Music Monday | Wanna try something different? Here are some of Minty’s fave Thai songs~

Music Monday | Wanna try something different? Here are some of Minty’s fave Thai songs~

Hello BAYOG Fam~ It’s been a hella long time since the last Music Monday post since I started being on semi-hiatus. I got to thinking that alot of y’all are pretty familiar with music from Japan and Korea. I mean that’s literally all our Music Monday posts. I figured maybe some of y’all want to branch out and try something different~ So I figured I’d share some of my fave Thai songs~

Thai music has definitely been blowing up and getting more recognition over the years. I think especially due to the popularity of Thai series, especially the BL ones. Still, I think it’s still lesser known than Korean, Japanese, or Chinese music. I’m sure people might want to branch out but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’re familiar with some Thai music but want to explore outside of the mainstream pop tracks. Well look no further~ I gotchuuuu~ Again, I’m Thai-American.

But before I get into it, let me talk a bit about me and Thai music~ I’m ethnically Thai-Chinese, but born and raised in the States. I’m sure y’all know the diaspora struggle. I think it was also pretty tough in the 90s and 2000s because that’s the time when alot of Asians were afraid to get into or show off their cultural interests and roots. Alot of Asian-Americans felt like they had to reject their culture to “assimilate” and not get rejected in American culture. Like I had friends whose parents wouldn’t let them learn or speak their parents’ native language. I was lucky cuz my parents didn’t give a shit about what everyone else thought. They rejected the idea of having me and my sis reject our culture. We’re American-born, but we’re also Thai (and hold dual-citizenship~ WOO~). The Thai community was still pretty small then, and we didn’t really have many Thai friends. Still, my parents had us learn to speak Thai…and pretty fluently for American born and raised Thais. Like alot Thai people thought we were born and grew up in Thailand and had immigrated to the States. A big part of it was that our parents also sent us to Thailand every summer holiday. We also regularly consumed Thai media. We were regularly immersed in Thai shows, movies, dramas, and music. Music was definitely a huge part for me. It’s what helped me feel more connected to the Thai culture and language. My earliest memories growing up is of me karaoking Thai songs at my babysitters’ (they were twins) house. Honestly, I think a major part of my fluency in Thai is because I regularly listened to and sang Thai music. Even now, all these elders at random family reunions are shocked that I was so familiar with Thai music and pop culture. But yeah, I loved Thai music. Especially for the lyrics. I found them to be pretty romantic, sweet, and more profound than compared to what I’d listen to on the US radio.

I grew up with the classics like [Bird Thongchai]. I was also into the early 90s/2000s pop acts like [JR Voy], [Raptor], [Tata Young], [James Ruangsak], [Mos Patiparn], and [Katreeya English]. But my main jams were more of the alternative and rock stuff like [Bodyslam], [Clash], [Potato], and [Endorphine]. I still listen to them~ [Bodyslam] and [Potato] are still my ultimate faves~ hehe~ I still continued listening to Thai music even in college, and I got my friends into it. That was also when I got into covering Thai music and even writing and singing my own English covers of my favorite Thai songs~ While the bulk of my current listens lean more towards Thai alternative/rock, pop, and R&B… I also do sometimes enjoy distinctly Thai genres like luk thung and morlam (basically our version of country and folk…but sometimes they very dance/edm-ish). I actually especially like crossover types of tracks that use these distinct and traditional Thai elements. Like Bodyslam’s [คิดฮอด] which combines rock with morlam. Or even Paowalee’s [วรรณคดีสีชมพู] that combines pop with luk thung (particularly in the singing; She is a luk thung singer), traditional instruments, and elements traditional Thai epics.


Come vibe with my music~

My main tracks and comfort zone are definitely with earlier tracks from the 2000s-2010s. But I figured I’d share some of the more recent artists and tracks I like~ So for this list I tried to stick to songs and artists from more recent years (like within the past 5 years). You can also see that I’ve expanded the range of genres and artists I listen to too. Like I used to be more into Thai pop and rock. Y’all know I love R&B and rap too. But I used to never be a fan of Thai R&B and rap because I felt it was lacking and unimpressive. I often found the lyrics and flow to be awkward… Not always, but it did happen alot for me. Welp, we got some good R&B and rap now~ WOO~ I’d say Thai rock/alternative is my favorite, but I’m also super into the more chill and groove type of R&B tracks~ Also, be forewarned… alot of Thai songs are either super sweet or super sad…lol Like they’re mostly super sweet love songs or emo love (heartbreak) songs… BTW… don’t always trust the English subs on the videos. I’m telling you they’re often wrong or just seem like made-up lyrics of what they want the English lyrics to be… If you want lyric translations, hit me up. I will translate them for you…

You can find my BAYOG playlist with some of the tracks I talked about here:

MORVASU feat. TangBadVoice: Melbourne

I believe this was MORVASU’s second single. It also features TangBadVoice. I instantly loved it when I first heard it. I just love how chill and mellow it sounds. Like it’s a track that’s as easygoing as watching ocean waves on the sand. It’s actually also super sweet. Although one of the lines can easily be misunderstood. It’s not “ in the morning…”, it’s “…six in the morning…”! But anyway, I loved the vibes of the track and again, it’s super sweet. It’s basically loving someone and enjoying their company in the most simple moments, and just being completely happy in this moment. I also actually kinda like TangBadVoice’s rap too. Definitely a nice song to vibe to~

When you’re with me…it’s just right…
When you’re with me…it’s just right…

Six in the morning
There’s no rush to sleep
Let’s enjoy being together for now
There’s no need to rush
Listening to music at the shore as we step in the sand
Oh~ I love you so~

MORVASU feat. TangBadVoice: Melbourne | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

HYE feat. GAVIN.D: ด้วยรักและ F*CK YOU (FU)

I found HYE during one of my random Spotify rabbit hole explorations. I think one of the first tracks I found from him was [จิ๊กซอว์ (jigsaw)]. I was really digging it and digging his vocals. It was smooth, mellow, clear, and kinda sweet. Also, I just love how his pronunciation wasn’t awkward. Random explanation: alot of the younger generation doesn’t really enunciate or properly pronounce words. You also have alot of people whose Thai sounds like that of a foreigner even though they never went or lived abroad… It’s a weird thing and I don’t even really know how to explain it… But anyway, yeah. I really appreciated his vocals. I also actually like his rapping too. And again, I used really hate Thai rapping. I used to think of Thai rap as often being subpar and cringey. Like I found alot of Thai rappers sound like they’re trying too hard to be cool in imitating western rappers, and the flow and rhymes seem kinda basic to me… That’s another convo though… But I really liked Hye’s rapping and it didn’t sound or feel awkward. I was actually surprised cuz I wouldn’t have expected HYE to sound like that based on his looks~ It was a pleasant surprise~ This track also features GAVIN.D, also known as Gavin and a former member of [3.2.1]. Although I will say, I don’t particularly always love Gavin and his rapping…but that’s another story. The only thing I will say about Gavin for this is… Bruh… “skrrrt”? Really? lol The song title itself translates to, “With Love, F*CK YOU (FU)”. So no, this ain’t a sweet long song. It’s about a guy whose ex had reappeared and is trying to get back with him. But he’s bitter and hurt from when she betrayed him. If you want an alternative/rock version, here’s a [cover/collab] from Three Man Down and HYE.

I could’ve been everything for you, but I couldn’t be the real one
I could gave you every single thing, but you thew everything away
You told me to ‘move on’ cuz you had him, remember?
Oh, you don’t need to come back
I wanted to sincerely tell you: with love and fuck you

Why’d you come back?
I’d already completely forgotten you
I don’t wanna endure it anymore
With having been someone whom you had thrown away
This time you’ve come back
Could you help me just this once?
Could you help by taking out the knife in the middle of my back that you’d left?

HYE feat. GAVIN.D: ด้วยรักและ F*CK YOU (FU) | Translation: piecesofminty (me)


I like MAIYARAP for the same reason that I like HYE. They’re pretty similar in that the looks and sound seemed like an unexpected match to me. But yeah, I love that MAIYARAP has very mellow and chill vocals. His rap also doesn’t sound awkward. I actually liked his rapping as well. I also like that the lyrics didn’t sound like awkward nonsense. This was one of the first Thai songs that got me to actually like Thai R&B and rap~ But yeah I love the vibe of this track too. The beat is really nice and so is the melody~ It’s sad as hell, but catchy. But yeah, the track is just basically about a guy who’s still sad from having been dumped. He wants to start a new, but can’t even do that and is sure no one would want a sad boy anyway.

Well it’s just a really lonely day that’s come to meet with a really grey (*depressed) person
Listening to the same songs that are really old
Along with the sound of sighing that’s really soft
Well it’s just a really lonely day that’s come to meet with someone like me,
A person who was thrown away by their ex
Whether I try to start again, there’s no one who wants a sad boy
Sad boy, sad boy, sad boy, sad boy

MAIYARAP feat. STICKYRICE KILLAH: I’M SAD (Prod. by SLOTPHOOM x NINO) | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

TILLY BIRDS Feat. MILLI: เพื่อนเล่น ไม่เล่นเพื่อน (Just Being Friendly)

I freakin’ love Tilly Birds. They’re probably my fave alternative artists. It’s pretty obvious if y’all follow my covers too haha~ It’s also just kinda cool to have seen how they’ve grown. Like I remember Billy being famous for producing YouTube covers, and I remember Third being on the Thai version of [I Can See Your Voice]. Third also has a very unique and distinct voice in the Thai music industry. It’s powerful, a bit gruff, and soulful. You can definitely hear the R&B and soul influence in his vocals. This song is also really interesting because they used samples of their previous songs [คิด(แต่ไม่)ถึง [Same Page?]], [ฤดูหนาว (Bangkok Winter)], [จำเก่ง (Slipped Your Mind)]. You got the drums and warp sound from “Same Page”, the bass from “Slipped Your Mind”, and the build-up/climax from “Bangkok Winter”. They also used the melody from a older demo version of “Same Page” for the hook too. Honestly, Tilly Birds always got great jams. They’re really good at making catchy melodies~ The songs above are some of my faves. Some other faves include: [แค่พี่น้อง (Status)], [อยู่ได้ ได้อยู่ (ineednoone)], and [ลู่วิ่ง (Can’t Keep Up)]. I really liked this one because of how they incorporated elements from their previous tracks though. So the Thai title “เพื่อนเล่น ไม่เล่นเพื่อน” translates to “A Friend Playing a Friend”. In Thai, “เพื่อน”=”Friend” and “เล่น”=”Play”. You could translate “เพื่อนเล่น” as just “friend”, but it’s literally more like “a friend you play/joke around with”. But yeah, this track is basically about that awkward situation where you like a really good friend. You were totally fine with your relationship though. Except for said friend seems to be overly friendly to the point where they keep pushing it and playing around with you and your feelings. So it’s a matter of “Do you want to cross this line or not? Or if you’re just playing with me, I don’t think we can be friends.” Anyway, shameless self-plug…I did do an English cover [here] if you want a more accurate translation of the song. It’s not 100% word-for-word accurate, especially Milli’s part. I kinda did my on tweak on that… But I’d say it’s 90% accurate. Also, y’all probably familiar with Milli. She was known for being a fire young rapper when she appeared on the Thai show [The Rapper 2] years ago. She was also on [Mirror Mirror] with F.Hero and Changbin of Stray Kids. I know international fans were impressed that she used Thai, English, and Korean in her rap. She’s also been on 88Rising too. You might recognize her from [her remix of BIBI’s The Weekend]. She also had the track [Mind Games] with Jackson Wang too.

All I can do is to try to not think of anything that I shouldn’t
Whenever we get too close
I realize again that in my heart I have so many questions,
More than I can bear
Could you tell me just once,

If you want me to be a friend, could you not play beyond that?
(*playing around to the point that it crosses the line)
If I were to cross the line, would you be able to accept it?
Could you tell me just once that where I stand
Is where you stand too?
Stop playing (beyond) friends
Stop playing (beyond) friends

TILLY BIRDS Feat. MILLI: เพื่อนเล่น ไม่เล่นเพื่อน (Just Being Friendly) | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

Mirrr: ดอกไม้ไฟ (Firework)

I love Mirrr~ Other than Tilly Birds, they’re probably my other more recent favorite artist. I love how they have this laid back R&B vibe to them. It just love vibing to their songs. Even if they’re often pretty sad… Some of my fave Mirrr tracks include [เกม (Your rules)], [นิโคติน (nicotine)], [มาโซคิสม์ (M) (Masochism)], and [รอให้เธอ (Remiss version)]. I also liked T-Biggest’s [จากคนที่เคยรัก] that they were featured on. “Firework” is definitely one of my top faves from them. I just find it to be super catchy. I love the melody~ Even the rap is catchy. But it is a pretty bittersweet track. It’s basically talking about this girl that he finds to be beautiful and enrapturing like a firework… But like a firework, she also seems to vanish and be out of his grasp. There’s also a [homie version] too. It’s a slower and more chill version. It has diff vibes from the original, but it’s still really nice. It’s got like a lo-fi vibe to it. The lyrics are also somewhat different too.

You came and made someone feel good, then you just left
You came and stole a smile every time
It still makes me anxious
It was just for a brief moment and then you vanished just like a firework
No matter how beautiful, I could never get your heart

Mirrr: ดอกไม้ไฟ (Firework) | Translation: piecesofminty (me)


ZiggaRice consists of rappers ZIGGAVOY and STICKYRICEK KILLAH. This track features MEYOU. To be honest, I only stumbled upon this track because of MEYOU. He’s one of my fave Thai R&B artists. I love his smooth and chill vocals. Some of y’all might recognize him on a re-release version of Laotian-American artist Dane Amar’s [Green Tea and Honey] called [Green Tea & Hunnies]. If you wanna check out some other tracks from MEYOU some of my faves include [อีกแล้ว], [Pillow], [ภาวนา], [รู้ตัวอีกที], [ถาม], [พอจะรู้], [No Makeup], and [GIRLS]. As for the rappers… I think I’m only kind of familiar with STICKYRICEK KILLAH because of that MAIYARAP track that he’s on. But yeah, I really dig the beat and melody. I love MEYOU’s part~ The rap is okies. The melody and flow kinda catchy. But MEYOU’s part is definitely what got the track stuck in my head when I first heard it lol But yeah, it’s a nice chill-hop track with a bit of sensual vibes to it.

I’m stuck in quarantine feelin’ lonely
Baby if you got me,
Could you help me out?
I’m stuck in quarantine
I’m not going anywhere
If I had you, it would be enough
Could you help me out?

ZIGGARICE Feat. MEYOU: STUCK | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

LUSS: 247

LUSS is a duo consisting of Pun and Ben. Pun is also a former vocalist and member of the band [Jelly Rocket]. They released their first single [Trippin], which is in English. I like Pun’s sweet voice. I feel like alot of Thai female vocalists fall under this sweet and high-pitched kinda vocals. To be honest, sometimes I find such vocals to be really annoying sounding. But I actually really like Pun’s voice. It also helps that she doesn’t have a nasally voice. I think Pun’s voice is just really soothing and she has such a nice range. Like she went from an indie type of band to singing pop/R&B. “247” was probably the first song I heard from them though. I just loved it. It’s got chill and sweet vibes. It’s basically a chill, sweet, and easygoing love song. It’s basically singing about always loving and supporting the person they love, 24/7. It’s cute~ BTW subs for this is pretty accurate. I could approve haha~ I also want to throw out that there’s a remix of the song with chelmico, a female Japanese rap-duo. chelmico basically rapped and sang a Japanese version. It was from a collab single where LUSS also did a remix of chelmico’s [Balloon]. It was basically a Thai version with Pun singing a bit of Japanese too. I actually like the LUSS remix haha. I’m also impressed by Pun’s Japanese? Her English pronunciation is also really good too~ Also, let me throw in this [winter remix] live performance of “247” cuz it’s absolutely beautiful~

Have you ever felt lonely,
the same way that I have?
Have you ever felt like that?
If you ever feel that way,
You don’t have to look anywhere far
Let me be the where you can rest your heart, right here
I won’t go anywhere
You know what to do
If you’re ever lonely,
Just come by

Open 247, I got ya 247
No matter how lonely you are
When you wake up, just call me
I’ll wait right here
No matter what day it is
247, 247
Let me love you~ Oh~ Oh~
Let me love you~ Oh~ Oh~
Let me love you~ Oh~ Oh~
Let me love you baby
247, yeah~

LUSS: 247 | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

fellow fellow: เธอเหมือนเดือนกุมภา

I love fellow fellow~ I just love how they got smooth and mellow vocals. I think one of the first tracks I remember from them was [เมษา (Maysa) feat. BLACKSHEEP] (เมษา/Maysa is “April”). It was a super sad track though… But yeah, I remember stumbling upon this one on my random Spotify rabbit hole explorations. I absolutely loved the hella sweet and chill vibe. But also, the lyrics and song itself is really sweet. So the title “เธอเหมือนเดือนกุมภา” translates to “You’re like the month of February”. Like it starts of with them comparing the person they love to simple, everyday things that they’re familiar with and can’t live without. Like sunlight, a song in their playlist, their coffee, etc. Then it just basically paints a picture of just being so comfortable with this person and how they’ve changed their world~ It sweet~

It’s as if we met not that long ago
It’s as if we just met yesterday
So why is it that today seems to feel familiar?

Ever since I met you
You’ve changed the world that I was once familiar with
You’re like the month of February
(Like the month of February~)
Ever since I met you
You’ve changed the world that I was once familiar with
You’re like the month of February
You’re the love that I’ve been searching for for so long

fellow fellow: เธอเหมือนเดือนกุมภา | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

GENA DESOUZA: ทุกที (Always Lie)

Gena Desouza (aka Gena D) is Thai-Portuguese-English-French-Malaysian-Chinese. She’s known for being one of the teen artists under MBO. She was known for tracks like [จริงๆมันก็ดี (Drunk)] and [เรื่องของชั้น (M.Y.B.)]. I admit I found some of her songs to be a bit catchy, like “Drunk”. But I also wasn’t a big fan either. I just wasn’t too big on the MBO artist releases. MBO was basically teen idol stuff. It wasn’t really my vibe or demographic. But I did really like her on the track [ไบโพลาร์ (Bipolar)] with Max Jenmana. I noticed I didn’t really see anything from her for a while until sometime last year when she released “ทุกที (Always Lie)”. Apparently she took some time off to go to America to experience new things and for a new outlook on life. As well as to explore and grow her craft. She came back with a whole new look and sound. I actually found the track pretty interesting and found it to be really catchy. I liked that she had a more mature sound and vibe to her music. The track itself also had some interesting elements to it. And again, I found the melody catchy too. I’m interested to see what other new tracks she releases and to see how she’s grown as an artist. She recently released [ครั้งสุดท้าย] with Jigsaw.

What you’re like, who would really know?
All that’s left is that…the bond that we have
I don’t know ’bout all the things that you do
The words that you say, are they true?

It used to be adorable, hon.
Whenever we were able to meet
I only hoped that you would stop
That I got this was probably the best I could get
Why did I have to love you so much
Do you know that I’m going insane (to death)?
I just hoped that you would understand what we had talked about before

I know you’re with somebody
I don’t know how you love me
Is this it? Your love
Always lie, always lie

GENA DESOUZA: ทุกที (Always Lie) | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

MONICA: ฉันคือดวงจันทร์

I absolutely loved this song when I first heard it~ It has a beautifully bittersweet and poetic feel to it. Especially in the lyrics too. Monica also has such a charming voice. She has an R&B vibe and sound, but there’s also this hint of traditional/classical Thai singing style to it too. Like the kind of classic singing style for Thai music from my mom and grandma’s younger days. Basically the stuff you’d see on [The Golden Song] too. So I was super intrigued just by that. But the poetic vibes really caught my attention for sure. The title “ฉันคือดวงจันทร์” translates to “I Am the Moon”. It’s basically a bittersweet song about unrequited love between 3 parties. Monica sings about having an unrequited love with someone who is in an unrequited love with someone else. Monica says that person is like their whole world. She then compares herself to the moon, and the person her world loves is the sun. The lyrics and song is just just so beautiful and poetic. Like I don’t think I could even capture the beauty of it when I translated it. Also, shameless plug…I did do a [short cover] of it. But again, I couldn’t capture the same beauty of the song… especially in the singing style lol~

If I were to compare it,
I’m like the moon
And in comparison,
They’re like the sun…
If it’s like that,
Tthen there may never be a day where you’d look this way
Because I’m revolving around you
As for you, you’re looking at them
The perfect sun is different from me…
Oh the moon…

I’m the moon that’s revolving around you
As for you, you’re the earth revolving around them
They’re the sun that knows not of our pain
Leaving you to pine away until your heart collapses
If that’s the case dear, just why do you endure it?
A one-sided love…

MONICA: ฉันคือดวงจันทร์ | Translation: piecesofminty (me)


So D Gerrard was [a contestant on The X Factor Thailand]. He auditioned with his song [ไม่เหมือนใคร (Unique)] which was later released under Wayfer Records~ It was definitely the first song to catch my attention. If I were to be honest, I’m not really drawn to his music cuz of his voice or rapping. But I do love the music he makes. It just sounds really beautiful. And I like his lyrics~ But yeah, Iove “Luxury”. Yo… the lyrics for this is stupid cute~ It’s so sweet~ Like UGH… my heart~ He’s basically singing about how he doesn’t need luxury cuz he’s got everything he’s need. All he needs is the person he loves by his side~ That person and their love already feel like he has all the luxury he needs~ UGH. STUPID CUTE~
BTW the English subs for this are sweet, but they whack lolol They’re not that accurate lol

There’s no need for presents
There’s no need for gold
Just having you worry alot about me every day, every night
Letting me win every time
Thank you dear for doing something to impress me
You’re always there
Thank you again for the cake and flower bouquet
When you show that you’re proud (of me)
But if we want it to go well,
Won’t you stay and blow out these candles together?
Wishing for a life together until our final days
I hope you won’t vanish my dear

Just having you is enough
I don’t need a single thing
Just having you to embrace me warms my heart
That’s why I don’t need a chariot of luxury (*fancy car)
I only want what I have
Just cuddling

Come sit here
Just being beside each other is enough

D GERRARD: LUXURY | Translation: piecesofminty (me)


This is probably the most recent track on the list. To be honest, I know knowing about PP Krit and never heard his music before. But I am a fan of [The Toys], and I know he produced this track. Check out his song [ก่อนฤดูฝน] (go to the 1:00 mark) if you wanna hear the fastest Thai rap ever lol But yeah this probably the most pop track on the list too. I’m pretty sure I found out about this song through social media… Like TikTok and IG reels. I just find it super catchy~ Alot of it was also cuz it was covered by other artists that I liked and followed. I recommend checking this cover from [Fyeqoodgurl and Pam Anshisa]~

Fire boy, fire boy
Fire boy, fire boy

Don’t you play with fire~
It’s hot and it won’t be good
I’m afraid you won’t be safe
Just stay away from me
You’ve come in play-playin’ my heart
That’s also not what I want
Cuz I’m a fire boy

PP Krit: FIRE BOY | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

HYBS: Run Away

Okay, so this one is actually all in English. HYBS is a duo consisting of friends Alyn and Karn. They hadn’t met each other in 8 years and decided to form a band cuz of their love for laidback pop/R&B. Which is pretty much my vibe haha. I remember I stumbled upon their music on my YouTube recommendations. I just love how chill their music is. Like it’s laidback but has a groove to it. Their music sometimes has a citypop-esque vibe too. They also kinda give me HONNE vibes too. So yeah, if you like HONNE, you might be into HYBS.

I’ll be watching my phone ring
Won’t even hesitate to Ignore you
And now i’m going loco
I’ll go go
Right outta here
Don’t give a damn
Bout my problems now I’mma run away
Run away I could rock
Till the sun goes down I’mma run away
Run away

HYBS: Run Away

HYBS x brb.: No One

Yeah, I threw in another HYBS track cuz I loved how extra chill it was, but it still had this nice groove to it~

There’s no one
That I would rather be with
Cause there’s no one else
No one else like you
Show me love
But I would rather see it
Cause there’s no one else like you

HYBS x brb.: No One

TELEx TELEXs: 1991-1993

This track is semi-old as it’s from like 3-4 years ago. But I like it~ This was probably the first track I found from TELEx TELEXs. It’s got a retro vibe to it~ The music video is also kinda cute and video game related. It tells the story of a boy and girl who meet in an online game. The title is pretty random though. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the lyrics. It’s just representative of the members’ birth years. The lyrics are kinda cute though~ It’s basically about wanting to extend your time with the person you love and wanting to be with that person for the rest of your life.

I just want you to know that you are my meaning
Just having you beside me is enough

Can we extend time just a bit?
I want you to keep embracing me
Whisper right through my heart
That you’ll have me
That you’ll love me until the final day

TELEx TELEXs: 1991-1993 | Translation: piecesofminty (me)


This is probably the oldest track on the list. It’s by singer/rapper WONDERFRAME and features rapper YOUNGOHM. I think this was the first track I’ve heard from either of the two. It’s basically a future-bass track~ And I love future-bass~ I just remember I instantly loved the track. I just loved the beat and the melody was catchy AF. So I instantly loved it~ I wouldn’t say WONDERFRAME is my favorite singer, but she does have this unique raspiness to her voice? It was also interesting cuz I don’t see that many female Thai rappers. And I didn’t think her rap was bad. YOUNGOHM’s rap was also kinda catchy. I liked the flow haha. “อยู่ดีๆก็…” translates to “Suddenly…” The song is basically about suddenly being ghosted by someone, not knowing why, and just wondering why they suddenly disappeared on you when everything seemed fine. The song is kind of a back and forth between WONDERFRAME and YOUNGOHM. For YOUNGOHM he’s all like, “I actually do like you. I wasn’t trying to trick you, ghost you or anything” and telling her not to get worked up because he just likes to play games (tease her) a bit. And he’s just kinda telling her she’s overreacting is all.

All of the sudden, you disappeared…
You’re not answering LINE
All of the sudden, you changed…
I don’t know why…
All of the sudden, I failed
Where did I mess up?
For you to walk away without even a word

WONDERFRAME Feat. YOUNGOHM: อยู่ดีๆก็… | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

On a whole other note… this song was recently re-released with different lyrics for the mobile game RoV (Arena of Valor). The instrumental and verses are changed a bit. Again, the lyrics were changed to fit RoV and gaming. I found it to be fucking hilarious though LMAO

All of the sudden, you disappeared…
You didn’t say that you died…
All of the sudden, you changed
I don’t know why
All of the sudden, I lost
Where did I mess up?
But I still went to the next rank
I’ll never be afraid (*tbh I’m not sure of this one…)

WONDERFRAME ft. กาย หงิด: อยู่ดีๆก็…{RoV VERSION} | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

เปาวลี Feat. MAIYARAP: วรรณคดีสีชมพู

This one is probably the most out there one for all of you. But if you want something really different, I recommend giving this one a try~ This track by luk thung singer Paowalee Pornpimon and features MAIYARAP. So to explain it real quick, luk thung is basically Thai country music. Often times you’ll Isaan elements, and even the Isaan dialect, be used. Isaan is basically the northeastern part of Thailand. It’s used for both the region and the northeastern dialect of Thai, which is nearly identical to Lao. Luk thung can often use different Thai instruments like the khaen and phin. The singing style is also very distinct too. But yeah, you have so many different styles and sounds of luk thung though. Often times you’ll see they often have a more modernized sound and is mixed with other genres like rock, pop, electronic, and dance. For this one you can tell it’s luk thung because of Paowalee’s singing style. The track itself also uses alot of traditional and classical Thai instruments. I think you can hear Thai chimes, flutes, and the ranat ek (Thai xylophone)? It adds a beautiful and elegant element to the track which also has some pop, electronic, and hip hop elements. The title “วรรณคดีสีชมพู” itself translates to “Pink Literature”. วรรณคดี/wankadee means “literature”. This song makes references to classic Thai literature/epics. Honestly, though, I can’t even begin to explain it cuz I myself am not incredibly familiar with classic Thai literature/epics and characters. I think the only one I kinda knew off the bat was a reference to the giant(ess) from the epic poem [พระอภัยมณี/Phra Aphai Manee]. Only cuz that one is so famous and has appeared in alot pop culture too. But yeah, the classic Thai instruments and the Thai imagery in the MV is super befitting. The traditional Thai outfits and imagery is also just stunning too~ The whole thing is just a really beautiful mix of traditional and modern~ I just love it hehe~ Also, while I can’t break down all the references in the song and video, I can say that the mask MAIYARAP wears is a nod to the traditional design of giants in Thai literature/epics.

Please don’t be cruel
And from such a good man,
become a giant/giantess (*) that would do evil and destroy my heart
If someday the two of us must be apart
Please keep a picture of me with you
As a  reminder for you to not waver
Tell her that you already have a lover
Tell her, my dear
And that our love is like a literature in pink (**)

เปาวลี Feat. MAIYARAP: วรรณคดีสีชมพู | Translation: piecesofminty (me)

Anyway, that’s it for today friends~ I know today’s Music Monday was a bit different, but I hope you found a couple of new tracks and artists that you found interesting~ Feel free to let me know if you ever have any questions or want more recommendations~ You can also hit me up if you ever want translations (cuz don’t trust the subs…). I know it’s been a while since I did Music Monday. I promise to slowly get that back to a regular schedule~ Did you have any particular song or artist in this list that you liked?~ Or are there any songs or artists NOT on this list that you like? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or Discord~ Anyway, take care and stay safe friends! I hope you have a wonderful start to your week~

Also, if you’re interested in checking out more Thai songs regardless of the genre or when they were released…here’s my Spotify playlist of Thai songs my sis and I like~

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