Music Monday | Some Chill Tracks For Minty’s Lazy Monday + Minty’s Adventure Home…?

Music Monday | Some Chill Tracks For Minty’s Lazy Monday + Minty’s Adventure Home…?

Hi friends!~ It’s Minty. Yeah, normally I’d do a focused artist, track, or album for Music Monday. Not gonna lie, my week has been hectic, I’m still exhausted, and thus…I’m lazy right now. So I’m just gonna share a little playlist of songs I’m vibing to for this week…. If you all wanna hear my little update and the crazy ass journey I had, y’all can find that at the end of this post lol. Some of y’all might know bits of it from Twitter, but you can read more details if you want lol.

Anyway, here’s my playlist with the tracks I’m basically vibing with this week. Yes, it’ll be a rotating playlist (if I’m not lazy…):


  • Colde — The Museum
  • Cosmic Boy — Can I Love (Feat. youra, Meego)
  • Cosmic Boy — Alone (Feat. SOLE, Dvwn)
  • SOLE — Mm Mm (Prod. by Cosmic Boy)
  • SOLE — Mm Mm – Acoustic Version
  • Rheehab — I think it’s love
  • APRO — 4.2 (For, To) (Feat. SOLE)
  • Colde, APRO — Enough
  • Kang Daniel, Chancellor — FLY (Originally by Epik High)
  • Leellamarz — Trip (Feat. Hannah)
  • NASON, D2ear — Between
  • Sam Kim — These Walls
  • Dept, KIMMUSEUM, amin — Timing
  • purpleoranjuice — Zzz
  • Def. (Jay B of GOT7) — Like a Fool (Feat. Junny)
  • Def. (Jay B of GOT7) — I Just Wanna KNow
  • Def. (Jay B of GOT7) — Want U
  • Lee Hi — ONLY
  • SOMDEF — It was (Feat. GSoul)
  • Mabinc — Reminscence
  • george — let’s go picnic
  • Mabinc — Latte
  • Dept, Sonny Zero, OoOo — Moonlight
  • Wonstein — X (Butterfly)

Yeah, the full list for this week’s playlist is above. It’s like 25 songs. But I’ll share some of my favorites through YouTube videos below~ Most of these tracks are also more on the indie side, leaning more towards R&B. So yeah, hopefully, y’all discover and find some new hidden gems that you like~

Colde — The Museum (미술관에서)

Cosmic Boy — Can I Love? (Feat. youra, Meego)

SOLE — 음음 (Mm Mm) (Prod. Cosmic Boy)

Rheehab — i think it’s love

Leellamarz — Trip (Feat. Hannah)

Kang Daniel, Chancellor — FLY (Originally by Epik High)

Sam Kim — These Walls

Def. — WANT U

Dept — Moonlight (Feat. Sonny Zero, OoOo)

Wonstein — X (Butterfly)

Minty’s Update/Crazy Adventure Home

So y’all might remember from my last post that I went on vacation to chill with friends and go to an Epik High concert. Chill with friends? Yes, it was amazing. So good to see my bestie, Loha, and Kenny again after 3 long ass years. However, uhh our concert got canceled (technically postponed). Due to all the snow, Epik High got snowed in on their way. It was saddening, but I understood. Damn you Mother Nature. Still had fun (despite the occasional mild hangovers…lol). Petted fluffy alpacas, ate good food with the crew, saw actual snow (and not just an icicle that tried to kill me), had Melona bars, found some pretty good soju flavors, drank a lot of soju, made some beats with the bros, and just had a great time with my friends.

The Delays & Missed Flight

Ah…but then the trip back home was…uhhh…let’s say it was a journey… My afternoon flight was delayed from like 4:40pm kept getting delayed. Me with my anxiety kinda panicked that I would be now only getting 20 minutes to get to my connecting flight during the layover. My connecting flight turned out to be delayed as well. However, my flight landed late…just as my connecting flight was leaving. Yo’ girl was at a terminal all the way on the other side of the airport too. It was like 9:30 pm? There was a ton of delays, canceled flights, and missed flights due to some crazy thunderstorms in the area apparently. Like the customer assistance line for the airline was like 2 blocks long at the terminal I was in. I was like, “Fuck that…” Cuz I’d be stuck there for 3 hours. So I ended up going to the gate of my missed flight and talked to the agent there. Yeah, your girl was stranded. The airline was kind enough to cover my hotel, meal, and taxi fares though. I was a little worried they wouldn’t at first because I heard this airline had changed their policy for these kinds of incidents and it was basically changed to be like, “Yeah, not our problem or responsibility”. So yeah, glad that they covered all that for me. I was also nervous AF cuz this never happened to me before, and especially because I was alone. I’d never stayed somewhere alone… It was also late at night, me having hella anxiety and being a girl by herself in a city I was not familiar with…yeah… I had safety concerns in the back of my head the whole time.

The Crazy Taxi Driver

Suga Bts GIF - Suga Bts Save Me GIFs
Me during this whole taxi “adventure”

This brings me to my taxi anecdote. Yo girl got stuck with a crazy taxi driver. It was a van taxi I had to share with 2 other groups of people (2 people per group). Each group had been assigned different hotels too. So 5 people squished in this van. The driver had like no chill. To put it bluntly, he was also rude AF and did not have great customer service. That’s coming from me, someone who’s grown up in customer service so it’s second nature to me. I’m literally one of the most chill and understanding customers cuz I get that customer service hustle life. Taxi driver was an immigrant and had a hella thick accent. That’s fine. As a daughter of immigrants with many family, relatives, and friends who are not native English speakers, I’m fine with that. I’m patient and will try to understand. But nah, this man was just yelling at us and blaming us for everything. Like we gave him the taxi voucher from the airline that had our hotels and the addresses on them. But, he was mad we didn’t know where the hotels were?? Also, accused us of like not giving him all the vouchers? Group 1 was an older couple. He argued their voucher only covered one of them and wouldn’t drive out. So the husband was really annoyed and frustrated and yelled he’d pay for his wife’s fare out of pocket then. It took maybe 15-20 minutes before he finally drove out. This man was a reckless driver. Speeding and just swerving into lanes. Dropped off group 1. Then literally hustled like $30 something for the fare and demanded a tip?? And literally told the man in group 1 that he needed to tip more because “It wasn’t worth it to drive there, and [he] needed to tip [him] more.” So he hustled like a total of $60 from this couple, who were absolutely pissed. Dropping off group 2, he was complaining about group 1 to us the whole time. At this point I’m texting my sis and BAYOG crew the hotel address and telling them what’s going on cuz this driver is making me hella nervous. After he dropped off group 2, I was left alone. Dude sped even more and kept switching lanes like even crazier, which I didn’t think was possible. At this point it was like 11:40pm?? Mind you the hotels are in a 20 minute radius from the airport. I’m legit thinking this dude my get me killed. So yeah, been texting my sis and parents to update them cuz they’re also worried AF for me. 4 minutes away from the hotel. Suddenly, sirens. The cops pulled the taxi driver over as I’m awkwardly in the backseat. I was already hella nervous and have hella anxiety. Having cops there heightened that even more. But even more so cuz this man also started to argue with the cops??? These cops were actually really polite too? Like they spoke very softy, patiently, and politely. They were just like, “Hey, we just pulled you over because you were speeding and swerving into our lane like 3 times. We just wanted to make sure you’re okay and tell you to please drive more carefully because it can be really dangerous.” But nah, taxi man kept arguing with them. Oh, and while all this is going down…my stepdad video called me on Line and just happened to catch all of this going down as we got pulled over. My family just saw my face awkwardly nervous in the backseat with all the sirens going off in my face… Cops let us go after finishing their warning. I basically got to the hotel at midnight. 2 hours after leaving the airport… Oh, and cuz it was so late, there was nothing to eat since everything was closed…

Forever Standby/Finally Getting Home??

Chocchipkookies Bts GIF - Chocchipkookies Bts Mental Breakdown GIFs

New flight was supposed to be at 12:30 pm. Me, with my hella anxiety, woke my ass up at 6-7am. I was like, “I’ll leave and get there early to minimize any mishaps with traffic, security check, and whatnot.” Luckily I got a nice taxi man this time. Got there at like 9:30-10am? But yeah, it was standby. Funny enough though, as I was sitting at my gate…this dude came up to me and was like, “Hey! Don’t you work at ____ Restaurant?? I go there all the time and recognize you!” We in a whole other state and I had my mask on (obviously). Also, I’ve been back of the house for like a year and a half now…so pretty amazed he recognized me LMAO. Anyway, yeah…I wasn’t able to get on that flight. That’s fine. I get it. I know all flights are booked and because of the circumstances, we’re on standby. Nothing you can really do about it. Some other people who were also on standby were not as understanding. There was a group of people about to fight the gate agent and blaming her when it wasn’t in her control. Also, these people just refused to understand how standby works, even after another gentleman (also in the same situation as me) kindly explained it to them. So I was like, “Uhhh… I do not want to be in the middle of a brawl.” This lady kept saying she was gonna punch the agent. Like…bruh. I went my way to the next flight at another gate on standby again. Yeah, no dice on that one either. One more after that, nope. Basically, all flights for the day were completely full. I would’ve had to luck out with standby, or possibly get stranded again and stay another night on the airline’s vouchers. Problem was, I didn’t have any of my shit as it was all in my checked luggage. Like had I slept with my contacts in, had no toothbrush, hairbrush, clothes, nothing. I was just dying to get home and sleep in my own bed. So I talked to another agent and he managed to get me a confirmed flight to another city about an hour or so away from home. I was dead tired though, and again…being a gal all by herself (also raised by hella conservative and hella paranoid parents), safety was a concern. Lucky for me, there had been rentable nap rooms in front of my new gate. Yeah, they were hella expensive though. Used the business card on that LMAO. It was indeed an expensive hour and half nap, but a much-needed one. Finally landed at the new airport. Had to wait for my parents to pick me up. They got lost…so I landed at like 9-9:30 pm? They didn’t get me til like 11 pm LOL. So yeah, getting home was a crazy-ass journey for me. Literally went back to work in the morning, and went to the original airport to get my luggage. I’ve had issues sleeping though and readjusting. So yeah, thus…why I’m hella tired and lazy today.

Side Rant: Don’t Treat Service Workers like Crap; Be More Kind and Understanding

Suga Judging You So Hard GIF - Suga Judging You So Hard Bts GIFs
I can’t respect people who treat service staff like crap

I will say, I felt so incredibly bad for the airline staff and the hotel staff. People were really taking it out on them. Look, it ain’t in their control. They’re just trying to do their job and help you and everyone else as best as they can. I spent my whole life in customer service, so I’m super chill AF and hella understanding. I think I was the only one not being a bitch to them and was being courteous and talking to them and treating them with respect. Like the airline agent hooked me up with the nicer hotel compared to the other 2 groups of people who were stuck in the same situation and shared a van taxi with me. The lady at the hotel lobby was also super taken aback when I asked her how -HER- day was and talked to her kindly. Cuz again, I get that shit. She was pleasantly surprised and it seemed to lift her mood up a bit. Honestly, be more understanding and treat people with respect and kindness. It makes it easier for them, but also easier for you too! I guarantee you’ll get better service and those people are more willing to help you. Okay, side rant on that is over. I just had to cuz I was so frustrated and felt so bad for these people.

Thank You GIF - Thank You GIFs

Anyway, that’s it friends. I’m finally back home, safe and sound. Thank y’all for reaching out and worrying about me. I promise I’ll be adjusted soon, and I should go back to regular content for y’all. I hope you enjoy the tracks and playlist~ Let me know what your faves are! Also, let me know if there are any specific kind of tracks you’d like to see me talk about: R&B, rock, pop, dance, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, etc~ I hope you all have a great start to your day! Take care and stay safe loves!~

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