What Minty Has Been Up To — I saw ONE OK ROCK live, again~

 What Minty Has Been Up To — I saw ONE OK ROCK live, again~

Hello, hello BAYOG Fam. It’s been a while since my last legit post. Again, technically I’m on semi-hiatus. I’ve been hella busy with work and online classes. Yeah…classes have been a struggle for me. I’ve also kinda been going through stuff and had some hella depression and anxiety going. So been kinda caught up with that. But despite all of that and being hella busy, I have been trying to have happy moments in between all the sad and stressful stuff. If you don’t follow me on Twitter of IG, I did go to 2 concerts over the past 2 (?) months: DPR Regime and ONE OK ROCK. We’ll talk about DPR later haha. But I recently went to see ONE OK ROCK the other week~ Y’all know [I love them]. Anyway, I’ll also admit that this post has been in drafts for a good month now, and I’ve just been slowly working on it when I can… So forgive me if it comes off kinda odd every now and then.

I was fortunate to go see them live for the first time back in [2019]. Overall, it was such an amazing and fun experience. Even with the annoying people (I swear I’m cursed at concerts). When they announced the 2022 North America tour schedule over the summer, I screamed. I wanted to go so, sooo, SOOOOOOOOO badly. But I kinda already pushed my luck this year with my fam about getting off of work [to go see Epik High]. If y’all missed that…that was literally a journey and fiasco for me… Originally it was in March, but got pushed back due to them getting stuck because of the snow. So I had to fly back to Denver for the concert like 2 weeks later in April. It was a blast though (despite my injuries on the way back home).

But yeah, originally I didn’t think I’d be able to do this ONE OK ROCK tour. But my sis and Jess (my bestie, aka Loha’s Jess) was like, “Let’s do it!” The concert was going to be October 11th in Denver. That was kinda around my birthday (Oct 7th). So I used my birthday as an excuse. But real talk, I really needed the break for my mental health and to recharge a bit. Bless my sis and her boyfriend. They really went all out on this trip to make sure I really enjoyed it. (。T ω T。) Like I was using my birthday only as a reasonable excuse but didn’t actually mean for it to be like a special birthday trip (birthdays are kinda whatever to me and I don’t usually celebrate it). Nah, these two legit made the whole week all about me and went all out. I cry. I do. But anyway we’re not here to talk about my trip, just the ONE OK ROCK concert.

If you know me, boots are mandatory for a concert. And this biss was readyyyy~

By the way, I was fucking ready for this concert. Again, if y’all haven’t heard me talk about my concert experiences… I rarely go to concerts. Only been to a handful. Literally only go for bands I really, really like and because I know it would be worth my coin. I’ve been so blessed because I got great luck in always getting near the stage and in the fun splash zones. So I do have a blast. However, at the same time… I’m also cursed AF. Because despite getting close and being in the fun sections, I almost always get stuck next to the rudest and most obnoxious people with no concert etiquette (or human decency). I have a detailed story time in my last ONE OK ROCK concert post. But I’m also especially pissed and traumatized after my recent Epik High concert back in April. There’s a reason why I wear 3-inch boots for concerts, even if they’re painful cuz they ain’t comfy like sneakers. I’m short (5 foot 4 inches/ 163 cm). So I wear them for a slight height advantage and to be able to actually see. Yeah you can read the detailed version on my [Epik High Denver concert post], but the summarized version: We had VIP tix and were let in early. We were close to the barricade with only 2 girls in front of us. Right before the show starts, the girls literally pull up all their general admission tix friends to cut in front of us despite us having stood and waited there for at least 20-30 minutes already. It wasn’t like 3-5 people. It was literally 20+ fucking people!!! I’m not joking. Check my other post. I circled them in the concert group photo. To add insult to injury, 4-5 of them were hella tall ass dudes, taller than Loha (who is already tall AF). These mother effers decided to stand right in front of me and Jess and block our view. I could barely see even with my freaking 3-inch heeled boots on. Poor Jess, who is much shorter than me and in flat sneakers, was completely blocked. Like she couldn’t see at all. They wouldn’t let us go back to our spots, even when they’re friends left to get drinks from the bar. Also, they knew what they were doing. Cuz they told their friends, “It’s okay. We paid to be here.” BITCH. I did too. More than you did cuz I flew from out of state. So yeah, I’m still extremely salty about that experience. So I was fucking prepared this time. I got me new boots. I went for platform boots this time so I wouldn’t have to die wearing heels. I love my trusty concert boots, but standing for 5-6 hours in heels is still painful. Also…these boots were thicker than my usual concert boots lmao. They were actually much comfier and lighter than my normal boots. IDK why everyone kept stopping me to ask me if I was ok in them LMAO

I got us regular tickets this time. Actually, I was aiming for the VIP tickets. Cuz last time, me and Jess vowed to get VIP tickets for “next time”. Had them in my cart. But when I tried to checkout, they were gone lmao. So normal GA tix it was. This concert was held at the Ogden Theater. Which is funny, cuz that’s the original venue the Epik High concert was supposed to be before it was rescheduled and held at Mission Ballroom instead lol. Doors were supposed to open at like 7pm. But we kinda needed to get there early to get my sis ADA seats… and this is where things got a little awkward. Also, funny story… we were driving around the night before and I was like, “We should probably try to find out the area where the venue is —” And then we literally drove by Ogden Theatre as I said that. But oddly enough, there was nothing on the marquee sign. And me with my anxiety, was afraid that I remembered the date wrong or that it got cancelled again. Thankfully that wasn’t the case. They just ended up setting up the marquee sign the day of instead.

Before I get into it, I gotta explain an important fact. So, here’s the thing… If you didn’t know, my sister is an above-the-knee-amputee due to a freak accident 12 years ago. She’s a strong and amazing person though and it doesn’t stop her from living and enjoying her life. My sister has a funny (and dark) sense of humor. Literally right after she found out she lost her leg, she asked my mom, “Mom, do you think they’ll give me half off on a pedicure now?” Along with other dark humor shit. But still, she does get tired from standing as her nub does get swollen and irritated. So we did need ADA seats (aka handicap-accessible seating) for her. Unfortunately, there was no option to select that when buying the tickets from AXS. The policy of the venue was to inform the ticket booth that there is a need for ADA seats on the day of the show, right before the show. So we arrived like 6:30pm -ish. The line was hellaaaa long. Like 2 blocks. Like the only reason it wasn’t a continuous line was because it had to be split because of the crosswalk. So we went to the ticket booth. They told us we had to talk to one of the security guys. So we walk along that long line to try to find the nearest security guy. It was halfway in the line. Right at the crosswalk. Originally, dude said that because of it being a fully packed show with limited seating, only 2 people could go in early for the ADA seats. Me and Jess were totally fine with that. Then he realized that the tickets for all four of us (me, Jess, my sis, and her boyfriend) were under my name. They were mobile tickets on the app, and it’s not like we could separate or split them up. So ended up having to stick together anyway. So he sent us up to the front door. I should note that half of the entrance was surrounded by the barricade. That’s where the line waiting to enter. The other half was the half next to the ticket booth, outside the barricade. But apparently, this was the ADA entrance…? Uh also…we were the first ADA people there I guess. And at the time, we were the only ones there. But yeah, 2-3 different security guys told us to wait there and that they’d let us in this way once doors open. I also want to mention that these were all at different points of the line, including the front of the line. The thing is that as we made our way from that first security guard and then to the entrance where we were told to wait, we noticed we were getting alot of stares from people in line. We were getting some dirty looks…?


We kinda joked amongst ourselves that these people probably thought we were trying to cut the line. But um…I guess apparently that is legit what was going on. Like we noticed a bunch of the people in the line talk amongst themselves and stare at us. We legit were getting some dirty looks. Then eventually this girl came up to us. And she came up to us with a story/excuse. I should note she that was at the front of the line right outside entering the barricade. Honestly, the way she said it and acted didn’t sound legit and it was kinda obvious that it was an excuse just to passive-aggressive check on us…? Basically, she left her friends and had come out of the line. Then she was like, “Excuse me, I’ve never been to a concert. This is my first time. But are you supposed to be waiting here and not the line if you have prepaid tickets?? Or…..? *looks at line*” and some other stuff. But were kinda like confused and I was like, “Oh… we were told to wait here since my sister needs ADA seats *points to my sis’ prosthetic (she was wearing shorts, so her prosthetic was very obvi)*” The look on her face changed so fast and she was like “Oooh….” and then awkwardly went back to her friends without saying anything else to us. All while looking a bit flustered and embarrassed. They all stopped making eye contact with us… Anyway, the doors opened and we were let in. We hold no hard feelings on those girls though. I get it. They didn’t know. It was just like low-key awkward and funny is all. But yeah, for once I had no issues while attending a concert!!! This was basically the biggest (and only) issue that occurred during this concert experience for us.

I do have to say we were really lucky to have been in the ADA section though. Like again, Jess and I had originally planned that the 2 of us would be on the floor by the stage as usual. But we were told to stick together and that was okies for us. And really did work out better for us. This venue was actually alot smaller than I expected, but it was still extremely packed. But we were in our spacious roped-off section. Like there weren’t that many people in the ADA section. At first it was just us 4, another girl, and a dude with his parents. Although I think 2-5 people did sneak in later. Like they weren’t there at first, but we suddenly noticed them sometime during the middle of the first opening band’s set. Although we didn’t wanna say anything in case they might actually be legit ADA people. But anyway, it was actually a good spot cuz it was close enough to the stage where you could see pretty well. Like I didn’t need to squint or try to zoom on my camera to try to see. It was also slightly elevated so we weren’t blocked by the people in front of us on the floor in front of the stage. But yeah, overall… super thankful we didn’t have to be smooshed. Did I mention that I am lowkey claustrophobic? Also, especially glad we weren’t smooshed since the majority of people weren’t wearing masks either. Again, we like to have fun, but we also find it important to take safety precautions. Especially since we all got immunocompromised people in our families. So despite being fully vaccinated, we also still prefer to wear masks if we need to be surrounded by so many people. I was also being extra cautious cuz DPR IAN and DPR LIVE did end up getting covid from their concert that I attended in September (I was fortunate I didn’t get covid due to us decided to be all the way in the back row, up top, away from everyone else).

The Openers

If you want an idea of their vibe when they perform live, here’s a perf they did in Ft. Lauderdale

So there were 2 bands that opened for ONE OK ROCK: Fame On Fire and You Me At Six. Yeah, no one in my group had ever heard of them. But I am always up for hearing new bands and finding new music. The first band was Fame On Fire. We were super surprised to find out that they’re a band from South Florida. It’s surprising cuz we’re all also from South Florida LMAO. No way did we ever expect a band from SoFL to open for one of Japan’s (and Asia’s) biggest rock bands. Also, I’m just realizing that they actually started in Orlando. Again, surprising because me and Jess went to school and met in Orlando. Apparently they were formed in 2013 too, which is around the time we were in Orlando. And…turns out the singer went to the same university as us. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we have people in our friend circles that do know them haha. But yeah, I actually did really like them. We were all super surprised. Turns out their sound is more kinda metal. I don’t really listen to metal, but I did really dig their music and vibe. I also thought the band was very chill and great at hyping the crowd. I also loved that they immediately and continually kept mentioning and hyping up You Me At Six and ONE OK ROCK. It gave me chill, humble, and supportive vibes. They also performed a cover of Linkin Park’s “Numb” too. Which was awesome cuz everyone got into it haha. It was a fun and enjoyable throwback. If you wanna hear how that sounds, you can checkout the [cover they put up on YouTube]. Anyway, yeah, I was vibing with their music so I did end up following them on Spotify and IG ahaha. Also, funny story, I happened to walk by one of the members (the guitarist) when I was leaving. He looked at me and waved at me too haha. Actually, I kinda wish I did check out their merch booth, but was kinda tired and in a hurry to get back and pass out lol.

Yeah, this pretty much exactly like what we saw.

The second band to open for ONE OK ROCK was You Me At Six. Apparently, they’re from England and have been around since 2004. They were okay. Like I could dig a couple of tracks. Some of the tracks were very reminiscent of my high school pop punk/alternative days. But to be honest, they weren’t really my vibe. Nor were they the vibe for the rest of my group. My sis and her boyfriend weren’t fans. For me, I also just found them to be kinda awks at times… I’ll just leave it at that. So while I could enjoy a couple of their songs, I did enjoy Fame On Fire better. But it did seem that You Me At Six were pretty well known. Unfortunately, by the time they finished, my sis and her boyfriend were pretty exhausted and didn’t think they could make it. Especially because chairs were provided only for those with ADA needs. The rest of us had to stand. My sister’s boyfriend’s legs and feet weren’t doing great. And like my sis was basically constantly switching with him so he could sit for a bit. But they were just so exhausted. So they opted to leave early and just come back to pick me and Jess up after the concert. They felt bad and apologized to me, but I said it was okies and it was totally fine. I just felt bad for them cuz I know they would’ve enjoyed OOR’s set. But anyway, Jess and I were left. We were still in the ADA section though because there really wasn’t any other place to go anyway. Again, it was fucking packed.


Then ONE OK ROCK finally got on stage and performed. It was fucking amazing~ Jess and I screamed haha. They opened up with “Save Yourself” from the new album Luxury Disease (duh). It was awesome~ It felt so good to hear and feel their music live~ The sound system was good too. Super clear and didn’t distort in my recordings. Funny enough though, it was definitely one of the loudest concerts I went to. But I’m super impressed the audio was so clear in my recordings. Also, for once you couldn’t hear my obnoxious ass voice that much in my recordings haha. As always, ONE OK ROCK was amazing live. They’re really talented performers and really eat up that stage. Taka also has amazing stage charisma. You can see he’s really into his performances and loves it. He has great energy and also does such a great job at interacting with and hyping up the crowd. That goes for the whole band too though. They really do have great energy and you can tell they love to perform for their fans.

I do got some little clips and performance highlights on my personal IG story [here]~ I think my only regret is forgetting to change my camera settings. I remembered to make space on my phone for photos and videos, but totally forget to mess with the camera settings… I only realized it like maybe the next morning LMAO So my pictures and videos aren’t of great quality. Look, I like taking as many videos and pictures to relive the moment. Especially because I don’t normally go out anyway. These are my little doses of serotonin. So don’t judge meeee. Legit, I was replaying and rewatching the videos the whole time I was flying back home too haha.

But anyway, most of the songs that they performed were from the Luxury Disease album. I honestly was afraid that I didn’t spend enough time to get the songs from that album to stick in my mind. I know Jess was also unsure cuz she also wasn’t familiar with the new album yet. However, I actually knew all the songs and did sing along. So YAY!~ But as per usual, I did make us a concert-prep playlist. It’s basically a tradition for when we go to concerts now haha. So this definitely helped I think. Although I was a bit sad cuz I did expect some more of the older tracks that I liked too. But it was still a great setlist and concert.

My faves were definitely: “Save Yourself”, “Let Me Let You Go”, “Renegades”, “The Beginning”, “Taking Off”, “Vandalize”, “Prove”, “Stand Out Fit In”, and “Wasted Nights”. I know that’s basically the whole thing LMAO. I loved all the tracks, but those performances were my favorite. I’m like also currently obsessed with “Save Yourself”, “Let Me Let You Go”, “Renegades”, and “Prove”. Although I wish we could’ve had “Broken Heart of Gold” too. I will say though, every band (both openers and OOR) made everyone kneel on the ground and then jump up at one point. This was new for me. They definitely didn’t do that at the last concert I went to. So me and Jess were like, “???” We also didn’t really do it. We just kinda slightly bent our knees. Cuz I’m old now… also…I was in skinny jeans and thickass platform boots. They comfy, sure. But the only downside is it’s impossible for me to crawl on these or to like difficult AF get up if I’m crouching. At least I didn’t stand out as much as the 2 people on the floor who just stood up LOL

But for sure, I was happy to actually not have any incidents at all during this concert. So I was able to actually fully enjoy myself. There was no shoving, hair grabbing, drinks spilling, people being obnoxious, etc. Just everyone having a blast. Well for me and Jess anyway. We did witness some bullshit. 2 dudes were leaning against the wall/railing in front of us. Then suddenly this tall ass dude that was towering over everyone came up and stood in front of them. I guess he was trying to get next to his friend. But yeah, he was towering over everyone and ended up blocking their view. Jess and I looked at each other and like lowkey triggered as we thought of the Epik High concert incident… Although those dudes on the railing were nice. They just tapped the dude on the shoulder and made some room next to them for him to stand. But anyway, Jess and I were legit surprised and just like kept expecting something to happen to us. But it didn’t haha. It was also really funny to hear the comments around us. It was one of the random dudes who came in during the openers. When OOR was performing he was like, “WOW. They’re pretty good. I’m surprised that he sings that well.” I was like “HELL YAH!” My boy Taka used to be in a J-Pop band, but went to rock instead. And the dude has such amazing vocal range and control. He’s one of the most stable vocalists I’ve ever seen live. His voice is always as good as on the studio version, if not better~ Although, I was slightly annoyed when someone was like “UGH. That’s so stupid and cringe” or something along those lines. They were talking about when OOR was like, “This is our last song” and then seem to leave. But really they just end up coming back out for the encore songs. Like dude, every performer does that. Every concert is like that. It’s to make everyone think the magical moment is over now. Only to “surprise” people. It kinda hypes a crowd up and helps the concert end on a fun note. It’s normal. But anyway, other than that…this was definitely one of the best concert experiences I had. Definitely the least problematic one for sure haha. Also on a random note, I had another random ARMY in the wild encounter after the concert. Jess and I were waiting outside for my sis to pick us up in front of the theater. This girl and her friend were walking by and like, “I LOVE YOUR RJ!” I was a bit confused, as was Jess. Then I realized that she was talking about my BT21 RJ keychain on my purse. IDK how she even saw that cuz my oversized Totoro cardigan was basically blocking it LOLOL But it was a nice interaction~

I’m somewhere in here (probably covered in the shadows next to the control booth)

I’m honestly so happy that I was able to see OOR again. It was definitely worth every coin that I spent. It was such a blast. It would’ve been cool to be closer to the stage, but I was happy from where we were too. I’m just super glad that I was able to see them live again. Again, they’re amazing performers and it’s always an amazing experience. I’m glad I was able to experience them again with Jess too. I know Jess still feels not as familiar about OOR as I do, but we both love their music and had a blast. It was also just nice to reunite with the bestie and enjoy a concert together again. Fun fact: Jess has been with me to almost every concert I’ve attended over the past couple of years. Our very own Marc (cmdrcluckcluck) and his Jess also saw OOR, but in a different city. I think I definitely wanna try to score VIP tix next time. Also, I think it would be great if BAYOG could see OOR together as a whole group~ Let’s hope for that one day~

Also, about the tour merch…

Here’s a random bonus no one asked for. I did a short ukulele cover of ONE OK ROCK’s [“Broken Heart of Gold”] when I was feeling like shit. It’s one of my favorites from the new album. Again, I am a bit sad that they didn’t perform it on this tour. Also, yes, I was wearing the hoodie I bought at the concert. I will say my only gripe with the concert was that the merch wasn’t of great quality, especially for that price. I bought the t-shirt and hoodie. Yeah, the t-shirt is definitely not great quality. It’s the kind of print on top of the fabric that would easily peel off. It was also like the rough, scratchy kinda print material. The actual t-shirt (like fabric and all) was just pretty basic. Not really worth the $40-50 in my opinion. Especially when I compare it to the Eye of the Storm tour t-shirt. I expected it to be like that or similar, if not better, quality. But it was honestly, pretty bad quality if you compare the two. Which is so weird when you look at the hoodie I bought. It’s flat, ink right into the fabric itself kinda print. That’s kind of what I expected. So it’s weird to me that they made the tour t-shirts like that. The hoodie was $75 though… still a steep price. The material itself is pretty basic. It’s not super comfy, but it’s not incredibly cheap and uncomfortable either. Just basic. It’s not a thick hoodie either. Although $75 is still hellaaa overpriced. Like the only print on there is that logo right on the front. There’s nothing on the back. And again, the hoodie itself is pretty basic. So $75 be steep. Especially when I compare it to the [Epik High hoodie] I bought from the Epik High Is Here tour. That one was $65. There’s a simple and small “Here” logo on the front, but there’s stuff on the back too (list of Epik High’s album releases and their logo). But the quality of the hoodie itself was surprisingly really good too. It’s kind on the thicker side, especially compared to the OOR hoodie I bought. It’s not super plush soft, but it’s soft and comfy enough. Like it’s probably one of my comfiest hoodies that I wear all the time. But while I am kind of disappointed in the quality of the tour merch, I still wanted to get it. Just cuz I wanted a bit of a souvenir from this concert. So yeah, lowkey kind of disappointed in the merch for this OOR tour. I do hope that changes for the next one though.


Anyway, that’s it for this post friendsss~ Literally took me like…1-2 months to finish this dang post. It’s just been sitting in my drafts since when I got back from Denver on October 14-15…? I’m really glad I was able to enjoy a couple of fun concerts this year. I also just really enjoyed spending time with my bestie, my sis, and her boyfriend. I legit don’t get to go out or socialize. I literally mean it when I say that I’m always just working (and now doing my online classes), and don’t socialize. I legit only get to see my friends on these rare kinds of occasions. So these fun occasions are super rare for me. And that’s why it’s such a precious moment and trip. I really did enjoy this trip and concert so much. I’m truly grateful to everyone who made it happen and made sure that I enjoyed myself~

Shout-out to my sister who is best baby sister~

Did any of you get to go to the OOR concerts this tour, or have you been able to go to any of their other concerts/tours? What did you think? What were your favorite songs? What’s your favorite song from the new album? Let me know in the comments, Discord, or my socials!~ Also, sorry for not being as active and just kinda being MIA. I still got a ton of stuff in drafts. So I’ll try to slowly get those out when I can haha. Anyway, stay safe and take care friends!~

My BTS-gif tax…
I’m off to go back to being under a rock and swamped with shit

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  1. I love how long your posts are. They’re so detailed. I’m the opposite… I want longer posts but I just don’t know what to write about or how to do it. Do you have any advice? & it’s awesome that you got to see ONE OK ROCK again. I came across their songs on YouTube not too long ago and sometimes I go back to listen to their music. The lyrics are really nice and meaningful~ One of my favourites is We Are.

    1. Thanks, Rose~ It’s funny cuz sometimes I feel bad that I write so much haha. ^^” I’m also just really bad at keeping things short and simple haha. I think a part of it is my habit of trying to be as thorough as possible to not leave misunderstandings and things (especially because I’m the type to overthink and ruminate). But I guess I also have a tendency to write out a lot and be as detailed as possible because I also like reading back and experiencing things all over again haha. I guess I like to take in the things around me and the things I experience. Like my initial reactions to things I see, feel, or taste. And those also just usually remind me of other experiences or memories too~ So I guess just go with whatever you’re feeling or thinking~ You can think about the little things like the little things you liked, why you chose something, what you enjoyed most about it, etc~ Yeah, I’m really glad my sis and Jess pushed me to do it haha. I definitely can’t wait to do it again~ Yeah, like I love the vibe of their music, but it’s the lyrics that definitely really draw me in~ We Are is also one of my favorites! I’m sad that they didn’t perform it this time around. But I was lucky to see them perform it during the 2019 tour~

  2. I’m glad that this time around that you had a way better experience seeing OOR! It’s always a blast to read your posts since I feel like I went with you to the show~

    1. Why thank you~ 💜 haha~ I always feel kinda bad cuz I have a habit of rambling on haha~ But yeah, this def the best concert experience I’ve had so far~ Definitely glad I could actually enjoy it and not have to fight anyone this time 😂

      Also, happy happy New Year friend~ 💜

      1. You’re most welcome! It’s not a ramble, you just have a lot of details to share! And it’s always good to not fight anyone at a show. xD

        Happy New Year to you as well!!

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