Music Monday | Colde — Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush)

Music Monday | Colde — Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush)

Hello my BAYOG luvlies! It’s Monday again, so it’s time for another Music Monday!~ I decided to go with something chill, but sweet and happy. It’s a wholesome track, and one of my ultimate favorites. Today’s recommended track will be “Your Dog Loves You” by Colde and it features Crush. Honestly, I’ve been having an awful and hectic week. So I needed a serotonin boost. I hope you all love this track too, but most importantly… I hope y’all are doing well.

Not gonna lie, I just took the bio I wrote from last week’s Music Monday and tweaked it a bit…hehe… Kim Hee Soo (김희수) is best known as Colde (콜드). He’s a rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer that falls into the categories of indie, K-R&B, and K-Hip-Hop. He is also a member of the indie contemporary R&B duo [offonoff(오프온오프)] with DJ and producer 0Channel (also known as EOH). The duo was formed in 2015. They debuted in 2016 under the label HIGHGRND, which was an independent sub-label under YG Entertainment. At the time, it was headed by Tablo of Epik High. However, Tablo did resign as CEO, and HIGHGRND was considered to no longer be active. As of 2018, Colde has continuously released music as a solo artist. Although, offonoff never announced a disbandedment. He’s currently under the label WAVY (웨이비), which he had founded in 2018. Colde is also considered to be a part of the [Club Eskimo] crew, which includes various artists and producers in the KRNB/KHH community such as [Dean], [Crush], [Millic], [punchnello], [MISO], [2xxx!], [Rad Museum], and more. Colde’s also collabed, done features, and written songs for other popular artists as well. This includes Baekhyun(EXO)’s [“Love Again”] and [“Love Scene”]. You can also find clips of Colde performing [“Love Again”] and [“Love Scene”]. He’s also [collabed with nov (노브)], who happens to be Crush’s sister. I honestly have so many favorite songs with Colde. My favorites from the offonoff discography would be [“Photograph”], [“춤 (Dance)”], and [“Cigarette (Feat. Miso)”]. Honestly, the whole [boy. album] is really good if you like chill vibes and lo-fi aesthetics. It’s probably one of my all-time favorite albums and most frequently listened to ones as well. As for his solo songs, my favorites would include [“Your Dog Loves You”], [“WA-R-R” (와르르 ♥)”], [“미술관에서 (The Museum)”], [“없어도 돼 (You Don’t Need My Love?)”], [“또 새벽이 오면 (When the Dawn Comes Again) (Feat. Baekhyun (EXO))”], [“Dream”], and [“Blue Candle”]. I absolutely love his [Love Part 1 album]. I think it is a really solid album. As a bonus, check out this live version of [“WA-R-R” (와르르 ♥)”]~ As for some of my favorite features: [Loco’s ‘시간이 들겠지(It Takes Time) (Feat. Colde)’], [Colde x Jung Yumi x APRO ‘충분해 (Enough)(Prod. APRO)’], and [Heize’s ‘DAUM (Feat. Colde)’]. Aside from those, he’s also done some OST work too. Honestly, I think Colde is such an amazing artist, and I always love the chill vibe of his voice and his music. I highly recommend checking out his tracks~ Also, this man deadass did a cover of KK Slider’s “K.K. house” from Animal Crossing. I actually really like it though lmao. Some more fun facts, dude is into fashion and art. I love his sense of unique style.

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We’ve talked about Crush (크러쉬) before in the [‘Sweet Love (She is My Type♡ X Crush)’ Music Monday post]. If you’ve followed my music posts, y’all should be familiar with his name. He’s one of my fave artists, especially when it comes to K-R&B. So listen to a lot of his music, and it inevitably shows in my playlists and music recommendations. I love his voice, his music, and how dorky he is. He also has worked with many of my other favorite artists as well. Also, he sang the OST for my top fave K-Drama [Goblin]. Crush is also a part of Club Eskimo like Colde. He’s also a part of the KHH crew and hip hop project group [FANXY CHILD] which includes Dean, Zico, Penomeco, Millic, and Stay Tuned. You can find my full artist background info on him on that previous Music Monday post. If y’all have been following K-Pop, you also might have heard about how he’s currently in a relationship with Joy of Red Velvet. Some Crush tracks that I like include: [‘Beautiful’], [‘Digital Lover’], [‘be by my side’], [‘잊어버리지마 (Don’t Forget) (Feat. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)’], [‘어떻게 지내 (fall)’], [‘가끔 (Sometimes)’], [‘Whatever You Do (Feat. GRAY)’], [‘넌 (none)’], [‘Cereal (Feat. Zico)’], [‘Oasis (Feat. Zico)’], [‘자나깨나 (Mayday) (Feat. Joy (Red Velvet))’]. As for other tracks with or that feature Crush: Dean’s [‘What 2 Do (Feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat)’], Epik High’s [‘술이 달다 (LOVEDRUNK) (Feat. Crush)’], Sam Kim’s [‘MAKE UP (Feat. Crush)’], Crush & Pink Sweat$ [‘I Wanna Be Yours’], Suran’s [‘Love Story (Feat. Crush)’], Zico’s [‘Bermuda Triangle (Feat. Dean, Crush)’], Crush & Zion.T [‘Just(그냥)’], Zico’s [‘Fanxy Child’], DPR LIVE’s [‘Laputa (Feat. Crush)’] and [‘Jam & Butterfly (Feat. Crush, eaJ)’], Lee Hi’s [‘For You (Feat. Crush)’]. Honestly, there are soooo many more tracks that it’ll seem like I’m naming his whole discography. So I definitely recommend at least checking out his albums and EPs: [From Midnight to Sunrise], [wonderlust], and [with HER].

Artist: Colde (콜드)
Single: Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush (크러쉬 ))
Genre: K-R&B, Bossa Nova
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: March 2018

‘Your Dog Loves You’ was released back in March 2018. It is a simple, soft, and sweet R&B track that has bossa nova vibes and influences. It’s a love song to Colde’s dog, Samna, whom he cherishes dearly. Samna is actually the dog on the cover of the single too. Apparently, he’s had Samna since when they were born back when he was in high school. He’s stated that Samna is like his best friend and always listens to his worries and complaints, and is always there for him. He wanted to remind people that our dogs (or pets) show us unconditional love and are always there for us. He wanted to remind people to love their pets and not harm them as well. I think it’s so absolutely sweet because the song sounds sweet. The lyrics sound like such a sweet love song…but it’s for his dog. It’s adorable. It’s even more touching that Colde said that even when the time comes where Samna is no longer with him, his memories with Samna will always be carried in this song. He said this was an especially special project since he also got to work with his friend and bro, Crush. Crush also has a dog that he loves dearly. Crush basically has his own [seemingly sweet love song] that’s actually about and to his dog as well. This is probably the first solo song I heard from Colde (it might be his debut solo track actually). It’s still one of my top favorites. It’s just so wholesome. The sound and style were already to my taste, but the wholesomeness makes me love it even more. It’s a track I love listening to when I have a bad day too. I cant help but feel happier when I hear it.

You can listen to “Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush)” on Spotify, here:

The music video is incredibly sweet and absolutely adorable. It features a bunch of cute puppers. That includes Colde’s dog Samna as well. I believe Crush’s dog also appears in this music video. It’s a super simple video everyone enjoying their time with the dogs, showing their love to them, and the love they receive from their dogs. I thought it was so cute to see Colde carry and dance with Samna. Samna’s appearance just makes the whole thing come full circle since the song is basically inspired by and is a love song to Samna. Look, I love animals. [We know that]. I especially love puppers and befriending puppers. I actually miss my dogs from Thailand too. So it brought up some nice memories I had with my uncle’s dogs in Thailand. But most importantly, this adorable video gave me the serotonin boost I needed~

As for the lyrics, they’re so incredibly sweet. If you didn’t know the song title, you would’ve thought it was a pure and sweet love song. It’s just basically about appreciating your dog (or pet), who is a member of your family. It shows that they’re there for you and also show you unconditional love.

When I walk with you
I feel that you love me
When I match footsteps with you yeah
The way I feel so happy
Is a fragrant scene
The waves crash lightly
I feel like something new
Whenever and wherever
I will always be next to you

As we both look at the same thing

If I embrace you like this
Even if we don’t exchange words
As we look at each other
You smile for me
At the moment we both smile together
I embrace you one more time
Everyday and night

When I met you for the first time
I sometimes worry if we will be eternal
When the world disregards you and me
Yeah I’m actually a scaredy cat
I’m quite sensitive and cowardly
But it’s okay
You are solely on my side
If I am born again
I will embrace you first
I promise

As we both look at the same thing
If I embrace you like this
Even if we don’t exchange words
As we look at each other
You smile for me
At the moment we both smile together
I embrace you one more time
Everyday and night

Colde | Your Dog Loves You (Feat. Crush) | Translations from [Genius]

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Anyway, that’s it my loves~ What did y’all think? Did you like the track and the meaning behind it? Were you all fans of Colde/offonoff and Crush before? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or discord~ Also, show me pics of your cute pets~ Sorry I haven’t been able to put out more non-music content. I really do have stuff I’m working on. I’ve just been hella busy and caught up in some crazy things in my family. I’m also behind since I was sick after I got my booster (I’m okies now though). I am working on that novel review that I’m aiming to get out within the next week or 2. Definitely will have that out before Christmas. We do have that [Smut Novels Giveaway with WordExcerpt] too. Remember, y’all have until the end of this month. I’ll announce the winners at the beginning of January. Also, we might be having another giveaway soon as well~ As for that stuff I’ve been stuck working on since September and October… I promise it’s coming. It just might take me a bit longer… I’ll be out of town for about 2 weeks for the holidays too, so yeah… But I appreciate your understanding and patience with me~ Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous start to your week! Take care, stay safe, and have a lovely day!~

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