What Minty is Watching/Reading

What Minty is Watching/Reading

Hello, BAYOG Fam! It’s your favorite Asian bobae~ I apologize for not being as active as when I first joined BAYOG. Life’s been crazy. I think it’s been crazy for all of us. I’ve been busy with work, family stuff, and I’ve been hella sleep deprived. I got alot jumbled up in my mind. I’m physically and mentally exhausted most of the time. So whatever little free time I’ve had, I just use to kick back and play Sims 4, read a webtoon, or watch a drama. I do have alot of ideas, but just haven’t had much time to properly organize my ideas and thoughts into a post… You guys know I like to be detailedand put my heart and soul into everything. I’d like to be genuine to you guys. So again, I apologize. I hope you can be patient with me while I take the time to organize all these posts I have planned~

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Like I said, we’ve all been crazy busy. I know we’ve all had to take some time to take a step back. Which is what we all need to do sometimes. Don’t force yourself through the burn out. Self-care and love fam. Take some time for yourself, relax, and recharge. Anyways, I know Kenny also took a break last week. He recently posted a bit of an update and talked about what he’s been reading [HERE]. It made me think of updating you guys on what I’ve been up to, what dramas I’ve been watching or plan to watch, and what series I’ve been reading for the past couple of months~ This is just a brief little chat though. Well…brief for me anyway… I promise to go into detail for posts specifically about these series (if they’ve held my interest enough).


Hotel del Luna| 호텔 델루나
Okay, this is kind of old. I actually watched and finished this while it was airing during the summer. I really loved it. It gave me some [Goblin] vibes and feels. It also stars IU! She is just so pretty and incredibly talented as a singer, songwriter, and actress. I loved her in this. Y’all also know I’m a sucker for the supernatural type of series. This was a beautiful drama, it had an interesting story, a great cast, fun characters, comedy, and also so many feels. I cried. It may have been one of my favorites for the 2019 drama season. It’s basically in my list of A-tier Asian dramas.
[Watch on Viki]

Hotel del Luna. It’s a seemingly quiet building/hotel in downtown Seoul. It’s run by the beautiful. fickle, and greedy Jang Man Wol. Gu Chan Sung is the youngest assistant manager ever at a multinational hotel corporation. He’s a perfectionist, and seemingly level headed. He’s also a bit of a softie. Chan Sung has been forcibly recruited by Man Wol to work at her seemingly empty hotel. However, it’s not empty at all. Hotel del Luna serves a very particular clientele: ghosts. Not only that, Man Wol is no ordinary woman. She’s a mysterious spirit who committed a grave sin that led her to being cursed with running this odd hotel.

Psychopath Diary | 싸이코패스 다이어리

When I saw this, I knew this was a Minty series. I saw Yoon Si Yoon was in it, and I was sold. For reals though, this is definitely a me kind of series. It can be a bit dark because it is centered around a psychopath who murders alot of people. However, there is also a good amount of comedy and light-hearted moments. It’s an interesting concept. Also…in a way “psychopath” Dong Sik and Bo Kyung kind of remind me of Nick and Judy from Zootopia? Just vaguely? Anyways, yes. It’s currently airing, and I just recently started it. It did pass my 3-4 episode test. So I’ll definitely be posting about this one. Weirdly though…I’ve just noticed, or rather my mom pointed it out to me, that lately I’ve been watching alot of series related to psychopaths/murderers…. Weird… (✿◕ ω ◕)🔪
Trigger warning though: It’s a bit gory and graphic at times cuz…psychopathic murderer and all. Also kind of mentions suicide(s). So please be aware of that.
[Watch on Viki]

Meet Yoo Dong Sik. He’s a hard-worker. At the same time, he doesn’t have much of a presence and is seen as a total pushover. Still, he’s a kind person who happens to be a thriller buff. Things just don’t seem to go right for him though. As Dong Sik prepares to end his life,he ends up being at the wrong place at the wrong time. As he changes his mind, he ends up witnessing an attempted murder. Dong Sik tries to run away with the psychopath’s diary. Unfortunately, he ends up being hit by Officer Bo Kyung’s police car. He wakes up with amnesia. He finds the diary and believes it’s his. He ends up believing himself to be a top predator, a psychopathic serial killer.

Bad Guys | 나쁜 녀석들

This is actually an old drama from 2014. I saw this on Netflix and wanted a break from sweet and fluffy stuffs. Oh boy. This one is definitely one of the more gory and darker titles for me. I do like Ma Dong Seok though. If y’all didn’t know, he’s going to be in Marvel’s The Eternals.Park Hae Jin, from Cheese in the Trap, was also in it. He plays a supposed psychopathic serial killer… What a surprise… *Surprised Pikachu meme face* Yeah…my mom saw me watching this and was like, “WTF is wrong with my daughter…?? Why do you keep watching series about psychopaths?? are you a psychopath??” Nick…don’t answer that. Anways, it’s an interesting concept and series. The whole idea about having some really bad guys catch the bad guys. I think this is also one of the series that could actually do well if there was a western adaptation. I wouldn’t really say this is A-tier for me, but I think it’s not really B-tier either. I liked it. It was cool, I loved the psychological and thriller aspects. However, I didn’t feel completely satisfied with the ending? Although it might just be that I need to watch the sequel and movie too.
[Watch on Netflix]

There are some truly sick crimes horrifying sickos out there. We’d like to think the cops can handle everything and protect us. However, the world is not only sick with crime, but with corruption as well. So how do you catch the bad guys? Detective Oh Gu Tak has a vague moral line who uses excessive force. He’s known as the “Mad Dog” that will do anything necessary to catch the criminals. Lee Jung Moon is a genius. He’s the youngest member of Mensa, has an IQ of 165, and has doctorates in math and philosophy. However, behind his facade is a psychopathic serial killer. Jung Tae Soo was a perfect hired hit man who never made a mistake. Strangely enough, he suddenly confessed and turned himself in one day. Park Ong Chul is a mob boss. He crushed his way to the top of the gangster chain within a shocking 25 days. Yet, he’s still the top dog in prison. It’s with this bad guys that Gu Tak creates a team of mad dogs. To catch bad guys, you gotta use bad guys.

Melting Me Softly | 날 녹여주오

I’ve watched some other ones like Melting Me Softy too. That was probably my only not so dark kind of series? I honestly was going to pass on this drama. I’m not really all that into sci-fi. However, I was in need of something to kill time since I finished Hotel del Luna. It was cute and interesting. I liked it better than I thought. However, it’s not in my A-tier. I’ll give it a solid B-tier for me.
[Watch on Viki]


I also finally watched Abyss. It came out in May-June. I like Park Bo Young, but I was really sure I’d be into it. Still gave it a try. Surprise, surprise. It’s centered around a murder mystery, and it involves a psychopathic serial killer. Hmm…there’s a trend to the dramas I’ve been watching. Should we be concerned? It’s an interesting series. Again, better than I expected. However, I still wouldn’t consider this an A-tier for my personal taste. It’s more of a solid B-tier for me.
[Watch on Netflix]

Extra-Ordinary You|어쩌다 발견한 하루

I also planned on starting Extra-Ordinary You since my Viki Plus Pass includes Kocowa content. I like that the episodes are 30 minutes long, relatively short and digestible for Asian drama standards. It’s also an interesting concept. In a way, it kind of reminds me of Heroine Shikkaku/No Longer Heroine. The whole main character realizing that she’s not the main character aspect anyway. Although, I think I find the character in this drama more likable. The only down side is that I do struggle to finish it…just a bit. I think it’s just because I’ve gotten older, so it’s harder for me to get into high school setting dramas.
[Watch on Viki/Kocowa]

Strangers From Hell|타인은 지옥이다

One of the other dramas I planned on watching was Strangers in Hell. I hear it’s kind of dark and stars Lee Dong Wook, aka the Grim Reaper from [Goblin]. It’s based on a webtoon. I actually wanted to read the webtoon, but I don’t think they’ve officially translated it into English yet. The drama isn’t on Viki or Netflix either… I think it’s on Viu, but we don’t get that here… I found a way, but it’s a bit inconvenient since I have to watch it via my computer browser. Your girl likes watching things on her giant TV while she eats or lazes about.


True Beauty|여신강림

I’ve absolutely adored True Beauty, or Secret of an Angel. This is one of the series that I will absolutely spend money on for the fast pass. I think I can hella relate to it. I don’t think myself to be a pretty person. I think make up is just so pretty. Doing skincare and make up makes me feel a bit more confident about myself. It’s also a form of self-care. I really wish I was as good as Ju Gyeong. The make up tips are hella real too. It’s hella K-drama material too. Speaking of, there are plans for a live action drama adaptation! Super excited for it! Also, did anyone else realize that the author of the webtoon is basically Ju Gyeong IRL??
[Watch at Webtoon]

A Good Day To Be A Dog|오늘도 사랑스럽개

This is another rom-com webtoon series that I adore. A Good Day To Be A Dog , or As Lovely Again Today, is also another series I was willing to pay fast passes for. It’s just sweet and funny. I remember when I first started reading it over a year ago. I remember thinking, “Man. I kind of want to see a drama of this.” What do you know…a few days later I see a news announcement that it got lighted for a drama adaptation. So yeah, also really excited for this. I want to see how they’re gonna have things play out in the live action. Although, I recognize it may be a bit difficult. Still gonna stay hopeful though.
[Read at Webtoon]

Another series I’ve been adoring is Tails of Magicat. It’s absolutely adorable. The art is so beautiful and detailed too! Definitely recommend it if you like fantasy and magic. Also just read it because it’s so damn cute. Like it’s the adventures of a cute magical cat. How can you say no to that??
[Read at Webtoon]

My Student Can’t Be A Psychopath| 내 학생이 싸이코패스일 리가 없어

Another series I was reading and just finished is My Student Can’t Be A Psychopath. Yes, my trend of psychopathic titles continued with what I was reading too… Anyway, it’s an interesting psychological kind of series. It has lots of dark moments, as well as comedy.

Jung Intae may be the first to admit he’s a psychopath to the school nurse (his crush), but he certainly isn’t the last. Consequently, Miss Kim’s been dealing with a lot of high school psychopaths… Not that any of them really fit the bill. But dig a little deeper and it seems like everyone at the school, including the faculty, is harboring a secret… Like Intae’s obsession with Miss Kim, and the anxiety Miss Kim seems overwhelmed by at times. Someone at the school really is a psychopath, but who?

[Read at Lezhin]

Of course, I’m also still reading [Ghost Teller], [Lore Olympus], [Odd Girl Out], [Sweet Home], and [Eleceed]. There are some other titles I’ve given a shot. However, these are the ones I’ve been consistently reading. Some of the other consistent titles I’ve read are currently on hold or break.

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Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to drama and reading wise~ Have you guys watched or read any of these? What did you think? Also let me know if you have any recommendations~ Have a wonderful day BAYOG Fam~ Take some breaks, and take care of yourself~


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