Music Monday | More Lovely & Sweet Tracks For Valentine’s Day~

Music Monday | More Lovely & Sweet Tracks For Valentine’s Day~

Hello BAYOG Fam~ I return with another Music Monday post~ Since it’s the season of love, I thought I’d share some more lovely and sweet tracks~ If y’all remember a while back ago, I did make a Valentine’s themed playlist that had various tracks with lovely and sweet vibes~ Y’all know I do long playlists. So I always just drop more tracks if I find any interesting ones~ So I’ll be sharing some of the newer additions since when I first created the playlist~ Of course, most of these are more K-R&B and indie tracks. I got some names you’re familiar with too. But, I always enjoy sharing the lesser known artists~ That’s the fun of our Music Monday posts too~ Anyway, let’s go~

Also, you can find my BAYOG Lovely and Sweet Vibes playlist on Spotify, here:

Forever alone, but I love my sweet jams~

slchld x whoosh | bellflower

If you’re into KRNB, you’ve probably come across slchld before~ I’m pretty sure he’s Korean-Canadian. He’s pretty well known from SoundCloud back in the day. That’s how I stumbled on his music many years ago haha. He’s got an amazing voice and some really great songs. By the way, this song is one of those songs that is entirely in English. It’s actually pretty sweet. I like that it mentions the good and bad, but they get each and complete each other and that it’s part of why it’s so special~ Apparently, bellflowers have a lot of meanings such as affection, constancy, and everlasting love. That’s fucking cute as shit. I cryyy~

Can’t recall our first conversation
But I hope it was sweet
You make me complete
Girl you know when to back off
When I’m needing space
Something tells me we were meant to be

slchld x whoosh | bellflower

CHAI (이수정) | BLOOM

CHAI, aka Lee Soo Jung, is still one of my favorite female KRNB artists. I’d say she’s one of the more known KRNB artists out there. I’ve featured her on some Music Mondays [before]. She’s no longer a part of Antenna Music, but she’s still releasing great music. This track has this sort of chill and sexy r&b vibe to it. CHAI’s vocals are just so sweet, smooth, soothing, and kind of dreamy as usual. As you can imagine, it’s about how she really likes someone and they’ve just got her blooming like a flower. The lyrics are just really sweet~

You got me bloomin’ like a flower
And I can’t keep up
I know I haven’t said it
But I like you a lot
It’s true baby it’s true

Holdin’ onto feelings
Got me feelin’ hot
I know I haven’t said it
But I like you a lot
It’s true baby it’s true

CHAI (이수정) | BLOOM

Choi Cello (최첼로) | Domino

I’d say Choi Cello is one of the not as well-known artists, but I love her vocals. We’ve also featured her on a [previous Music Monday] post as well~ This is a super easygoing and kind of chill track that still has a tinge of fun and upbeat vibes to it~ This one is basically comparing how she’s really falling for this person, and she’s falling down just like a domino~ It’s cute~

I’MIN | That Kind of Love

I feel like people probably have come across I’MIN’s songs on the internet. I find his songs to be pretty popular for background music in vlogs or little short videos online. He’s got some really great tracks. One of my favorites is [Balloons]. This track is like a chill and sweet R&B track and it’s accompanied by I’MIN’s soulful and sweet vocals~

george (죠지) | 언제든 어디라도 (ANYWHERE ANYTIME)

Why’d they choose that frame of his face for the thumbnail though? LOLOL

If you’re into KRNB, I know y’all have had to have heard of george. He’s also appeared in some of my previous Music Monday playlist posts~ He’s honestly got so many great tracks. I love this guy’s vocals so much. It’s just a chill and sweet R&B track about being happy just being with the person you love and wanting to be there for them, anywhere and anytime.

Jin Young (진영)(GOT7) | Cotton Candy

This is probably one of the more well-known names on today’s list. It’s Jinyoung of GOT7. He recently dropped his solo album. His track Cotton Candy is just super sweet. While it has some chill vibes, it is probably one of the more upbeat and slightly groovy tracks that we have.

LambC (램씨) Feat. Sarah Kang | Feathers

If you’ve followed my Music Monday posts, LambC should be a familiar name~ I have [previously featured his songs] on some of my Music Monday posts~ This track also features Korean-American singer, Sarah Kang. This is another track that is all in English. It’s just like a chill, soft, and sweet track. LambC’s and Sarah’s voices got this dreamy vibe to it and they just compliment each other really well~

I’ve been hesitant each time I’ve tried
To open my heart to show you how
But since I’ve been yours I’ve realized
I feel so alive you’re the love of my life

Oh you make me feel
So good inside
Keep holding me tight till the night turns to light
Oh you better me in ways
That I’ve never thought I’d be here to say
Your love’s like the feathers
I’ll fly in your heavens
Stride through the weather
With feathers higher and low
Oh you make me feel so
In love I’ll be the one here to stay

LambC (램씨) Feat. Sarah Kang | Feathers

Lee Hi (이하이) | ONLY

Lee Hi is also another big name that most people are familiar with. I’m pretty sure most people have heard this track too. It’s so sweet. The music video is also super sweet and romantic, but also makes you cry. It reminds me of when I took my mom to her doctor’s appointment for a check-up. We were waiting for her to get some routine lab work done. We saw this really, really old couple. The husband had his wife hold on to his arm as they walked. He kept looking at her and smiling. Then we heard him say, “Let’s go get you some chocolate and flowers!” That’s some cute shit and goals right there. Anyway, this track is a soft and slow ballad. But it’s just so incredibly beautiful. Lee Hi’s vocals are also just beautiful as usual.

Be my only one
I don’t have to hide my feelings anymore
The words I sincerely wanted to say
I say, “I love you,” ooh-ooh (You, ooh-ooh)

On tiring nights and busy days
Please make room in your heart for me to rest (Oh, oh-oh)
I’ll do better when you share your love with me

Now I believe
La-la-la-la-la-la-la, I sing a song like this
With the one I was desperately looking for
My, oh my, oh my, oh my love
Be my only love

Lee Hi (이하이) | ONLY | Translations by [Genius]

Motte (모트) | I guess I like you (좋아하나봐)

You might be somewhat familiar with the indie artist Motte. I feel like her name pops up alot. She’s recognized as an indie, r&b, and soul artist. But she’s got really sweet vocals. This track has some slight upbeat and sweet vibes to it. Kinda gives me summer vibes too.

EASYKITE/IZYKITE (이지카이트) – 그럴 때마다 (Whenever)

So on their official YouTube, 이지카이트 is listed in English as “Easykite”. However, on Spotify she’s listed as IZYKITE. Anyway, she’s one of my more recent indie finds. I just love the soft, gentle, and sweet vibes of this track~

SOIN (서인) – More and More

Soin is another indie artist that I recently discovered. I don’t think she’s too well known. But I found this track to be sweet. I love that it’s just very chill and sweet vibes. She also has this soft, dreamy, and somewhat raspy vocal that is super soothing in this track.

JOY (조이)(Red Velvet) X WONSTEIN (원슈타인)

Y’all K-Pop fans probably know of Joy as she’s a member of Red Velvet. We’ve definitely covered Red Velvet [before]. I’m pretty sure I’ve listed Wonstein in some of my playlist posts before too. Wonstein is a somewhat well-known KRNB artist over recent years. I first heard of him from his song [X (Butterfly)]. I absolutely love him on Epik High’s [Super Rare] with pH-1 too. But some of my other favorites with him are Lee Hi’s [머리어깨무릎발 (H.S.K.T.)], D.O.’s (EXO) [I’m Gonna Love You], Sole’s [곁에 있어줘 (Stay With Me)], Nayeon’s [Love Countdown], [밤이 되니까(When Night Is Falling)] This r&b track starts with some lo-fi vibes before it kicks in a bit. It’s still a pretty chill track though~ But it is slightly more upbeat than most of our songs here.

Peakboy (픽보이) Feat. Paul Kim (폴킴) | How To Love

We’ve also featured Peakboy [before] too. If you’re a BTS ARMY, you’ll also recognize him as being a close [friend of Taehyung (V)] too. It’s basically a sweet song about falling for someone and confessing to them, asking them to teach you how to love, and asking for their answer~

jeje | would u

I honestly don’t know anything about jeje. I just know he’s an indie artist. This is also another track that’s all in English. It’s just got chill and sweet vibes.

Sarah Kang Feat. Andrew Kang | cheeze

Again, Sarah Kang is a Korean-American artist. I love her tracks. She’s got a mix of R&B, jazz, and pop. I also recommend her track [Fall for You (Feat. Jesse Barrera)], [Love Letter (Feat. Anthony Lazaro)], [once in a moon], [goodnight (Feat. Juju B. Goode)][about time (Feat. Takahiro Izumikawa)], and [cozy (Feat. EyeLoveBrandon]. cheeze in particular is a cheesy but cute song~ You can’t help but kind of laugh, but also think how sweet it is.

I confess I’m lactose intolerant
And I might regret it, but I’ll take the hit
I’ll stay true to my feelings
And try romanticizing
’cause when it comes to you and me
I don’t mind a little cheese

I love you to the moon
You’re a dream come true
You’re the bread to my butter
The shade to my summer
I wanna be together

I love you three thousand
More than the highest mountain
You’re the sun in my sky
The apple of my eye
All I want is you and I

Sarah Kang Feat. Andrew Kang | cheeze

Def. (Jay B of GOT7) | WANT U

At first glance, you might be like, “Who?” Def. is actually Jay B of GOT7. I think I definitely love all of his tracks under Def. This one was definitely one of the ones that I instantly loved on the first listen. It’s sweet R&B that just pours out words of love and longing~ It’s cute~ The lyrics just pour out words of wanting, loving, and only needing that person~

Summer Soul Feat. Knave | Pit-A-Pat

You might be familiar with Summer Soul. I know she was another big like indie/underground KRNB artist on the web before like slchld. Also like slchld, I discovered her from SoundCloud. But for some reason, I can’t remember exactly what tracks they were… Anyway, this is another slow, soft, and sultry vibes kinda R&B track. Summer Soul has this soothing and soulful voice~ It’s basically about those heart fluttering feelings you get for someone and just wanting to be with them. Cute things like wanting to walk a bit slower and not getting home get because you just want to be with them a bit longer~

My BTS gif tax

Anyway, that’s it for today’s Music Monday post y’all~ I originally planned to do one featured track every week like I used to do. However, I’ve just been hella busy and exhausted… But I wanted to do a Valentine’s post. So I figured I’d just do playlist post today~ I hope y’all enjoy the tracks! Don’t forget there are a whole bunch more on the BAYOG playlist~ Let me know which ones are your favorite~ B it on this list or any of the other ones on the playlist! Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord~ Anyway, happy Monday and have a great start to your week! Take care and stay safe friends!~ Don’t forget to buy that hella cheap and discounted chocolate after Valentine’s Day haha~

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