What I’ve Been Reading | Update

What I’ve Been Reading | Update

I have returned from yet another unannounced break. I took last week off from work, school and this blog. As much as it would’ve been nice to get some stuff written on this blog, I really just needed the time to do absolutely nothing. I didn’t even go to the gym… well, kinda. I honestly hope you all can take the time for yourself when you are feeling burned out and need to recharge. I just wanted to say all of this to remind the people who really need to hear it. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOU WORK TOO DAMN HARD!

I also wanted to take the time to talk about what I’ve been into lately. Over the week I had off, I did watch plenty of anime and did some gaming. One thing I felt that I was missing was reading. I felt like I wasn’t reading nearly as much I was reading before so I took the time to crack open some light novels and manga.

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A Sister Is All You Need

Many of you may remember the anime adaption that came out in 2017. I remember starting the series but it didn’t quite grab me. I can’t say the same for the light novel. There is something about reading this series that made me really enjoy it. It may have been how odd some of the cuts were between scenes but that was something made to replicate how the book would change scenes.

As weird as a novelist who is obsessed about little sister is, I did find myself liking Itsuki more as time passed. It may have taken 4 volumes but we got there. It also gives some great insight into the light novel business similarily to how Bakuman provides insight into the manga industry.

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Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki

I had no idea what this series was about and surprisingly heard nothing about it from anyone. Normally if a new light novel comes out I would learn about it via anitwitter but not this series. Instead, I just happened to walk by the first volume in Barnes and Nobles. I was honestly captivated by the main heroine on the cover and was also intrigued by the title. Brought it home and read it from front to back in one night.

Small bit of what it’s about:

Tomozaki is one of the top gamers in Japan and holds a unique opinion on life. The game of real life is one of the worst. Lack of rules, terrible balance and lack of logic. He then meets another gamer that offers to show him that there is more to the game of life and will show him how to exploit it.

There is so much more to this story and it provides so much to the reader. Check it out!

ALSO, the anime just got announced so look forward to that adaption!

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For this section, I mainly just caught up on most of the Shonen Jump series I used to read weekly. I don’t how I get so far behind on these series but it always feels very rewarding to catch up. It’s also a bittersweet feeling. What if you catch up and get smacked with a HUGE cliffhanger. We’ve all been there. Like literally every chapter of Attack on Titan is THE WORST.

Reading is something that is always beneficial. No matter what you are reading. If you feel that you read to slow or you just can’t concentrate, there may be ways to work up to solid reading speed and also find the right environment and conditions to get you into it. For me, I try to read for 30-60 mins before bed. I usually listen to Lofi Hip Hop and for some reason, I’m instantly immersed in the book I’m reading. Hopefully, you can find what works for you.

Thanks for reading! Remember to take breaks and see you soon!

I was recently featured on the Dilkokoro Podcast! I had a great conversation with him over at AniTAY. Go listen!


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  1. Sometimes I think of adding this feature to my blog… But pretty much none of my reading is fiction and/or anime related. (The current book on top of my reading pile is an economic history of Nazi Germany…)

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