Webtoon|Girl’s World/Odd Girl Out

Webtoon|Girl’s World/Odd Girl Out

Hello~ I figured we’d take make this a webtoon post today. Honestly, I had planned a drama post. However, I’m behind because it’s been hella overwhelming and busy lately. I promise I’ll have a Real People Stuffs post next week though!~ Today I’ll be talking about a webtoon I recently picked up called 소녀의 세계/Sonyeoui Segye. The translation means, “Girl’s World”. The official English title is Odd Girl Out.


소녀의 세계 is by 모랑지/Morangg. This webtoon has been published since May 2015. LINE Webtoon officially starting publishing the English version in July 2018. It’s ultimately a slice of life series. Honestly, I hadn’t really planned on reading it. I probably went by about a month of seeing it, but never reading it. Then one day I needed something to read while waiting for the updates of the other series I read. It’s a simple story, but I like the two main themes and messages of this series: 1) Learn to accept and love yourself, and 2) The value of real friends.



Oh Nari is about to start high school. In middle school, she was seen as chubby and not very pretty. She was often used and faced some mistreatment. However, she wants to be different while starting this new chapter in her life. She worked hard on her diet, changed her hair, and bought a new bag, shoes, and clothes. The girl is hoping she can finally fit in. However, she runs into her super rich and beautiful childhood friend, Lim Yuna. Much to Nari’s dismay, Yuna is thrilled to see and hang out with Nari again. Lim Seonji is the beautiful girl who sits in front of Nari. She doesn’t have any friends and seems quite fond and attached to Nari. Seo Mirae is a tomboyish mixed beauty who is friends with Yuna. She too starts to hang out with Nari. Instead of blending in, Nari ends up standing out from hanging out with the school’s 3 beauties. It’s hard being a high school girl with self-esteem issues. It’s even harder when you’re stuck with the pretty popular girls and feel like a squid/ugly duck. It’s just tough being a girl. Still, will Nari learn and see the true friends she has? Most importantly, will she able to love and accept herself?


[Some Spoilers Ahead]
I know, my description is awful. Like I said, it’s a really simple premise. Girls already face alot of self-esteem issues. It can be especially tough for teenage girls. I think we can all somewhat relate to Nari and her worries. Although, I will say she can be incredibly naive and shallow. Basically a typically teenager. She is hesitant to associate with Yuna, Seonji, and Mirae. Her main issue is because she’s so caught up in how people see and judge her. She so desperately wants to fit in and be friends with the regular kids, even if they’re dicks and bitches to her. Despite her dismay, the 3 beauties are incredibly and genuinely kind to Nari. They genuinely see and appreciate her as a friend. Even Yuna. Yuna comes off as cold, blunt with no filter, and one of those childhood friends who picks on the main character. However, the readers get to see that she’s always cared for and worried about Nari. She acts like a big sister, getting very angry if Nari is hurt. I admit that Nari can be a bit frustrating. Again, she’s so desperate to fit in with the other kids who easily talk shit about her. Despite my frustrations, I do understand her though. It’s a normal thing many people, especially teenagers, go through. We see that despite being a bit shallow, she’s actually a nice girl and a good friend. Have no fear though, this series is also about showing Nari’s growth. This webtoon is also about growing up and learning to love yourself. Don’t worry about others. Put yourself first, and love yourself. Don’t try to please others. Appreciate the genuine friends you have around you.


Like I said, it’s a very simple slice of life series about growing up, accepting and loving yourself, and appreciating genuine friendship. It’s a simple high school story, but I think the lesson is there for all ages. After all, these issues transcend age. We often forget, but we need to remember how important we are. Not only that, we also need to remember to love ourselves. As for friends, just appreciate the ones who are truly there for you. I’ve learned some similar lessons as Nari. There are some friends who’ll seem close to you. However, you just end up getting used, hurt, treated like trash, and thrown away. Those kinds of friendships and memories are painful. However, it’s a lesson to learn from. Another important part of the lesson is how you carry yourself. There are things where it is no way your fault. Don’t feel guilty and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Most importantly, remember the true friends who are always there for you. They’re the ones who’ll always have your back and are ready to fight for and with you. They’re the ones with you through the good and bad times. They’re the ones worth having around and worth making memories with. Bre, Jess, Danny, and my BAYOG bros…I love you guys and appreciate having you guys in my life. Thank you. I love you too BAYOG fam~ Remember to love yourselves.


I’m rusty as hell, but I’ll redo this one day…



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  1. Glad to see this webtoon getting some attention. I really look forward to it every day. Like you say, it’s a simple premise, and yet it’s so well done it’s an enjoyable read. And while we’re clearly supposed to sympathize with Nari, most of the characters aren’t clearly good or bad (except for that jerk she dated). Even Nari isn’t free from criticism. That’s where the series really shines.

    1. I’ve been looking forward to reading the updates as well! The webtoon has a simple premise, but I find it so relatable and the characters are pretty interesting. Like you said, it’s great that it shows how all the characters have flaws. I love how there’s this gray area where not everyone isn’t clearly good or bad. It really helps push you to try to think about the characters and situations a bit more and kind of put yourself in their position. Although I absolutely hate that jerk she dated and Bin (the snobby bully). I’m trying to patiently wait for her downfall haha.

  2. OH MY GOD. SO, I READ THE KOREAN VERSION OF THE ODD GIRL OUT ( CUZ I’M NOT PATIENT ), AND I CAN’T BELIEVE MIRAE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Anyways, the odd girl out if by far the best webtoon I’ve ever read!

    1. how did you read the korean version?are u korean? like i had been trying to read more chapters when i heard that the korean version was ahead of the english one but i guess the the translated version is up till chap 222 part 2.8 till now….and im gonna have to wait for another week for the update😭😭

      1. You can find the Korean version on Naver webtoons~

        I’m not Korean~ But I picked up enough Korean and can read enough Hangul to get the gist of it. Haha~ It just sort of happened after being into Korean media for 15-20 years lol Yeah. The Korean version is way further ahead. I get impatient too, so I’m always checking out the Korean chapters of the different series I’m reading haha~

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