IRL Adventures| I Went to the Detective Conan Cafe in Bangkok

IRL Adventures| I Went to the Detective Conan Cafe in Bangkok

Hihi, BAYOG Fam!~ Now that we’re done with Spoop Fest, I thought I could show you guys some of the nifty things I wanted to share with you! As y’all know, I was back in the motherland (Thailand, if you didn’t know) in September and August. I really lucked out because it turns out that the pop up Detective Conan Cafe was back! Y’all know Kenny loves Detective Conan. It was also one of my favorite series when I was growing up! I remember buying boxed VCD sets of Detective Conan that was dubbed in Thai. This was before it came out in the States~ I’ll admit that unlike Kenny, I haven’t really kept up with the series. Still, it’s one of my favorite series. I’ve always loved the mystery and detective genres, and it’s super nostalgic for me.

The Thai poster for Detective Conan: The First of the Blue Sapphire

So yeah, I was stoked that I’d actually be in Bangkok when they were holding the Detective Conan Cafe. It’s always been like a temporary pop-up collaboration with Bake A Wish, a Japanese bakery chain known for it’s choux creme (non-fancy speak: cream puffs). I also love, love, love Bake A Wish. Their cream puffs are my absolute favorite. So I was hella excited fam. It was being held from August 1st – September 15th. The pop-up was at the Bake A Wish Cafe on the G Floor of the Siam Discovery Center. The pop-up was part of the promotion for the 23rd Detective Conan movie, Detective Conan: The Fist of the Blue Sapphire. It was currently being shown in theaters in Thailand.

Weirdly enough, I actually just watched it on my ANA flight from Tokyo to Bangkok. I was dead tired and originally planned to pass the fuck out. However, I thought I’d enjoy the movie in my premium economy seat. It’s what Kenny would’ve wanted me to do~ The movie basically takes place in Singapore. Kaito Kid disguises himself as Shinichi, and smuggles and blackmails a passport-less Conan. Kid is after the ‘blue lapis fist’, the greatest sapphire in the world. Meanwhile, Ran, Sonoko, and Mori are there to attend Makoto’s karate tournament. Of course a murder occurs, and it seems someone is trying to frame Kid. I’ll probably post a full review on the movie in a later post.

Anyways, like I said, the cafe was being held at the Bake A Wish’s Siam Discovery Center location. It’s located in Siam, right next to Siam Paragon. Siam is basically a very trendy and popular shopping area. It’s pretty popular hangout for tourists, teens, and young adults. So off my sister and I went onto the BTS (Bangkok Train System). We started off at the Central Ladprao station and made our way to the Siam station. Siam Discovery Center and Siam Paragon are literally right there in front of the station.

Top view from the escalators

Bake A Wish is a really small cafe. It’s pretty open and right in the middle. You can see it from the escalators. As you can see, the decorated the cafe from all angles to fit the theme. I think the first day or week had some special little events and merch. From what I could tell, alot of stuff sold out quick. We were kind of worried it might be busy, but it was pretty empty. I think it might’ve been because we went near the end of the pop-up event. It was September 12th, I think? We also happened to go around the early afternoon when most people were in school or at work. The service was pretty quick.

They decorated it with Kaito and Conan stuff, as well as images from the movie.

Images taken from the [Detective Conan Cafe in Bangkok Facebook Page]

Bake A Wish had a special menu for the event too. They had both savory foods and desserts that were made to fit the series and the movie. There were things like Kaito Kid’s card cookies, APTX-4869 green curry, special cold and hot drinks, etc. Everything was super cute. Most of the menu came with a little collectables, like the drink coaster or little keychains. The only down side is that the menu was only in Thai. Sucked for us too. We both speak/understand Thai fluently, but our reading skills suck. I read in broken Thai and slower than a 5 year old. Ironically though, the Facebook page was advertising everything in both Thai and English.

Singapore Blue Paradise; Only know what this was called cuz they posted about it on Facebook…

We just ate, and we were supposed to meet our aunt at 5-6pm for AYCE Japanese BBQ. So we didn’t want to eat too much. So we both opted for drinks and some desserts. Honestly, I thought the lattes were cute. I loved the latte art, and really wanted to try one. However, it was hot as hell in Bangkok. So I ended up getting the Singapore Blue Paradise. it was a slushee blue soda topped with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and fruits (peaches, pineapple, pomegranate, and a cherry). It also had little diamond shaped jelly at the bottom. I also got a Conan Joker card drink coaster. It was sweet, tangy/citrusy, creamy, and super refreshing. It was exactly what I needed after melting in the hot Bangkok sun and humidity. I usually am not a fan of the above fruits (although I’ve learned that I started like Thailand pineapples…shit tastes like candy). However, I loved this drink. It was probably my favorite thing that we had.

Antidote? It’s an apple soda drink.

My sister got a drink that came in a Kid/Conan water bottle. I believe it was an apple soda that had pomegranate and blueberries? I think it had the diamond jellies in there too? The water bottle was hella cute, and obviously you get to keep it. I believe it was one of the premium menu items. It was slightly sweet, lightly fizzy, with a slight citrus/apple flavor.

Close up of the fruits and jellies.

We weren’t really fans of pomegranate or whatever was it in though. That’s just a personal preference though. I forget if this was supposed to be like an antidote or what. Anyways, hers came with an Ace of clubs Kid drink coaster. Again, super refreshing and a perfect remedy for the Bangkok heat.

Phantom Thief Kid’s Galaxy Cake

One of the things I was looking forward to was the Phantom Thief Kid Galaxy Cake(?). It was supposed to be a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate mousse, and covered in chocolate. It was also topped with edible sugar pearls. I love chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. The picture on the Facebook page also looked so pretty. It was alot darker in person though, and honestly it was hard to see the galaxy design. Still, I had high hopes. Especially because I’ve always been a fan of Bake A Wish desserts. Um…I was sadly a bit disappointed. So I admit that I didn’t really realize it was a galaxy cake until now. I just assumed it was a cake with fondant. It wasn’t so sticky…but like hard and tacky? It was kind of hard to cut through with our utensils. We were not fans of the outer coating. The cake was also kind of dry. The pros was the chocolate mousse part was yummy. There was also this crispy chocolate cookie bottom. That was also pretty yummy. Still, I was kind of let down by the cake. This was from the Take Out menu.

Conan’s Various Cake Set

Lastly, we chose Conan’s Various Cake set(?). This was another item from the Take Out menu. It was a small assortment of various tiny desserts. It included a little baby cream puff, two little cake bites, a chocolate truffle, a macaron, and a baby fruit tart. These looked really cute. They were tiny, but hella cute. Sadly, I was probably most disappointed by almost all of these. The chocolate truffle was perfectly fine. However, the cakes were hard and hella dry. Like I don’t know if it was stale, but the cake and frosting was like a rock. I’m so saddned by the cream puff too. Like I said, I love Bake A Wish’s cream puff. Again, this was hard. It almost felt frozen. The taste was meh. The macaron was okay…but I honestly don’t remember much. The fruit tart was also kind of hard. I also didn’t care for it, but that’s mostly because I’m not a fan of fruit tarts anyway.

Please excuse my quadruple chin. It was my vacation, so I was living my best fat life… Also I know…I posed wrong…I forgot…

While we sitting and eating, Conan was going around for photo-ops. There was also a staff member who would help take pictures for you. He also was there to basically help whoever was in the Conan suit. They were super sweet though. However, I’d like to say something. Whoever was in that suit…damn you smol and tiny!

My sister and I wore matching Sailor Moon shirts with our hella basic over-sized round glasses. Wrong series I know, but we were going for nerdy otaku theme.

There were lots of spots to take pictures at the cafe. The cafe was small but they had a little photo-op spot right in the front. There were also lots of cardboard cutouts to take pictures with too.

The food didn’t live up to my expectations, but I really enjoyed the drinks. Everything was super cute though. Aesthetically, it was a pass. Everything was adorable and matched the theme. Even the to-go boxes were cute. The service from Conan-kun and staff-kun was great too. I also enjoyed my little souvenirs. So yeah, I had some disappointment. However, it was still worth it. I don’t regret going, and I still had fun~ I’m glad I can say that I was finally able to go at least once. I’m only sad that I missed out on the store pop-up they had weeks after I left…

I know…my quadruple chin be showing, and this was not a flattering angle. That’s what happen when you live your best fat life and try to have as many bubble teas as you can…

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