Music Monday | BIBI — PADO

Music Monday | BIBI — PADO

Hello my BAYOG luvlies~ We’re back with what I guess is my official final summer 2021 edition of Music Monday~ Today, I decided to share another pretty recent release. It was hard picking a final summer track, but I really like this singer. I also really liked this song since it dropped. Today, I’m sharing BIBI’s ‘PADO’, which just dropped back on September 10.

We did previously kind of go over BIBI in a previous Music Monday post a few weeks ago. I’m pretty much just gonna copy and paste the background info I put on the [‘Meu Tempo’ Music Monday post] a couple of weeks ago (with a few minor details added)…

BIBI (비비) is one of my favorite more current female vocalists and K-R&B artists. She started off as a self-produced SoundCloud artist under the name Nakedbibi. She was signed under Feel Ghood Music in 2017 after Yoon Mi Rae discovered her songs on SoundCloud. Feel Ghood Music is a label by Tiger JK (aka Drunken Tiger), a very well known rapper and name in Korean hip-hop. Yoon Mi Rae (aka Tasha Yoon Mi Rae and Tasha Reid) is Korean-American rapper and R&B vocalist, as well as Tiger JK’s wife. Y’all can think of them like the Korean Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Both are considered legends and important figures in Korean hip-hop and R&B. BIBI was a [contestant on the show The Fan], and finished in second place. She made her debut in May 2019 with [“BINU (Soap)”]. She also wrote the lyrics for [TWICE’s ‘More & More’ with JYP]. More recently, she was also featured on [‘Second’ by HYO (Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation/SNSD)]. I love BIBI’s vocals, but also that she uses a variety of genres in her music from R&B, soul, hip-hop, and ballads. Also, she’s super quirky and out of the box. I also just like that you can tell that she genuinely loves music and is really into it. My recommended tracks would be [“Restless(신경쓰여) (LISTEN 035)“] for something chill, and [“사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다 (KAZINO)”] if you wanna get turnt. [‘Eat My Love’] is a really fun and funky track to listen to~ I also liked Min Kyung Hoon x Kim Heechul (Super Junior)’s [“한량 (Hanryang) (feat. 비비(BIBI)) (prod.딘딘)”], which is a hip-hop track with a traditional flair to it. Of course, one of my other favorites is her feature on [Heo Won Hyuk’s ‘Meu Tempo’]. If you wanna get another look at BIBI’s music, vocals, and her quirkiness…check out her peformance on [Dingo Killing Voice]. She thinks she’s not particularly pretty or talented in singing or being a performer but believes in her strong point as a lyricist. Although, I honestly think that she’s gorgeous and hella talented all around. BIBI is also just really funny and down to earth, I recommend this clip of her on [Kangnam’s show]. Also, as a fun fact, you’ll notice that she always has 2 dots or “moles” drawn under her eye. It’s how she differentiates her persona as a performer and her actual self. It also kind of helps give her courage to perform. If you’re interested in learning more about BIBI, I recommend the clip of her being interviewed on Jessi’s show, [Jessi’s Showterview].

Artist: BIBI/비비
Single: PADO (파도)
Genre: K-R&B, K-Pop
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: September 2021

Alright, so let’s get into it. Today’s track is PADO, which is BIBI’s latest single to drop just the other week. PADO (파도) means “wave” or “tide”. Although, with this song…I’d say more “wave”. To simply put it, it’s a summer romance track. It definitely screams summer vibes with the guitar parts. It starts off chill, like a gentle wave, with the start of the guitar and the actual sounds of the ocean waves in the track. The way the music and BIBI’s vocals in this song really do kind of feel like a wave of emotions as it starts to build up towards the chorus. The chorus particularly feels like a powerful wave engulfing you, which basically captures that feeling of being hit with those strong emotions of love. It’s all about the different waves of this emotion you’re feeling. I honestly love this song. It’s a bit different from her other tracks that I love, but I love it still. I find it to be a really fun track to listen to. Also, I’m just gonna throw it out there that the lyrics can be a bit more uh…considered a double entendre haha.

You can listen to ‘PADO’ on Spotify, here:

You can listen to ‘PADO’ on YouTube, here:

Music Video and Lyrics

The music video was actually pretty interesting for me. I didn’t think I’d particularly care for it since I actually don’t pay attention to music videos that much these days. However, I thought it was a fun video. It was bittersweet, but I still liked it. Again, it tells the story of a summer romance. Particularly, it’s a romance of BIBI and this guy that’s saved her. BIBI is a mermaid that’s been stranded ashore and saved by this dude. Ironically, the guy seems to be a chef that specializes in fish. It then shows them spending time together and seemingly developing feelings for each other. It’s pretty sweet. So time passes, and the waves of emotions grow. It shows what seems to be BIBI having legs and being able to walk with loverboy. However, this seems to be but a dream. In the end, the lovers separate as BIBI returns to the sea. It seems like their love is just impossible. As quickly it came with the waves, it also quickly left with the waves. In between all that, you have scenes of BIBI performing the song on the beach with a band…as well as product placement since it seems that BIBI is a presenter for Puma. Overall though, I think the MV did take more of the bittersweet route than you’d expect from the lyrics. It’s still good though~

Live Perf for Vogue
Pado Bibi GIF - Pado Bibi Kpop GIFs

Again, the lyrics is about being in love with someone and how it’s like a wave. There are gentle and soft waves to it, to more intense waves, and waves that crash into you, feel overwhelming and even make it hard to breathe. All the while, the lyrics can also be taken to have a double meaning and be more steamy.

With your eyes closed
You leaned on me
Every time you tickle me with your hair
With a light kiss
My heavy heart gets erased
And I can’t seem to snap out of it

You shake me up
You lift me up and pull me down
Making my feet float up
I just can’t figure it out
If someone hear me call me 911

You are my WAVE
Save me, MAYDAY
I can only think about you
I’m a castaway

I’m trapped in your arms
As if my breath will cut off
You don’t seem to want to let me go
I try pushing you away
But you wash over me again
Giving me no time to think

Soaking me slowly
Drowning me cruely
Killing me gently
Call him if u see my S.O.S

You are my WAVE
Save me, MAYDAY
I can only think about you
I’m a castaway

I don’t care if I drown, so come wash over me
I can go deeper so please soak me

Wanted to surf
Don’t wanna dive
Don’t wanna swirl
I’m gonna die
Imma go with the flow
I’m gonna ride
But you’re too big

You make me salty babe
Don’t wanna trip too hard
Either let me go
Or completely catch me

You are my WAVE
Save me, MAYDAY
I can only think about you
I’m a castaway

I don’t care if I drown, so come wash over me
I can go deeper so please soak me

BIBI| PADO | Translation by [KGASA]

Jinmin Bts GIF - Jinmin Bts Jimin GIFs

Anyway, that’s it for today’s Music Monday y’all!~I hope you liked today’s track. I also really hope you give BIBI’s music a try. If you have, let me know what tracks you like! Let me know in the comments, my socials, or the BAYOG discord server!~ I hope y’all had a great summer~ I’ll be transitioning into more chill tracks for fall for the upcoming Music Monday posts~ Normally, I’d do Spoop Fest related ones, but there aren’t that many “spoopy” tracks. So we gonna go with chill tracks for chill autumn and coffee time vibes~

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Also, I might be taking a week off of posting so don’t be alarmed. Not gonna lie, yo’ girl has been swamped with things. I was doing the partnership thing with WordExcerpt, discussion meetings with Manta, my IRL job, subbing, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I got insomnia again too. So yeah… that’s all catching up to me. I don’t look it, but I’m old now… lulz… So I’m gonna take a couple of days to chill and recharge. Cuz my brain is like out of it lolol If I don’t recharge well enough, I’ll probably skip posting next week~ Thank you for your patience and understanding~ Y’all can still catch me on my socials and Discord though!~ Anyway… Stay safe, take care, and have a wonderful day!~ Also, HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL to many of my fellow Asian friends~

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