GIVEAWAY|Spoop Fest Horror Games Winners

GIVEAWAY|Spoop Fest Horror Games Winners

Hello, hello BAYOG Fam! Our [Spoop Fest Horror Games Giveaway] has officially come to an end!~ I apologize for not posting the announcement earlier. Your girl has been getting sick and was stuck at work…

Proof so you guys don’t think I ripped you guys off T~T

Before I get to the winners, I should mention that there’s been a bit of a change. So originally we planned on buying and giving away 3 different horror games: Home Sweet Home Episode 1, Home Sweet Home Episode 2, and Layers of Fear. However, what ended up happening was that we only received 3 entries. All 3 entries also wanted Home Sweet Home Episode 1. So I’ll I decided to just give away 3 copies of Home Sweet Home Episode 1~

Congrats to 100wordanime, flavoredcandles, and miss_heather93!~ I’ll be contacting you all shortly about the details~


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