Review | TokyoTreat — A Box of Treats from Japan to Your Door

Review | TokyoTreat — A Box of Treats from Japan to Your Door

Hello my BAYOG luvlies~ I have a fun post for y’all today! Today I’ll be reviewing some yummy Japanese treats! Recently, we were reached out to by TokyoTreats, a premium Japanese subscription box service that specializes in treats from Japan. They reached out and asked if we’d like to receive and review one of their premium boxes. Honestly, I was super surprised. Aside from our partnership with WordExcerpt, this was the first time we were reached out to by a company. Of course, we were totally down for it.

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YAY!~ I was so, so, sooo excited!

However, BAYOG is comprised of 6 friends (Kenny, Nick, Marc, me, and Lauren). We all live in different cities, in different states, and on different sides of the coast too. Everyone was really sweet to let me be the one to receive and review this. Y’all know me. I love food~ I especially love my Asian snacks. Apparently, I’m considered BAYOG’s snack queen now. Anyway, I got to be the lucky one to do this review!~ SO YAHOO~ °˖✧◝(・ω<)◜✧˖°

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Just to be transparent :

We are not paid by TokyoTreat. For this collab/review, they offered to send us a box for free in exchange for an honest review. Simple as that.

What is TokyoTreat?

Before we get into the review, let’s talk a bit about TokyoTreat! They’re a premium subscription box service that was established in 2015. Their subscription box service specializes in treats straight from Japan. Their premium boxes feature 17 popular items that also include Japanese exclusives of western brands like KitKats, Pepsi, Fanta, Doritos, Pringles, and so on!~ You can find Japanese KitKats, traditional Japanese snacks, popular Japanese snacks, exclusive Pocky flavors, and interesting flavored drinks as well. It’s a nice mix of both savory and sweet treats. Each month has a different theme as well. TokyoTreat is under the same group as YumeTwins, nomakenolife, Sakuraco, JapanHaul, and TokyoCatch.

I know subscription box services have become really popular over the past couple of years. I’ve done one before as well. However, I’ve never done a snack subscription box before. Except for one time when my bestie surprised me with one. So I honestly was very curious and pretty excited. Again, I love food and I love Asia exclusive treats. It’s one of my favorite things to look out for when I’m back in Thailand, or if I was at one of the Japanese airports for my layovers. That used to be the only time I could get interesting Japanese snacks that weren’t available in the States. So I was super thrilled about this opportunity. It was also an extra special treat for me because I honestly don’t get to eat snacks that much these days. I typically only get snacks maybe once a month or every couple of months if I have a craving. Other than that, I normally only get to eat snacks when I’m traveling. So again, I was super excited since I now had an excuse to eat all the snacks~

The underside and sides were a tad beat up from the journey, but it’s okies~

TokyoTreat sent me their November TokyoTreat box which had the theme of Fruity Fall. First off, I have to say that I was really surprised at how quickly it arrived. They literally emailed us last week, I replied in the middle of last week, and I received the TokyoTreat box from DHL on November 11. So the BAYOG Crew and I were really impressed by how quickly it arrived. I will say that the box was a tad bit beat up on one side. However, I wouldn’t hold that on TokyoTreat. That’s just the unfortunate circumstances of shipping and transportation. It happens. I didn’t really have a problem with it as long as the stuff inside wasn’t completely destroyed.

Literally how it looked when I opened it. No rearranging or anything.
Feels like it was packed with love and care~

When I opened it, I could tell some stuff was a bit broken. However, it wasn’t anything major that bothered me. After all, I figured it’s fine as it tastes okies cuz broken or not, it’ll taste the same. I will say though, that I loved how everything was packaged in the box. It was very neatly packaged. I felt like it was packaged with love and care~ Again, some things were kind of broken, but it wasn’t a major issue for me.

When you open the box, you’ll find 17 different items. It includes a drink, as well as both savory and sweet snacks. There’s also a pamphlet included that also describes each item in English. So you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out what everything is. I did really appreciate the layout and format of the pamphlet. It’ll list what your premium items are, as well as your classic items. It’s very easy to read and understand too.

Pamphlet that comes with your TokyoTreat Box.

So what came in this Fruity Fall TokyoTreat box?

You can also find proper images of this TokyoTreat box on their website, [here].


  • Fanta Peach
  • KitKat Mont Blanc
  • Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate
  • Umaibō Cinnamon Apple Pie
  • Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit


  • Pocky Heartful Blueberry
  • Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato
  • Crunky x Demon Slayor Collab Choco
  • Onion Taro
  • DonDon Yaki
  • Constellation Chocolate Cookie
  • Umaibō Choco
  • Sour Paper Candy Grape
  • Porikey German Potato
  • Yakisoba Shop Taro
  • Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Flavor
  • Sparrow Egg Crackers

Initial Thoughts and First Impression of the Snacks

Snacks I was sure I’d like.

Okay, let me be honest. I do love food and snacks. However, I also am a bit on the picky side. I’m much better now than when I was younger, but I am still a bit picky with my preferences. So if I were to be honest, I was initially a bit worried about whether I would like the snacks or not. Out of the ones I was sure I’d like versus the ones I wasn’t sure of, the ones I thought I’d like were way less than the rest. Still, I was up for trying new things. While I’ve never had any of these particular snacks and flavors, it did seem to me that some of them were similar to snacks I’ve had in Thailand or from the Asian grocery stores in the States.

The snacks that could go either way since I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was actually really surprised. There were some I didn’t like as much as I thought. However, there were also ones that I was skeptical of, but ended up really liking a lot. I actually did record a simple video of me trying a couple of bites or pieces as a record to help me with this post, and for friends to watch. It ended up being like an hour-long mukbang though haha. But let me know if you guys are interested in watching that. Overall though, I did really enjoy everything. I even really enjoyed the corn puff snacks. Like I can enjoy some corn puff snacks, but I’m typically not really keen on them. Honestly, I think I was also just pleased because the snacks hit the right flavors without feeling or tasting overly salty or greasy.


  • Fanta Peach
    I’m actually not a big fan of peach flavor. However, I did really like this one. It was a pleasantly sweet fruity scent and flavor. I also didn’t think it was overly sweet like sodas in the States.
  • KitKat Mont Blanc
    I surprisingly loved this way more than I thought. I was skeptical because I’d never had Mont Blanc (it’s a dessert made with chestnuts), and I wasn’t sure if I liked chestnuts or not. I do generally looove KitKats and the different flavors. Like Hokkaido melon & marscapone cheese is my absolute favorite. KitKats from Japan rarely disappoint me. However, there has been an occasion or two were I wasn’t a fan of certain flavors (Kumamoto Ikinari Dango). However, I did absolutely love this one. It has a sweet vanilla-like flavor with a hit of nuttiness to it. Definitely one of my favorites now.
  • Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate
    [“Smooth like butter~”] It’s a butter and white chocolate version of Koala’s March. I love Koala’s March since it’s a childhood favorite of mine. So I had high-expectations and thought this would be in my top 5 favorites. Yeah, I have to say, “Side step, right left, but not for me…” It’s not bad, but I’m just not personally a big fan of straight up butter flavor. For me the butter flavor and smell was just a bit too strong for my personal preference. It smelled and tasted like it was drenched in butter, without the heavy and greasy feeling of being drenched in butter? But the white chocolate does help cut that strong butter flavor a bit. I don’t hate this one, and I could eat it. But I think my limit is just 2 at a time. I did confuse myself when I ate this after putting it the fridge. So when I ate the chocolate part, it felt like I was eating a slab of cold sweetened butter.
  • Umaibō Cinnamon Apple Pie
    It was okay. Again, I’m typically not that big of a fan of corn puff kind of snacks. I did like that it wasn’t overly sweet. You do have that slight sweet corn flavor with a hint of cinnamon, and the smell of cinnnamon and apples. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t particularly for me. Also, the character on the packaging reminds me of Doraemon~
  • Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit
    Honestly, I still haven’t gotten around to doing this. But I’m sure I’ll love this. I’ve done Japanese DIY candy kits a couple times and those are always fun~


  • Pocky Heartful Blueberry
    Pocky is another childhood favorite of mine. I also love finding and trying different flavors. My favorites would be the melon one and the chocolate mint one! I expected this would probably be one of my top picks. But I didn’t expedct to love it since I’m not a big fan of blueberry. I can eat and enjoy it, but I don’t typically love it. Yeah, I ended up loving this way more than I thought. It kind of reminds me of yogurt candies. Like fruity yogurt chocolate? It has a very strong, fruity scent to it. It’s a pleasant sweet blueberry scent. It’s got that sweet blueberry flavor to it, but it’s not too sweet. There’s also a slight tartness to it too.
  • Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato
    I wasn’t sure of this as first because I’m not a fan of tomatoes. Also, despite being Thai, I’m not good on spicy. It smelled like the typical potato chips I’d find in Asia. The flavor and smell is like the Lay’s (or Walker’s) barbeque chips in Asia. It’s similar to mesquite BBQ chips in the states. However, I’d say the flavor is a bit lighter and sweet than American BBQ chips. There’s a subtle chili flavor towards the end. However, I personally didn’t think it was spicy at all. But yeah, I actually ended up liking this one alot. I’m going to be sad when I finish the bag haha. Also, I loved seeing Kumamon on the bag~
  • Crunky x Demon Slayor Collab Choco (Cookies and Cream)
    This is basically a cookies and cream chocolate bar with a Demon Slayer character on the packaging. I love chocolate, so I figured this would, by default, be a top favorite. Yes, it was. I got the cookies and cream one. It’s like your typical cookies cream bar, but also has crunchy bits in it. In a way, it’s like the Crunch chocolate bars. I love cookies and cream flavored stuff, but I find white chocolate to typically be overly sweet. However, I really liked this one because it wasn’t as sweet. It had a more obvious milk flavor to it too.
  • Onion Taro
    This one I honestly had low expectations on. It looked similar to corn snacks my sister liked to eat whenever we were in Thailand. So there was a bit of famliarity. However, I didn’t think I’d particularly love this one because, again, I’m usually not big on corn puff snacks. However, this one was probably one of my top favorite savory ones. This one was probably the most flavorful snack in the box. It’s an onion soup flavored corn puff snack. It’s kind of similar to Funyons, but not quite. It’s still more subtle and not as salty in flavor. It’s nice and crisp, but also kind of light and airy. It feels like it would instantly disolve in your mouth. This was one of my top favorites~ I’m slowly savoring this one~
  • DonDon Yaki
    These were crackers. They looked kinda like mini youtiao/油條 (Chinese crueller/donuts) or pathongko/ปาท่องโก๋ (Thai youtiao). I guess you could say the shape also looks kind of like a churro. It’s basically mini senbei/煎餅, or savory rice crackers. It had this kind of vinegar soy scent to me. I do love senbei. So I did like these as a light snack. These would also be a good accompaniment for when you’re drinking alcohol too haha.
  • Constellation Chocolate Cookie
    This was basically like a giant plain (non-salted) saltine cracker on a big slab of chocolate… It was…okies. It’s chocolate. I like chocolate. However, I was kind of expecting more of a cookie like biscuit? I probably would’ve liked it if it were more like a Ritz cracker with a hint of sea salt to kick it up a bit with texture and taste. But I’ll just rate this as just okies.
  • Umaibō Choco
    It’s literally just the plain Umaibō corn puff roll snack covered in chocolate.I feel like I’ve probably had a similar thing during my childhood. It’s okies. I can eat it, but probably wouldn’t think to crave it or anything.
  • Sour Paper Candy Grape
    I love the sweet bubble gummy grape scent and flavor for this. It’s like a tough and chewy gummy like candy.The texture and flavor is very similar to the Sour Punch straw candies you can find in the States. It’s just that this version is a flattened ribbon of it. I did like it. Sour Punch straw candies are my favorite too though, so that might be why haha. But I like how this one wasn’t as sweet, and it was a bit more subtle.
  • Porikey German Potato
    I figured this would be okies one. It looked like Pretz to me. It tasted like Pretz. So yeah. I like it. It’s crunchy, like a breadstick snack thing with a slight savory flavor to it. It is more on the subtle side. Probably another good snack for when you’re drinking alchohol too haha.
  • Yakisoba Shop Taro
    This is basically a little packet of seasoned fried noodles (like dry/uncooked ramen noodles). This was kind of nostalgic. It reminds me of when of when I was a kid and I’d crush uncooked ramen in the bag, throw the seasoning it, shake it, and enjoy it as a snack. It was good~ Crunchy, savory, but not too salty.
  • Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Flavor
    This was another corn puff snack. I would say this one was lighter in seasoning/taste than the Onion Taro. The corn taste was more prominant in this one. I never had okonomiyaki, so I can’t say if the taste is like the real thing. I can say the smell reminded me of Bulldog sauce, which I hear is similar to the okonomiyaki sauce. I liked it, but I probably wouldn’t instantly crave it.
  • Sparrow Egg Crackers
    This was really crunchy. It’s a peanut snack. It reminded me of a Thai snack called Koh Kae. I’m not really big on peanuts. But I did like the crunch. It said that it was a sweet and spicy soy sauce flavor. I wouldn’t say it was spicy though. Definitely obvious peanut flavor with crunch and a bit of saltiness. It was just okies for me. I will say that it’d probably be a good snack for while you’re drinking beer or something.

My opinions did also kind of change as I continued snacking on them for a couple of days. Some of the snacks I originally thought were just okay. They were good, but I didn’t think I’d find myself craving them or anything. However, the more I ate it, the more I realized I did really like it more than I initially thought. Overall though, I would say that they were all really solid choices. There wasn’t one that I didn’t like. I actually also shared some with my mom and grandma. My mom’s favorite was the Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato chips. My grandma’s favorites were the Sparrow Egg Crackers and Porikey German Potato. As for me, I really did like too many to call favorites, and I honestly did enjoy every single one. The ones that I did enjoy most would be the KitKat Mont Blanc, Pockey Heartful Blueberry, Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato, Crunky x Demon Slayer Collab Choco (Cookies and Cream), Onion Taro, Sour Paper Candy Grape, and Fanta White Peach.

So what are my final thoughts on the TokyoTreat box?

Honestly? I really liked it! To be honest, I was kind of nervous at first. Again, despite my love for food, I am a bit of a picky eater. While I could anticipate some of the items, I was pretty “???” for more than half of them. I wasn’t sure I’d like them because they didn’t seem like the typical snack types or flavor profiles I would go for. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up enjoying all of them. Some of them really surprised me, and I found some new snacks I never thought I’d enjoy. I wouldn’t say that the treats make me think “Fall”, but I still liked it because the snacks were all very solid. Food is such a fun and simple way to learn about and connect to different cultures. It’s a great way to experience something new, or find similarities. For me, it was also fun to have some nostalgic moments as well. So I absolutely did love this and had a lot of fun with it. I actually did end up deciding to sign up for the December Christmas Crunch Snack Box. Not gonna lie, I saw that it would include milk tea KitKats. So I was pretty much sold haha.

Suga Bts GIF - Suga Bts Cute GIFs
My face as I was trying everything~

Now the question is, “How much will a TokyoTreat box cost, and is it worth it?”

TokyoTreat has varying plans based on the number of months you’d like to subscribe to. The more months you choose, the more of a discount you’ll get. However, do know that shipping is not included, and is actually separate. Another cool thing to know with your TokyoTreat subscription is that you can also grow your streaks, earning you points. The points can then be exchanged for items from [JapanHaul].

Subscription Plan

  • Monthly $35
  • 3 Months $33.50
  • 6 Months $32
  • 12 Months $31.5

Again, I received this box for free to do this review. However, I did go and look at similar services to do a price comparison. TokyoTreat does seem to be a bit cheaper at a glance. Some of the other services do include shipping. However, when you include TokyoTreat’s shipping, it’s basically around the same price or about $10-15 cheaper. If you want to base it on the appearance of websites and whatnot, I do like TokyoTreat’s look much better than their competitors. Again, I’ve never used another snack box subscription service before. So I can’t accurately compare the services or what comes in the boxes. However, I personally thought TokyoTreat’s box was pretty solid. It had some really tasty snacks, and I didn’t feel like they were being cheap on the selection of snacks. Again, you’re also receiving full-sized snacks. So considering the price, I would think it’s worth it. Again, I actually liked it so much that I ended up deciding to sign up for another box as well.

Again, a huge “Thank you” to TokyoTreat for sending this snack box to me! It was honestly a really fun treat for me! Also, thanks to the BAYOG Crew for letting me be the one to do the review~ If you’re interested in a fun variety of Japanese snacks, I definitely would recommend TokyoTreat. Be sure to go check out their website []. There’s also an option to gift these to someone too. I think they’d be a wonderful gift for the holidays~ I also want to throw in that there’s currently a Black Friday promotion going on. If you use the code “EARLY”, you’ll get a snack or Starbucks bonus depending on the subscription plan that you choose!~ (・ω<)☆ TREAT YO’ SELF Y’ALL!~ Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this little review~ Let me know if you want me to do more! I’m thinking of maybe giving Sakuraco a try!~

Eating Jin GIF - Eating Jin Bts GIFs
This is the most snacking I’ve done in one sitting in a while~Totally worth it though!

Anyway, don’t forget to TREAT YOURSELF! Take care, stay safe, and have a fabulous day my loves!~

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  1. BTSSSSSSSS!!! xD i love all the gifs and merch omgggg. i haven’t ever tried subscription boxes, not a huge fan of getting things at random which i’ve come to learn is a big thing in japan like whyyy. that said, this pack looks so delish! but thats just my weakness to sweets talking xD congrats on the opportunity!!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I was stuck in vacation mode haha. But yes to anything BTS, be it gifs or merch! haha~ I’ve only ever really done one subscription box before. Sometimes you can get some nifty things, but it really can just be a hit or miss sometimes. I was actually pretty skeptical with this one at first because I know I’m just so picky haha. But it ended up being a lot of fun, and I’m super grateful for the opportunity haha~ I’m weak to sweets too haha~ And thank youuu~ <3

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