Music Monday | Taeyeon — Weekend

Music Monday | Taeyeon — Weekend

It’s Mondaaaay~ So we’re here for another Music Monday post. Was lowkey gonna skip, but meh. Anyway today I chose to go with Taeyeon’s “Weekend”~ “….Minty…Monday isn’t the weekend….” I work 6 days a week, and Tuesday is my only day off. So Monday night and Tuesday are my weekend LOL Anyway, I went with “Weekend” cuz I finally have a proper day off where I don’t have to go to doctor appointments and I don’t have to do errands… Literally, I’ve had either my own doctor’s appointments, my mom’s doctor’s appointments, grandma’s doctor’s appointments, and/or errands to do every Tuesday for the past like 2-3 months. I finally don’t have to wake up my ass early tomorrow and can sleep in. So yeah. I’mma enjoy my weekend~ Anyway, I’m going to keep it short today. So let’s get into Taeyeon’s “Weekend”~

I’m gonna skip Taeyeon’s background info cuz I’ve [covered] her [more than once] for Music Monday haha. I will remind y’all that Taeyeon is a member of second generation and legendary K-Pop girl group, Girls’ Generation (aka So Nyeo Shi Dae, SNSD). Pointing it out cuz they just had their 15th year anniversary like 2 weeks ago. They also their first come back since their 10th year anniversary and 10th album Holiday Night back in 2017. They made their 15th year anniversary reunion and come back with [Forever 1]. As for solo work… “Weekend” was the single that was released after her album What Do I Call You, which again, we [previously covered] on Music Monday. Aside from that, she also released the single [“Can’t Control Myself”] earlier this year back in January. Not only that, she also released her third album INVU back in February. By the way, INVU is a fantastic album. I am absolutely in love with the title track [“INVU”].

Artist: Taeyeon (태연)
Single: Weekend
Genre: K-Pop, Disco Pop, Synth Pop, City Pop
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: July 2021
Artist: Taeyeon (태연)
Album: INVU
Genre: K-Pop, Pop, Disco Pop, Synth Pop, City Pop, Ballad, Dance
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: February 2022

Alright, so let’s get into “Weekend”~ It was first released as a single back in July 2021. It was then also included on INVU, Taeyeon’s third album, back in February 2022. I have a soft spot for like retro-esque and inspired pop tracks in K-Pop. They’re just so fun. You can have like chill, fun, upbeat vibes. Or like chill vibes~ They also kinda sometimes give a nostalgic vibe too. Anyway, this track specifically has influences of synth-pop, city pop, and disco pop. It’s a bright and fun kinda track with a fun melody~ It’s not a hardcore dance song. It’s like fun, upbeat, groove type of dance. It’s definitely got bright and happy vibes to it. It’s got this kind of like, free and easy-going vibe to it. Which totally matches the lyrics. Cuz it’s basically about wanting to freely go on a trip during the weekend. Wouldn’t we all?? Sometimes we just wanna relax, feel free, and have some fun without any stress.

You can also find Taeyeon’s single “Weekend” on Spotify, here:

You can also find the “Weekend” on Taeyeon’s third album INVU on Spotify, here:

The visuals and aesthetics of the video definitely matched the retro vibe. We see a lot of late 90s-early 2000s aesthetics. Although I’m personally not a big fan of Taeyeon’s blonde hairstyle with the bangs and bandana look. She’s pretty and reminds me of like Barbie here, which isn’t bad. But I think the bangs throw me off. The video itself is suuuuper colorful too. Also, the plane scenes got me thinking of back when I’d always fly back to Thailand via Thai Airways. I had to do a double take hahaha.

The choreography for the song was also cute. I actually liked it a lot. It’s cute, kinda bubbly, and fun. It totally suits the vibe of the song. Although I will say that I find that ankle/heel grab part kinda weird. But I still love the choreo for the song. It’s nothing too strenuous or crazy, and I feel like anyone can kinda do it. I think anyone can follow along, even if they like half-ass it.

I do love all the looks she had for her live performances though~

Again, the lyrics is just all about looking forward to a free and fun weekend doing and enjoying things you want to do~ Sometimes you just wanna take it easy, kick back, and enjoy some simple things like eating yummy foods, enjoying coffee, or going to a coffee shop. Or sometimes you just want to go somewhere and enjoy new scenery and vibes~ I definitely vibe with the whole song. Although, it’s also me just really wanting to go on a damn vacation already (Soon, Minty…Soon…).

The closest beach, my own theatre
It’s okay to do whatever I feel like

[Verse 1]
Ringing every morning, beep beep beep beep sound
Lingering in my ears
I wake up without any
Wake up call that used to rush me
A bite of cheesecake
A full glass, glass, glass of
Brewed co-co-coffee
I’ll have it iced, very relaxedly

[Verse 2]
Suddenly I look at the clock
It’s already 12 o’clock
But there isn’t any rush
Then I yawn
And give myself a big stretch
And think what should I do today

The moment when my eyes reached thе season beyond the window
Thе pouring sunlight knocks on my heart
Riding on the fresh breeze waving at me

Wanna leave when the weekend comes
I can do whatever I want
The scattered cloud in the wind
More freely we can go (Hey)

The closest beach, my own theatre
It’s okay to do whatever I feel like
I’ll go on a drive, it’s okay to just walk around
I’ll just leave to wherever my feet end up oh

[Verse 3]
For one day ignoring the world’s stories
I’ll put my day together
No more, no, no stress, I won’t worry about it anymore
Move it right, left, right, whatever I feel like
Whatever there is on the way I’ve never been
I don’t need a map when I roll the streets
The reason I keep going is for a little fun
Continue up up up going higher

[Verse 4]
The wild unknown small flower
Growing along the corner of the street (Da-la-da, da-da-da-la)
After looking at them for a while
To avoid the hot sunlight
I sit on the bench for a moment
Steps are getting slower (Oh)

Catching up to the speed of the shadow
Keeping pace with the sun walking along with me
I want to return by following the next moonlight

Wanna leave when the weekend comes
I can do whatever I want
The scattered cloud in the wind
More freely we can go (Hey)

The perfect plan because there isn’t any plans
The secret place I accidentally discovered (Oh woah, woah, woah)
I leave my small bags there (Leave my small bags there)
Around the end of the alley I’ll meet
The pleasant surprise and excitement (Oh woah, woah, woah)
My heart is pounding all day (All day)

[Verse 5]
A coffee shop with nutty aroma
Pretty clothes catching my eyes (Catching my eyes)
Do it for the weekend, do it for the weekend (Do it for the weekend)
I don’t want to hesitate doing what I like anymore

It’s okay to do it when the weekend comes
I can do whatever I want
The scattered cloud in the wind
More freely we can go (Hey)

The closest beach, my own theatre
It’s okay to do whatever I feel like
I’ll go on a drive, it’s okay to just walk around
I’ll just leave to wherever my feet end up, oh

Taeyeon | Weekend | Translation by [Genius]

Anyway, that’s it y’all. It’s a simple Music Monday post. I hope y’all enjoy it. And I hope y’all have something fun to look forward to for your weekend~ What are your fave Taeyeon songs? Or let me know what some of your fave retro-esque tracks are!

As for me, I’m looking forward to finally sleeping in and just doing nothing. Actually…I’ll just be sleeping in and then doing my online coursework… Oh yeah, update with me…I’m taking a 6 month certification class online. So yaaayy…. I haven’t done school related stuff in like… 10 years. I’m also pretty sure I’ll be doing an extended stay in the motherland around Spring/Summer. So I’ll be busy with that. So this is gonna be uh…interesting lol Pray for me haha… Anyway, yeah…I’mma still be in semi-hiatus status cuz of that. Again, it just means I’m just gonna post if and whenever I can. Anyway, I hope you have a great start to your week y’all! Take care and stay safe!

Me goin’ off to actually be lazy and enjoy my “weekend”
Y’all may or may see me post something later this week

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