Music Monday | Songs I’ve Been Enjoying With this Autumn Weather

Music Monday | Songs I’ve Been Enjoying With this Autumn Weather

Hi friends! So…not gonna lie… I really didn’t have a particular song or album to focus on for Music Monday today. I’m also tired and not feeling all that great. So I figured I’d do a simple post of just sharing some songs I’ve been enjoying lately~ Again, it’ll be a simple post today with no extra description or commentary~ Some will probably end up on a focused Music Monday post one day though. But anyway, the cool autumn weather is finally here. It’s hoody and sweater season~I love wearing my favorite hoody and listening to these songs while drinking some coffee, tea, or hot cocoa~ I tend to gravitate towards songs with chill vibes during autumn. So it’s pretty much easy going r&b tracks or lo-fi tracks~ These are songs that appear on my [Chill, Relax, & Vibe BAYOG Playlist] (Don’t think I’ve ever publicly released this one on the blog yet), [BAYOG Lounge Playlist], and my [BAYOG Cafe/Coffee Shop Playlist]. Yeah, the ‘Chill, Relax, & Vibe’ and ‘BAYOG Cafe/Coffee Shop’ playlists are basically my go-to for this kind of season~ I enjoy listening to the ‘Lounge’ playlist more for the late evening kind of vibe.

Anime Smell GIF - Anime Smell Coffee GIFs

SOMDEF (썸데프) – 사랑이었나봐 (It was) (Feat. GSoul)

Peakboy(픽보이) – Walk

Epik High (에픽하이) – 비 오는 날 듣기 좋은 노래 (Rain Song) ft. Colde (콜드)

Colde(콜드) – When Dawn Comes Again(또 새벽이 오면) (Feat. BAEKHYUN(백현) (EXO))

Colde(콜드) – The Museum(미술관에서)

Hoody (후디) – 비가 그치면 (When The Rain Stops)

Sam Kim(샘김) – Love Me Like That

PENOMECO(페노메코) – 불면증 (Insomnia)

Epik High (에픽하이) – End of the World (Feat. GSoul)

Wynn -IF I

GIRIBOY(기리보이) – Traffic Control (교통정리) (Feat. HEIZE) (헤이즈)

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I’m always tired so I need hella caffeine lolol

Anyway, those are some of the songs I’ve been listening to a lot while enjoying a hot beverage, a comfy hoodie, and the cool autumn weather~ Have you heard these tracks before? Which ones were your favorites? What are some of your other favorite songs to listen to while you enjoy a warm beverage and the autumn weather? Let me know in the comments, my socials, or on Discord! I know it’s a super simple post today, but I just wanted to take it easy and chill with y’all~ Anyway, have a fabulous start to your week~ Enjoy the hoody/sweater weather luvs~ Stay warm, take care, and stay safe!

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