MHAM|DRAMA|| It’s Okay, That’s Love

MHAM|DRAMA|| It’s Okay, That’s Love

Hello BAYOG luvlies~ It’s Minty again~ I’m continuing our posts for Mental Health Awareness Month. I’ve been doing alot of the [MHAM Playlist] posts. I think Loha had planned on a manga post. Anyway, I thought I’d switch it up a bit today and do a drama post. Again, I find mental health to be such an incredibly important topic. I also think music, film, and books really help people express what they can’t, and to feel less alone. Plus, I think it’s just important to cover these kinds of topics and issues. To be honest, I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages. I’ve only briefly mentioned it in my [2014 Rewind] post. Oh, shit… I still need to finish those Rewind posts… It is an older drama, but I do highly recommend it. Especially if you’re looking for an emotionally moving drama that will leave you in your feels.

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Before I get into it… I have to admit that it’s been a really long time since I’ve watched this drama. I did re-watch it a bit to refresh my memory, but I’ve also been super exhausted. So I’m a little too worn out to re-watch the whole thing right now. I am trying to make it through my re-watch of the first couple episodes though. So warning, I may be rushing a bit and be brief with this post as I try to finish it before passing out…

괜찮아, 사랑이야
It’s Okay, That’s Love

Synopsis [VIKI]:
A doctor bumps into an award-winning writer in a talk show, which leads them to a heated debate on an upcoming book about goodness. A man who comes from a family with a murder case, Jae Yeol, but doesn’t know his guilt from what happened to his childhood. A woman from a debt family faces her anxieties even as a psychiatrist who slowly falls in love with him. Through thick and thin, the couple faces the problems of psychological disorders, with the hopes of having their love prevail amidst their considerable differences in lifestyles and beliefs. They are accompanied by senior psychologist Dong Min, a problematic Soo Gwang, high school student So Nyeo, and his friend Gang Woo.

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Melodrama, Medical

Aired: Jully – September 2014

Episodes/Status: 16 Episodes/Completed

Watch It: [Viki]

Again, this is an older drama series since it aired back in 2014. It starred well-known actors Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. It was also Do Kyung Soo’s, also known as EXO’s D.O., drama debut. Lee Kwang Soo also starred as a supporting character. Lee Sung Kyung ([Cheese In the Trap], Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Doctors) also appeared in this series before hitting it big. Now typically, this drama wouldn’t have been on my radar back then. I didn’t care for dramas with older leads. I’m also not a particularly huge fan of medical dramas or more serious dramas. However, I gave it a try because other than me being an EXO-L (EXO fan for you locals), I did actually like Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. Alot of people were also raving about the series due to how to how it addressed and portrayed various issues such as mental health, disorders, trauma, etc. While it normally wouldn’t have been my kind of drama, I did end up liking it alot. I found it to be a series that I could relate to, and it was just a wonderful kind of emotional drama series. I also learned alot, and it helped me see some things from a different perspective as well. I also liked that it was a more mature series than what I would normally watch, but it wasn’t too overly serious. It had it’s comedic and fluffy moments. It’s an interesting series that explores the human relationships of a group of people, their traumas and struggles, and how they try to overcome it. Y’all know I enjoy a good human story with growth.

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It’s an eclectic mix of characters who are all dealing with different things. Ji Hae Soo, the female lead, is a psychiatrist who is compassionate and smart, but not very affectionate. However, she’s dealing with sex phobia, insecurity and anxiety issues, as well as a fear of commitment due to the trauma of seeing her mother cheat on her disabled father when she was younger. She’s stressed and feels abnormal as she’s unable to be close or intimate with her partner. Jang Jae Yeol, the male lead, is a best selling author and radio DJ. He’s a playful and seemingly frivolous guy. He has OCD, and a troubled past. Despite Hae Soo feeling an aversion to him, he’s incredibly fascinated by her. However, there is an attraction between them, and they try to help each other heal the wounds that they carry.

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Aside from the main characters, the series explores disorders and issues. Lee Kwang Soo’s character is a man who Tourette’s Syndrome who struggles with romantic relationships. By the way, I had no idea what Tourette’s was until I was this drama, so it was an interesting new thing to learn. The series also explores other issues, traumas, and issues with Hae Soo’s patients as well. The first couple episodes show the struggles of a transgender woman who has been repeatedly abused (nearly to death) by her unaccepting family members. Leading her to have a severe case of depression. Even though it’s not a story from a main or supporting character, it’s a really emotional and heartbreaking story because there are such accounts in reality. We’re also shown people dealing with severe depression, dissociative disorders, schizophrenia, mysophobia, etc. The series is interesting because it makes you think of the cause as well as the struggles people face when trying to deal with their issues. We’re also shown how it affects relationships. It shows people to look at things from a different perspective. It makes it feel more real, and you realize that these are things real people do deal with daily. It also reminds us that they are also human, just like the rest of us.

Sera (Hae Soo’s Transgender Patient): I understand my parents… Depression can be fixed with medicine, right?

Hae Soo: One woman got beaten up. By her parents and siblings. By a group. There is only one reason. To be understood by people that didn’t understand her, she got bruised all over her face and broke her leg. But that woman wants to go back home while saying that she understands those who assaulted her. Run away… That is my prescription as a doctor. ….The person that you must understand is yourself before your parents.

Episode 2

It’s a really great drama with fantastic characters and actors. It does a wonderful job of portraying one’s mental struggles, how they deal with it, and how they try to overcome it. It also shows the different ways to show how you love and care for one another. There are alot of bits that hit really hard too. I just love how it really makes you stop and think of yourself and those around you. I can’t find the article, but I do remember that a doctor overseas was really impressed by the portrayals and accuracy in the series. So that’s a pretty interesting aspect. I think for me, this was something that really stood out because of the issues that it addressed since mental health and disorders are taboo subjects in Asia. Especially back then. People are now more open and understanding, but it’s still something that needs alot of improvement on. I mean, I literally still hear people trying to pass such things like depression and suicide as “just a phase”. I still hear people putting blame on people who are dealing with things that are not in their control. I still hear people address such topics as if they’re things that people can easily get over. For me, I thought this drama was a great conversation starter, and hopefully a great way to get people to be more understanding. We all have different stories and things we’re dealing with. It’s best to be kind and more understanding of each other.

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Anyway, that’s it for today y’all. Sorry I rushed through. Aside from being hella sleep deprived, I also didn’t want to spoil too much. All I can say is that I hope you can give this drama a chance if you have the time. Even though it’s an older drama, I feel like the stories and messages are still meaningful and relatable. Y’all stay safe and take care of yourselves. Don’t forget to drink some water, eat something, and take a break if you need it. Get some rest. It’s okay if you’re having a hard time. It’s okay if you’re sad and struggling. Remember to love yourself, and remember that you are worthy of being loved, and you are loved. Have a great day friends~

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3 Replies to “MHAM|DRAMA|| It’s Okay, That’s Love”

  1. I actually watched this earlier this year! It was recommended to me ages ago by my best friend, so I’m glad I finally got to it. I really feel like people overlook how important this drama was in Korea. Like it really brought to people’s attention what mental health looked like and humanized it.

    I don’t watch too many KDramas, so aside from Kyungsoo (former EXO-L lol) I wasn’t really familiar with the leads and supporting characters. However, post-watch I wasn’t surprised at all to see the cast become bonfide super stars if they weren’t already!

    I have one or two gripes with the ending, just because of personal taste, but I thought it was a really good series!

    1. Oh! I’m glad you were able to watch it! I totally agree! Especially since it was even harder to address mental health back then. I love how you worded it! That’s what I was trying to go for, but my sleep deprived brain just couldn’t word things nicely haha~

      I used to watch alot of KDramas back in the day~ Although, I haven’t watched as many series over the past year. But all the actors are great! They’re pretty well known actors now~ The two main leads were already pretty well known. The guy who played the character with Tourette’s is pretty well known for being pretty funny on variety shows like Running Man and Busted!~ Lee Sung Kyung, who played his little gf, actually blew up in some other drama roles after this, and became well known~

      I don’t remember the ending too well, but I remember sharing the same thoughts. I remember it was also just due to my personal taste. But you’re right, it was still a really good series~ I still really appreciated the overall messages and how it addressed all the various issues too~

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