Webtoon|Ghost Teller Season 2|Spoop Fest #1

Webtoon|Ghost Teller Season 2|Spoop Fest #1

Why hello my loves! It’s October. Y’all know what that means. It’s time to bring back [Spoop Fest]~ Although, I’ll be more broad this year around. I’ll throw in things that can range or have a mix of scary, spoopy, and supernatural. Let’s take it easy for our first 2019 Spoop Fest post!

Y’all know I loved a webtoon called [ 귀전구담 /Ghost Teller] by QTT. I absolutely loved the concept of, “What’s scarier: people or ghosts?” It was interesting to see the horrors that people commit. I know they announced that there would be a season 2. However, there hadn’t been any announcements for a while. Until August 10, 2019. I was getting ready for my vacation when I saw that they released the [Season 2 Prologue]! Y’all I was ecstatic! So yeah, you can bet I’ve been buying fast passes since I love this series so much.

Season 2 follows the same exact premise as Season 1. It still very much about how people can be scarier than ghosts. There are people who pursue their desires, fall into temptation, commit sins, and ultimately just give up on being human.

Season 2 has a new group of characters though. The only character from the original season is the Grim Reaper. He’s joined by his vampire friend who appeared at the end of Season 1.

Here they meet up with a new group of ghosts to hear new stories. These stories aren’t your typical horror kind of scary. However, it’s scary in the aspect of what human beings can be capable of. It’s actually quite sad at times too.

Have you read this webtoon yet? What was your favorite story? Do you prefer Season 1 or Season 2? Lately, who do you think are scarier: people or ghosts? Let me know in the comments or at [Twitter @ piecesofminty]

Also, the bros and I are planning to do a little giveaway for Spoop Fest this year! Stay tuned via the blog and on our Twitter accounts!~

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