ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? | Episode 1 Review

ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? | Episode 1 Review

There aren’t many shows that I can immediately start recommending to my friends BUT THIS ONE is a winner. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing during this episode and I couldn’t wait to watch with my other friends just to see how they react. I would love to sit @rokutsu down and watch him because I know he would lose his shit. Because of how funny it is, I want to talk about it here and tell you if you haven’t watched it, open up another tab and watch it. Come back after. You don’t have to close this one. Just come RIGHT BACK!


ORESUKI revolves around the main protagonist Kisaragi Amatsuyu or Joro who seems to have a great life. He is the school’s secretary working with a beautiful upperclassman who is class president. He has a fun, also beautiful, childhood friend who walks him to school every day. He has a best friend who is also the ace of the school’s baseball team. He is asked out by both girls over the weekend and both had asked them the question they have been longing to ask him. Instead of confessing to him, they are both hoping that he would help them get with his best friend. There is much more to this but I still want to leave this part out for those who still haven’t watched. Now GO WATCH!


For those who don’t know, the main protagonist Joro is actually being voice by VA Daiki Yamashita. He is the VA for Deku of My Hero Academia and so many other roles. The best thing about this role is because Joro technically has two personalities, we really get to see the range of Daiki. The way I look at it is, his nice side is Deku and the not so nice side is Narancia from JoJo. So if you are a fan of both MHA and JoJo you will likely enjoy his performance.



The overall comedy in this series is top tier for me. I honestly laughed way too hard at some of the bits and I could imagine most people would find this funny. The last time I laughed nearly as hard was Hinamatsuri off the top of my head. The way that Joro reacts is perfect and the fact that he uses English for most of them always gets me.



I’m not sure as to what we are going to get from the romantic aspect of this series. Joro is attempting to help these two girls who really cannot be helped and his romantic interest only has interest in his not so nice side. I’m just going to assume that this aspect will not really play a real part until the end of the series but ultimately this gloomy girl with a sharp tongue may just want Joro to be himself and that’s totally fair.

The best part of Joro is how much he recognized the situation he was in. Some would say he isn’t the main protagonist because everything is actually revolving around his best friend. It kind of reminds me of this RDCWorld video:

I’m really excited to see what this series is going to deliver throughout the season. To be honest, this season is looking really stacked in a year of anime that is already really strong. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read these posts and hope to see you for the next weekly reviews I post!

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