Music Monday |BIBI — KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다) [E]

Music Monday |BIBI — KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다) [E]

Hihi~ It’s Minty with a last-minute Music Monday post~ It still ain’t midnight in the Central US…so I still made it… Usually I go with a theme, but I haven’t really felt a particular theme for summer yet. Also, I normally tend to share more chill songs or upbeat dance and pop songs. Although, I definitely lean more towards chill r&b tracks. It’s mostly because do prefer more chill music and I’m not as big into “louder” and “chaotic” types of tracks. However, there are times when I do really like tracks that go hard. I’m a millennial who is not in touch with what’s current, but for lack of a better word, let’s say that there are times I am in the mood for music to “turn things up and light things up”. So today’s track is one of those kinda tracks. It’s BIBI’s 「KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다)」. It is different from my usual tracks since it does go harder and is a darker kind of track. Still, I find it really fascinating, especially the music video. Plus, I gotta switch things up for y’all every now and then~ Warning though, today’s track is a track with explicit language. The music video is also explicit and features some violence and possibly disturbing imagery and themes.

We’ve already covered BIBI (비비) before when I recommended her track 「PADO」for one of our previous Music Monday posts. We also briefly talked about her on our Music Monday post recommending Heo Won Hyuk’s 「Meu Tempo」 which features BIBI. I’m honestly just gonna copy what I previously put in the last Music Monday post y’all (with a few edits):

She started off as a self-produced SoundCloud artist under the name Nakedbibi. She was signed under Feel Ghood Music in 2017 after Yoon Mi Rae discovered her songs on SoundCloud. Feel Ghood Music is a label by Tiger JK (aka Drunken Tiger), a very well known rapper and name in Korean hip-hop. Yoon Mi Rae (aka Tasha Yoon Mi Rae and Tasha Reid) is Korean-American rapper and R&B vocalist, as well as Tiger JK’s wife. Y’all can think of them like the Korean Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Both are considered legends and important figures in Korean hip-hop and R&B. BIBI was a [contestant on the show The Fan], and finished in second place. She made her debut in May 2019 with [“BINU (Soap)”]. She also wrote the lyrics for [TWICE’s ‘More & More’ with JYP]. More recently, she was also featured on [‘Second’ by HYO (Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation/SNSD)]. I love BIBI’s vocals, but also that she uses a variety of genres in her music from R&B, soul, hip-hop, and ballads. Also, she’s super quirky and out of the box. I also just like that you can tell that she genuinely loves music and is really into it. BIBI has also been featured on the [Shang-Chi OST with Mark Tuan (GOT7)], and released songs with 88Rising. My recommended tracks would be [“Restless(신경쓰여) (LISTEN 035)“] for something chill and sultry, and [“사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다 (KAZINO)”] if you wanna get turnt. [‘Eat My Love’] is a really fun and funky track to listen to~ I also liked Min Kyung Hoon x Kim Heechul (Super Junior)’s [“한량 (Hanryang) (feat. 비비(BIBI)) (prod.딘딘)”], which is a hip-hop track with a traditional flair to it. Of course, one of my other favorites is her feature on [Heo Won Hyuk’s ‘Meu Tempo’]. I also absolutely adore [“The Weekend”], her English single with 88Rising. It’s a really fun track. If you wanna get another look at BIBI’s music, vocals, and quirkiness…check out her performance on [Dingo Killing Voice]. She thinks she’s not particularly pretty or talented in singing or being a performer but believes in her strong point as a lyricist. Although, I honestly think that she’s gorgeous and hella talented all around. BIBI is also just really funny and down to earth, I recommend this clip of her on [Kangnam’s show]. Also, as a fun fact, you’ll notice that she always has 2 dots or “moles” drawn under her eye. It’s how she differentiates her persona as a performer and her actual self. It also kind of helps give her the courage to perform. If you’re interested in learning more about BIBI, I recommend the clip of her being interviewed on Jessi’s show, [Jessi’s Showterview].

Artist: BIBI/비비
Single: KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다)
Genre: K-R&B, K-Pop
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: April 2020

The English title is KAZINO, which can probably be seen as a Konglish (Korean-English y’all) spelling and pronunciation of “casino”. But also, according to [Genius], “Kazino (казино) is the Russian translation of casino. The song can be interpreted as depicting the life of a gambler addicted to gambling, roulettes, and Vodka. No matter how much the gambler is addicted to the game, the song started and ended with lines begging them to be freed of the game.” However, the Korean title is “사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다”. It’s roughly something along the lines of, “Boss/Sir, you should only gamble for fun”. I honestly am not in the mental compacity to describe the musicality of things. But I will say I absolutely love BIBI’s vocals in this. It kinda gives me this bad bitch who’s ready to risk everything in a desperate situation vibe. But yeah, her vocals are really great. Especially at the parts where she kinda elongates those vocals. Again, I’m typically more into softer and chill tracks. But I love the punch in this track with the bass and the synths. It’s a more hip-hop type of track with R&B vocals. I can vibe hard with it~It’s probably one of my top fave harder tracks to listen to.

You can listen to KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다) on Spotify, here:

You can listen to KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다) on YouTube, here:

Warning: This video does have a 19 rating on it and does contain violence, blood, drugging, etc.

Honestly, I find this music video super fascinating. It’s essentially like a mini noir movie. It is pretty dark, gritty, and violent…unlike what you expect from your typical K-Pop music videos. Although I would technically categorize BIBI under K-R&B and K-Hip Hop, but she does also fall under the umbrella term of K-Pop (popular Korean music). You also have some cameos in this video. Most notably, you have Tiger JK. Again, Tiger JK (formerly known as Drunken Tiger) is a legendary rapper and artist, as well as one of the pioneers of K-Hip Hop. He’s also BIBI’s boss as he’s the CEO of Feel Ghood Music, the label that she’s under. He’s that boss-looking character with the shades on that BIBI gambles against. It also seems like Yoon Mirae (aka Tasha), who is also Tiger JK’s wife, is one of the executive producers for this video too. Anyway, the video does have a dark noir type of vibe, and it does follow this theme of gambling. You basically see her entering this underground casino in what seems to be a laundromat run by some gangsters. Whatever is going on in there is definitely illegal, so yeah, we assume gangsters. I do want to point out the fact that gambling is illegal South Korea. Like, it extends to all South Korean citizens not even being allowed to gamble even at legal casinos outside of South Korea. Gambling in Macau or Las Vegas? Nope, that’s not allowed. You will literally be charged for breaking the law once you’re back in Korea. It’s happened to several celebrities before, including Yang Hyun Suk (founder and ex-CEO of YG Entertainment). Anyway, it seems like someone BIBI knows is being held hostage and tortured. We don’t know their exact relationship. Could be her friend, her sister, or even a lover. We don’t know. We can only assume this person is important to her. She basically goes in and tries to play against these guys. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of an altercation and they do have a physical altercation leaving BIBI bleeding on her head. She then goes on to play against the boss (Tiger JK), but everyone ends up knocked out because she had actually secretly drugged their drinks. Don’t know if they’re like dead or just passed out unconscious since we don’t know exactly what it was she drugged them with. Eventually, she finds the girl…unfortunately, it seems it was too late. The video then ends with BIBI holding the girl in her arms and on her lap, mirroring the image of the single’s album cover. There’s a lot going on in this 3-4 minute video. I also love the details, lighting, and different angles and shots that they use. It makes it have a very interesting dynamic and vibe. I find it super interesting, and almost wished there was an extended version for more context of the story. Does anyone remember when Asian music videos literally made like 10-15 minute mini-movie music videos? lolol I would’ve loved to see one for this.

I love all of BIBI’s looks in this video too. You have her with this almost more simple, but fierce, strong, boss bitch black outfit. It could be representative of her willingness to do anything for her goal, including the dark things, like drugging and killing(?) people. Some mystery elements too? The other notable outfit is the one that she wears in what seems to be a dump or where they compact things at the dump. She has this beige dress made with a trench coat (?) and this thin blouse underneath. She’s also wearing a golden wreath around her head. The background shots for this is also brighter, yet chaotic because of all the trash behind her. But this look is also kind of a nod to the figure in the single’s album cover as well. Apparently, this look is also a reference to Nike, the Goddess of Victory. But she’s at a dump, so we can interpret this as a win in a truly shitty situation, or that victories in gambling is pointless and complete trash. Especially considering the ending of the video’s story.

I also recommend checking out Form of Therapy’s [The Kulture Study video on KAZINO]. He’s a Korean-American who is also an aspiring filmmaker that takes a look at various Korean music videos. He gives a lot of insight and breaks down the whole video and adds more detailed cultural information and things. So definitely recommend checking out that video if you want a deep dive breakdown of the song and video~ I also just literally (as I type this) found this video that explained the music video and story as well. It’s much more detailed and explains that there may be references to Tazza, a Korean movie involving gambling. So I also recommend checking out [this video by 15KIM]. She does a great job of explaining all the little details and symbolism.

I love her vocals in this live performance~
You’ll also find that she does change the more explicit lyrics when performing on certain more “family-friendly” programs and shows

[Verse 1]
Dice and Ice cube
It’s too dangerous here (I need you)
Home-girls, bitches
Just shuffle the cards
Spin it, spin it
Pussy let them go
Chips and, chips and, chips and
Bet yourself
I bet on this table and, you bet on that bitch
Demon under the table, talking to you
Risk it, risk it, risk it, till the last dime

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Risk it, risk it, risk it, till the last-

B-b-bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, bitches
Risk it till the last dime
Give me that, hook that, spin that, roulette
Vodka, in my cup, going round and round
Spin it, tip it, strip it, shawty
Give me that, hook that, spin that, roulette

[Verse 2]
Taste the muzzle of a gun
Taste the taste of money
You think I’m dazzled up my land
Tie that bitch ain’t funny
Sleepless night playing with zeros
See me buried in cash
Next chips and next checks
Next matches and next chicks

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Risk it, risk it, risk it, till the last-

B-b-bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, bitches
Risk it till the last dime
Give me that, hook that, spin that, roulette
Vodka, in my cup, going round and round
Spin it, tip it, strip it, shawty
Give me that, hook that, spin that, roulette

Said that I mean it
Way for the willing
Pick up the card, and save me

Give me that, hook that, spin that, roulette
Vodka, in my cup, going round and round
Spin it, tip it, strip it, shawty
Give me that, hook that, spin that, roulette
B-b-bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, Ice and home-girl, on you, on, home-girl
Bitches, bitches, bitches, home-girls

BIBI | KAZINO (사장님 도박은 재미로 하셔야 합니다) | Translation by [Genius]

Anyway, that’s it y’all~ I hope y’all enjoyed the song and music video! Let me know what your thoughts are, and your theories on the MV. Let me know in the comments, on my socials, or on the BAYOG Discord~ Sorry for the last-minute post~ I’m still working on posts to eventually post. Thanks for your patience~ My posting schedule is definitely uhhh not set right now. I’m still in semi-hiatus mode. But I will do my best~ Hopefully I can eventually move back to a more regular posting schedule. But for now, I need to get some shit done and really catch up on rest. Anyway, it’s summer and it’s hot. So please make sure to stay hydrated, stay safe, and take care of yourselves! Have a great day and start to your week!~

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