Music Monday | Some Sweet and Chill Tracks by Aden

Music Monday | Some Sweet and Chill Tracks by Aden

Hello my BAYOG luvlies~ With our lovely theme for Music Monday, I’m back with more sweet and chill love songs~ Today I’ll be sharing tracks from a K-R&B artist y’all might not know. His name is Aden (에이든)~ I thought it’d be nice to focus on some tracks from an artist people wouldn’t be as familiar with. And also, I’m not feeling so great. So I just wanted to do a simple post. Rather than focusing on just one track or album, I’m just gonna simply list and share some tracks that I love~ They’re soft, chill, and sweet kinda tracks in my opinion~

(Credit: [KProfiles])

Anyway, Aden isn’t a super well-known artist. I’d say he’s more of an indie K-RNB artist. So info is a bit limited, and one of the reasons why I just did a simple list format today. What I can tell you is he’s an artist who falls under the R&B/Soul, Indie, and Pop genres. Apparently, his real name is Kim Changmin. He’s from Seoul in South Korea, but did lie abroad in Canada for a while. Supposedly, he started songwriting back in January 2021. He made his official debut back in April 2021 with “Fall For You (기대)”. That’s all I really got for ya. I just like the style and vibe of his voice and music. It’s very chill, soothing, but has some soul in it.

Jung Hoseok Hoseok Bopping GIF - Jung Hoseok Hoseok Bopping Hoseok GIFs

Other recommended tracks with Aden:

Anonymous Artists – Aden | 좋아해

I think this one was the first one to pull me into Aden’s music. I tend to discover a lot of unrecognized artists from Anonymous Artists. They basically highlight and share artists that aren’t very well-known. So I definitely recommend following them if you’re into looking for hidden gems~ You can find them on YouTube or [Spotify].

Anonymous Artists – Aden | Its the Love

Aden | I Feel Loved (Feat. amin)

I think this is my second favorite one. I just love his voice and amin’s voice. I also just love the vibe and everything about it~ It’s chill and easygoing, yet kind of upbeat~

Aden | Fall For You (기대)

This one was his official debut song. I like the soft, classy, and dreamy vibes to it.

Aden | Our Days (Feat. Chan)(Prod. by HAAN)

Aden, JungHun | 그림 (Sketch)

Bts Bangtan Boys GIF - Bts Bangtan Boys Bangtan Sonyeondan GIFs
My BTS heart gif tax for y’all

Anyway, that’s it for today’s simple Music Monday post. Sorry, y’all. I didn’t mean to rush Music Monday today. I just had a late meeting online, am still sleep-deprived, and feeling super under the weather. I promise I am working on more posts~ I have a novel post coming up hopefully before the end of this week (unless I’m still hella under the weather). Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this list! Do you guys enjoy finding new music from lesser-known artists? Or would y’all just prefer my faves from more well-known artists? Anyway, take care and stay safe luvs!~

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