Love The Anime YOU Love

Love The Anime YOU Love

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this topic more and more when I get into conversations about someone’s favorite anime of all time. I find that many people allow their favorites to be decided for them because of what everyone else thinks is great. I understand how you feel and all. No one wants to be judged but to be honest, I’m more excited by hearing what other people are passionate about. If you are just reading off a list of MAL’s top 5 anime, that does nothing for you. If you LOVE some series that no one is talking about, you may unintentionally compel me to watch it just from hearing how invested you are.

When I first got into the anime community via anime conventions, working with Crunchyroll and writing on this blog, I wanted to show that I had good taste in anime. Fun fact for some of you who didn’t know, I wanted to write on Crunchyroll’s website so bad. I thought it would be a cool place to get started and get my voice heard. Looking back now, I’m happy I didn’t do that because my writing and my judgment were so terrible. Hindsight 20/20. Now I write about what I want to write about. If I don’t like something, I will be vocal about it but I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings in the process.

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Recently I had a blog post where I wrote about Hanebado compared to Haikyuu. There were some things about it that really bothered me. I still believe that the series wasn’t great but I could’ve given more of a definitive argument instead of just taking a massive shit on it and saying that Haikyuu was way better. It didn’t help that I got comments from people either giving me shit for my opinion or just trashing both anime. I see this kind of thing on Reddit all the time which makes me a little apprehensive to contribute to those discussions. We differ in opinions, that’s fine but it’s about how we convey them.

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I just don’t want to see anyone feeling self-conscious about the anime they like. Sometimes you have a sentimental value that brings you back to this series. You could be like me and just invest too much time in a series not to say that it’s one of your favorite. Yes. I’m talking about Detective Conan… It was only 900+ episodes… If you tell someone your favorite anime is Sword Art Online and they give you shit about in a non-joking way, they are not worth your time.

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Sorry if this post was all over the place but I feel this is a very important topic and I hope that I helped someone out there feel more comfortable speaking about the anime they love. This argument can also be made for Sub vs Dub. I don’t care as long as you also love anime, I’m happy to have more of us otaku out there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would love to hear what your top 5 anime of all time are, or your current favorites. May gain some recommendations from it. I haven’t started much anime this season yet. I will likely have a post on my ‘We Never Learn’ first impression of episode 1 tomorrow. Hope to see you then!

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  1. I lampshade my unpopular tastes in anime but I also occasionally get shy about being very vocally supportive of shows I know people are dismissive of. I’m not sure why though. Some days I couldn’t care less and some shows I happily embrace my inner drok. It’s very uneven

    1. Yeah, we’ve all been there I think. I think I need to figure out what I just enjoy vs what I think is great when thinking quality. I personally just don’t want people to feel uncomfortable talking about what they like. It’s all just opinions and preference

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