopted and raised by a family in Spain. Outwardly, her family seemed perfect. They were rich and seemed loving and harmonious. However, that wasn’t the case. Her life was tough with racism and abuse from her parents. I’m pretty sure her adoptive brother was scum too. Her adoptive sister was the only one who was somewhat nice to her, but she’s traumatized by her adoptive sister’s death as well. So it’s no surprise she’s dealing with a whole lot of issues. She ends up isekai-ed as a villainess in a novel. Surprisingly, the novel she was isekai-ed into wasn’t originally a romance novel, rather it was focused more on politics and heroic actions of the male lead. Of course, the villainess is originally supposed to die. All the girl wants to do is avoid the character’s original fate and survive. You’d think this is a case where maybe she has a second chance at life, but it’s eerily similar to her old life. Ruby is the illegitimate daughter of the Pope. Her eldest brother Cesare is a is seemingly perfect, well-respected, governor of Romagna, and officially known as Cardinal Valentino. Her family has both wealth and power in the southern kingdom of Romagna. She’s also known for her beauty and everyone believes she’s incredibly loved. However, she’s abused by the Pope. She’s also secretly and heavily abused by her supposedly perfect and kind eldest brother. It’s basically an open secret that her family does some shady shit in politics. They basically plan to use Ruby as a tool. Originally the idea was to use her with marriages, but she managed to avoid them. However, she ends up having to marry Izek, our male lead. Everyone seemed to hate Ruby for some reason. They seem to hate that she acts kind of extra dumb and naive. However, I like Ruby. She’s a smart gal, but extremely traumatized and very pitiful. Homegirl literally living 2 lifetimes of shitty abuse. She really is just trying to survive. You gotta do what you gotta do. Considering how she’s actually powerless, her actions make sense and it’s the simplest thing she can do. Izek van Omerta of Britannia is the successor to the Omerta duchy in the northern Brittania kingdom of the north. He’s the knight captain of Longinus Knights (they paladins), as well as the nephew of the king. Izek is your typical handsome and seemingly cold heir to the northern territory. He’s known to be powerful, fierce, handsome, but taciturn and not emotional.

Honestly, I didn’t like Izek at first. I know a lot of people don’t like him. But trust me when I say he ends up being a really sweet and doting husband. He’s not a softie, but he definitely adores Ruby. We see a lot of awful husbands or fiancees who are the male leads, and honestly don’t deserve the female leads. I’m totally looking at you, Winter of What It Means to Be You, Sovieshit of Remarried Empress, and Wishtrash of I Don’t Love You Anymore. At first, you might want to be tempted to group Izek with them. As he seems very icy to Ruby at first. He doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to her. However, take into account that again, Ruby’s family (the Pope and Cesare really) are known to be shady and sus AF. It is a political marriage and it’s pretty obvious that there isn’t a good relationship between the two territories. So it makes sense that Izek is very suspicious and cautious. He’s basically the north’s hero and protector, as well as the heir to his duchy. So I makes sense dude’s initial priority would be his people, whereas Ruby is of course seen as an outsider. He doesn’t really know her and can’t really read her. He’s also literally away working all the time and preoccupied that that business. Honestly though, he’s just a taciturn person. Dude is always serious and is awful at communicating or expressing his feelings. He’s been through a lot of traumatizing shit as well. So in those aspects, I don’t totally blame him like I would with Winter, Wishtrash, or Sovieshit. He’s icy, but never really mistreated her. Rather, he’s just extremely cautious and suspicious of her. However, it is his bad to leave his house and people unchecked, which ended up leading to Ruby being mistreated and more shit happening to our pitiful female lead. I think it was his bias that clouded his judgment. He sees his people as good and loyal people. So he didn’t expect they’d blatantly mistreat her like that. Some of his actions are greatly misinterpreted to seem like he doesn’t give a fuck about Ruby, but he’s actually really concerned for her. There’s a scene where that bitch Freya is poisoned when she’s next to Ruby. Izek basically pulled Ruby away and was yelling. Everyone assumed Ruby did it. However, in the novel, it’s explained that he was afraid the poison could get on Ruby, a person who’s already incredibly weak as it is. In his mind, while he was quickly dealing with Freya, his mind was actually full of Ruby. This series has some really sweet moments for the ship. But it’s a journey for sure. I kind of like that it shows them dealing with things, their own traumas and worries, miscommunication, and misunderstandings, but they slowly grow through it. Of course, it took until Ruby got kidnapped, that Izek really realized he didn’t handle things well. It’s clear that he feels an interest and attraction to Ruby, but again, taciturn dude who sucks at recognizing and expressing his feelings. He’s sweet in his own way though. He’s basically been holding himself back. Also, CONSENT. I love a male lead who asks for consent first. While he seems rough, he really does adore Ruby and wants her to be happy. Despite him seeming to fall in your typical male lead tropes, I adored that he would actually ASK Ruby what happened, actually listen to her, and side with her. He puts his faith and trust in her. He’s literally one of the male leads that’s like “Even if you do fuck shit up, I’ll still always be on your side.” Also, aside from when he was still unsure of Ruby and her intentions at the very beginning, I love that he’s a guy that doesn’t fall for a white lotus bitch’s bullshit. Also, Izek ends up being funny at times. I love how he calls the baby dragon a fat lizard and Ruby’s boyfriend LMAO. He also ends up protecting Ruby’s monster friends cuz they make her happy. Anyway, it’s an emotional journey and can be frustrating. But I do love this ship and just seeing them progress and grow~

Princess Shu

Alternatively known as:
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama, Regression, Smut
Spicy?: Yeeeeh~ Sweet AND Spicy (for the R19 smut novel anyway).
Content/Trigger Warning: Novel is R19 smut

Valia was born into a fallen noble family as the daughter of a knight and lived a sad life. Then, the opportunity of a second life comes to her.

‘Should I live like that again?’

No, she won’t!

Valia decides to become a temple princess in order to live a happier life without having to worry about money. But then, as a princess, she becomes the wife of Shuden, the most handsome man and highest-ranking noble in the Empire…!

But in the future, Shuden falls in love with a new woman from another world. Valia knows this, but she can’t get away from Shuden, who is in love with her!

Valia, Shuden’s princess–what is her fate?

“You are the only one in my life that I will love. If I break my oath…I will pay for it with my life.”

Synopsis [NovelUpdates forum]

Based on a novel: Yes
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: — Not yet

Shuden x Valia


This is was one of the cases where I read the novel first and was surprised to find out there was to be a manhwa adaptation. I adore the novel. I think it’s sweet, fluffy at times, but also pretty spicy at times. I was really hyped for it, because the novel is one of my favorite current reads at the moment. However, I personally felt like the manhwa just fell short of my expectations. It’s aiight, but I definitely prefer the novel more. I just personally felt like the manhwa’s didn’t really show the Valia I read in the novel, and kinda portrayed her to be like your average romfan heroine. I liked that in the novel, Valia is portrayed to be a bit hard to read. Which makes it all the more precious that Shuden/Schuden (idk how to romanize his name) is excited to see Valia’s reactions and expressions. It’s that seemingly stoic and hard to read expression that makes him curious about her, and ends up drawing him to her. Again, making it all the more precious when Valia does show an unexpected reaction and expression around Shu. I also just personally felt like the manhwa was kinda watered down for me, and the pacing was a little rushed and awkward at times for me. So I’ve just been sticking to the novel. Also…. the novel is R19 smut. Sooo…yah. If y’all fans of that, there ya go.

But anyway, I do adore this novel and ship. Again, Valia is a very capable, but stoic lady. She lived a bit of a difficult life in another kingdom, was raised by an old mercenary, and somehow ended up becoming an escort lady-in-waiting in the empire. She seems so weak and delicate, but again, my girl was raised by a mercenary. She actually has some crazy strength despite her stature. I think there was a recount of her lodging a mace in the wall or something. Anyway, girl died and regresses back in time and tries to change things a bit. Mostly because she doesn’t want the mercenary grandpa who raised her to suffer again. She ends up marrying Shu, who is a marquis in the empire. Valia seems a bit stoic and difficult to read. Shu was originally against marriage, and was basically being forced to marry because of the church and emperor. However, he becomes eager when he meets Valia. He can’t really get a read on her, but he becomes curious about her and naturally drawn to her. Dude really loves and treasures every moment when he’s able to get her to show an unexpected reaction or expression. It’s to the point he rushed the wedding in like a week or something. Shu is your basic romfan ML that is a envied and respected war hero, holds alot of power and influence, is talented in everything, is hella rich, and is hella good looking. He’s literally the most wanted bachelor. However, he was never interested in relationships. While he dated a few women, he wasn’t deeply involved. He also seemed pretty cold and hard to approach as well. He’s a serious, all-business type of dude. Valia is the first to make him feel curious and all sorts of things. So that typical kinda trope. It’s cute because he ends up being such a sweet, gentle, and doting husband. Dude never cared for the landscaping/garden around his estate. Had it all redone just for her and so she wouldn’t get rained on during her walks. Hates sweets. But will enjoy every bit of the awkward and not very good cookies that Valia makes. He also personally comes to pick her up after her tea parties and things. Also, CONSENT. We love a gentle ML who prioritizes consent and his lady’s comfort. It’s just a really cute sweet, and pure love story and relationship. They’re both new to love and relationship like this. But it’s so damn cute. I love seeing how they’re progressing and the affection that they display. I don’t know how to describe it other than being hella sweet and fluffy, but also spicy LMAO. Wholesome, spicy, and healthy ship! YAY! The best kind!

Happy Ending After Divorce
이혼 후의 해피엔딩

Alternatively known as:
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama, Mystery, Comedy
Content/Trigger Warning: Abuse

The most beautiful Young Lady in society. Lily Hedwick.
She escaped her ill-fated marriage and headed for the Duke’s castle in the deep snow mountains.
“Please allow me to stay in this castle.”
“You can’t do that. What about your honor?”
Blake found her annoying. It was a look Lily was used to.
“Hide me for a year, and then I will leave without complaint.”
But…. How did this happen?
“Now, I remembered everything, Miss.”
Blake kissed Lily while on top of her.
“You made a promise to me when we were young. You were going to marry me.”
“Now it’s time to keep your promise.”
Lily couldn’t even breathe at the man’s persistent kiss.
“You’ll have to take responsibility for me.”

Synopsis [NovelUpdates forum]

Officially Available in English: — Not yet
Manhwa/Webtoon Adaptation: — Not yet

Blake x Lily

This is one of my favorite current novels to read! It’s also by the same author who wrote 백작가의 사생아가 결혼하면 (“When the Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married“). Blake and Lily’s chemistry is cute and funny. I love their constant bantering. I like that it’s not one of those seemingly perfect/fairty tale relationships. It’s just a natural kind of chemistry that makes them so endearing. If that makes sense? Basically, you have Lily, who was basically seen as the flower of society. She’s really pretty and fancied by many. She’s basically seen as like the ideal noblewoman. However, as with the sad and realistic traditions of the historical era, she had a political marriage to a count. Count Fox? Something like that. Anyway, he has ED, but most importantly…he’s a total piece of shit. He basically made it where he could marry her because…he basically wanted a trophy wife and bragging rights. Dude has a major inferiority complex but just lives for everyone envying him for having such a pretty wife. Scummy? But it’s worse. He’s basically a power-tripping, controlling, drunk, and abusive piece of shit. After obtaining Lily as his wife, he basically has her locked up in the house. He doesn’t let her out and doesn’t let her interact with anyone. She’s not even cared for in the house by the servants either, because she has no power and is just basically, again, seen as a trophy for bragging rights. It gets worse. The piece of trash beats her whenever he comes home drunk. He enjoys it because he feels like he’s in control and has power. EWWWWW. Yeah, we yeeting this garbage into the BAYOG volcano.

Lily manages to run away, leaving divorce papers. She heads to the north of course, the territory of Duke Blake Upus. She figured this would be her best bet to hide temporarily. The reason being that Blake and his people are seen as barbarians. Everyone looks down on them, but also fears them. Cuz of course, ML and his people are OP at fighting and shit. Also, they’re literally built differently from the people outside of their territory. They’re bigger, bulkier, much stronger, and rougher in speech and actions than the dainty imperial nobles. But that’s what makes it cute! At first, they’re kind of cautious around Lily. She’s tiny and looks weak. However, they end up loving her. Lily is different from what they expected. She’s clearly the epitome of a weak noblelady. However, she’s kind, warm, and unprejudiced. She’s not disgusted by the…shall we say, “cultural differences” of the Upus people? Rather she enjoys their traditions and foods. She loves their atmosphere and finds everyone to be kind and sweet people. Everyone, literally everyone, adores Lily and is all Must Protecc Lily squad lmao. They’re even basically ready to fight Blake if they think he’s mistreated or offended her in any way (even though Lily isn’t and she enjoys messing around with Blake). I think they were even treating Lily like she’s their master instead of Blake. They were so cold to him and all “Let’s replace the master with Lady Lily!” LMAO. Of course, they decide to switch plans and ship Blake and Lily in hopes of getting Lily to stay with them forever~ I just love Lily. She’s smol, kind, and doesn’t discriminate. She’s also gentle and kind of innocent. But I love how witty and playful she is, and also how resilient she is. Blake is your typical handsome ML that’s seen as an unsociable and bloodthirsty barbarian, but he’s a total softie. While he was against Lily staying at first, he agreed to let her stay for a year. He ends up unconsciously becoming interested in her after realizing she’s different from what he expected. Rather, he finds her a bit strange as she’s unphased by all the discriminating rumors and is very casual with him and his people. She doesn’t admonish him, his people, or his territory. She finds these kinds of things interesting. He’s also always concerned about her. Especially after realizing exactly why she ran away. Man instantly was like “I wanna cut that piece of trash’s tendons and feed him to the beasts!” I agree, Blake. I agree with ya. Blake honestly sucks at communicating and clearly expressing his thoughts and feelings. Yeah, he’s one of those male leads. However, he’s really kind, caring, and sweet in his own way. Gap moe too! Everyone is scared of him, but he’s kind of innocent and pure in his own way. Plus I love how he just wants Lily to be happy. Again, I love the vibe and chemistry of their relationship and their cute bantering. It’s one of those cute and sweet romance stories and relationships, and it isn’t overly heavy (aside from the topic of Lily’s asshole husband). Exactly what I like~

Childcare Diaries
흑막과의 육아일기

Alternatively known as:
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama, Mystery, Isekai/Isegye, Transmigration
Content/Trigger Warning:

When I opened my eyes, I became the nanny from a book I once read.
The nanny that kills the child she’s tasked to care.
With her experience from her previous life, she saves the child and saves her own life in the
process as well… but strangely the child’s uncle keeps appearing before her.
“Uncle, uncle.”
Brielle has started to speak to his uncle. “S…sure.”
Although the uncle’s response is awkward, his face glowed with a smile.
However, his face hardened when his nephew said this,
“Step away. Step away.”
That is what Brielle said when he saw the uncle and Marie (the nanny) together, who were deciding which storybook to read that day.

Synopsis [NovelUpdates forum]

Officially Available in English: — Not yet
Manhwa/Webtoon Adaptation: — Not yet

Marie x Kentrail

This is a series that is more mature than like “shoujo” kind of series, but is still really cute and fluffy at times. We all know I love my [villainess type of series]. However, I’ve also been into a lot of family kind of series too. This one is where a woman gets isekai-ed into a book she read and ends up becoming the nanny of a child the character she possessed was supposed to kill. However, instead of killing him, she faithfully carries out her duty as a nanny. Cuz she loves kids and used to work at a daycare or something. It’s just cute cuz she gains a family. Brielle’s parents passed away, so he’s being raised by his uncle. Count Kentrail is like a chancellor or something. Just know he holds pretty good political office, trusted by the king (? can’t remember if king or emperor), and is also the queen’s (?) cousin. He’s an attractive bachelor who’s known to be incredibly capable and good at his job. However, dude is clueless AF when it comes to raising a kid. Then comes Marie, who has been using interesting and never before heard/seen of ways of raising Breille. She helps him be closer to Brielle. Of course Kentrail also ends up finding himself very comfortable around Marie, and becomes more and more interested in her. I’d say it’s a bit of slow pacing, but it’s cute and sweet to see their relationship slowly blossom. This dude basically only ever really cared for work, so he’s awkward and clueless when it comes to showing appreciation or courting a lady. However, he has his really sweet moments. It’s just endearing because you see them become a family and you’re just screaming “Y’all basically raised Breille together like you’re his parents, get together already!!!~” If you like cute and fluffy family stories and a warm and subtly progressing kind of romance, then you might like this one~

When the Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married
백작가의 사생아가 결혼하면

Alternatively known as:
Genre/Themes: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Drama, Comedy
Content/Trigger Warning: Toxic family relationships, Abuse

“Dirty wench! You stole my necklace!”
“Unless I knew where your necklace was, I wouldn’t have been able to take it.”
As an illegitimate child, Laritte’s biggest sin was being born.
In the year she became an adult, she was sent to marry the ghost duke who was rumored to be dead. Her miserable life seemed to get worse and worse, however……
Her life changed when the duke came back alive.
“Madam, how do you like it?”
Kind servants,
“You have enough luxury to buy some residences in the capital.”
“…… one will be able to look down on you anymore.”
And the empire’s devoted and murderous duke.
It was already too late for those who tormented Laritte to regret.

Synopsis [Novel Updates forum]

Officially Available in English: — Not yet
Manhwa/Webtoon Adaptation: Yes! — Manhwa will be dropping this month! (In about a week or so from this post) Not yet out in English though.

Ian x Laritte

I know some people aren’t a fan of this one, but I personally liked it. I briefly mentioned it in one of my [previous reading list posts]. I just remember thinking it was wholesome and cute, but not diabetically sweet. We got a case where the female lead, Laritte, is an illegitimate child and seen as being “filthy blooded” because she’s the daughter of a maid. Everyone doesn’t seem to like Laritte, but I kinda like her. I love that she straight up gave up on giving a shit about her toxic AF family. She also straight-up called them out on their bullshit. People think she’s boring, but I personally like that she feels more down to earth than the typical “proper ladylike” female leads. I just honestly think she’s smart, tough, and spunky in her own way. Perhaps a bit ignorant and naive at times, but I like her. Of course, my favorite part is Ian. We have another murderous duke that everyone is afraid of. Afraid, but they all tried to stab him in the back by falsely accusing him of treason and trying to kill him. Ian is a hella strong swordmaster who is loyal and faithful to his people. I’ll admit, he can lack sense at times. But, I again love having a non-toxic and non-problematic male lead! Anyway, I love that he’s sweet and unwavering as well. I like that he doesn’t care about Laritte’s origins, and looks at her solely based on who she is as a person, and how she’s treated him. Dude is actually rather respectful, sweet, loyal, and caring. Although, he ends up being one of the male leads that can be a bit overprotective at times. But, there’s more! My man doesn’t fall for bullshit and schemes! He always supports and sides with Laritte. Also, ya know how much I love getting revenge on trash characters? Yeah, Ian is instantly ready to get revenge for Laritte when he finds out the truth of how she’s mistreated and disrespected. They’re also one of those awkward couples who clearly like each other, but they’re awkward and don’t realize that’s what their feelings are. They just assume what they feel is a sense of camaraderie and friendship. Those kinds of ships can be frustrating and overly cliche. However, I liked it for this one. For me, I liked it because it has such sweet and cute moments, but not overly saccharine. I like that it doesn’t really make me cringe and feel like I’ll get diabetes. It was a good balance for me.

Another Typical Fantasy Romance
아무튼 로판 맞습니다

Alternatively known as:
Genre/Themes: Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Historical, Comedy, Isegye/Isekai, Regression
Content/Trigger Warning:

After the gods dropped her in the world of her favorite fantasy romance novel, Lithera was quick to realize that happily-ever-afters were never easy to get. Given another shot at happiness, she is now determined to avoid the mistakes of her previous life, starting by meeting the sweet and caring Grand Duke she spent years exchanging letters with… Another typical female lead, with another typical Duke, promised to wed. Will this story go the typical path we all expect?

Synopsis [Pocket Comics]

Based on a novel: No?
Official Manhwa/Webtoon in English: Another Typical Fantasy Romance [Pocket Comics]

To be honest, this isn’t one of my favorite or top-tier kind series. The art is alright…but not really my style. If I were to be brutally honest, I probably would’ve ranked this in my C-tier series. However, I’ll put it at B-tier because of the ship! That and the addition of how, despite the title, it is a bit different from your typical romfan series. Which is why, despite it not being one of my favorite series, I do find it rather interesting and entertaining. It does follow some typical tropes and cliches of romfan series such as both the isegye/isekai and regression trope. However, it really is interesting because it does tend to criticize and make fun of some of these typical tropes and cliche found in romfan. Lithera isn’t a blindly kind and weak type of damsel in distress, nor is she a tomboy who is seen as uncivilized, yet charming. While she is generally kind and can be sweet, she’s not stupidly so kind and sweet to be taken advantage of. She’s down for sadistic revenge. But I also like that she can actually use her brain and common sense. We all know these characters are guilty of not really thinking or using common sense sometimes… Anyway, she was isekai-ed into a romance fantasy novel, played her role, got the novel’s male lead, and should’ve had a happy ending. Except, she didn’t. Male lead was an obsessive and murderous yandere prince. He ended up killing her. So when she regresses, she decides to avoid that bullshit. She instead seeks out the caring Grand Duke that she had never seen, but had a close pen pal friendship with. Which brings me to another thing that was different and made me find this series interesting: Pell himself. Pell is not like your typical romfan male lead. He falls into that trope of a powerful Grand Duke that’s known for basically his monster-fighting skills, yet also seen as a savage barbarian. However, he’s not the typical pretty boy male lead that you’d see in most romfan series. Dude is huge, rough, doesn’t exactly have a neat appearance, and is covered in scars. He even has scars on his face. He is kind of in that “rough on the outside, softie on the inside” trope. However, he’s actually incredibly mature and capable compared to most other male characters that would fall into these tropes. Dude does have insecurities and tend to self-deprecate himself. He’s still has a rough side, but he is truly a mild-mannered and kind man. He’s actually very sweet, and kind of innocent at times. It makes him pretty cute really.

With this ship…I do love that it does start purely from friendship and trust. It’s I guess it’s also simple and subtle pacing and progression in their relationship as their feelings seem to go beyond simple friendship. Which I like. I like subtle and natural progression instead of being smacked with stuff in my face when it’s barely a few chapters in. It’s also refreshing that the male lead (Pell) is directly told the entire truth as well, from this being a novel where Literha was isekai-ed, to the events and death in the original timeline before her regression. I will say, this series is full of fluff and is incredibly sweet. A bit saccharine at times for me. Still, I like it because it’s really wholesome and a healthy display of what relationships could and should be like. Lithera and Pell support and comfort each other. They recognize the traumas they’ve been through and emphasize with one another. They truly work together and they actually communicate! YES! Communication! I like that they address things instead of just leaving it. For example Pell may deprecate himself, but Lithera addresses it right on and reassures him. And he does that for her too. They’re a good example of a couple that view each other as equals and partners. YES! So yeah, while it’s not the best series in my opinion, it is a nice series to read if you like cheese and fluff. Like I like to read this after reading a frustrating romfan LOL It makes me feel less angry haha

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Well, that’s it for this post~ Sorry that it’s messy and I might not make total sense. Sleep-deprived Minty is dead inside right now, but thanks for sticking with me lol. There are a lot more ships I like, but these were the ones I could think of from the top of my head~ I know I sounded like a broken record repeating the same points. I’m a sucker for the same types of characters and ships haha. I get drama, but I also love my wholesome and fluffy ships. I’m a simple gal that is a sucker for healthy and sweet relationships. They can be a bit cheesy and cliche at times, but that kind of stuff can still be enjoyable when the story and characters are presented well. All I really ask for is respect, sincerity, loyalty, and consent. I love a relationship that doesn’t feel overly forced. There’s just natural chemistry and progression. Most importantly, these couples are partners and equals who genuinely and sincerely care for each other. And you can feel that~ While these are relationships can be seen as idealized relationships, they’re not perfect. That’s okay though (and totally expected). We all have some flaws, quirks, and weaknesses that shape up and that we grow from. Because something important for any story, but also in real life, is development. Development to become better people and partners. Still, the important points of why these ships are likable and endearing are things that are honestly what SHOULD be in a relationship. We might not be perfect at it, but we should be putting such things into practice because they are something achievable. Y’all familiar with any of these ships? Who are your faves? Got any faves not on my list? Let me know! Also, let me know if you have any reading recommendations for me!~ Also… please look forward to a future post that’s basically the opposite of this. I saw someone search our blog for “manhwa that make me pissed like remarried empress”. Friend, I got a whole ass list LMAO. Also, I’m always up for trash-talking trash characters LMAO. Ask and ye shall receive~ I’ll probably have that post up in a few weeks though~ Anyway, stay warm, take care, and stay safe friends!~

LET’S BE FRIENDS!~ (つ✧ω✧)つ

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