ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? | Episode 6 Review

ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? | Episode 6 Review

Here we are again at the closure of another great arc from Oresuki. As this arc closes, I will be taking a break from writing about this series. As much as I enjoy it, I want to write some midseason review posts for all the other shows I’m watching. I will likely write about each arc instead. The Ahiru no Sora posts will continue though. For how long? Who knows because it’s going to be a 50 episode season! Alright, let’s get back to what y’all came for, Oresuki Episode 6.


In my previous post, I had some initial suspicions of Asunaro and I was right! As you see everything unravel, it’s hard not to predict that Asunaro was the reason for all of Joro’s misfortunes. When they were dancing together, that was the nail in the coffin for me. I assumed that she planned all this to close Joro off from everyone else. I just didn’t expect everything to be so calculated. What made this scene so great was how it was all brought to light and who did it.


Cosmo has come a long way from who she was in the last arc. I believe everything that happens in this episode is a sign of that. I don’t think she would be so forward with this confrontation and how she was after the dance. I also love how reflective she is on how she was in the previous arc and actually giving valid advice to Asunaro. Very strong episode for Cosmo. Hopefully, the other characters will get this treatment. But for now, It’s looking like Cosmo is putting up a fight for best girl of Oresuki. She has definitely fallen for Joro and his Hyde personality. Let’s see who is next up in the ring.


I also believed that Sun-chan played some role in everything. I thought he was maybe the mastermind behind Asunaro’s plan. There’s something about him that made me believe that he wasn’t going to ACTUALLY be his friend but more of a rival throughout the show. This can still potentially happen long term but it does seem like he has turned over a new leaf. Still not the biggest fan of him after the last arc but let’s hope I can be swayed later.


One thing I really enjoy about this show is seeing different sides of all the characters. Joro’s almost second personality really brings a refreshing spin on a school anime protagonist. This is not just Joro. Not one person’s true intentions are easy to read, as it should be. I feel that many other series of this genre are just too damn predictable.

I’m really looking forward to what bench-kun has in store for us next arc. Also, how many times can this damn baseball game be referenced?! Thanks for reading!

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