Novels | A Look At WordExcerpt — Official English Releases of Korean Novels

Novels | A Look At WordExcerpt — Official English Releases of Korean Novels

Hello, my BAYOG lovelies! I got another novel related post for y’all. We all know I love my novels, as I’ve been blogging about about different series I’ve gotten into since the beginning of this pandemic. I know alot of you all enjoy them too. It’s been really amazing to make new friends and have fun discussions about all these series. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about WordExcerpt! WordExcerpt is a publishing company that is dedicated to translating and making Korean novels officially available to read in English. They produce their series as webnovels, ebook light novels, paper books, and are working on audiobooks as well.

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I really love my K-novels… Even if I don’t have enough time to read them all…

Before I get into it, I do want to make it clear that BAYOG and this post isn’t affiliated with WordExcerpt. Our only affiliation is being a part of their free affiliate program that was open to everyone (Although, the program is currently on hold). As usual, everything I write is my own personal and honest thoughts and observations. WordExcerpt actually did get in touch with us a while ago for a possible collaboration. I was actually super stoked about it as I was already a user. I don’t think the BAYOG Bros know, but I actually screamed and freaked out when Loha told us that they had contacted us. Unfortunately, WordPress was broken and we didn’t get the WordPress notification about them contacting us. So we noticed and replied their message 2 weeks later. They never got back to our message, but it’s alright~ To be honest, I had already been meaning to do a post on their service since January. I had already been a fan of their works, and I had already been using their service. I also love that they have great customer service. So I honestly already planned on writing a post on their platform and service regardless of if we would’ve been able to collab or not. However, I’m also still totally open for any future collaborations. Because I’d love to read any advanced copies of their ebooks or something haha. Anyway, I had plans to do this review sooner, but kept putting it off. As you all remember, the first 4 months of 2021 have been hella chaotic for me with various accidents, family emergencies, and loss. So that’s one of the main reasons I hadn’t gotten around to finishing the post.

I really did already have plans to post about WordExcerpt.

Anyway, WordExcerpt started off as a group of fan-translators. They’re one of the reasons I started [reading Korean novels] as I was introduced to novels like: The Remarried Empress, The Kind Sister Is No More, Under the Oak Tree, I Don’t Want to Be the Obsession of a Twisted Archduke, and Predatory Marriage. I think it was around in August or September where they took their translations down. They had announced that they were going to become a legitimate publishing house, and that they were working on deals with the original publishers. Shortly after (if my memory is correct), they announced that they would be completely revamping/rebranding, and aimed to officially launch the new and official WordExcerpt in Spring 2021. They actually ended up launching the beta version of the new WordExcerpt in January.

So, again… What is WordExcerpt, officially? In the email that they sent us, they described their selves as “a publishing company dedicated to producing Korean novels and making it available to read in English officially, producing it as a webnovel, ebook light novel, paper books, and possibly audiobooks.” Their aim to to increase the awareness of Korean novels, provide easily accessible official English releases of Korean novels, and support the authors. They have series from a variety of genres from romance, fantasy, BL, historical, contemporary, etc. They also have several mature (19+) series. As of now, they currently have 19 different series available. However, I’m sure that they are working on adding to their roster as well. Originally they were using a pay-per-chapter with coins system. However, they have since changed their service to be subscription based.

Some well known novels available from WordExcerpt’s service:

In regards to their web platform, I like how it looks. It looks clean, simple, and easy to navigate through. I really do like how it’s organized. Again, it makes it so much more easier to navigate through. You have a sections where you can easily find their recently updated series at a glance, their trending series, their mature series, as well as their VIP novels (we’ll get to those in a bit). The bottom has a more detailed list of the latest chapters that were released. Which I like since it’s easier for me to scan if I had missed any new chapter releases. Of course, you can also go to your profile to view your library and reading history as well. Your library will also show you which series you follow have new chapters available. WordExcerpt also provides their release schedule available under Resources as well. Which is great since readers can find out the progress of the series that they’re following, as well as be aware of when a series will be updated. There’s also a forum section where you can discuss series, or ask questions. Speaking of questions, they also have a very easy and convenient way to contact customer support if you have any issues or questions.

WordExcerpt has a web platform that can be viewed on a desktop or mobile browser. There is no application at the moment. It’s still very simple and convenient to use though. I mostly use their web platform on mobile. An app version might be convenient, but I personally haven’t had any issues with it. If you’re not up for using their web platform though, you can always get some of their series in ebook or print form. WordExcerpt’s web platform provides a webnovel version of their series. However, they also have the lightnovel version in ebook and print format as well. You can get the digital and print (paperback and hardback) copies from the [WordExcerpt Store]. There are also options to purchase some of the ebook versions from other sources like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Kobo. However, the variety of sources depends on the title of the series. Also, do note that not all of their series are available as ebooks or print books. Not yet anyway. I think there are currently only 10 series on their store page that already have, or will have ebook and print releases. I believe I also remember seeing that they they were doing an audiobook of one of their BL series.

We’ve talked about how there are different versions. I’m sure you’re all wondering if they actually have a difference from each other. The answer is, yes. There is a difference between the webnovel and ebook versions. The ebook versions go through strict editing, and the format is based on chapter acts. Meanwhile, the webnovel version prioritizes scheduled weekly releases. Therefore, it is formatted to be based on bite-sized chapter serial releases. So don’t be alarmed that the volume of the ebook/print versions end on a different chapter from the webnovel versions. It’s still the same series. It’s just formatted differently.

I’ve read my series from their web platform, and I’ve purchased one of their ebooks before. One of my favorite series is Daddy, I Don’t Want to Marry! It may sound familiar to you all as the webtoon adaptation is currently available on Tappytoon as [Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage]. I’ve previously talked about the novel in one of my [novel reading list posts], as well as the webtoon in my [manhwa/webtoon posts]. I was enjoying the novel, and I was super happy to hear that WordExcerpt picked it up for official English publication. I’ve read both the [webnovel] and [ebook] versions available so far from WordExcerpt. There are some differences, but I like them all either way. However, I probably do tend to lean towards reading the webnovel version on mobile more. Probably because I’m so busy, and it’s just easier to get through the chapters when it’s in bite-sized format. Although, admittedly, I mostly get through my novels by using a more natural sounding text to speech app “read” the chapters… I just copy and paste the chapters into the app, queue them up, download the audio, and listen to it as I work. I literally have to do it this way to multi-task and increase my productivity. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to find the time to sit and read the chapters…

Minty’s Reading List on WordExcerpt

I mentioned a few titles in my recent [Novel Reading List post]). These are the titles I’m currently reading, or plan on reading.
[Daddy, I Don’t Want to Marry!]
[A Villainess For the Tyrant]
[I’m Not the Final Boss’ Lover] **VIP
[I Adopted a Villainous Dad]
[Fairytale For Wizards] **VIP
[Heroine On Strike] **VIP

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all wondering, “But what’s the cost?” At launch, WordExcerpt followed a microtransaction model. However, they have since switched to a subscription model. Originally, WordExcerpt had hoped to provide their service as a subscription service. It would’ve allowed readers access to all the titles they had. However, there was a snag in that plan. If I remember correctly, there were concerns from the original publishers and authors in regards to whether that kind of plan would allow them to be compensated fairly. Thus, WordExcerpt’s plans changed by the time of launch. They ended up going with a microtransaction model. At that time, the plan would be that a chapter would be unlocked each week. However, readers could buy coins and use them to unlock advanced chapters. On April 30th, they announced that they would switch from the microtransaction model to a subscription model.

The subscription model was implemented in May. The subscription is affordable, as there are 4 different tiers. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. The monthly subscription tiers are: Novice for $6.99, Adventurer for $9.99, Hero for $14.99, and Legend for $19.99. They also have an option to be charged for a yearly subscription: $84 for Novice, $119 for Adventurer, and $180 for Hero. Each tier has different perks. The higher the tier, the more perks you get. Perks can be access to advanced chapters, access to VIP novel, discounts for ebooks, and discounts for print books. VIP novels are novels that they’re planning to put out, but waiting to build more chapters for steady release schedules. So think of it as advanced access to novels that are not yet available to the basic subscription. I believe non-subscribers are only able to view the first like 4-5 chapters of a series. The later chapters are locked and only be viewed if you have a subscription.

I personally had always been for a subscription model. I was alright with either transaction model. However, I did feel like a subscription would save me more money. After all, we all know I already drop alot of coins on manhwa/webtoons via microtransactions on various platforms. Plus, I figured that a subscription would allow me to check out more novels without buyer’s regret if I didn’t like a certain series. Of course, the switch raised the question of what to do with my already purchased coins. WordExcerpt already thought it through though. They were already prepared to transfer the purchased coins into credit. I just simply contacted their customer service. It was super easy, and their customer service was great. I’ll get to that in a bit though. Anyway, those who had previously purchased coins and chapters were also offered to be grandfathered into the new subscription tiers at a discounted price. Originally, I had purchased the Adventurer subscription. I couldn’t remember if I had actually spent any of my coins on chapters yet. So I believed I didn’t qualify to be grandfathered a discounted subscription. However, when I contacted customer service about converting my coins into credit, they asked me which subscription plan I would like to be grandfathered in. So I decided to just go with the Hero plan since most of the novels I was more interested in were VIP novels. I cancelled my old plan at the end of the June, bought the Hero plan at the beginning of July, and been enjoying the VIP novels since.

Contacting customer support is super easy and convenient

Aside from the novels and all, I also just really love WordExcerpt’s customer service. As someone who’s in and grew up in the hospitality and customer service industry, I’ve got a soft spot for businesses that display great customer service. They come off as being very genuine to their service and customers, and they seem proud of what they do. I remember I had some issues with the web platform during the initial beta launch. At the time I had to contact them through their Twitter account for some assistance. They kindly and patiently helped me and resolved each issue. They do now have a proper way to contact them for any issues. You can easily live chat with customer service through the web platform. You can easily access the chat window in the bottom right hand corner of the help page (under Resources). Of course, there are times that they are away, or are unable to respond immediately. In that case, you can still send your inquiry, and WordExcerpt will get back to you when they can. You’ll be notified of their response via email. From my understanding, they are still a small team. So please be patient and understanding as it may take them some time to get back to you. However, do know that they are dedicated to helping you in any way they can. Aside from helping me with my stuff, they also kindly answered any questions I had. I specifically had wondered about the status of the affiliate program. They told me that it’s currently on hold while they try to tweaking, but assured me that it will be back with better features. Either way, their customer service (be it from Twitter or the customer support chat) is great. I love the convenience of the chat.

WordExcerpt has Minty’s stamp of approval~

Anyway, I’m sure it’s obvious that after about 6 months, I can say that I’m pretty satisfied with this platform and service. Admittedly, there are only a few series that appeal to me. Their roster of novels might not seem like alot to some. However, I know that WordExcerpt has only just begun, and they have plans for more series under their roster. Plus, I think it’s great that they have series from various different genres to try to appeal to different audiences. I know the idea of it being a subscription may make people wonder if it’s worth it. Again, you have several different subscription plans to choose from. The higher tiered subscription plans may seem expensive to some. However, I think it’s not that bad. Especially when you consider that one volume in a series is $10. So you can definitely get your money’s worth if you’re the type to read alot, and if you like to read a whole variety of titles. Plus, if anything, the Novice plan for about $7 a month isn’t too bad at all. Of course, if you’re the type who might not read alot, or are only interested in a handful of series…their subscription service might not be for you. However, you can still buy the ebook or print books of any specific series that catches your interest. You can also purchase the ebook directly from WordExcerpt’s store, or any of the distributors carrying their novels (Amazon, Google Apple, and Kobo). It’s also wonderful to be able to access Korean novels and support the original authors. So I think WordExcerpt is a great service, and I’m truly looking forward to seeing their continual growth.

On another note, a while back ago we did join their free affiliate program that was open to everyone. However, it is currently on hold while they tweak things around. Still, I’ll leave our affiliate info:
Use our referral link if you’re interested in reading and purchasing novels!
Referral Link: [WordExcerpt Store]
Use our coupon code for a discount: BAYOGMinty

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MFW I’m really into a K-Novel that I’m reading

Woo~ That was a long post. My bad, but you all know I love to be thorough. Especially when it comes to sharing services I use and things that I like. I’ve only been interested in Korean novels for a year now, but I find them to be alot of fun to read. They’re interesting, and it’s always fun to have discussions with my friends about them. Plus, I love seeing and comparing the novel and manhwa/webtoon versions. I’m reading alot of different series, but I think it’s wonderful that WordExcerpt is providing quality translations and a legal means to access these novels. I personally think there’s a growing interest and demand in Korean novels. It’s a wonderful thing that they’re trying to increase awareness of Korean novels. Again, I think they’re super fun series. I used to think I would never be interested, but look at where I am now haha. So it’ll be interesting to see WordExcerpt’s growth overtime. I’m really rooting for y’all! Keep up the good work! It’ll also be interesting to see change in the market in terms of interest and demand for Korean novels.

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I’m off to go catch up on my never-ending reading list…

Have you used WordExcerpt’s web platform, or read one of their ebooks? What did you all think? Are you guys a fan of the subscription plans? What are some of your favorite titles up on WordExcerpt? What are some titles you wish WordExcerpt would pick up? Let me know in the comments or my socials! Anyway, that’s all for today! I hope you’re having a fabulous summer so far (aside from us still being in a pandemic and all). Take care and stay safe, friends!

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  1. While I’m not much a reader these days, KNovels or otherwise, I’m really kinda tickled that they started in fan translation and made it legit. Stories like that especially with the popularity of translating and localizing more media these days just make me really happy to read about!

    1. Right? haha~ I think it’s such an unexpected, but amazing thing~ It’s great to see people turn a hobby they were passionate about into a full blown legit company haha. Plus, I just love seeing the increasing demand and popularity of translations and localizations of more media too~ It’s just interesting to see the journey and see how things change and grow over time~

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