Manga | In Her Fifth Life, the Villainess Lives With the Evil Dragon – The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride – — Bruh, This Actually Hella Dark & Twisted…

Manga | In Her Fifth Life, the Villainess Lives With the Evil Dragon – The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride – — Bruh, This Actually Hella Dark & Twisted…

Hello BAYOG Fam~ Poppin’ in with a quick post here~ Y’all know that I’m BAYOG’s expert when it comes to Korean media since my focus is mainly on Korean manhwa, novels, K-dramas, and music. But I do read Japanese manga too y’all~ Anyway, I got an interesting find for y’all. Whether it’s Korean manhwa or Japanese manga, series with wronged villainesses, revenge, and regression are quite common. I also find alot of Japanese manga series to have these otome/isekai settings. Again, these themes are pretty common in so many Korean and Japanese series. But what if I told you there’s a series that’s actually kinda different? Y’all, I randomly found this series on Square Enix’s Manga Up app. I was expecting the typical shoujo/josei type of series. Boy was I fooled! I found one that’s surprisingly really dark and twisted. Not only that, the revenge is legit and actually gruesome… Want villains actually being like legit villains? This is it. So yeah, stick around if you’re bored of the usual reads and want something surprisingly more mature, dark, and twisted!

Warning: There will be spoilers ahead just because I need to discuss why this series is so different. But also, the series is pretty fucked up… so be forewarned y’all!
⚠️Trigger/Content Warnings⚠️: Violence, Physical Assault, Sexual Assault/Rape, Torture, Drugging, Murder, Prostitution

In Her Fifth Life, the Villainess Lives With the Evil Dragon
-The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride-

Alternatively Known As:  悪役令嬢、五度目の人生を邪竜と生きる。 ー破滅の邪竜は花嫁を甘やかしたいー, In Her Fifth Life, the Villainess Lives With the Evil Dragon – The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride –(Official), In Her Fifth Life the Villainess Lives with the Evil Dragon, The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride, Akuyaku Reijou Godome no Jinsei wo Jaryuu to Ikiru, Akuyaku Reijou Godome no Jinsei wo Jaryuu to Ikiru Hametsu no Jaryuu wa Hanayome wo Amayakashitai
Content/Trigger Warnings: Murder, Rape, Assault, Drugs, Torture, Prostitution — Yo… This series has some really fucked up shit… I honestly might have missed some shit, but those the main ones
Genre/Theme: Romance, Revenge, Fantasy, Drama, Shoujo, Josei, Historical, Reincarnation, Angst, Otome, Tragedy, Isekai
Spicy Level: A bit…? — More suggestive really
Rage/Frustration Level: YES. HOW DARE THEY DO THAT TO SUCH A SWEET CINNAMON ROLL — I’m pissed cuz it’s just stupid!!
Manga : [Manga Up! — Official English Version]
Original Webnovel: [Webnovel] — Japanese]; Not Yet Officially Available in English

The countess, Musee Schnorr, has died four times, with both time and her life rewinding after each death. After her last death, her fifth life begins anew with the betrayal of her fiance. When pushing away the despair of her many tragic ends, someone she encountered during her fourth life comes to mind. He was the only person saddened by her death, and the very one who will destroy the world–The Evil Dragon of Ruin. Now, the curtain rises on Musee and the Evil Dragon’s broken love, along with their sweet revenge.

[Manga Up! | In Her Fifth Life, the Villainess Lives With the Evil Dragon
-The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride-

Again, I was browsing Square Enix’s Manga Up! app and came across this series. The art style and the title font made me just assume it was gonna be like your typical shoujo/josei villainess series. Again, alot of themes and storylines are pretty similar. I usually don’t expect great differences, but I still enjoy them (most of the time). So for this one I was like, “Okay…There’s a villainess, regression, isekai/otome setting, and revenge type of shit.” I’ve seen those before. Figured it wouldn’t be anything too drastically different. I also usually find the Japanese manga series to be a little more light-hearted and less serious than the Korean manhwas. I really believed that considering the cute-looking font and the cute-looking shoujo/josei type of art. Holy fuck was I wrong on this one! Yo, I mean it when I say it’s pretty dark and twisted. It also just keeps getting more fucked up as you keep reading it too. Not to mention the villains are actually twisted and do some legit fucked up villain type of shit.

Like again, this seems to start off with the typical shoujo/josei otome/isekai and villainess type of setup. Although, Musee (our female main character and the supposed villainess) is not the one who is isekai-ed. So that automatically makes it different than the majority of these series that we read. It’s clear that her world is a reverse harem otome game type of world where it was deemed that she was the villainess. However, Musee actually never acted like a villainess. Yet, she’s always labeled as a villainess and suffers greatly through each regression. It’s clear that someone is a transmigrator or reincarnation that’s been doing some serious manipulating. Unfortunately, it keeps leading Musee to incredibly cruel and tragic ends, only for her to regress and meet another cruel and tragic end. When I say cruel and tragic, I mean it’s actually pretty fucked up. Like Musee is basically completely broken by her fifth regression when she finally actually remembers her past regressions. Like she’s faced the usual getting humiliated as her engagement is publicly broken. But she’s also faced torture, rape, being drugged, being forced into a brothel, kidnapping, being offered as a sacrifice, and being murdered in multiple different ways. So you can’t really blame her. Especially because she actually hadn’t done anything wrong and she actually seemed like a sweet girl who is being forced through fucked up shit. It’s actually sad cuz it’s to a point where it seems like she doesn’t even really value her life or living anymore.

Anyway, during her fourth life, she was offered as a sacrifice to Ragna the Evil Dragon. But surprisingly, they kinda became friends instead. He found out her story and felt upset for her. He was basically her only ally and also probably the only one upset about her death too. In this fifth and current life, Musee has a recollection of all her regressions. Again, she’s deeply hurt and broken now. So she cries out for Ragna to save her. This huge and intimidating dragon appears and is like “Who are you and why have you called on me? Why do you feel important to me?” She won’t tell him though. It was enough for her that he showed up for her. But Ragna uses his powers to find out by reading her memories. Thus he finds out the truth. He’s incredibly upset for Musee and declares her to be his bride and under his protection. He also makes it his mission to get revenge for Musee. Aside from that though, he’s incredibly sweet to Musee. He only wants to spoil her and make her happy. Of course, she’s the only one who can sway him.

We see some familiar elements such as the girl who stole Musee’s fiancee is indeed a white lotus bitch. However, things do get a bit more twisted than expected. There be a crazy conspiracy too. She’s basically brainwashed everyone. The ones most under her control and most twisted are the supposed “male leads” of the otome game. They’re also the cruelest ones to Musee. They’re all fucking psychos. Like you got one dude kidnapping girls and forcing them into brothels where they get drugged and raped. Yes, this dude did this to Musee before in a previous regression. He had her gang raped and she ultimately ended up dying. Again, Ragna is out for revenge. You know, in these kinda series the term “evil” gets thrown around alot. But I don’t think we ever feel like it’s legit evil. Not for this one. Ragna is a silly fool for Musee that sometimes we forget he’s the Evil Dragon (Dat gap moe). And he really is evil. Like yeah, we expect some sort of bad end for the people who wronged Musee. But it wasn’t your typical revenge of simple torture or execution. Ragna really went beyond anything I expected.

Again, we’re talking about the dude who had Musee kidnapped, drugged, suffer in a brothel, and gang raped. Even in this life, dude didn’t really feel remorse or anything for his crimes and the plans he had for Musee. Ragna was pissed. He incurred Ragna’s wrath by planning to do that shit to Musee. So he thought the mother effer should suffer the same way… You know you’re trash when evil beings like THE Evil Dragon and demons are like, “You’re disgusting. How could you put innocent women through that?” Most of it is kinda shown “off screen” but it’s still pretty gruesome. But basically Ragna put this dude in a space where he was repeatedly raped by demons and his body was used to give birth to countless demons. And apparently it ain’t pretty as the baby demons would rip apart and consume the organs before tearing a hole and bursting out of his stomach… I know… I was like “Bruh, wuht????” Ragna also used his powers to keep healing this dude after each round so he could keep suffering over and over again.

I was left speechless by that chapter… Like I am shocked, disturbed, horrified, and impressed all at once???

I remember when I first read that chapter I was like, “…BRUHHH, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK…??? That’s twisted bruhhhhh!!!” Like I was hella disturbed, but also impressed?? Like it was really dark and twisted, but if you think about it…it does fit the crime. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth kinda deal. Because I feel like oftentimes, the punishment for the bad guys are like too quick or easy and it’s like they got off too easy. This one was literally you got dealt with what you served and felt like a true punishment. IDK, maybe I’m just twisted deep down lolol But yeah, that’s just one dude and one incident of revenge! There be some crazy shit in this series.

I’m kinda torn between seeing how sweet they are together but also at how Musee is becoming more numb and losing her humanity…

Of course this series is also a romance series. Ragna is really sweet and doting of Musee. It’s cute. Also the gap moe of a fool in love who is also a really twisted evil dragon… But it’s cute how Musee is actually happy with Ragna. Also, we’re shown again and again how Ragna worries that he might scare Musee. But she wholeheartedly accepts him and loves him no matter what. Like it’s so sweet and like such a pure kind of love. At the same time though, we’re seeing a change. Musee seems to be more and more exposed to Ragna’s evil power and that seems to be slowly having an effect on her. As the story progresses and we’re seeing more and more twisted forms of revenge, Musee seems to become kind of numb? Like it’s like she’s slowly losing her humanity and morality. Like if you pay attention to her eyes throughout the series, you’ll notice there’s a change where the light and sparkle in her eyes seem to be dimming/fading as she’s succumbing to becoming evil. It also seems that Ragna is aware and had expected this. I find this aspect to be interesting as well. So I’m looking forward to seeing what exactly is the deal with that and how that may affect the story and her relationship with Ragna. I also wanna throw in that I like Musee. Like she’s a good person and all. But I also like how she’s not going to forgive those who’ve wronged her. She’s not just a weak pushover.

Also, I’m impressed that this series actually has some logic and common sense?? Again, alot of these stories are similar. Often times they’re not that serious. But also they’re sometimes frustrating in their loopy logic and like how things seem to be easily forgiven or forgotten. The logic thing bugs me alot sometimes. Like YOU were the one who committed the wrong and are acting out of line, but why is the main character taking the blame and being treated so poorly?? I kinda like how this series follows some more logical sense and mentions this exact thing. Like Ragna immediately goes to the castle to call out the king. Musee’s fiancee and his knight (2 of the psychos under the white lotus bitch’s control) committed offenses to Musee first. And Ragna called their asses out on it and the flaws of their logic of how Musee supposedly harmed the white lotus bitch. Usually in these stories, these fools don’t suffer any consequences of their actions and the King or whoever would turn a blind eye or doesn’t even acknowledge it. But this time the King was like, “The dragon makes sense…” I mean Ragna was also threatening him, but at least dude had enough brain cells to admit it. And ultimately, after learning Musee’s truth and the crimes committed against Musee, the King allows Ragna to commit his acts of revenge. Including the ones against his own nephew and son.

This series always has me between “Should I be impressed??” and “Should I be disturbed and horrified??”

Anyway, that’s all I’ll spoil about this series cuz I feel like it’s more interesting for you to experience it first hand. Also, I just want to point out that I’m not necessarily saying this is a good series. But I just found it intriguing because it was so unexpected. It definitely made an impression. Again, I just found it interesting because it was unexpectedly much more darker and twisted than I expected. But I’m also just kinda pleased and impressed about the revenge. Again, it just feels more satisfying because the punishment does seem to reflect the crime committed. Like it does live up to the sense of feeling like actual revenge and the reputation of the EVIL Dragon. Of course, we could have a discussion on the moral aspects because they were technically under brainwashing and some of the wrongs committed were in the past lives and not the current ones. But we were shown that they weren’t good people and did commit wrongs here too so…. I’m ok with their punishment~ Yes, my evil is showing. Karma was seeeerrrrrvvveeeeddddd~ Shuuush. But yeah, I kinda also appreciated that this was a bit more mature than what I expected I guess. Like, yeah, it’s got the typical kinda cutesy and sometimes cringe shoujo moments. But it was kind of refreshing that not everything is all cute and fluffy shit. I kinda like how it went from fluffy one moment to suddenly you smacked in the face with some dark and twisted shit… I also appreciated there being some actual logic and reason too. But yeah, give this a try if y’all are looking for something a bit different from your usual isekai/regression type of romance-fantasy series. Let me know what y’all think? And if y’all twisted AF, let me know which fucked up revenge was your favorite LOLOL

I am off to chill in my hammock and catch up on reads~

Anyway that’s all from me today~ Let me know if y’all have any recommendations for me too! Hope y’all have a fabulous day~ Take care and stay safe friends!

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3 Replies to “Manga | In Her Fifth Life, the Villainess Lives With the Evil Dragon – The Evil Dragon of Ruin Wants to Spoil His Bride – — Bruh, This Actually Hella Dark & Twisted…”

  1. I started this one pretty randomly very recently just to use up my daily freebies, but definitely different than what I expected. I don’t know if I really like it, but I do like that it’s different from all the cookie cutter villainess stories.

    1. Yeah, I’m basically in the same boat. I can’t really determine if I actually like it or not. But I do like how it’s unexpectedly different from what’s expected with these villainess stories. And just cuz I feel like the revenge actually feels like revenge that’s fueled by actual intent/anger/hatred…? If that makes sense? lol

  2. Nope, I’m sorry but I’m not feeling the revenge. I just finished reading the entire chapters BTW.

    I mean, I get it, if they were doing this out of their own free will, I would agree with whatever torture they had coming to them.

    But through no fault of their own, they have been victims of Mind-rape to commit these heinous acts. The Rag-nasty dragon is basically punishing them solely because they weren’t strong enough to fend off her brainwashing and became her puppets. (Like it was a choice)

    That is insane to me! That’s equivalent to blaming rape victims for getting raped and punishing them for not being strong enough to fend off their attacker.

    Am I missing something here? Someone! Please explain to me why there is so much hate for these men who are clearly victims?

    There were exactly two people who deserved any actual punishment: the OG FL, because she just went along with her ‘friend’ and persecuted the MC, and the ‘friend’ for basically being the cause of every single bad thing that had happened to the MC across her five lives.

    That’s it. Those are all the people you could make a case for being at fault. Any revenge inflicted beyond the one on these two people is patently absurd.

    If this was an intentional move on the author’s part to frame the MC as some sort of psychopath, a trait brought on by her transformation into a

    dragon, that’d be one thing, but from what I’ve seen from the spoilers, we’re fully expected to cheer for the fact that four people who had gotten mind raped would then be subjected to excruciating torture for things that were completely out of their control.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, they do deserve some level of punishment, but not to this extent.

    Even just a second of rational thought on the MC’s part would enable her to see that the target of her revenge should be the glitch-bitch, not
    her human puppets. Maybe MC isn’t capable of rationality after the trauma she went through, but we as readers should be.

    I can not in good conscience root for the Asshole dragon Ragna. To me, he’s like a bad cop who blame rape victims for allow themselves to get raped and punishes them for not being able to fend off their attacker.

    Unfortunately, the author did not put much thought into this story. The story is cheap and when you think about it for a bit, is downright offensive. It’s a misguided/misplace revenge fantasy.

    The only demographics that like this shitty story are sadistic, twisted individuals who want to see them suffer regardless if they’re innocent or guilty, just for kicks

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