It’s Not About Fruit – Citrus First Impressions

It’s Not About Fruit – Citrus First Impressions

If you thought this show is about citrus fruit, then you’d be (un)pleasantly surprised. Citrus is not for everyone. So you read the synopsis on the show and you’re on the fence about picking it up. I don’t blame you, especially considering there’s a handful of things that would turn plenty of people away. Still wanna know more but don’t care much about spoilers, read on!



Let’s start with the story. The synopsis on Crunchyroll does a decent job at establishing decent expectations. At this point, you should be expecting yuri and step-sibling-imouto-incest and that’s exactly what the show is about. Yuzu, a typical Gal, transfers to a new school after her mother gets remarried. Yuzu is determined to find a boyfriend at the new school but all plans get thrown out the window after she discovers it’s an all-girls school.

What’s worse is the school’s chairman is now her grandfather and her new sister is the student council president. Her sister, Mei, is rather aggressive and sexually assaults Yuzu at least once per episode, which clearly hints at Mei having issues elsewhere but we don’t have any evidence to support the assumption yet. This leads to Yuzu developing feelings for Mei and by the end of episode 3, Yuzu is fully aware of this and turns the tables on Mei and sexually assaults her… while in their grandfathers office… days after their grandfather had a near life threatening accident. This show so far is literally Sexual Assault: The Anime.


The amount of sexual assault is a little uncomfortable. Even for someone who watched NTR and Scum’s Wish it’s uncomfortable. To add more weight to it, they’re also siblings. Yeah they’re step siblings, but Sword Art Online has the adopted sister-cousin crushing on her brother-cousin and people found that weird. I’m hoping we get a little more forbidden romance and a lot less sexual assault in the future.


The characters, aside from Mei, are interesting at least. Mei in the first 3 episodes was a bit of a bitch and her personality was about as deep as a puddle. Yuzu’s had the most development in the first 3 episodes and whether or not things get better for her from here on out is still a mystery. Moreover, some of the supporting characters add a lot more charm to the show. One such example is Yuzu’s friend Harumi. Harumi is another Gal but adheres to the school’s rules when on campus unlike Yuzu. Harumi serves 2 roles as both comedic relief when with Yuzu (see the first image above) and as someone keeping Yuzu stable by listening to her and being there for her when Yuzu does the stupidest things.



Visually the show is outstanding. I find myself to be a fan of the character designs and the artwork. The attention to detail is great too. Yuzu had 3 to 4 different hairstyles in one episode and the whole see-through wet clothes had a little extra detail thrown in if you looked closely.


Overall the show is good. Good for those that aren’t turned away by how strong the show comes on. Good for those that are fine with the heavy themes of societal pressures, sexuality and step-sibling incest. It’s only been 3 episodes so far and this is definitely not leaving my watch list. I wonder what more this show has in store.

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