MOVIE|Take Me Home|Spoop Fest #5

MOVIE|Take Me Home|Spoop Fest #5

Why hello my BAYOG lovelies!~ I apologize for the lack of Spoop Fest posts. Life’s been crazy and I’ve been sick… Still, I’m going to try my best to continue this as best as I can!~

Today will be a movie post! Although, I do apologize since I’ll be keeping this post short and simple. Here’s another Thai horror movie for y’all!~ It’s called สุขสันต์วันกลับบ้าน, or Take Me Home. The literal translation of the Thai title is something like, “Happy Return Home”. It stars Mario Maurer of [Pee Mak]. It’s also by the same director as Art of the Devil II and Art of the Devil III, one of the most well known Thai horror movies (Personally, it’s not for me…it’s hella gory).


Tan was in an accident 10 years ago. It left him in a coma, and with no memory when he regained consciousness. He has no idea who he is or where he came from. He now works as a nurse in the hospital. He’s constantly searching for any information regarding his identity, and for his family. Tan finally finds the information he’s been seeking. He decides that it’s time to return home. He finds a beautiful home and is welcomed by his twin sister, Tubtim. He also meets her husband and two children. Tan feels like he’s finally found his home. However, nothing is as it seems. He finds his family and home isn’t as sweet as he thought. The home has alot of dark history, and Tan must try to find a way out.

Okay. So I’ll be honest. This is not the best movie. However, I thought it was a pretty decent Thai horror flick. It had an interesting premise, and some pretty decent spoops. It’s not like scary scary, but more like creepy scary. I admit it can be a bit confusing, and have a few plot holes. Which is it’s biggest flaw. Still, I thought this was one of the better Thai horror movies. The cinematography and acting was pretty good. Again, I think my biggest issues were probably that it was a big confusing. Still, I enjoy putting this on to scare my mom (who hates horror movies).

[Some Spoilers]

Some spoilers, but I think it’s basically like a cross between Layers of Fear and Home Sweet Home. So obviously this home is haunted, and there’s a history of many bad things. Tan tries to leave, but is basically stuck. It’s like a loop. However, he starts to learn more things, and the home starts to change. The truth is slowly revealed. You’ll also find alot of the same kind of themes that are found in Home Sweet Home. So yeah, if you’re a fan of those games, you might like this~ You can find it on Amazon Prime Video [HERE]… If you don’t have Amazon Prime Video, I’m pretty certain it’s up on YouTube as well….

And that concludes today’s Spoop Fest post. With that, I’m gonna go pass out and hope I won’t be sick anymore…

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