BAYOG Was Here — Epik High Is Here Tour in Denver

BAYOG Was Here — Epik High Is Here Tour in Denver

Hello my BAYOG luvlies~ It’s yo’ girl, Minty~ Sorry I haven’t had a consistent schedule or content. March and April have been uhh… a very hectic time for me. Anyway, I’mma just get to it! BAYOG finally reunited and once again did a little vacation to go see and meet Epik High! But oof…it was a journey y’all… Seriously… So storytime, let’s go!~ (Although, if you just want to see the concert experience, you can just scroll way down). If y’all follow me on my socials, y’all already know about this. But I still wanted to share the whole experience on the blog~

Y’all know how much [I freakin’ love Epik High]. I’ve been a High Skool, Epik High’s fandom (unofficial), since like 2005. They make great music, the members (Tablo, Mithra, and DJ Tukutz) are all hilarious and great, but also…the emotions and messages in their music really resonates with me. Their music gave me so much comfort, support, and strength when dealing with my own mental health struggles with depression and anxiety. It also greatly helped me and my sister during an incredibly difficult period when she was in a freak accident that caused her to become an above-the-knee amputee. Epik High’s music can be fun, sonically and lyrically beautiful, but it’s always stuck with me because of how much it moves the heart. The members are also very down-to-earth and real in sparking these conversations and messages with their music. Especially with those that can be deemed taboo or difficult to approach, like mental health issues. It sparks dialogue and brings so much comfort and support. Especially for younger Asians in very conservative Asian countries or households where such topics aren’t really discussed, swept under the rug, or treated as if they don’t exist.

So that’s why I’ve still been a fan of their music, messages, and members. 17 years probably makes them the group that I’ve stanned the longest. I’ve also gotten my friends into them, including BAYOG. Heck, the last concert I had been to was when we went to Chicago for their Sleepless in ________ tour back in 2019. It also happened to be the last time I saw and hung out with Loha and Kenny. It was my first time seeing Epik High live and it was fucking amazing.

I know…I’m awkward and ugly AF in this picture… OTL
They separated our group and Loha had to take his photo with some randos

We even splurged and got VIP tickets to do the meet & greet. It was great. Except for the part where I was so incredibly excited that I kinda memory blacked out. So honestly, that time was kind of a blur and I just remember bits and pieces of shaking their hands and stuff. It was honestly still amazing though. I also legit cried as we were leaving the theater because I was just so overwhelmed with emotions.

If you’re interested in checking out their music, I gotchu~ I have a playlist of some of my faves from their albums, Tablo’s solo, and featured stuff. My personal fave albums include: [sleepless in ________], [Remapping the Human Soul], [Swan Songs/Black Swan Songs (Repackage)], [Shoebox], [We’ve Done Something Wonderful], [Epik High Is Here Part 1] and [Epik High Is Here Part 2], and Tablo’s solo album [Fever’s End (Part 1)] and [Fever’s End (Part 2)].

Okay, Let’s do it! Let’s go see Epik High Again!

Epik High Tablo GIF - Epik High Tablo 에픽하이 GIFs

Anyway…back in October I got a pre-presale code to try to get tickets for the BTS Permission to Dance in LA concert. This was cuz I did get the tickets for the Persona tour that was supposed to happen in 2020, but ultimately got canceled from the pandemic. Anyway, long story short…that experience was a fucking mess. Like 6-7 hours, I still didn’t get tickets. Lowkey kind of have PTSD from trying to get tickets. Anyway, I think that same week, Epik High announced that they would have a Epik High Is Here North American tour. My bestie, Jess (aka Loha’s Jess), was like “Let’s do it! Let’s go!” So yeah, we fucking went for it. Also thought it’d give us an excuse to go on an adventure in a city I’d never been to…Denver. Cuz Jess knows Denver and Colorado. Anyway, I hopped on and went to it to get tickets. Again, had PTSD from just trying to get the BTS tickets so I was a little stressed and nervous. Bruh…I got us VIP tickets in like less than 2 minutes. Super painless LMAO. Thus, I bought VIP tickets to treat me and my crew. I was also just super excited to finally go somewhere for fun since I hadn’t really gone on any actual vacations (trips without fam; trips not for family stuff) since the pandemic started. It also would’ve been the first time I reunited with my bestie since summer 2019 and with the BAYOG bros since that last Epik High concert in April 2019.

Attempt #1 to see Epik High: The Concert was canceled/postponed…

The concert was supposed to be March 9. So we all flew into town from different places. We all got there safely and did some fun shit. Like play with alpacas and eat…and eat again…and again… Cuz food is life.

We were having a great time. Also, being a native South Floridian and someone who still lives in the South…I’ve never really got to see and experience snow (like fresh snow) before. So it was fun. It started snowing more. Kenny joked, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the concert got canceled because of like the snow?” Me and Jess were like, “Don’t you fucking jinx it!” ….Kenny jinxed it…. Day of the concert, we dressed all ready for the concert. It was starting to snow even more. I don’t know what to call it. Flurries? IDK, I know nothing about snow and shit. I just know it was cold AF and snowing more and more. Anyway, we were hanging out in the downtown area and decided to do some escape games. After our fun with 2 games, I got my phone from the locker. I noticed a text from one of my friends who knew I was in Denver for the concert. She sent me a tweet from Tablo.

Epik High got snowed in on the way to Denver. The show was canceled…or rather, it was to be postponed to April 4 at a new venue. The good news was that they would honor the tickets to the original date and venue. The bad news? It seemed like it’d be difficult, most likely impossible for us…me really…to come back. Here’s the thing, I help run my family’s restaurant. Literally just me, my parents, and grandma running this little place. My stepdad does most of the work, the other one who does most of the work is me. Therefore, it’s extremely difficult for me to get off of work. It’s especially hard to get the okay to get off of work from the big boss…my stepdad. Apparently, I’m considered his favorite…but the man has also always been hellaaaaaaa strict and tough on me. I literally had to beg, with aegyo, and just with desperation. After some difficulty, I got the okay. However, it should be noted that my stepdad was really not happy with me. I’m the eldest, and my family is heavily reliant on me for the family business and things. Plus there’s that whole thing with filial piety and the expectation to just dedicate everything to your family and elders. At most, if I’m lucky, I manage to maybe get the okay to go on a trip once or twice a year. It seemed it would be impossible to get the okay to come back in like 2-3 weeks. My mom and grandma are usually very chill and just okay with whatever because they know I literally only work and never go out or go anywhere. Even then, they were like “…can’t you just go another time?” Mind you, my family never knew I came to Denver for a concert. Like they would’ve been hella against it. Did I mention my family is the hella overly protective and paranoid type? Especially so due to concerns with COVID, which is understandable. However, I’m also extremely cautious and always take preventative measures. I also honestly really did need a break for my own mental health. So this Denver trip had basically been under the excuse of just visiting and hanging out with friends. What added to the difficulty of the request for a trip back was that my travels back from Denver was…chaos. There was legit concerns that I would at least end up in an accident or something. To quickly sum it up: I had hella delayed flights, landed late and missed my connecting flight, was stranded in Dallas, stuck with a crazy insane taxi driver (got pulled over by cops even), perpetually stuck on standby for 4 different flights the next day, stuck with insane people who were threatening to fight the airline agent, finally just got a confirmed ticket to another city an hour away from my family instead, and finally got home by around 11:30pm-12am. Y’all can read the full details of that crazy adventure at the bottom of this post, [here].

Attempt #2: To Denver Again!!!

Bts Kim Taehyung GIF - Bts Kim Taehyung I Love You GIFs

My little sister was basically the only one who knew I had been in Denver for the concert. I had called her and told her how bummed I was about it and not being able to come back. By the way, we’re only 2 years apart and hella close. Very different personalities, but bestest of friends, share the same brain cell, and just understand each other without saying a thing. She knew I had VIP tickets and knew I had been so extremely excited for the concert and to meet Epik High. She also could understand the situation and how difficult, and just near impossible, it would be for me to come back. That’s when she said, “How about I say I’m going on a trip there with Jarrett (her boyfriend) and I want you to join us? I can convince them to do that.” I’m sure you’re all like, “…???” My sister always kind of got more freedom, partly because she is more Americanized and just does what she wants. I’m the eldest and the old school type, and the one the family relies on a lot and just expects to do everything. The expectations and things are part of why I have hella stress and anxiety (and depression at times). Still, I give in because I know my family relies on me. My sister recognizes that as well as my struggles with mental health, so she does feel sympathetic for me. My sister also kind of just got more leeway from our family cuz she’s the favorite, but also because my parents blame themselves for her getting into an accident and losing her leg. It wasn’t their fault at all, but we are Thai Buddhists, and they hella believe in karma and believe the accident was the result of their own bad karma. Again, my family are also worrywarts and hella overprotective. So they’re also always concerned about my sis, even though she’s pretty dependent and totally okies. Plus, my mom always wants to see me and my sis get along. She gets hella paranoid cuz too many crazy news stories in Thailand about siblings backstabbing or literally killing each other. And damn, would you believe it? I got the okay. Although my stepdad was hella pissed at me. Like man didn’t even talk to me at all when he was dropping me off at the airport. Also, this trip wasn’t smooth either. My flight was delayed again. I landed and made it to the gate for my connecting flight 4 minutes before take-off. However, they were no longer doing boarding. So I had been moved to another flight. I kinda lucked out in that I was upgraded to the bigger and more comfy economy seats. And I actually still somehow landed earlier than anticipated. I got there at like 11am instead of noon. So I was supposed to wait for when my sis lands at like 2:30pm. Yeah…her flight got delayed. Again, and again. Apparently, it was a hella traffic jam on the runway. Like 20 fucking planes. She didn’t land til like 4 something. So I literally waited and chilled at the airport for like 5 hours because check-in for the airbnb wasn’t even til 4pm, and all my friends were at work… But we all made it in one piece~

Kpop Crying GIF - Kpop Crying Bts GIFs

Honestly, I was hella touched that my sis literally planned a last-minute trip just so I could have an excuse to come back to Denver for my concert. She said, “I want you to go see them and have fun!” She also sent me all these TikTok vids and things in Denver she thought I’d love to see, eat, and experience. Like 20 TikTok vids in a row. She said, “Yeah! I just want you to enjoy yourself! I want you to be happy!” Guys, I legit ugly cried and I still ugly cry thinking about it. To make it even more beautiful, I also got tickets to the concert for her and her boyfriend. Although they didn’t have any more VIP tickets. So we could finally go experience Epik High live together!

Again, my sister and I absolutely love Epik High. Their music really helped us through her accident. Short version: car accidentally backed up into her when she was in high school, and she lost her leg. I remember we listened to their music while in the hospital. Epik High’s [“Run”] was especially important. It gave a lot of comfort and support when we were going through some really difficult emotions. However, it’s also because of the music video. I’ll never forget watching the video in the hospital room with her, and her saying, “He’s just like me!” Because L(Myungsoo) of Infinite was in the MV and portrayed a guy who became an amputee after an accident. So yeah, it felt super meaningful that we’d get to experience this concert together.

Tablo Epik High GIF - Tablo Epik High What GIFs
They were both surprised I got them tickets~ hehehe~

Her boyfriend (non-Asian/Ginger dude) is also super sweet and chill, and totally down for this. She actually introduced him to Epik High’s music, Tablo’s podcast, and the Vice/iHeartRadio podcast about Tablo just before I went to Denver the first time. So he was also super excited for the concert too. Honestly, I was super touched cuz my sister went all out on this trip. Got us a hella nice ass Airbnb with parking, and her and her boyfriend just kept wanting to do things that would make me happy (even though I was just chill and already content with just the concert)??? Like, I just mentioned soju in passing. They deadass were like “Let’s go all over town to try and get you some soju!” And they kept thanking me and all “Thanks for inviting us on this trip!” even though I was like, “NO! THANK *YOU*! This trip wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for YOU!” It was honestly super fun, and the most stressfree I’d ever been. Honestly, we were all hella stressed, low-key depressed, and not ready for the fun to end. So Jarrett was even like, “Guys, let’s stay another day!” So yeah, we did that. Although I almost didn’t because although it was flexible to change my date, I still had to pay the difference for the new airfare. Unfortunately, flights were pretty booked and they were all ranging from $400-500???!!! OTL My sis, bless her soul, was like “Nah. Just do it. I gotchu! Here! I want you to be happy and have fun with me!” So yeah, I ugly cried. Fortunately though, the travel agent managed to get the price down to like $100 or so by waiting for the time for the fares to go down (I was legit on the phone for like an hour and a half). But I still ugly cried cuz I was just so touched. I love my sister. Q~Q


The day came and we all met up for the concert! It was actually kind of nifty because it marked exactly 3 years since the last Epik High concert we went to~ Loha did manage to fly back. Unfortunately, Kenny couldn’t make it back. So I did have the extra VIP package ticket. I was going to give it to my sis, but she didn’t want to make her boyfriend wait alone. So I ended up refunding that ticket. I also convinced my friend from college to join last minute. Like I hadn’t seen him in maybe 7-8 years. I didn’t realize he lived in Denver now. So we had met up a few days before. I mentioned the concert to him. He had no idea who Epik High was, but was interested. He was like “Let me think about it.” Texted me in the morning that he did get tickets haha.

BTW, it was hella windy and cold AF

So Loha, Jess, and I had our VIP package tickets. My sis, Jarrett, and Kirk had the general admission tickets. So we had to be in separate lines. However, the venue staff were super chill and actually ended up letting my sister and the rest of the group with her in early. They saw she was an amputee, so they let her in early. They also upgraded her to ADA seats instead. Which was nice because standing too long can irritate her nub and cuz it to be pretty inflamed. So I was glad she could be comfy. However, that did mean we all ended up kinda separated. They were up in comfy seats above/behind us, while Loha, Jess, and I were the floor team.

So fucking close to the stage

Loha, Jess, and I always make it a point to try to get as close to the stage as possible. Especially because Jess and I want to be in that splash zone for Epik High concerts~ It was actually great because we honestly were the closest we’d ever been to the stage. We were basically like 2nd-3rd row at the barricade at the stage. This is important for a rant later… Basically, it was my usual curse… I get lucky on getting at a good spot, super close to the stage. But I also get hella unlucky being stuck to the rudest and most obnoxious people. It was pretty bad, but we’ll get back to that later.

It was honestly amazing. We were even closer to the stage than when we went to the Chicago show in 2019! My phone honestly couldn’t capture how amazing it was. Also, IDK why my Pixel 3 XL from 2019 actually took better pics than my Samsung 20+… Just seeing it all live, and being hit with that bass in person…it made it such an amazing experience. Also, I was freakin’ a few feet away from the legendary hip-hop gods that is Epik High. Freakin’ Tablo, the king, was freakin’ right in front of me! However, one of the only other downsides was that [Woosung] (aka Sam of [The Rose]) wasn’t able to open for this show. He had been the opening act for this tour. I was actually excited because I do like Woosung and The Rose. Literally, I was telling Loha and Jess, “OMG! Finally an opening act I actually know and like!” LOL However, he couldn’t make it for this new date due to schedule conflicts. But it’s okies, I understand. It was still an amazing concert~

I do have some videos. Y’all can check my [IG Story Highlights], and the few posts I have in my IG accounts. Although, I was awful at capturing it (I am not a great camerawoman). I also didn’t really realize just how close we were to the stage until I was reviewing the videos. Although, it totally explains why I was deaf by the end of the concert. Still, it all sounded so fucking amazing live. And of course, we did get splashed a bunch of times! Mostly by Tablo, then Mithra, and then Tukutz. The setlist was pretty similar to the one they ended up performing at Coachella, minus some changes to a few songs. But the music really does hit different when you’re experiencing it live in person. They performed my fave classics like Fly and Love Love Love. They also performed my more recent favorites like Rosario and Super Rare. Although I was a bit sad that they didn’t perform Fan at this concert. I freakin’ love that song. My sis was bummed cuz that’s her all-time fave too haha. But we still loved it!

Video Highlights here.
I’m so sorry for my ugly ass voice. I was deaf cuz we were right by the speakers

Meeting Epik High Again~
Finally conveying what I wanted to say at the 2019 concert

I actually love how this photo came out.
I’m glad I didn’t look awkward and ugly AF here T~T

Again, BAYOG had VIP package tickets. So we were let into the venue early. The VIP package also included signed merch and meet & greet!~ I was hella nervous. I was hella afraid I’d black out again. I also nervous because I was on a fucking mission! Honestly, I really wanted to convey my gratitude to Tabloa and the rest of Epik High for being my strength and comfort, and especially through my sister’s accident. I really did mean to convey that during the Chicago meet & greet. However, I got nervous AF, couldn’t really say shit, and memory blacked out…LOL Originally I thought my sis would be joining us on that extra VIP ticket because she also wanted to personally convey her gratitude and what their music meant to her. However, again, she didn’t want to leave Jarrett alone. Dude was sweet and said it would’ve been fine, but she still didn’t want to leave him alone. So she gave me the mission to convey it to Tablo, Mithra, and Tukutz. So I had been hella nervous and anxious, afraid that I’d fumble it this time too. I also want to say this meet & greet was much faster than the 2019 tour one. Just cuz interactions are extremely limited due to COVID concerns. So this was like you could say a quick thing and get your pictures. It was over pretty quickly. However, I was determined to try to get the message through. So I kinda hung back a bit as everyone got up to leave. Like Jess and Loha didn’t realize I wasn’t next to them anymore. They were like, “Where’d Mindy go???” Only to turn around and see I was still back there talking to Tablo LOL. Again, time crunch and there were people in line behind us. I didn’t wanna be that obnoxious bitch that took up other people’s time and opportunity. So I tried to convey it as quickly as I could. I’m pretty sure I had turned around to Tablo before leaving and was like, “I just wanted to say something. My sister and I just really wanted to say ‘Thank you’. My sister was in an accident over a decade ago and lost her leg. But she wanted me to tell you that your music really helped her and gave her so much comfort and support.” I’m pretty sure I was still kinda tongue-tied as I tried to convey it as quickly as possible. Nerves got me. Honestly, Tablo kinda looked confused at first when I had stopped to turn around and talk to him. But then he said, “Thank you so much. Can you do me a favor? Can you tell your sister that we really appreciate it and it means so much? And that we really appreciate her support.” My sister was super happy to get that message. Yeah, it was super short, but I’m so glad I was finally able to convey my gratitude after 3 years of regret of not being able to do so in Chicago. And I’m just so happy my sister was also able to convey what she felt too. Next time I’m definitely going to VIP tickets for all of us to experience it together~

The Bad: Concert Etiquette is Dead

Nope Not Impressed GIF - Nope No Not Impressed GIFs

OOF. Now we come to my pissed-off rant. I literally even told Loha and Jess that I was going to continue being pissed and salty about this shit for at least another 2-3 weeks after the concert. I may seem sweet and nice, but I remember when I’ve been done dirty. I hold grudges. The concert itself was great. The atmosphere, vibe, music, Epik High themselves, it was all fucking amazing. I had fun. Truly. However, there were also some things that pissed me the fuck off. I rant a lot online, but y’all know that I can be the most chill person ever. I also have a lot of patience and tolerance. However, I cannot stand people who have absolutely no courtesy towards the people around them. Concert etiquette is dead. I cannot stand people who are completely selfish, entitled, rude, and obnoxious towards their fellow concertgoers. We’re all here to have fun and enjoy the show. We’re all here to have a great and fun experience. However, it’s another story if you’re lacking respect and courtesy, and just ruining other peoples’ experiences. In that case, fuck you and stay the fuck home.

Bts What GIF - Bts What Wtf GIFs
Me, Jess, and Loha as these bitches literally kept pulling in over a dozen people to cut in front of us

Remember how I said we were fucking close to the stage? Like literally 2nd or 3rd row of the barricade? Again, we were VIP ticket holders. VIP ticket holders got let in early. We were in an area where there were like 2-4 Asian (Korean…we later realized they were for sure Korean) girls at the barricade. Behind them, were 2 other girls (also Korean). Jess recognized them from a little donut shop/cafe that we had gone to. IDK if they own it or just work there or whatever. But they are affiliated. Important because that’s why we were trying not to make a fuss, cuz they do have great donuts and shit. These girls are the start of what I will now refer to the massive shit group… I’ll get to that in a second. Other than them, there was this tall Korean dude with his girlfriend. They okies. I had no problem with them. Now the shit group… Mind you we had been standing there for a long ass time before they let more people (aka general admission) in. When suddenly shit group starts seeing their friends, and the shit started. They started pulling up their friends in front of us. We were like “WTF??” Cuz that’s fucking rude. Like y’all know we were fucking here for at least 20-30 minutes already. Like we’ve had similar issues of obnoxious people at previous concerts. But this time was an extreme level. Like it was a whole buuuuunch of people. Including 4 hella fucking tall Korean dudes.

Honestly, I think I actually missed a couple of them still. But anyway, fuck all these rude ass people. There’s literally at least 15 of them in that group.

Look, Loha is fucking tall as it is. I am 5ft 4in, however (as per usual), I was wearing my fucking 3-inch heeled boots. Cuz I know I’m short and I need height advantage. Also for self-defense purposes. Jess is waaaay fucking shorter than me. My girl was wearing sneakers too. These dudes were taller than Loha! I literally could barely see over these mother fuckers’ shoulders. Poor Jess was completely blocked by a whole fucking wall of these 4 dudes. Like she’s literally half their height. We were like, “WHAT THE FUCK??” You know it’s bad when even the nice tall ass dudes behind us were like judging hard and being like, “WTF??? Fucking rude.” Jess is cute though. Her short ass like turned around, bent her knees, and was like, “Can you guys see ok?” The nice tall dudes were caught off guard. We were all like, “Bruh? WTF? LOLOLOL” Cuz they’re like 4 heads taller than her LMAO. Anyway, back to the assholes. They fucking knew it. They were just shameless AF and didn’t care. They kept bringing people up, avoiding our glares and shit. It was to a point that Jess had to keep holding hands with Loha, and me and Jess had to keep our arms linked to make a barrier to keep people from fucking cutting us. They still did it though. The tall guys blocking us had the audacity to turn around and ask us if we could let 2 of their girl friends (they were behind us, next to the chill tall dudes) in front of us. We were like, “No. Because you’re tall and we can’t even see.” Shut them up, but they were still shameless. They had the girls go around to the end of where their group started. Then literally had them come up in front of us. I was fucking pissed. By the way, it wasn’t like it was 5-6 people in this group. I thought it was like 10-12 of them. Nah, like at least 15-20 fucking people in this group!

Twice Nayeon GIF - Twice Nayeon Excuse Me GIFs
“It’s okay, we paid to be here!”
Bitch, excuse me???

One of the things that just pissed me the fuck off is just how aware they were of it, yet still so brazenly shameless. The original girls that kept pulling people up kept telling their friends, “It’s okay because we paid to be here.” BITCH. We all fucking paid to be here! How the fuck do you think we all got in here?? And you know we fucking paid extra for VIP tickets to get there early and be in that fucking spot. Your friends did not! Also, we fucking paid to fly in from out of state! I literally paid like $500-600 for just airfare! So fuck you and your “We paid to be here” bullshit. Also, the audacity to look at us and be like, “They’re going to come back” when your friends left to go get drinks and then spread out your legs to block us. Like fuck you. I’m still seething from that “We paid to be here” bullshit. I got so annoyed I remembered a shit ton of Thai cuss words that I didn’t even know I knew. You know it’s that bad cuz my Thai personality is known to be extremely prim and proper! Also, I just got petty and passive-aggressive AF. I just kept saying really loud to Jess, “Man I paid so fucking much to fly here from out of state!” while shooting a glare at the dudes in front of us.

Because Loha thinks it’s hilarious how I accidentally captured that other bitch who cut in front of us

They weren’t the only ones though. There were these 2 other girls behind us. Korean girls. At first they were like trying to flirt with the chill tall dudes to let them in front of them. Dudes were like, “LOL No.” These girls were playing the dumb “I dunno anything” and trying to be buddy-buddy tactic. They were like, “Oh it’s just that you’re so tall! I’m just so envious because I’m short and I can’t see.” Eventually, they managed to push through in front of chill tall dudes. They were like “OMG! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to! People pushed us from behind! But to be fair, you’re really tall, and I’m really short and can’t see!” Bullshit. These girls were still several heads taller than Jess. They were still taller than my 5ft 4in ass with 3 inched heels on. I was like, “I swear to fucking god Jess, if they use that fucking excuse with you…” But oh ho…As the concert started, they pushed up to the left of me. They tried the buddy-buddy tactic on me. They were trying to get me to help them push ahead of the tall dude that came with his girlfriend. I was like no. They came here early, the same time I did. They had been in that spot since then. They also weren’t obnoxious. Like they were still mindful and weren’t obstructing our view much or anything. Unlike the asshole group that just ignored our existence and kept pushing into our space or continually block us. Yeah, the 2 new bitches still pushed through. I think the most aggravating thing about them is the fact that they weren’t even actual fans?? Like they didn’t even know who fucking Mithra was when he was just a couple feet in front of us, nor did they really know any of the songs. So why the fuck are you rudely pushing through and ruining the experiences of people who actually are fans??? We honestly ended up getting pushed more and more towards the center because of these assholes too.

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Honestly, I’m fucking pissed still. I should’ve just started yelling lyrics from ‘Rosario’ and be like “Fuck out my way!” But I’m passive-aggressive by nature. I also didn’t want to start shit and get kicked out. Like imagine me blowing all this money to fly back to fucking Denver and for a VIP package, only to get kicked out and not experience any of it. Also, I know Jess frequents the donut shop. I’m still petty AF though. Despite how I may appear. So I did fucking “accidentally” kick and step on people throughout the concert. That’s also the other reason why I wear my big-ass boots to concerts. I know I sound petty as hell, but they were just fucking rude and obnoxious throughout the whole damn thing. You can’t even really see us in that group photo. At least you can kinda see half my face. I don’t think you can see Loha at all. We actually almost wouldn’t have been able to be seen cuz tall assholes kept moving around and extending their arms and completely blocked us. Probably not intentional, but it pisses me off that people have no courtesy. I’m also just extremely bitter because, again, I rarely get time off of work. I rarely go out and do things for fun. I’m literally always working. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I’m always at work or out on errands for work. So trips are a rare treat for me. Going to concerts is something even rarer for me. I don’t go to concerts often. I’ve only been to a handful, and they tend to be artists I really like. Like if I’m there it’s because I really, really, realllllyyyy wanted to be there. It’s the few times that I actually spend money on myself and for something I truly enjoy. So to have people fuck up my experience like that was really infuriating. I’m most upset for Jess though. At least I could still kinda see. Jess, however, is super short, so she didn’t get an ideal experience at all. She was just stuck behind a wall of 4 tall dudes. Like we still had fun, but it just really sucked that we were stuck with such entitled assholes. Lowkey, we freaked out in line for the meet & greet. So basically meet & greet was split up into groups of 5. Guess who was in front of us? The two original assholes who were the queens of the massive group. The ones who said, “It’s okay, we paid money to be here!” We were like, “Fuck no. We ain’t taking pics with those bitches.” Like we were ready to let people go in front of us just cuz we didn’t want to be near them again. Fortunately, the cut-off was us. So we started the new group and didn’t have to be with those bitches.

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I know it’s a long rant, and I’m being petty. But I just want to stress how important concert etiquette is. Honestly, etiquette for anything. I get it, open floor is “fair game”. But that doesn’t mean you should be discourteous. Like please remember you’re not the only one there. You’re not the only one who paid money to be there and have fun. We all did. We all have the right to have a great experience and enjoy ourselves. Like, dude…just have some common decency, courtesy. and respect for those around you. Don’t be cutting people who were there before you. Don’t be blocking people. Don’t be shoving people. Respect their personal space. Don’t ruin other people’s experiences. If you can’t do those simple things, then fuck you. Fucking stay home because if you can’t have common courtesy and respect, then you don’t deserve to be there. Don’t call yourself a fan if you can’t be a good representation of a true fan and reflection of the group. I’ve seen this shitty lack of concert etiquette every time I do go to a concert, but this time was honestly the absolute fucking worst. Literally like 15+ people. Honestly, what the actual fuck??

Despite the shitty people, it was still an amazing concert. We lucked out in being in the section that the members interacted with alot. Jess and I got to be in our splash zone. We got splashed way more than Chicago. So I’d say that’s a success. I’m also super happy my sister was finally able to see Epik High live. Because it really is a completely different experience to see and feel it all in person. I’m really happy that she enjoyed it. This concert and trip was honestly the first time I felt incredibly happy and stress-free in such a long time. I’m glad I was able to have such great memories from it. I’m also definitely looking forward to doing this again on the next tour!! This time, I’ll make sure we all have VIP tickets~ Hopefully, Kenny can join us again next time too~ On another note, I also did have a safe trip home with no major incidents. Except for the fact that I had a bit of an accident. Yes, I’m still cursed with being hella accident-prone. Short version: Waiting to board my flight. Saw a couple dash by me and drop their lanyard with their wallet and keys. No one said or did a thing. So I was like, “Fuck. Fine. I’ll do it.” Ran to pick up the lanyard and go after them. Except I forgot I was a turtle with a big ass backpack and I was wearing 3 inch heeled boots. Took a really hard fall on my knees. Hella bruised (dark purple type of bruise). Hurt like fuck for a week. Did manage to return it to them. Also got an applause as I limped back… (But where was this energy to tell the dude that he dropped his shit??). Anyway, I still have bruises and my left knee still hurts a little bit. But I’m getting better~ LOL At my mom laughing her ass off and being like, “Why the heck did you try to act like a drama heroine??”

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Anyway, that was part of my fun adventures in Denver and stressful journey to try to see Epik High. Did any of you guys attend one of the Epik High Is Here shows? What did you think?~ Have you guys gone to any concerts since the pandemic started, or are planning on going to one/some? Which ones are you excited for?~ Tell me~~~ Now that that’s all out of the way, I will say that I plan on maybe doing another 2-3 posts and then I’ll probably be going on a bit of hiatus. I’m not gonna lie, I’m just super overwhelmed with personal things and kind of burnt out. I’m also just hella behind my series and things. So I’ll probably take a break to catch up and just reset myself a bit. Anyway, I hope y’all have a lovely day~ Take care and stay safe luvs~

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6 Replies to “BAYOG Was Here — Epik High Is Here Tour in Denver”

  1. I remember seeing on Twitter that the show was postponed and the long flight back. I was surprised to see that you went back a second time (though it all makes sense now), and it’s so sweet that your sister helped you out! Such a heartwarming story. The concert etiquette though… It’s really unfair that you paid for VIP and they were talking about how they paid to be there? I’ve seen similar stuff happen at concerts I’ve been to (I was more in the back and just observed) and yeah, it’s wild how there’s no decency sometimes. All in all, seems like a fantastic time with seeing friends again and of course, Epik High. ^^

    1. Rose! I am so so so soooo sorry for the late reply! IDK why I never saw the notification for your comment… T~T Yeah, I was honestly so surprised I was able to go back haha. But it was fun and really nice to go on a sister trip (plus her boyfriend) since we hadn’t been on a trip without our family since 2019. I was so surprised and touched at how much my sister did to get me on this trip and make sure I enjoyed myself~ Yeah, it’s always so upsetting to deal with such awful concert etiquette. It was just shocking at how shameless and entitled this group was. Saying that they all paid to be there when literally we all did. Only like 4 of them had VIP tickets. Like to use that excuse when we also paid alot of money, maybe even more, was just insulting. I miss the times when you could actually enjoy the concert with fellow concert goers and maybe even make friendships. Despite all that, it was a great time~ I definitely enjoyed it, and BAYOG and I can’t wait for our next concert adventure haha~

      1. No worries about the late reply! It happens to all of us sometimes. Yay for future trips and concerts! There’s always something to look forward to. ^^ I’ll be here to read your future posts on them ahaha.

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