Music Monday | Whee In — Ice Cream Love

Music Monday | Whee In — Ice Cream Love

Hi BAYOG Fam!~ It’s Monday! Time for a new Music Monday post. We’ll keep it generally short and simple today~ Keeping with our winter theme, I’ve chosen Whee In’s “Ice Cream Love” as our track recommendation today. It’s actually one of the original soundtracks for the K-Drama 어느 날/One Ordinary Day. It’s a very soft and jazzy track with sweet and classy vibes.

Jung Whee In (정휘인) is famously just known as Whee In. She’s a member of the K-Pop group Mamamoo (마마무), one of my favorite third-generation girl groups. If you’re not new to the BAYOG blog and music posts, you’ll remember I mentioned [her] and [Mamamoo] a few times before. Again, she is a member of Mamamoo, which debuted under RBEW (formerly WA Entertainment) back in 2014. The group consists of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. They debuted with the single [“Mr.애매모호(Mr. Ambiguous)”]. They were known for their retro, jazz, and R&B concepts and sound. They’re also renowned for their excellent vocal performances. I can confidently say that they have some of the strongest vocals in K-Pop. They have a lot of fun concepts and sounds with their music. There are a lot of fun choreographies too. Another reason I love Mamamoo though is that they’re all very down-to-earth and pretty quirky too. Not only that, but they’re very strong female role models that don’t follow the typical stereotypes and expectations of female idols (and women in general). Some of my faves from Mamamoo include: [“음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh)”], [“HIP”], [“딩가딩가 (Dingga)”], [“Egotistic(너나 해)”], [“Starry Night”], [“Windflower”], [“나는 안다르다 (Wanna Be Myself)”], [“AYA”], [“Travel”], and [“gogobebe(고고베베)”].

Wheein Jung Wheein GIF - Wheein Jung Wheein Mamamoo GIFs

The members of Mamamoo have also participated in features, collaborations, and done solos as well. Whee In and Solar were on the track [“행복하지마 (Don’t Be Happy)”] with Bumkey. She had her solo debut with her single [“Easy”], which featured rapper Sik-K. The [acoustic live] was also really good. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I highly recommend that one. Whee In also participated in [The Mask Singer] (the original show in South Korea, which the US version is based on). She’s also contributed to various soundtracks including Hospital Playlist, Record of Youth, and Red Sleeve. In April 2021, she released her solo EP [Redd]. It’s a R&B-influenced album with alot of great tracks. It’s actually one of my favorite 2021 releases, and one of the few songs where I liked every single song of the album. I just love Whee In’s vocals. She has a great range, and it’s perfect for R&B. Her voice isn’t light or thin, but not heavy either. It’s got a bit of huskiness and sultriness to it. But she honestly owns every genre and song she sings. Aside from [“Easy”], my other top favorites would be: [“Watercolor”], [“Trash (Feat. pH-1)”], [“Butterfly (Feat. GSoul)”], and [“OHOO”]. Although, as I said, the entire Redd EP is fantastic and I definitely recommend every track from it. Her solo [“25”] from Mamamoo’s album is also a great track. For collaborations and songs that feature Whee In, my favorites would include: Peakboy’s [“Diet (Feat. Whee In)”], DINDIN’s [“Tear drops (With Whee In)”], Jay B’s [“AM PM (Feat. Whee In) (Prod. GRAY)”], CNBlue’s [“Domino (Feat. Whee In)”], Standing Egg’s [“Love or Like (with Whee In of Mamamoo, JISIM)”], Sandeul (B1A4)’s [“야! (Ya!) (Feat. Whee In)”], DINDIN’s [“do do do do (Feat. Whee In of Mamamoo) (Prod. Giriboy)”], and Jvde Milez’s [“Miss U (Feat. Whee In of Mamamoo)”]. Whee In has actually left RBW as of June 2021 following the expiration of her contract with RBW. However, she did sign with Ravi’s (VIXX) label The L1VE alongside Ailee in August. Despite no longer being under RBW and being under a new label, Whee In is still a member of Mamamoo. She has a deal with RBW that would allow her to continue promoting with Mamamoo.

Artist: Whee In ( 휘인)
Track: Ice Cream Love
Album: 어느 날 (One Ordinary Day) OST
Genre: Jazz, Ballad
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: December 2021

“Ice Cream Love” is a fresh release as it did come out earlier this month. It is part of the soundtrack for the recent Korean drama [어느 날/One Ordinary Day]. It’s a remake of BBC’s Criminal Justice, and the K-Drama stars Kim Hyun Soo and Cha Seung Won. The song itself is a very soft, slow, and simple jazz track with Whee In’s vocals. The soft, jazzy feel to it makes it feel really classy and romantic. It gives me like easy-going lounge vibes. The track itsell with Whee In’s vocals seem very gentle, soft, and sweet (somewhat bittersweet). It almost feels like a dreamy lullaby. I heard this track and thought it was just so beautiful, so I instantly took a liking to it. The lyrics itself seems to be about the love or attraction to someone and wanting to be with them and to hold them. However, they seem to good to be real, and there’s a feeling of it being sweet and possibly disappearing. Like cotton candy, or how ice cream melts away. This single for the soundtrack includes the instrumental as well. The instrumental is really gorgeous on its own too. It’s definitely some nice, chill, and sweet background music.

You can find “Ice Cream Love” on Spotify, here:


[Verse 1]
Don’t be hesitant just like ice cream
Say, “Baby, you shall love me tonight”
This heart-burning feeling, this moment together
I can’t be alone, stay by my side

Be brave and embrace me
Feel me at your fingertips
Will it disappear when I open my eyes?
If I look back, will I be forgotten?
Could it be a dream?

You are too good to hold
It’s too good to be real
Hold me now, my heart is beating
Until the dawn is breaking

[Verse 2]
This moment like a dream
This moment to bе forgotten
You are like icе cream
Just call my name
Don’t hesitate, cotton candy
Say, “Baby, you shall kiss me tonight”
This feeling of bursting
This moment together
I won’t be alone, stay by my side

Be brave and embrace me
Feel me at your fingertips
Will it disappear when I open my eyes?
If I look back, will I be forgotten?
Could it be a dream?

You are too good to hold
It’s too good to be real
Hold me now, my heart is burning
Until the dawn is breaking

Is it a dream when I open my eyes?
Will it be a forgotten dream?
You look like cotton candy
Remember my name

Whee In ( 휘인) | Ice Cream Love |어느 날 (One Ordinary Day) OST | Translations [Genius]

The song is so beautiful. Truly. To be honest, I didn’t know what One Ordinary Day was about. Initially, I had only heard the song and hadn’t watched the video either. So based on what I heard, I assumed it would be like a romance-drama series. After all, it just had this very sweet and beautiful sound and vibe to it. I only just watched this music video right before writing this post. I was like “Okies, seems like a mature romance-drama?” Then I went to Google up the plot and see the promotional poster. I realized, nah…this ain’t a romance-drama series. It’s…. a crime, thriller, legal series??? Like there’s a murder, drugs, and some other crazy stuff. It was super unexpected. I definitely could not have guessed that. I still love the track. I’m typically not into these crazy crime, thriller, and legal series…but I might just give it a try because of how much I love this track.

Mamamoo Wheein GIF - Mamamoo Wheein Cute GIFs
I swear, I’ve been reading and working diligently…

Anyway, that’s it friends. I honestly chose today’s track because I felt like it went well with the winter vibes. Just imagine a chilly winter day, sitting by a fire, having a hot beverage next to you, and reading a book while you’re listening to this track~ Imagine if there’s snow outside your window~ It fits the vibe and aesthetic, no? Anyway, what did you all think of it? Are you fans of Whee In and Mamamoo? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or hit me up on Discord. I don’t know about y’all, but it’s chilly where I am. So I hope you all stay warm and take care of yourselves~ I also hope you have a fabulous winter holiday! I’ll be on vacation for 2 weeks for the holidays. I’ll try to have one of my posts up still. However, I may or may not skip Music Monday for the next 2 weeks. Also, do know that our giveaways will be ending soon! The [Smut Novels Giveaway] will be ending in less than a week and a half. The winners will be announced upon my return in January. The [Look At Me Giveaway] will end on January 9th. I’ll be announcing those winners shortly after we close that giveaway as well. Until next time my loves! Take care, stay safe, stay warm, and have a lovely start to your week! Also, enjoy your holidays!~

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I’m off to do some last-minute packing…

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