Music Monday|Junggigo Feat. Jay Park — EOY (Eyes On You)

Music Monday|Junggigo Feat. Jay Park — EOY (Eyes On You)

Hey, BAYOG Fam! It’s Monday! Y’all know what that means! We’re back with another Music Monday post! Again, I’m continuing our summertime theme for the time being~ Anyway, I have a sweet, smooth, and retro-esque sounding track for y’all to groove and vibe to~ Today’s track is ‘EOY (Eyes On You)’ by Junggigo and features Jay Park.

If y’all are familiar with my playlist and taste in music, I’m sure y’all know that Junggigo (정기고) is one of my favorite K-R&B artists. However, I don’t really know much about him. I just know that he debuted in December 2008 with the track [‘byebyebye‘]. By the way, it’s a damn shame the original version isn’t available on Spotify. The bossa nova/jazzy version is available though. Anyway, I love Junggigo. I love how he has this smooth, somewhat low, and husky kind of voice. It’s really chill, yet soulful to listen to. I love alot of collab tracks he has with my other favorite artists too. He’s probably most well known for the track [‘Some’] with SoYou (SISTAR) and Lil Boi (Geeks). Some of my favorite Junggigo tracks are: [‘247 (Feat. Zion.T, Crush, and Dean)’], [‘IWST(말하자면)(Feat. Hoody)’], [‘Let Me Love You (With Chanyeol of EXO’)], ‘Some (With SoYou, Feat. Geeks Lil Boi)’, and Si Jin’s [‘People Change (Feat. Junggigo)’].

Now I can tell y’all a whole lot more about Jay Park (박재범) , or Park Jae Beom (aka Park Jay Bum). I’m sure many of you are familiar with him. Jay Park is a Korean-American from Seattle. He’s well known for his amazing dancing and b-boy skills, and being a well known R&B/Hip-Hop artist. He’s also one of the founders and CEO of AOMG and H1GHER. Not only that, he was the first Asian American to be signed under Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. The guy is good looking, talented, rich, and successful in a bunch of different things. He does song writing, producing, rapping, singing, dancing, etc. I think he even managed Korean Zombie, an MMA fighter. I wanna say another thing though. I laugh when everyone is like “Jay Park isn’t K-Pop”. He falls under the umbrella term of K-Pop, and he worked with alot of K-Pop artists. But also….people forget that he was literally started off as a K-Pop idol! Jay Park started off his career as an idol under JYP Entertainment. He was originally a member, and the leader, of [2PM]. They debuted in 2008. However, he was unfortunately caught in a “scandal” where Korean netizens were not happy with his past online comments about Korea. My opinion though, dude was just a young kid who was having a hard time adjusting to a foreign place when his Korean skills weren’t great. Like this 2009 “scandal” broke out for online comments he made in 2005. However, it became a harsh witch hunt. He ended up leaving the group and company. It was a shame, because 2PM was starting to really blow up at the time. Also, if y’all didn’t know… 2PM was one of the most popular second generation boy groups. He went back to the States. He still loved music though. So he was back with his b-boy crew AOM, but also doing covers on YouTube. However, he ended up returning to Korea in 2010 to film a movie called [HYPE NATION]; Which apparently B2K was also in…? It’s a dance movie… Apparently it was bad though… Anyway, he ended up signing a contract with SidusHQ, then re-branded and re-debuted as a solo singer. In 2013, he formed AOMG. AOMG’s roster included Simon Dominic of Supreme Team and Gray. He also had his friend Cha Cha Malone do alot of production for AOMG as well. He did international work as well. Such as being personally contacted by Will and Jaden Smith to participate in the Korean version of the [After Earth soundtrack]. In 2017, he signed with Roc Nation for his US activities. He also replaced Melanie C and Vanness Wu as a judge on the second season of Asia’s Got Talent. In that same year, he founded H1gher Music with Cha Cha Malone, basically an international label with American and South Korean artists. The roster included artists such as Golden (aka GSoul), GroovyRoom, [pH-1], Sik-K, Woogie, and Ted Park. He released his debut American product/EP in 2018, which included a single featuring 2 Chainz called “SOJU”. In 2020, he was also the first non-Chinese guest judge in the fourth season of The Rap of China. Previously, he was a judge/producer on Show Me the Money 4 and Show Me the Money 6 in Korea. Anyway, yeah. Dude has been hella successful, and has alooot going on. Some of my favorite tracks are: [‘All I Wanna Do (Feat. Hoody & Loco)’], [‘Me Like Yuh (Feat. Hoody)’], [‘My Last (Feat. Loco & Gray)’], [‘Solo (Feat. Hoody)’], [‘Drive (Feat. Gray)’], [‘Yacht (Feat. Sik-K)’], and [‘iffy (Feat. Jay Park)’] by Sik-K x pH-1. On a side note, Queen WA$ABII has a song called [‘Jay Park (Feat. Changmo)’]. LOL Y’all can see Jay’s reaction [here]. Kodi Green also has a song called [‘Your Love – Jay Park (Feat. Hyunbin and Lilyn)’]
(I’m sorry I had way more info on Jay Park than Junggigo…)

Artist: Junggigo Feat. Jay Park
Single: EOY (Eyes On You)
Genre: K-Pop, K-R&B, Retro, Groove
Language: Korean
Origin: South Korea
Release: April 2020

Anyway, today track is ‘EOY (Eyes On You’. Again, it’s a track by Junggigo that features Jay Park. It’s upbeat, with a chill groove kind of vibe. It also has a bit of a retro-esque vibe to it. It feels like a fun, chill, summer groove kind of track. It has a fun and upbeat beat that makes you want to groove along to it. I think it’s the guitars that make it feel very summer-esque. The synth and the guitars also gives it that retro vibe and sound. Then you have Junggigo’s smooth and calm vocals. Then you have Jay’s smooth vocals that add a bit more energy to it too. I can close my eyes and just envision the beach with this track~ I just think it’s such a nice, chill, yet fun, summer tack to groove to~

You can listen to Junggigo’s ‘EOY (Feat. Jay Park)’ on Spotify, here:

You can listen to Junggigo’s ‘EOY (Feat. Jay Park)’ on YouTube, here:

Again, this is a chill, but fun retro-esque track. It’s a vibin’ kind of summer jam. The song is basically about having an interest in a girl, where his eyes are only on her. It’s a summer love kind of track. Either way, I love the vibes of the track. I also just really love that calming smoothness that Junggigo’s vocals have. Jay too, since he’s always killin’ it.

There are so many beautiful women in the world
But you’re different from just those pretty faces, I’m sure you know

Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I got my eyes on you
You probably know even if I don’t say it, I got my eyes on you

I know we’re supposed to stay home this spring
But let’s try to do something
let’s just try and catch a vibe, just vibe

I don’t like summer
But if you want
I can even go to Southeast Asia

you should put your trust in me
don’t overthink it, let’s kick it
so what we gonna do? it’s up to you

Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I got my eyes on you
You probably know even if I don’t say it, I got my eyes on you

I used to have nothing
But you became my meaning
You make me into a better person

You worry about the women I meet
The women who say hello to me but

baby you gotta know that
There’s no one in this world
Who can replace you

Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I got my eyes on you
You probably know even if I don’t say it, I got my eyes on you

[Jay Park]
I got my eyes on you
Let’s go on a rendezvous
It’s not a deja vu
There’s no one like you
I know we’re not used to this situation right now
Whoever it is, I can only see you
Even if I have a million things to do, I think of you all day
Your always mind
Cause baby so fine
Ooh wee
Once things get better, let’s go on vacation
Surfing on the clear ocean and snorkeling
Swim with the sharks but we Never too deep

There are so many beautiful women in the world
But you’re different from just those pretty faces, I’m sure you know

Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I got my eyes on you
You probably know even if I don’t say it, I got my eyes on you

Junggigo Feat. Jay Park | EOY (Eyes On You) | Translation by [Popgasa]

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Anyway, that’s it for today’s post. Y’all know I love my chill, yet still fun and groove-able summer jams. I hope you liked the song~ Any of y’all familiar with Junggigo and Jay Park? What are some of your favorite tracks?~ Also, let me know what your summer jams are! Just hit me up in the comments or my socials! If you’re looking for more summer jams, you can check out my full [BAYOG Summertime Vibes playlist]. If you want the more chill and groove stuff, I have the [BAYOG Summertime Vibes – Chill/Groove Edition playlist] too. Anyway, I hope you have a great start to your week! Hopefully y’all are having a fun (but safe) summer so far! Take care, stay safe, stay hyrated, and don’t overheat in this summer heat y’all!~

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