Music Monday | Sam Kim — It’s You

Music Monday | Sam Kim — It’s You

Hello my BAYOG luvlies!~ I’m back again with a very late recommendation for Music Monday! Sorry for the late post. I made it in time before midnight central time though (10-15 minutes left lmao)! lol It’s been a bit hectic on my end with IRL stuffs. Anyway, we’re still following the theme of love songs~ Today’s song recommendation is one of my absolute favorites: Sam Kim’s “It’s You” which features Zico of Block B! I mention this one a lot in my playlists, but I wanted to do a dedicated post on it since it’s one of my absolute faves! Hands down one of my top 10 Korean songs, and one of the songs I never skip!

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We’ve covered Sam Kim/샘김 before in a previous [Music Monday post]. Anyway, Sam Kim is Korean-American and originally from Seattle, Washington. He falls in various genres like K-R&B, K-Soul, indie, and touches of jazz, funk, and folk. He’s also an amazing self-taught guitarist and songwriter. He got his start after competing in [K-Pop Star 3] in 2013, where he was the runner-up. He ended up being signed to Yoo Hee Yeol’s (aka Toy) label, Antenna Music. By the way, Yoo Hee Yeol was one of the judges of K-Pop Star. Anyway, he made his official debut in 2016 on K-Pop Star 5 with [“No 눈치 (No Sense)”], which featured Crush. Since then he’s worked with various different artists like Crush, IU, Zico, Loco, Jukjae, AKMU, and more. He’s contributed to several soundtracks as well. Sam’s been doing some international collabs too including Thai singer Mew Suppasit’s [“Before 4:30 (She Said…)”] and Indonesian singer Raisa’s [“Someday (Feat. Sam Kim)“]. Sam’s one of my ultimate favorite artists. Like I don’t think of him just as a musician or just K-Pop. He’s got such a fantastic voice and vibe. He has so much like soul in his voice and the way he sings. Like you can tell he genuinely enjoys music and is really into it. I also just love how he has this soulful, jazzy, r&b, blues kinda vibe in his sound and style. Again, I definitely recommend him if you’re looking for music outside of the glitzy kind of idol K-Pop tracks and if you’re looking for something more mature. My ultimate fave is definitely [“It’s You (Feat. ZICO)”]. My other favorite recommendations would include: [“Make Up (Feat. Crush)”], [“These Walls”], Primary’s [“Bless You (Feat. Sam Kim, WOODZ, pH-1)”], [“For now(여기까지)”] with [Kwon Jin Ah], [“Like A Fool”] with [NIve], [“아까워 (What about?) (Feat. Penomeco)”]. I also love [“Who Are You”], which is an OST track from my favorite drama [Goblin]. I’ve also been obsessed with [“Love Me Like That”], which was the OST for the 알고있지만/Nevertheless drama.

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This track also features Zico/지코 (real name Woo Ji Ho/우지호), who is a well-known rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter. He’s a member and leader of K-Pop boy group [Block B]. They were like a hip-hop type of idol group produced by Cho PD and are currently managed by KQ Entertainment. They made their debut in 2011. Zico made his first solo release in 2014. Prior to that, he did officially debut in 2009 as a duo called Harmonics with Park Kyung. Their debut track was [“편지 (The Letter) ft. Eline”]. Before even any of his official debuts, he was an underground rapper by the name of Nacseo/낙서 (“doodle”). He was pretty well-known and was still able to maintain his underground rapper reputation while also gaining mainstream appeal as an idol member. He also released his first mixtape, Zico On the Block in 2010. Zico also released his first solo-album Thinking back in 2019. He also appeared as a producer with Paloalto on Show Me the Money 4. Those who are big on K-Hip Hop will also recognize him as a member of the crew [Fanxy Child], which was formed in 2016. Fellow members include: Dean, Crush, Pencomeco, Millic, and Stay Tuned. Although, you can consider the first Fanxy Child single to be [“Bermuda Triangle”], which was a track by Zico and officially featured Crush and Dean. It’s a banger. Highly recommend~ One of his most viral songs has to be [“아무노래 (Anysong)”]. There was a [dance challenge] and everything for it. But I know it’s a track that was popularly used on TikTok. It’s such good song though. I love it. Definitely one of my faves from him as well. Some other tracks with Zico that I personally like include: Dean’s [“Pour Up (Feat. Zico)”], Crush’s [“Cereal (Feat. Zico)”], Crush’s [“Oasis (Feat. Zico)”], Zico’s [“Soulmate (Feat. IU)”], [“She’s A Baby”], [“Balloon”], [“사람(Human)”], Mino (Winner) & Zico’s [“Okey Dokey”], and Killagramz’s [“어디 (Where U At?) (Feat. Dean, Zico)”]. BTW, the [Penomeco remix] of “어디 (Where U At?)” is really good!

Artist: Sam Kim (샘김) Feat ZICO (지코)
Song: It’s You
Album: Sun And Moon
Genre: K-Pop, K-R&B, R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Jazz
Language: Korean
Release: November 2018

Sun And Moon was Sam’s first full-length studio album. It was released back in November 2018. Before this album was released, it was preceded by the promo EP Sun and Moon Pt. 1 that October. It had 3 songs that were included in the full album: “Sun and Moon”, “Make Up (Feat. Crush)”, and “Sunny Days, Summer Nights”. The genres for this album basically included R&B, soul, neo-soul, and folk. Sun And Moon was also produced by Sam, Hong Sojin, and [Jukjae]. I honestly loved this album. Of course, “It’s You” is my favorite. Although, “Make Up (Feat. Crush)” is a close second~ The whole album is amazing though. As for “It’s You”, it is an R&B/Soul track. I just find everything about the track amazing. It’s really catchy and has such a lovely melody. I also love all the different elements of the instruments and Sam’s vocals. It’s got so many different little things put together that makes it so lovely. From the jazzy piano, chill guitar plucking, the ambient sounds, and the little funky elements too. As for the lyrics, the song is about that awkward stage of liking someone. You’re spending a lot of time together, walking together, being asked to hold hands and hug. It’s about that phase where you don’t really know what the status between you two is. So you end up thinking a lot and wondering the meaning behind every action, whether it’s what you think it is, or if they’re just messing with you. It’s a little frustrating cuz you want to know, and you’re trying so hard because of this person. I know we’ve all been there haha.

You can find “It’s You (Feat. ZICO)” and the Sun And Moon album on Spotify, here:

You can listen to “It’s You (Feat. ZICO)” on YouTube, here:

Music Video and Lyrics

The video is just Sam like going in circles and wondering what to do, what the meanings behind the actions are. You see little symbolism of whether to think if the glass is half-full or empty. Then Zico appears and seems to give Sam some advice to just go for it and not miss his chance. It’s a simple video, but I love the usage of colors and shadows.

[Verse 1: Sam Kim]
Awkwardly, hi, hello
I asked you what you did today
We’re walking together on this dark night
We talked for a bit
Then you asked me to hold your hand
You said it’s cold and asked me to hug you
I don’t know anymore
I don’t know

[Verse 2: Sam Kim]
You make me ponder alone
Wondering if you’re thinking this
Wondering if you’re giving me hints
Or if you’re just playing with me
Which one is it?
I don’t really know
I’m trying so hard
Cuz of you

[Chorus: Sam Kim]
I wanna know just tell me
If you really like me
What do I do?
I think I’m gonna go crazy
I need to snap out of it
What do I do?

[Verse 3: Sam Kim]
You’re going back and forth again
It’s so frustrating
Where should I go?
I’m truly curious
Sometimes, I get annoyed
But just looking at your face
Makes me feel that you’re mine

[Verse 4: Sam Kim]
If you want me, if you love me
Baby, just tell me it’s okay
During the day you’re like this, at night you’re like that
I can’t solve your game
You said you liked me back then
What’s up with texting me late at night
Here we go again
Back to the start
Oh what should I do

[Chorus: Sam Kim]
I wanna know just tell me
If you really like me
What do I do?
I think I’m gonna go crazy
I need to snap out of it
What do I do?

[Chorus: Sam Kim]
I wanna know just tell me
If you really like me
What do I do?
I think I’m gonna go crazy
I need to snap out of it
What do I do?

[Verse 5: ZICO]
Either buy her favors till you’re sure
Or just get mad and just get dumped
If you did this much of a simulation, you need to be direct
You keep drawing around her so there’s no way she’ll be sharp with you
I think she already gave you a sign
You need to tell her quicker than before
Don’t be too overbearing but go straight
I know because I write lyrics- the truth works

[Bridge: ZICO]
Love is not an easy thing
You’re probably bad at expressing it’s okay
If you’re good at it, confessing would seem like nonsense
If you draw a heart, you need to go through two hills
It may be painful but that pain feels good
Don’t miss this chance
Go quickly, if it works out, get me dinner

[Chorus: Sam Kim]
I wanna know just tell me
If you really like me
What do I do?
I think I’m gonna go crazy
I need to snap out of it
What do I do?

[Outro: Sam Kim]
I wanna know just tell me
If you really like me
What do I do?
I think I’m gonna go crazy
I need to snap out of it
What do I do?

Sam Kim | It’s You (Feat. ZICO) | Translation: [Genius]

This live is just so freakin’ good.

The song is already amazing, but you should hear it live! Also, I’m pretty sure that guitarist is [Jukjae]!~ Now for the live performances, Sam actually performs his own rap during the part that Zico would normally rap.

It’s strange, you always want to stick around me,
But you tell me to go away.
What should I do?
You called me out because you were bored,
But now you say you’re with another friend.
You are just… Do I even know you?
I keep falling for girls like you
Love you though, and I know you feel the same
Hug me, I’m yours now
I want you to give me a warm hug like yesterday.
Why are you acting cold and distant again like the day before?
All my friends tell me to stay away from you cuz you are dangerous
Take it to the bridge now, silly rabbit tricks out
Back, back, there’s no other reason
You are simply D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S

Sam Kim [Arirang’s I’m LIVE]
The acoustic version is absolutely beautiful to listen to too!

Sam also did a live acoustic version of the track on MBC Radio. It hits different. It’s so beautiful to listen to though! I’m absolutely in love with it and would love a studio version~

Bts Bangtan Boys GIF - Bts BangtanBoys BangtanSonyeondan GIFs
Me finding a song and being all, “This, this I like~”

Anyway, that’s it for today’s Music Monday post y’all~ I hope you all enjoyed it! I definitely recommend checking out the rest of the album, and Sam’s other tracks as well! Definitely check out Zico if you’re interested in K-Hip Hop too! Also, as an update, I’ll be on vacation and reuniting with some of the BAYOG bros next week~ So I’ll probably have next week’s Music Monday post and then be off of posting for a week or a week and a half~ I’m also going to try to get that novel post up this week, but might not cuz busy with work and trying to get ready for my trip. Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous start to your week! Take care, stay safe, and have a lovely day!~

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