Webtoon | Answer Me, My Prince — Sweet, Fluffy, and Classic Kind of Romance

Webtoon | Answer Me, My Prince — Sweet, Fluffy, and Classic Kind of Romance

Hello, hello BAYOG Fam!~ It’s been a while since I had a dedicated webtoon series post, so I bring another quick recommendation for y’all~ Keeping it on the shorter side for a Minty post though. Anyway, y’all know I read alot; Be it manhwa/webtoons or novels. I got no business adding more titles to my hella long list. Yet, my list continues to grow…and I’m still like a month behind my reads… Y’all know I’m particularly fond of and spent alot of time reading [villainess series]. However, I figured I’d switch it up and go sweet and fluffy today~ Today’s recommendation is [답장을 주세요, 왕자님], or Answer Me, My Prince. It’s based on the [novel of the same name]. Both the webtoon and novel are published by Ridibooks, aka the company behind [Manta].

Original 2019 novel

The original 2019 novel and story of 답장을 주세요, 왕자님/Answer Me, My Prince is by 유폴히/Yu Pol Hi. The manhwa/webtoon was published in 2020, and the art is by 쭈냐/Zunya. Again, both the novel and webtoon series are published by Ridibooks as a Ridi only series. Currently, there is no official English publication for either. However, we can always hope that Ridi will decide to release an English version on Manta. I’m also still hoping Ridi decides to release a platform with English versions of their novels too.

2020 webtoon/manhwa series

Genre/Theme: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Historical, Shoujo, Mystery, Time Travel, Adaptation, Based on a Novel
Vibe: Sweet, Fluffy, Wholesome
Spicy Level: No? — It’s more of a wholesome series, so it’s sweet rather than spicy
Rage/Frustration Level: No? — .My only frustration is that Cordelia’s co-worker is basically an obsessed stalker.
Based on novel?: Yes
Official English Version: Not Yet Yes~ Now available on [Webtoon]


I put the letter I wrote inside an antique box which I got from an antique shop by chance. Unexpectedly, I got a reply… from the attractive womanizer prince, Archie Albert, the supporting character in the novel “The Princess and the Knight”.

Cordelia was an editor from a publisher in London. By a string of fate, she suddenly could speak with Prince Archie, one of the character in the novel she was working on, “the Princess and the Knight” through letters.

Prince Archie requested her advice and assitance, knowing that she knew about the future of his world. They exchanged letters through the antique box she bought. One letter through another, they became close, and their relationship grows to be each other’s companion every night that summer.

To Archie,
Have you ever experienced this?
I was walking with someone, and the blooming flowers were spread out on the road.

So, did you do that with that man?

To Archie the scoundrel,
You have very indecent thoughts, Prince.
I am pretty sure that I am a woman who would think twice before I sleep with a man I just met for the first time.

Sleeping? What I meant is kissing.

Oh.. A kiss?

Description from [MangaUpdates]

(aka the TDLR version of what I was going to say)

Good for:

  • If you’re looking for a more light-hearted series.
  • If you like sweet, fluffy, and wholesome stories/romance.
  • If you’re a fan of classic, old fashioned romance and fairytale like romances.
  • If you’re a fan of classic Asian romance films/series of the early 2000s.
  • If you want a romance that’s not really slow, but also not fast paced.
  • If you’re a fan of a more sweet, romantic, and wholesome male leads.

What I Liked:

  • The art is really pretty and cute. It fits the sweet, whimsical, and almost fairytale like vibe of the story.
  • BISHIIIIIESSSSSS~ Archie and Liam cute~
  • I think Cordelia is sweet and fun. I’d like to be friends with her~
  • My favorite type of male lead; Romantic, sweet, gentlemanly, and wholesome.
  • Classic kind of romance in the sense of affection blossoming from letter exchanges.
  • The chemistry and romance between the main characters. It’s very organic feeling.
    It relies on the actual interactions and actual chemistry, not looks~
  • Interesting story. Reminds me of Il Mare, but without the melodrama.

[Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead]

So I found this series caught my eye because the art looked pretty and cute~ I love how the art and coloring style is. It’s cute and whimsical. It definitely fits that cute romance, almost sweet fairytale-like vibe. Of course, y’all also know I enjoy bishies (BISHIEEEESSSSSSS) in my series. Which of course we got. Cuz Prince Archie and Liam definitely pass our bishie vibes check. Cordelia is also absolutely beautiful too.

2000 Korean movie Il Mare

However, I also found the story to be interesting. It piqued my interest because it reminded me of the iconic 2000 Korean film Il Mare, which starred Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae. Y’all can actually watch it [here]. It was a really well known and popular film during Korean media’s melodrama period. It actually had a 2006 US remake called The Lake House, which starred Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

The Lake House, the 2006 US remake of Il Mare.

So in both Il Mare and The Lake House, the male and female leads basically live in the same house. However, it’s during a different time as they’re separated by a few years. They “meet” each other as they realized they’re able to communicate to one another through the mailbox. Thus, their friendship begins with regular correspondence through the mailbox. However, each correspondence leads to romantic feelings. It’s sweet and romantic. However, the problem is that they both live in different times. Yeah, romantic melodramas were big in the early 2000s.

BT21 BTS GIF - BT21 BTS Hearts GIFs
I’m a sucker for cute romances… as y’all already know~

It’s kind of a similar concept in Answer Me, My Prince. Except it’s with an antique box where they exchange letters and books they like. It also seems that they’re in not only separate times that differ from several centuries. Cordelia is in modern day London, while Prince Archie seems to be in more medieval times. It’s possible they’re in different worlds as well since Cordelia originally believed him to just be a character from a manuscript she was in charge of. However, the tone for this series is completely different from the Il Mare and The Lake House movies. Like this series has it’s own set of drama and mysteries. However, it’s not like the romantic, yet heavy and sad melodrama vibes that were popular in the early 2000s. Both films were romantic, yes, but again…they had heavy and sad melodrama vibes. Cuz, again, that’s what was in back then. Meanwhile, Answer Me, My Prince is more happy, fluffy, and charming series that focuses on a sweet romance. I also like that it’s not really cringey. Honestly, as much as I enjoy romance series… it’s hard to get into some series because they can be hella cringe at times. That’s probably why I unconsciously lean more towards josei than shoujo series now. However, I really did like this one. It felt more romantic and sweet than cringe to me. It’s definitely what I needed cuz all my other series, mainly the villainess ones, were mainly full of crazy drama and angst. This is more of a warm, bright, and sweet love story.

Suga Bts GIF - Suga Bts MyHeart GIFs
My heartttttt

If you’re all about romance, especially the fluffy and wholesome kind, you’ll like this one. You see the sweet feelings blossoming between Prince Archie and Cordelia through their letter exchanges. It’s sweet to see how they truly enjoy writing to the other, taking careful consideration of what to write, even exchanging and discussing books they like. It’s satisfying to see the characters get to know each other with each exchange. It’s even more romantic in that these feelings are blossoming organically without them actually knowing how the other looks like. It’s simple, kind of old school, but sweet and truly romantic. I know I’m saying romantic alot, but it’s honestly a good old fashioned romance. It’s a nice nod to old romance series and films. Honestly, I could see something like this being made into a film if such films were still in trend today. It definitely could’ve been popular during the early 2000s.

Nod Twice GIF - Nod Twice Kpop GIFs
It cuuute~

Also, I find the main characters really likeable, and of course I enjoy their chemistry. But I also like them as individuals too. If y’all aren’t new to my rants, y’all know that I tend to rage alot at times. Particularly when I get frustrated by characters being dumb and/or annoying. I actually haven’t felt annoyed or frustrated by either of them so far~ Rather, I just really like them and enjoy their relationship~ Cordelia is not only pretty, but smart, and a diligent worker. Even though her job as an editor can be frustrating and wear her out at times, you can tell that she genuinely loves books. I love seeing and feeling her passion for literature. She’s also a romantic despite those around her not really sharing the same sentiments. Archie may seem like a playboy prince at first, but he’s actually very sweet. He too enjoys the literature that Cordelia shares with him, and you can see that he really enjoys his discussions about it with her. The references and usage of well-known literature in their correspondence and flirting shows how much they enjoy their exchanges. Again, it’s just really sweet and romantic when you see people genuinely enjoy themselves, and you can feel the heart fluttering moments. Archie is a fun, sweet, soft, gentlemanly, and romantic kind of male lead. It’s just got me like, “AWWWWWW~~~” That’s my favorite type of male lead. Bishie and ideal male lead type? YESSSSSSS~~

Lee Jaewook Upset GIF - LeeJaewook Upset Depressed GIFs
Me remembering I’m forever alone…
At least I got my bishies and stories tho…

So yeah, I definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan of romantic fairytales, or if you’re looking for a brighter, sweet, fluffy, and wholesome kind of romance series. I definitely think you would also enjoy it if you enjoyed the classic romance that was seen in early 2000’s media… but without all the hella extra melodramatic vibes and shit~ I appreciated the subtle nostalgia. Plus, I actually appreciate that it’s not a fast paced series. We see things unravel slowly, including the mystery of what the connection between Cordelia and Archie is. Honestly, this is one of my more light-hearted reads. Again, much needed since many of my other series are more heavy with various drama, melodrama stuff, and angsty shit. I love the organic development of Cordelia and Archie’s feelings. The fact that it’s an romance that blossomed through a classic letter exchange, and without seeing each other’s faces? It’s wholesome as well as beautifully sweet and romantic. It’s like a fairytale, and I’m all for it. My forever alone ass kinda low-key bitter and sad, but I’m still enjoying it~ Cuz all I need are bishies and fun stories~ Of course other than the romance, we’re here to also see the story unfold as we try to learn more about what their connection is. Not only that, we can see they obviously like each other, but it’s a matter of how will it work since they’re separated by time and space.

This series is Minty approved~
(Also, here is my obligatory BTS gif)

Anyway, have any of y’all read the manhwa series or novel? What did you think? Got any recommendations for me? Also, do y’all prefer my posts that focus on an individual series, or do you prefer my reading/watch lists kind of posts? Or both? Let me know in the comments or through my socials~ Also, sorry that my posts have been messy and more ramble-y lately. To be honest, I feel like the chaos of the past couple months, and with a combination of slight burnout, has kind of made me forget how to blog properly. So I’m still trying to get back into the groove of things. I appreciate your understand and patience with me though!~ Anyway, take care and I hope you all have a wonderful week!~ Summer is upon us and it’s HOT AF. So remember to stay cool and hydrated my lovelies~

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